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Hole-y moly

Posted by purpleinopp 8b AL (My Page) on
Sun, Jul 14, 13 at 11:21

Had this idea to poke holes in the sides of these hanging baskets and stick Tradescantia zebrina in the holes. Just did this last night, used an awl (with a little tap from a hammer) to make the holes, then a big phillips head screwdriver to make them bigger. Snapped off about 20 stems and put them in.

Now I want to do this with most of my other hanging plants. There are other plants that would work well in the holes besides T. zebrina but I have tons of that to start the first few. When they arrange their leaves back in the right direction, it will start to look cool.

What do you think? What other ideas does it inspire?

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RE: Hole-y moly

YESSS! beautiful, what a great idea. I know they do this on big commercial planter boxes to give it a more overflowing look. Wonderful!

RE: Hole-y moly

Good Morning,

Hey Purple...Perfect Subject of Posting line. Adequate for your threads message. :)

Good idea. Reminds me of a Strawberry Jar.

Question of the day. How do you water plants growing from holes/side pockets?

I have a SJ, but find it difficult to water side pockets.
What's the trick?

Will watering from the top soak roots in pockets?

Great idea though.

Dumb question. What's the hanging plant in the back? It's soooo red. I'm assuming WJ or Begonia?
Foliage is fantastic. Toni

RE: Hole-y moly

Oh, I'm sorry, I should have said what all of the plants are. Top pot is a cane Begonia 'Castaway.' The top of the leaves is kind of a boring olive color but you're right, the back of the leaves is an awesome red! The other is Thanksgiving cactus. Sticking up into the frame from the bottom is China doll (Radermachera sinica.)

Delrey, that's kind of where I stole the idea, those fugly green plastic bags they sell for hanging.

Toni, it is similar to a strawberry jar. I never had trouble watering one of those, the holes all connect to the same soil, just like the hanging baskets of mine with holes poked in the sides. It's just holes, so the pieces of Tradescantia are in the same soil as the rest of the plants in the pot. They already had aerial roots, some of them 2" long. I stuck those in too, but I'm sure some of them broke. The pieces have probably made new ones overnight. One of the plants that LOVES all of the rain, humidity, lack of harsh direct sun... but I and the rest of the plants miss it!

This only took a few minutes. Hope people copy & post pics.

RE: Hole-y moly

Sounds and looks like fun. Maybe creeping charlies would be good...but I can kill those with a blink of an eye.
You are so handy dandy.

RE: Hole-y moly

GREAT job purple !!!!Ditto: You are handy dandy :>)

RE: Hole-y moly

What happens when the containr need to be repotted. They are otherwise an exxelent Idea. I do this with wire baskets lined with coir but it never came to me with plastic hanging pots

RE: Hole-y moly

Thanks, Karen and Christine! When time/weather permits, I'll do more, more more, other plants too.

That's a good question, TG! I will just snap off all of the Tradescantia stems and stick pieces back in the holes, assuming I'm still enjoying the concept.

That's a great idea for those coir things. IMHO, those are really ugly if that brown stuff is showing, so ugly it distracts from the flowers/plants. Excellent idea!

RE: Hole-y moly

You have the most beautiful mixed houseplant plantings containers I have ever seen

RE: Hole-y moly

Thanks, TG! Having a blast hang-hodge-ing...! Encouraging comments like that inspire me to do more.

Been busy today making another one, mixed succulents.

Other side

RE: Hole-y moly

How fun! Please be sure to post pics when the cuttings fill out.

I've done this with an open wire basket, lined with moss. Once the cuttings grow you can't even see the container.


RE: Hole-y moly

Gail, thanks! Will do. You guys are making me want one of those wire baskets now too. And you're right, I want the containers to be hidden by massive foliage.

Did a few more of these last night.

On left, cane Begonia with Tradescantia zebrina, callisia repens, various Philodendrons. On right, Schlumbergera (Thanksgiving cactus) and Columnea with Begonia and Callisia.

Schlumbergera (Thanksgiving cactus) with Tradescantia zebrina, wax Begonias, I forget the white fuzzy one's name.

RE: Hole-y moly

Reminds me of a few years back I put a whole lot of P. erubescens cuttings in a hanging pot. Before the end of the season they grew so big the chain broke and the whole thing fell. If I put anything in hanging pots now I make sure they're always slow growers.

