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Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Posted by gardenbug Canada zone 5 (My Page) on
Wed, Jul 21, 10 at 8:08

Still digging, planting, watering, weeding and so on...
How about you????

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RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I've kind of given up on the digging and planting thing for now, except for weeding....

I just wanted to say that Norma your Cherry Cheeks daylilies look like mine -- altho I noted there is a "rib" to the flower; but I dont think the one Michelle posted is Cherry Cheeks do you? Unless the color was really off on yours, Michelle? Altho I've certainly seen that regions and temps seem to affect daylilies seriously so it could be that; but the rim seemed more frilled to me in your shot as well, Michelle. Whatever it is it's very very pretty.

Back to the sauna here. It's so hot, it's overcast and one actually is liking the cloudy conditions for a change. I'm sure it will burn off soon tho and be hot as Hades again....

Inquiring minds want to know tho, for you 3 a.m. gardeners? are you using flashilights or a coal helmet? Surely you can't work in the dark, LOL!


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I watered a few needy plants around 5-5:30 Cindy. Then I began weeding at 5:30, once I'd collected my garden fork and buckets. It was light enough by 5:30 for me to see my huge honkin' weeds! It is sunny now...but ever so humid and sticky out there. They say it is only 71F, (87 with Humidex) but it feels like 100+ to me.

We are supposed to get a new larger bathroom fan and have the bathroom painted too this Friday. (mildew resistant paint at that!) I bravely started clearing things out of the room, so I hope the guys arrive. I think I can adjust to having others paint instead of me! I mean, there MUST be advantages to aging.

So while weeding this morning I began thinking a bit about IU#8. Absolutely no promises at this stage, but I do have a few ideas which would involve a visit to Toronto. My friend is chairperson for the construction of a new inner city park. I don't know what stage things will be at by next year at all, but it is a fascinating project with benches that light up at night and more. There is also the Toronto Botanical gardens that have a new entryway designed by Piet Oudolf. Then there is a new Children's garden...not to mention my place, and my friend with the sod roofed house. (Remember Trevor Woody?) So all that plus other things in Buffalo would keep us pretty busy. Planning and transportation are my really weak points though. Anyway, I'm thinking and hope others are too.

Saucy, your Tidyll is more spunky and optimistic than this one's.
Chased a large rabbit away once again this morning. I believe his family lives under our propane tank. Le sigh. He has expensive taste in plants. Seems to like everything new too.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

  • Posted by jak1 4 Ontario Can (My Page) on
    Wed, Jul 21, 10 at 12:33

Yupper, still diggin' and plantin'.....

The seventy foot daylily and vine bed along the fence has been dug (by DD and her SO), most of the vines (Virginia Creeper and Tangutica clems) are doing their thing, and I now have 8 lovely daylilies planted. Everybody has been treated to sheep poop, lots of water, and cedar mulch. I also installed that ugly black edging on both lengths of this garden and backed up the plastic on the fence side with stone dust to help with creeping grass control. A friend who heard through the grapevine (I have those too, on the other side of the house!)called me over yesterday to see if I wanted any of her much overgrown daylilies....I was blown away - she inherited house and garden from her mother who avidly collected beautiful daylilies over a twenty year span - but didn't keep a single tag! So Saturday I am going over there with a wagon, tools, and a bottle of wine....My own personal H*ll Strip will be gorgeous.

Gee Kathy, bald legs! I didn't know that about you! ROTFL!

Oh Marie, doing the watering and weeding so early in the morning is one way to beat the heat. Monday was the day I installed edging on the fence garden, and when I came in I plopped down and said to DH: "I'm getting too old for this." Much to my surprise, he agreed. I think I am out of real estate now, so hopefully no new gardens will be undertaken. Which is what I said last year.....

We too have bunnies. A nest under our garden shed resulted in lapin tartar(e?) for Paws every single day last week. (I think I got that expression from Les and Monique). Le sigh.

