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Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Posted by purpleinopp 8b AL (My Page) on
Wed, Sep 4, 13 at 9:51

I wish I would remember to do this more often, but am so often disappointed by finding nothing at all. Some of them are pretty darn interesting though. What do you think? Did you know you can use HTML in there? I wrote mine a long time ago, when I get bored this winter, I might update it a bit...

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RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Hadn't really looked at mine in years...guess what..?
...It said I was female(which I changed back to male).

Maybe THATS where Toni gets the idea that I'm a girl.

It is with a heavy heart that I will have to give you back your dress and your heels Purp...saw myself in a full length mirror and went "WOW SHE'S HOT!!!" then realized she was me...then I realized it was just the heels and dress making me hot...So in following your make up advice,I've decided to go with a more natural(for me)look...un-shaved,un-washed,and un-concerned.

So any ideas for your new updates?

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Well... male/female isn't part of publicly visible info, but that's good that you fixed it, now you'll see power tool ads instead of swiffer and pantene maybe. Curious (if you've paid enough attention previously to now notice a difference.) Ahem, yours says nothing, not even a fav forum. Total yawn, dude, consider yourself called-out. What's to inspire me to update mine? You gotta lotta nerve even saying that, sheesh!

And what is this stain on my dress??! No, wait, I don't wanna know. (Muttering about bleach and tie-dye...) And no wonder you're not getting any dates here, the blank profile, cross-dressing, bad hair days, apparently messy eating habits.

But anyway, I've ended up in some great conversations, and even a few trades from sending people a PM to ask or comment about something in their profile. looking for dates for plants? LMBO!

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

"You gotta lotta nerve even saying that"

Bit of a double standard there,hmm?

Besides I don't think you lack for inspiration at all...really admire your creativity Purp. :)

REALLY sorry about the dress...I blame the hoe.

I find the very idea of dating(let alone trolling a forum in search of a date)...laughable. Solitary living is just fine by me. Having friends is fine and all but entanglements of the heart are no good for a guy with the emotional maturity of a turnip(apologies in advance to all you turnips out there).
Dates for plants got me to thinking of pollen rush ordered through the mail so it's still viable upon arrival for pollination by hand...would that be a long distance relationship? LOL

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Purple, funny you asked.

When I first joined GW, I'd read profiles all the time.
Nowadays, like you, I either check profiles when bored, something happens, 'ahem, debate,' or to check the date a person joined.

Asleep. Maybe I did read your profile and saw she?
I really don't remember...
How in the world did you make that mistake? lol.

There's quite a few new people since I've joined..
A former member, Grice was male, yet, even though he reminded me he was a man, I'd call him, 'her.' lol.
How embarssing! Poor guy.

What's this about a dress, heels and mirror? ROFL

IMO, guys w/long hair are attractive, but that's me.
As long as hair is clean, anyway...:)

My 1st b/f's hair was super long..down the center of his back..

Purple, yes, I have a profile, but it too needs updating. I haven't read it lately, but there have been losses, so guess it is time to update.

Thanks for the reminder.

Oh, Asleep..can't recall if I mentioned this before, but because of my name, many, many people assume I'm male. Toni is feminine of Tony. However, in some European countries, Toni is male, too. started a thread called Another. I got two emails from GW, yet, I can't find the thread. lol.


RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

It's Asleep's thread, and the subject line has quote marks in it, so only the word another showed up in my email. Kind of threw me off too, just an HTML quirk I guess.

Another "grouping" experiment. That it?

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

The email that I had when I first made this acct is no longer working(I lost the pw a long time ago) I don't get alerts.

I did just change the email in the profile tho just in case any new messages come my way. Anyone reading this who's sent messages to me through this site, apologies!

Oh and I also changed my "zone". The first version wasn't going to fit so I had to modify it a bit. lol

the whole dress and heels thing was just me being silly again(I do that sometimes)! I figured I could take it personally that you'd mistaken me for a girl....or I could run with it and have some fun...which is the obvious choice! A good laugh for all,and who doesn't like to laugh? :)

Edited to show Toni the ponytail. :)

This post was edited by asleep_in_the_garden on Thu, Sep 5, 13 at 18:34

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Took me another time reading what you two were talking about and only now do I get it(I think).

So these thing have glitches,eh? ...I'm thinking I shan't enable that feature. lol

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

I think Toni will stop thinking of you as a girl now! But that was fun, I'm easily amused. We could still discuss shampoo brands tho, if things get really dull...

"Somewhere far away" is so informative...

The only glitch I meant was that somewhere between GW and Yahoo mail, the quotation marks in the subject line confused the system and only the word "another" shows up instead of [another "grouping' experiment.] Quote marks are part of HTML, so this is understandable. I'm surprised GW system accepted the thread that way, but it did, so the confusion must have come at the email end. (Not that there's anything wrong with quote marks, just observing the side-effect when it's the subject line in email.) That wasn't about email settings for PM's, sorry to be confusing!