RE: Hole-y moly



Christine said you're a handy dandy, which you are a handy dandy.

Christine's post reminded me of Seinfeld. The scene where Kramer tells Jerry he's Even-Steven. lol.

Purp, is the white fuzzy plant, Lamb's Ears..'outdoor perennial.' Or is it another type of Tradescantia? Toni

RE: Hole-y moly

Thanks, Toni! I knew somebody would want to know the fuzzy white one's name, should have made the effort from the jump-start.

Kalanchoe eriophylla (Snow White panda plant.) You're right, it looks/feels like Lamb's ear. Just a tiny thing though, slow growing, from what I can tell. It's only been here a few months.

RE: Hole-y moly

I'm here Purple. I want to see updates. Great! Good job.

RE: Hole-y moly

Purple, your Snow-White Panda is beautiful.

Is this Kal the same as yours. Don't know if it's still alive. I'd have to go outside and check. lol.


From a distance, 'what are we, 500-600 miles away?' and my eyesight, the plant in your hanging basket can pass for Lamb's Ears.
The entire plant looks like Panda, although I never saw the white Panda The plant I posted might be white, but it's nowhere as light as yours.
Have you ever seen chocolate Pandas? They're very nice, too.
I'd better stop talking plants...soon I'll be searching then buying. lol. You know my intentions are to cut back.

RE: Hole-y moly

Those are some beautiful mixed containers

RE: Hole-y moly

Thanks, VG.

The awl strikes again!

This pot has a wild of assortment of mostly tiny propagation attempts in various stages of recent adjustment, added to existing Tahitian bridal veil. Adding more plants to the sides is absolutely ridiculously over the top, so of course I wanted to do it.

Just put this together with an Aglaonema (has a bloom!) and wax Begonia, Tradescantia fluminensis.

The pic of the fuzzy one is not on here, (from the 18th,) for some reason, imageshack is very weird lately. Here's a new one anyway, from a few mins. ago. Jury's still out on the wax Begonia pieces.

The other side of this one, with Columnea, Begonia, Aptenia, Thanksgiving cactus on top, Callisia added to sides.

Stush, it's only been, well not long, but here's updated pic on these two:

And this:

RE: Hole-y moly

Wow Purp!

I can only imagine how wild you'd go with a hanging basket lined with coco-mesh!

Food for thought,eh? :)

RE: Hole-y moly

Purple you are amazing. Those are great. Will you have to bring them in for the winter?

RE: Hole-y moly

Yes, Asleep, I've never been attracted to those, but would take one if I 'found' it now.

Thanks, Marquest! A few of them can stay outside, but most will be hanging from our (hopefully really strong) ceiling. There's about a dozen hooks in the ceiling already, more may be needed. That seems easier than trying to make more floor space though. Wouldn't my plants love spending the winter at your house?!

I've been working on more of these the past few days. Will add more pics soon.

RE: Hole-y moly


Why do I get the impression that you'd take it apart and make something else out of it if you 'found' one?

A homemade moss pole perhaps? :)

RE: Hole-y moly

LOL! You crack me up, I love it!

Hmmm... 3 of the new plants I got last week were bought with the specific purpose of tearing them up. All have been reduced to many pieces each, stuck through 'moly holes' as pictured.

On another garden forum, a creative succulent'ster posted pics of a planter on a pole. It was a wood box with chicken wire holding the soil in, mounted with the opening facing out, turned on its' end. Inspirational!

It made me realize this purple wire basket thing I got a few months ago would make quite an interesting planter, and could be used in the 'regular' position or turned on end. When I can find more 'dirt' to fill it, will do & post pics.

Just can't see a moss pole NOT turning into a mold/mildew pole here. I don't want one around although they are interesting looking.

Marquest got an interesting cone-shaped planter with succulents in it recently. It gave me ideas too, I would like to drape the sides with various stuff, and stick pieces right into the outside coir part.

RE: Hole-y moly

You got me daydreaming over here Purp. I'm visualizing a piece of chickenwire topped with coir topped with gritty mix with a piece of aquarium tubing running the length of it before being rolled up into a tube by twisting the wire where it met. Next set up a reservoir with a recirculating pump to set the thing in and secure it somehow so that the water is pumped to the top of pole and spills down the inside like some kind of hydroponic moss-pole that you could stuff full of cuttings and if your pump is strong enough,the whole setup could feasibly run from floor to ceiling. Naturally the bottom would be some kind of water feature loaded with aquatic plants...