Deanne I cannot imagine the effort you must put in to keep all those pots lush and lovely. I think of you every time I water my ten pots.

And nice to see Marion again - the deck always looks lovely, and I agree that a new form of heating will make for an easier and more comfortable winter. Since you seem to be feeling better, you don't want to set yourself back!

Oh Saucy I too remember the teen age mono thing. Both my kids had it one spring, and Brendan was extremely ill, and was very restricted in activity bevause his spleen was badly swollen....not a fun time at all.

Isn't Brenda jumping this week-end?

I can't remember everything I read on the previous thread. I know Chelone was by, as was Drema, and maybe V? Michelle, Cyn, Candy? Anyway, I wish you all the best.

I will be sure to remind you all when it is time to resume Juliejobs!!



RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Saucy, Mono! Ughhh! Poor Sarah. Glad to hear she's feeling a bit better though. Both of my girls had it. Jen had it in college and Megan when Bella was 2. I remember really awful sore throats and Jen had alot of pain in her eyes. I think the worst of it lasted two or three weeks with them.

Woody, impressive how you've taken on that clematis swag. You guys have really accomplished so much on it in just a couple of weeks. I can't wait to see it once it gets going but I know that will take a while. It's going to be beautiful!

I really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on garden art. I love art in my garden and I think my taste runs the gamet from found things to some nicer pieces. And I did want to say to Marie that I really do consider your bridge, your barn and your clematis arbor to be art in your garden. Being the artistic person that you are I think you naturally add more touches in your garden than you realize.

Bella and I have been spending lots of time outside playing these warm summer days. Since it's been so hot it has usually involved the sandbox and water table. She's been creating lots of mud dishes and I ran across a book called Mud Pies And Other Recipes, A Cookbook For Dolls that she's been cooking from the last couple of days. I thought I'd share a few of our favorite recipes...this first one is from the section Soups, Salads & Sandwiches.

Tossed Leaves

Gather enough green leaves to fill a big bowl. Sprinkle with white sand and freshly ground dust, season with minced grass, moisten with a few squirts of water from a squirt gun. Toss it as high as you can with wooden spoons or hands, always making sure the salad returns to the bowl after each toss. When seasoning ard leaves are well blended, the salad is ready to serve.

One from the Appetizers section.

Assorted Hors D'oeuvres

Take the cardboard from a freshly laundered shirt. To this cardboard glue 8 paper baking cups in pretty colors if possible. This is the hors d'oeuvres tray. Into each cup place anything that comes to mind. Here are 8 examples: grass, clover, pine needles, small berries, flower petals, crusherd dry leaves, minced twigs, gravel

Back Yard Stew

Mark off a big square in your back yard by walking 8 giant steps in each direction. Into a large stewpot put anything you find in this square such as grass, leaves, stones, twigs, berries, flowers, weeds and so forth. Season generously with white sand and dust, and add puddle water to cover. The longer the dish stews the better it is.

The dolls around here have been eating well :)

Time to rustle up some dinner and then I want to get over and look at GB's garden art thread. Looks very interesting! Have a nice evening everyone!


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

From gb:

It has been a lazy hot day for us. Adam goes out to dinner with a friend tonight in Guelph. Tomorrow we expect to go to St Jacobs Farmers market to buy fruit & vegetables and hot apple doughnuts from the Mennonites for our breakfast. There's a dead branch I'd like Adam to saw off for me too if he has time. Ric has started cutting back burdocks already. They are already in bloom. Beautiful clouds in the sky though!


Another hot, humid day here. We had hoped for a tundershower but they all missed us. We went to Mario's this morning and the good news is we now hope to have the tuteur in 3 weeks or so. We only had to replace one piece of the planned material with something very slightly smaller.

In the afternoon, we gave Misty a hair-cut. She is never thrilled with that....