As of a minute ago, I can send you a PM now, and when you send one, the recipient should be able to respond. Some people's profiles have 3 links at the top, some have 4, the 4th is "send me an email." If a profile doesn't have that link, one obviously can't send that person a PM/email. But it also lets one know that if that person sends a PM, their email address won't be attached, so no response is possible. They don't make that very clear to the users, I explain it to people all the time. .

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

"somewhere far away" conveys an entire universe of information depending merely on one's perspective...for example I could be sitting right next to you and it would still apply. To study me would likely reveal some vapid stupor perhaps,but on my end I went away in a daydream somewhere to chase butterflies in glowing meadows,,,nice place to visit,..but know. lol

Edited for pic

This post was edited by asleep_in_the_garden on Sun, Sep 8, 13 at 9:35

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Purp, that's the thread....
Do you mean, the only word that shows up on your screen, regarding Asleep's thread is 'Another?' The entire name is displayed on my screen.
Maybe we use different settings.

Asleep, how in the world do you get on GW w/o a pw?
Every 4 or 6 weeks, I have to sign in...otherwise, I can't post.

From the back you look like Phil Lesh.

Speaking of Lesh, your desciption to Purp, sounds like a quote from Stanley Owsley. :)
Chasing butterfy's and a White Rabbit.

Do I like to laugh. Of course, I do. Life is too short not to laugh, chuckle, shake, rattle and roll.

LOL, ROFL, LMAO, and LMFAO....see, I love laughter mixed with a little vulgarity.

Purp, don't think I read your profile. Will do that next. You,, too Mr. Asleep. :)

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Oh my!
Sorry for the confusion Toni...when is said I lost my password what I meant was the pw to the email account I had when I first created my GW handle,not the pw to the GW acct itself...were that the case then yeah...I wouldn't be here now would I?

Can't say as that I really ever got into(let alone followed) the GD,but I think given the context I shall be flattered to be compared with Lesh...and where Owsley's concerned,I passed the test. :D

Meanwhile,..I'm a little scared of the prospect of you looking at my profile Toni...after and Purp will doubleteam me and rub my nose in what a pitiful job I've done with it(or in this case NOT done with it)! LOL

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Asleep, no you wouldn't be here, there or anywhere.

You can always click on 'forgot your password?' I know it's a pain. I write pw's down..You need a pw for everything these days. How inconvenient!

Like you I was never a Dead Head let alone follower. I think they recorded two songs I like, but I did meet and party with them...lonngggg agoooo. lol

My guys are The Beatles, Jefferson Airplaine, some Stones...well, too many to name.

Hmm, passed the test..neg or pos??? lol
You don't have to respond to the last question...

You haven't any profile! lol. I checked last night..nothing, nada..Empty.

Do you think Purp and I are psychologists? :)
Don't worry, we will not analize your every word,,,Fill out you profile, the all-seeing eyes are prying.

Purp and I are T&T, not Freuds, he$$, not even AT&T.

Seriously, it's fun reading profiles...

Asleep, do you have a pic page like Flickr or Photo show off your plants....Toni

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

How did I not notice this hilarious entry originally?!
"Purp and I are T&T, not Freuds" LMAO!!

Hey, just noticed it's possible to put 3rd party pics and animated .gifs in there (like Flickr, Photobucket, Imageshack.) I think what I did in mine is pretty cool.


RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Purp, how did you add the animated, whatever it is? :)

I saw some others on the flip side..One had rain falling. I really liked....Toni

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Park them at whatever image site you use, paste the HTML just like a pic... Using the browse button on GW to upload doesn't work.

I didn't know that was possible until today. I have other stuff I should be doing, but was looking through old files from the 90's & realized I have a handful of cute animated .gifs.

Feel free to right-click to save any (save image as...) you want. AFAIK, they were all already public domain almost 20 years ago.

Uploaded with

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Toni, did you ever play with this? Or anybody else?

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Apparently GW has disabled HTM code within profiles without telling anybody. But changes have always been a mystery here.

Love this site, hate the attitude!

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Purple, are you mad at me? Toni

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

No Toni, pls. read it again, she seems mad at GW for disabling whatever she was working on. Seems to me anyway.

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Yeah, at GW, though mad is a little strong of a word. I'm sure some jerk f'ed it up for everybody, some lame spammer. Oh well, none of the stuff I said above applies now. But the animations r still fun. Smiles!

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Hi Karen... Hope you're well.

Purple. I haven't been on GW much, so don't know about a spammer..What happened?

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

My member page still allows html. Wonder what gives?


RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

I see that. When I get in the mood, I'll look at the code to see what is different from what you have vs. what I *had.* TY for saying so!

RE: Do you read profiles? Do you have one?

Larry, I tried everything I could think of, including just pasting your profile, and no type of code would work, link, bold, no HTML. At the very least, I'd like to be able to make the font big enough to see. I only looked at the part of the code that is in the text box. Is there anything else you changed somehow? Do you know anyone else with a profile with code in it?

Paul's profile used to be jazzed up and no longer is. Maybe someone is disabling them manually.

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