One day I'll have to see if it would even work...experiments of this nature always call out to me but are seldom realized. :)

RE: Hole-y moly

Mold/mildew still,hmm? I don't know if the running water would make a difference or not.

Sorry to wander off the wayside like that Purp,Just got excited and thought I'd put in a few words on where whimsy took me after reading. I really can relate to that outside of the box approach you tend to take,and just love your creativity in general.

Thank you for being so awesome! :)

RE: Hole-y moly

I love hearing that you were inspired to have these thoughts! Your ideas sound awesome, way into a whole 'nother league of imagination (and work.) Sharing wild ideas just leads to more, which I really enjoy. And I like for plants to do as much for me as I do for them. They need to entertain me. When I approach the plants, I'm wondering what I can do to/with them, not just what they're doing, if that makes sense.

Generally, moving water is very helpful to avoid algae/mold/mildew but I've seen so much of it, the thought of putting the effort into something like that and then finding out that wasn't enough would really piss me off. I investigated the water pump thing when I had the idea to make a 'gold rush' mini garden with a stream running through it but it's complicated enough to turn me off... Basically, a running stream, if not running 24/7, will require too much water to be contained unless running, so overflows when it stops. It's possible to work that out, I seem to be unmotivated to tackle this. There's also the issue of power. No outdoor outlets here, and this old house has few inside either. Solar is available, but not as powerful, and of course, only functions when the sun is hitting the power pad, so would likely require placement of that in a separate location from the 'pot' and all of this involves cords/wires, so the spot can't really shift much. Yikes!

Your pole idea could be used without a water feature, just watered manually, although it sounds like that might take some of the fun out if it for you. Just the idea of mixing succulents with something more leafy and moisture tolerant via something that would dry out quickly by sticking up out of a pot like that is great, IMO.

Here's s'more pots. By the time I get all of those finished that can be pierced, it will be time for updates on the first bunch.

Heart-leaf Philo was the original occupant of this pot, with Coleus cuttings still wilty from being recently placed there, Tradescantia zebrina and fluminensis added in the holes.

The Trads again, some Callisia repens.

Trads and 2 Plectranthus.

Trad. pallida, Callisias, Gibasis geniculata, Aptenia, wax Begonia, sorry it's fuzzy.

Callisias, various Trads, some globe Basil cuttings.

Burgundy Philodendron with wax Begonias, T. zebrina and Callisia repens.

Wax Begonias, Alternanthera, Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender' cuttings just starting to perk up, Trad zebrina and fluminensis.

Wax Begonia, Trads.

Only a few left of a kind of plastic I can put holes in like this...

RE: Hole-y moly

Wow, I really like the new containers!!!

RE: Hole-y moly

Thanks! Finally finished doing all of the holes, in the pots that will allow it. It will be another few weeks until enough plant material grows to fill them all. Liking the looks of these already.

Syngonium and dragon wing Begonia, Tradescantia zebrina, T. pallida, T. fluminensis, Hemigraphis didn't like being part of the experiment. Don't think that piece is going to live.

Thanksgiving cactus with Coleus, Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender,' T. fluminensis, T. zebrina, T. pallida, wax Begonia.

RE: Hole-y moly

Gosh Purp..They're all beautiful.
You must have spent a lot of time making holes, then deciding which plants require similiar care and look best together.

Great job.

I'm going to attept counting up from the last pic..Can you tell me the name of this plant.

Pics 11 and 21..starting at the bottom photo, 'TC' including others' pics.

White fuzzy leaves, 'not Kalanchoe Panda,' purple bottoms.

Mine goes dorment during winter, but I think the reason is the area where it's placed is fairly cold. Toni

RE: Hole-y moly

Thanks, Toni! I did spend a lot of time making the holes. Did you notice how I started with one sparse row in the first pots, to a ton of zig-zag holes in the last ones? I could have asked DH to do it with his drill (he has a heavy thing I can't even control with 2 hands) but am way too much of a control freak to pass along a task involving plants that I can do myself in some way.

Don't know if everyone who sees each pot would think the combos are good, but I think all of the plants I have are pretty, so like to see any of them in close proximation.