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Me too! Still digging, planting, watering, and pulling those weeds. Ugh. Went out today, but didn't last long. SO desperate for rain. Some of the lower 40 (don't I wish) was damp enough to pull the 2 foot weeds easily, but part was so dry that I just gave up.

Oh and the little monster was here again. Guess what I found out in the open after he left? Yep, that poor azalea... or what was left of it. Not sure where it had been, but he OBVIOUSLY hid it from me for future fun.

Looks like we won't be getting the predicted thunderstorms. Hope they hit your area, Cindy.

Eden, love those recipes. Gosh, I hope I have grandkids at some point!

Saucy, hope Sarah continues to feel better. Mono can lay you low for a long time. I had in my first semester in college and slept for more than a week straight!

Julie-LOL that DH agreed with you about getting too old for all the hard work! Mine does that, too! I would much rather he offer to help.

'bug, good for you getting up instead of tossing and turning. Hearing how much all of you accomplish, I am feeling way too lazy. Time to get energized for the last part of summer.

Well, this is a bit of a fly-by. I need to walk the pups, but I did want to check in and let Norma and everyone know what became of the errant azalea.

Waving to all.

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Things have cooled down somewhat here with more normal July temps. Right now I hear thunder but no rain yet. My fingers are crossed.

I stopped at the farm store and found all their plants 70% off. I didnt get anything terribly exciting, but some nice things for filling in pots and bare areas. Angelonia, lantana, a dwarf dahlia, some Burgundy Glow ajuga (which will probably revert on me)

These days are spent deadheading daylilies which for me is essential. I have also been doing a few projects. The swing needed varnishing. So I gave that several coats. The next project is staining the redwood picnic table and stools. Of course watering pots is always part of the evening routine as well.

Eden, the recipes sound like fun. Kenzie usually "cooks" in her little birdbath. It usually involves water and corn (from Grandpa Rick) with a few flowers thrown in.

Kathy & Cindy, the lavender pictures are gorgeous and the cutting process very interesting.

Id best post this in case the electricity goes off.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I think Ive mentally digested and absorbed the last Idyll, marveled over the photos and anxious to continue with the other threads that promise more enjoyable reading. The last of the summer company has come and gone. Major refrigeration malfunction was fixed by purchasing a new one. Computer issues diagnosed and resolved. Estate sale I helped to catalogue is over. One more birthday gathering this weekend and we are finished until December. Im hoping for a slow, not-much-going-on kind of month with the arrival of August. A change of pace would be most welcome!

Digging, shuffling and planting continues as does the watering. A few short showersone hard, heavy rain that gave us a walloping inch and enough wind to bend Senorita Rosalita over so far she failed to come up again. The humidity continues with temps hovering in the low 90s and the dew point in the 70s. I cant remember a summer when I sweat so much; early morning, overcast, breezy, in the shade, after darkmatters not.

Michelle, sorry I missed your birthday but Im posting a card anyway!

And Julie! Yours is really belated because as I recall Pbucket wasnt working for me. That was about the time the computer began acting up.

Im also behind on uploading photos from my camera but heres my new agastache love of the season.

Must call it a night and head for bed, the last two weeks have worn me out by 11 p.m.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

So we were under a severe T storm warning last night and still did not get any rain. It barely sprinkled and nothing under the trees got anything at all so Ill be watering again today. Were having a garden party for some folks at Dougs work on Friday evening and wouldnt you know that its supposed to be cloudy and raining. Weve not had any rain for weeks and Ill just bet it decides to finally rain here during our party. Go figure?!

I managed to plant most of the things I picked up last week in RI a and am ready for a return trip. Im hopeless I tell you. Some interesting things here, the Blue Plumbago started blooming a couple days ago and the Tricyrtis are all setting buds!!!!! I never have flowers on that most years until very late August/September. The Casa Blanca lilies are in full bloom and when they are finished it will be the last of the lilies for the season. All the phlox paniculata are looking very nice at the moment so there are lots of things blooming here. Im getting ready to shovel prune one of my Endless Summer hydrangeas as it isnt setting any flowers again this year. The other two do bloom but that one has been a poor performer. Id like to find something else that blooms more reliably.

Bug, Ive been getting up and outside early too. Its the best part of the day and cool enough to get some work done without melting.

Wow Julie! How fantastic about being able to get daylilies from your friend.

Eden, love the recipes! Too cute.

Cyn, cant believe that azalea reappeared. I dont imagine there is any saving it?

Michelle, I just love the plant sales this time of the year. 70% off is great!

Candy, love that agastache! What a beauty. Do you know the variety? It looks great next to the fescue.

OK Ive got to get going and start dragging the hoses around. Have a great day.

This container is continuing to please this year and is one of my favorites

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Just back from the farmer's market. Had a good early shop and met a friend there as well who joined us for breakfast with his daughter. (apple fritters!)

DH and DS shopped independently for dinner: shish kebobs, corn on the cob, asparagus and blueberries. I shopped, first looking at plants, (boring) and then bought sweet peppers, and wild blueberries. So we have an overdose of those now! I also ordered a cozy sleeper for the September baby- the kind with a zipper and feet.

On our way back we stopped ("just for a minute please!") at the nearby nursery that often has interesting things. Sure enough I bought an apricot hellebore, another coreopsis Sienna, and a belamcanda type plant with interesting maroon colored blooms.

It is too hot to plant today, maybe this evening I can get a few more things in the ground and weed yet some more

Both DH and DS are working away on their computers. Think I'll cook up some blueberry filling for later on.

Here's the first bloom on my new clematis.

Enjoy your day! TGIF is coming fast!

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Morning Idylls, Bella's away for the next few days so I'm hoping to get in more idylling time. Like Michelle, the weather seems to have settled down to more reasonable temps in the low to mid 80s. The phlox paniculata are all starting to bloom in my garden and the echinaceas are going strong. Still some lilies doing their thing too and the daylilies which I have a love/hate relationship with. I could easily yank the majority of them for more garden real estate and not miss them much.

Deanne, why of course it will threaten rain for your party Friday night even though you haven't had any in weeks. That's just Mother Nature's sense of humor at work. I hope it holds off for you and Doug's friends are able to enjoy the evening in your beautiful garden. That container is just spectacular. Is that alocasia hilo beauty in the lower corner of the photo? I used to have that one and really like it. I saw one the other day at the nursery and passed but may go back for it since there's another pink phorium that I want to pick up anyway. See I'm just as bad as you. I think we can squeeze in at least on more plant buying trip for tropical stuff :) I agree that things are blooming very early this year. I'm starting to get flowers on my helianthus lemon queen and that doesn't usually happen for another 3-4 weeks.

Cindy, love the lavender photos. I can almost smell the scent. I have a couple of small plants in pots for sniffing purposes. It's one of those plants that doesn't like my clay soil but I love the smell.

Candy, is that one of the alcapulco agastaches? Really pretty!

Cyn, so he brought you back the dead remains huh? LOL?

Marie, I know that you're enjoying your time with Adam. About another week or so until Sarah and crew return home? And the baby will be here before you know it. Exciting! I'm liking your thoughts for IU8 too!

Woody, good news on your tuteur! Can't wait to see it installed.

Julie, your fence garden sounds like the perfect place for a daylily border. It will look like a rainbow when they're all in bloom.