There's 2 white fuzzy plants within these pics; the Kalanchoe potted with a TC (which came from the pot I showed the label of, before being added with TC) and Tradescantia sillamontana, with tiny creeping succulents all around it. The 2nd time I showed that one, I didn't label any of the plants. There's also Aptenia and Columnea, as far as white, but they're not fuzzy and I think you probably know those well, so not what you were asking about. Does that help?

RE: Hole-y moly

Purple. Actually, I didn't notice, but after you mentioned it, I scrolled up...yes, there's quite a few more holes. :)
More holes, more plants.

Do you drill holes with a manual hand drill?
I know, Martin has an electric drill. If I used it, the darn bit would go from one side of the pot to the other.

I re-scrooled..seems to me your plants work together.
Unlike certain pre-made baskets that consist of a cactus, parlor palm and croton.

That's it...T. sallamontana. Is yours decidious?

There's so many different Tradescantas in the world. Most differ. Ever notice that?

One problem is many Tradescantas had different name. I browse through old plant books. Not common names either.
I can't keep track of the name changes.

Anyway, I'm glad you mentioned adding different plants per pot. Before winter, plants that go together will be potted in one container.

RE: Hole-y moly

When I first started doing this, I was tapping on awl with a hammer, which doesn't seem to be necessary after further playing around with it. While even hanging in place, I can push the awl through the side of these pots, then make the holes bigger with a screwdriver if I want. Some of them, I snipped bigger with scissors. Yeah, a drill would do it, but my cute little re-chargeable one passed away a few years ago, and the 'real' one DH has is way too heavy for me to control. Who knows what I'd end up drilling through? (Picture Goldie Hawn with the chainsaw in 'Overboard' movie!)

Here's updates on the pots in the back yard. I'll take pics of the front yard ones today...

1 - dog house décor

2 - back door cuties

3 - By the pecan tree, completely out of control, just the way I wanted it!

4 - Also by the pecan tree.

5 - Hanging with 3 & 4.

RE: Hole-y moly

Morning Everyone,


Guess I'm lucky. Dh gave me his old manual hand-drill several years ago.
That drill and its bits has been put to use, made plenty of holes..Including to hang Christmas and Halloween decorations. :)

I don't know what an awl is, but will Google. Maybe it's easier than using the hand drill..Some plastics crack intead of making clean holes. Plastic must be drilled, VERY carefully.
wonder if dh has an

RE: your pics.
First, you have a pecan tree...You're sooooo lucky.
Do you cook then eat the pecans?

When we were in TN, a relative of dh had a pecan tree in her yard. I don't know what time of year pecans grow...we were down south early spring..too early???

Purp, your plants' colors are amazing, vivid and lively.
I envy you, lol. Too afraid to hang plants because of darn ants.

The purples and reds really stand out.

Even your TC has a red pretty.

Is the Begonia in pic 4, Wax?

I love the 'gonia in pic 3..that flower!!!

Also, in pic 3, is that SP? If so, do roots take up a lot of room? Are you planning on keeping these plants together indefinately?

Now, you plan on bringng your baskets inside for winter, right?
Where will they be placed? Do you have rods before windows?

Since your idea is contageous, and I started potting plants together, I've also created more hanging baskets..The problem is where will they hang? lol

I have macremes, but some ceilings are that the right word?
IOW's, when I drill a hole in certain areas of a ceiling, lol, there's nothing to hang on to.

I made a hole in a nw window and hung a light-weight plant..Well, it fell, made a big mess..I knew it'd happen since the hook went directly in the ceiling without hitting a beam or whatever holds floors and ceilings.

How many baskets do you have in all? WOW!

RE: Hole-y moly

Heythere, Toni, glad you like 'em! An awl is just a pointy metal thing with a screwdriver handle on it.

"Is the Begonia in pic 4, Wax?" Yes.

Pic 3 Begonia = dragon wing, I love it too! Yes, that's sweet potato vine. I was planning to chop that off at the pot surface when this pot comes inside. I imagine by spring it will be back out of the hole, and probably from the top of the pot too. I'm sure the other plants will need to be rescued from it by spring.

"Now, you plan on bringing your baskets inside for winter, right?... The problem is where will they hang?"

Yes, there's 2-3 hooks by most windows already. Will add more where possible. Some might not get to hang for winter, IDK yet. Chain/wire/coat hangers can keep them from being the same height, which lets them get a little closer, use the window area better. Overall though, I have a LOT less pots.

"How many baskets do you have in all?" About 30 but not all need to come inside.

Sounds like you need a stud finder, to make sure you hang into wood. A molly anchor might be enough for most pots though, if the ceiling is drywall. I think the ceiling here is plywood. If you have wood window casings, hooks can go there if it doesn't interfere with window coverings.

Something like this is really cheap. Of course they also have bigger/nicer ones for more.

RE: Hole-y moly

Maybe something like this?

RE: Hole-y moly

Purp, I Googled awl..Think I saw one in the basement amongst other tools. Not sure though.

Don't know if dh has a stud finder, but even if he does,, the chance of him using it is nil.
I bought butterfly clips at least 8 years ago..they're still in the drawer. Thanks dh.

I have hooks in some rooms, but a few can't be used..Reason, since we got the green shelf, if a plant is hanging they'll hit plants on top shelf.

I'm certain this 'generic' house has dry wall..I detest that crap. Give me good, sturdy, old-fashioned walls anytime.

Here's one type of hanger I use, and a few baskets purchased at Collections in autumn, when prices are under 5.00

Plant Hanger

I know, I know the walls need painting...I've got to get to it ASAP.

Rooster Hanger

Plant hanger

I bought two other decorative planters at Collections, 'under 5.00' that have solar lanterns..
You should check out their plant items.


For years I kept hanging Hoyas on the curtain rod in the bathroom. lol.
The rod is bent in the center, even though hoyas were in 4" containers, in very light soil.

Had a photo, but must have deleted it.

RE: Hole-y moly

I figure that if one were to secure a chain or even a series of interlinked wire hooks from one end of the window to the next,you could just hang baskets all over it...and in order to get baskets to hang at different locations,higher and lower,this too can be achieved by hanging them from custom made wire hooks at different lengths which are hanging from the chain...I hope that makes sense

Perhaps another visual aid...

RE: Hole-y moly

Enable, enable, enable... LOL! Good stuff!

Toni, if I can install that kind of stuff and use a stud finder, you can too. "I think I can, I think I can!" You can do it!!

Pots out front as of yesterday.

1 - The flowers are globe basil, various Tradescantias, Callisia (the heart-leaf Philo is from the giant pot on the floor behind.)

2 - Frost bite Philo is growing back nicely, guess it's going to be a couple years until the really big leaves are back, with wax Begonias and various...

3 - Misc... Another palm sprout (not visible) in pot on right.

4 - Begonia, Thanksgiving cactus, Tradescantia zebrina.

5 - TC again, Aptenia, Columnea, T. zeb., Callisia.

6 - Heart-leaf Philo, Coleus, Trads.

7 - Another Philo, Plectranthus, T. zeb., not sure the Ceropegia is going to take off, struggling. Also a palm sprout in there, but not visible from here.

8 - Tiny leaves pot, Aptenia, bridal veil (Gibasis geniculata,) Callisia, Trads.

9 - Hoya, Aptenia, Trad. zeb & pallida, Callisia.

10 - 3 Plectranthus, Trads.

11 - Portulaca, TC, others not visible from this side.

12 - Ledebouria, Portulacas, Kalanchoes, TC.

Uploaded with

RE: Hole-y moly


Asleep. I love your idea, but there's one problem.

One of my favorite panes for tropicals is upstairs, west, double-size window.

The window doesn't have wood sides...the walls are tiled.

Can tiles be drilled? If so, then your idea would work..instead of my droopy curtain rod. lol.

Purple. Your baskets are amazing.
The holes are a good idea, but what happens when plants growing through holes grow large? Will there be a root problem?

Can't believe how red your plants got. WOW!!!

What's the plant on left, 'very red,' in pic 9?

I don't remember. Did you combine Begonias summer 2012? I thought you did.

One reason I'm asking..Several cane Begonias have growth on top, but trunks are bare from center down.
Do you think potting in one large container would work?

Think they're

RE: Hole-y moly

Toni, Thanks!

"The holes are a good idea, but what happens when plants growing through holes grow large? Will there be a root problem? " I haven't used plants with stems that get (much) fatter. If anything chokes off at some point, I'll just snap it off and stick it somewhere else. It's actually been surprisingly time-consuming snipping and sticking all of these pieces, but that's what I like doing.

No idea what to tell you about the tile wall...

Start a discussion about your Begonias? Generally tho, that's why mine are all so short, every time a cane gets tall enough to snap, I do. Just snap it off and stick the top back in. Now the pots are full, not just one plant trying to have enough branches to command the pot. Really gonna try to leave them alone to bloom next year tho. If the sun hadn't been MIA for over 2 months, all of this stuff would be a lot bigger.

"What's the plant on left, 'very red,' in pic 9?"
Tradescantia zebrina, right next to T. pallida. The sun hits that pot most of the day. It's the exact same plant at the base of this little palm. Schizo, depending on amount of light, really cool plant!

RE: Hole-y moly


Aw, my favorite Palm Tree. Looks like it's put on more fronds...Very beautiful, Purp...

Purp, just wanted to say, when I asked about the roots in holes, I wasn't being rude. Sometimes, people take comments the wrong way...okay?

I could start a thread on the Begonia forum, but it used to be slow. Maybe it's picked up since I was last there...sometime back.

Purp, when you said stick the tops back in, do you mean cut the Begonia stem, then place in soil? Do you think they'll root this time of year?
In summer, when it was warmer, leaves ;from various plants' that dropped rooted in neighboring, I don't's been so cloudy.

So, IYO, you don't think it's a good idea mixing and matching difffernt 'gonias?
Are they called Canes or Angel Wings..Can't remember. :)

Another reason I considered planting 'gonias together is for space purposes.
Like we've been discussing.
It's a lot easier hauling a couple larger pots than 10, 4"er's.

Purp, you know a lot about Tradescantas. 'obviously.' :)

I've been growing Purple Heart and a few other purple and white fuzzy's, that may or may not be Trades.
So, caring for the last 3 types are simple.
It's other varieties I have problems with..Please don't ask their names because I haven't the faintest..don't think I have pics either.

Do all Tradescantas needs lots of light? Like your WJ?

Speaking of WJ, yours is so very red, (pics 9&10) that I didn't recognize them.

Oh, one last thing. I typed in T. pallida, which I call Purple Heart. Another confusion.
There's the fuzzy-leaf Tradescanta, and another without hairs. Know which plant I mean?
I don't think I have the hairless anymore, but not sure. lol.

Anyway, good morning.

A very rainy day..still have citrus to repot.

RE: Hole-y moly

Hanging pots are hard to take pics of inside, but this one is not. It's probably the best-looking one out of them all. Can't wait to get back to this in the spring!

RE: Hole-y moly

This pot doesn't have side-holes yet, but most of the plants in this could live in a side-hole. I like the way they look together.

Did anyone else do any group/side experiments?

RE: Hole-y moly

Well, you certainly have grabbed mt attention here!

Graet work Purple and not to say beautiful too!
I have these weird ideas coming to my head and I can't wait to try something different come this spring with Coco Nut baskets!

Imaginative I'd say!


RE: Hole-y moly

Here are some updates on some of these pots. I haven't repotted any of these (or removed dead leaves from pots getting very dry while inside last winter. Too many mosquitoes to stand outside to do that.)

RE: Hole-y moly

Can't tell from this angle, but the Coleus is coming out of a hole in the side of the pot.

RE: Hole-y moly

Aglaonema modestum, Callisia repens, Begonia, Tradescantia zebrina.

RE: Hole-y moly

Begonias, Tradescantias.

RE: Hole-y moly


RE: Hole-y moly

Looking good Tiffany, thats to bad about the mosquito's, I hate them because they take away the enjoyment of being outside..

RE: Hole-y moly

TYVM, Christine! They're just really awful here, any time of day or night. One of these days I'll feel like being coated in bug spray and go pull those dead leaves. Just taking a few pics for about 3 mins, I end up scratching at least 10 bites. So much for the hope that the deep freeze last winter would reduce their numbers. Not!

We moved at the end of April and the plants are all out in the open here, so at the mercy of the weather also, until it's time for them to come inside.

RE: Hole-y moly

An update on some of these crazy hodge-pots... now inside, some recently repotted & with Coleus cuttings added about a month ago.

RE: Hole-y moly

More wildness.

RE: Hole-y moly


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