Mostly inside chores for me today though I do have a pot ghetto that's slowly gaining on me. I found a persicaria pink elephant, geum eos, variegated northern sea oats 'river mist' and ajuga party colors all half off the other day that have been added. Oh and one of those echinacea hot papayas is there waiting for me to plant it too, just to name a few of the occupants. Also the list of plants I want to shuffle around in the garden is growing even though I did alot of that in the spring. Guess I'd better get to the housework. Hope to be posting more the next few days so hoping everyone's feeling chatty. :)


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Afternoon all,

We are having a partly cloudy, windy day here so its not as oppressive as its been the last few days. The relief from the high humidity is wonderful. I spent the morning treating the dahlias and roses with the Bayer systemic product that takes care of black spot and powdery mildew as well as mites so hopefully Ill have a nice show of roses for the fall. The foliage on my tea rose Fascination is looking terrific for a change and Im hoping for a great show of flowers in another few weeks. The brugmansias are all budding up so should be in bloom in a week to ten days or so, even the little cutting from my variegated one is setting buds. I cant wait for that show. ~~ Well I finally took a walk about and counted containers and my numbers are down this year. I only have 237! LOL

Eden, how nice to see you posting here. Its interesting that Im shovel pruning about half of my daylilies this year. I, too, have that love/hate relationship with them. They just take too much maintenance to keep looking their best in the borders and Id rather plant something that is going to look good without daily deadheading and stripping out the yellowing foliage. Im planning on replacing my Stella DOros and Happy Returns with Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'. I really love that grass, it always looks terrific and will fill those spaces with a low maintenance plant. ~~ I LOL over your pot ghetto list. Ive recently bought that variegated Sea Oats and Ajuga Party Colors. ~~ So happy you like the container, here is another view of it. Ive had the acalypha, abutilon, plectranthus and pelargonium for years now.

Well Bug, sounds like you are going to have some kind of lovely blueberry dessert tonight. ~~ Just LOVE that new clematis. Beautiful color and love the gradation in that flower. Wonderful!

OK time to get back outside and do a bit more sprucing up and deadheading for the garden party tomorrow evening.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

A little drop by here this afternoon, Im taking an extended lunch hour today as we are having an event at work tonight and 12 hour days are ok , but I draw the line at 15 ! Came home to do some watering and other chores , and thought a little Idylling seemed a good idea !

Love that container Deanne ! For some reason I never ever see Acalyphas in nurseries around here(except for the Chenile plant) though I never have thought to check Annies . Ill weigh in on the daylilies too, they can sure be high-maintenance. I cant imagine how much time the people who really collect them and have hundreds of plants spend on the deadhading chore, and then to have huge swaths of the garden full of their bad foliageIm going to try and experiment with two that I dont really like that much and was going to sp anyway, and cut the foliage back to the ground with hedge shears when they are done bloomimg, and see what transpires.

Eden , you and commented a few days ago about places for people to step out when parking in front of your hell-strip funny you should mention that , one of my goals in the planting is to discourage people from parking in front of my house , lol. One of my little annoyances . Since my front yard is a garden , a car ruins the ambiance for me. Lots of neighbors here who dont wish to use their garages ..I just find it a great big eyesore. Of course its ok if its someone visiting me , lol.

OK, I need to clean up the kitchen and then head back to the awficewaving to all, hope to catch up better tomorrow !

Kathy in Napa

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Talk about Wacky Weather - we got 4" of rain last night. The garden is smiling. Some in the area got up to 9". Those people aren't smiling.

Deanne, can Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' take much sun? I have one clump that has reached a decent size and just added another this spring. They are both in pretty shady spots. 237 pots! That is unreal! Is that counting pot ghetto pots also? That white/green container is very elegant looking. I may have to steal that idea for next year.

Eden, you 1/2 price loot sounds much more interesting than what I found yesterday.

'bug, that is another pretty one. Nice color variation.

Thanks Candy for the birthday picture. Its fun to have a few more trickle in. The coleus looks like 'Henna' one of my favorites. It was one of the few that I didn't lose over the winter. Is that agastache rupestris? I bought one from High Country Gardens this spring. Its just starting to bloom.

Here the phlox and oriental lilies are perfuming the air so sweetly. One of my purchases yesterday was spearmint. I will plant it in a pot of course. It smells good too. The hydrangea called 'Quick Fire' is blooming for the first time and looks very pretty with 'Persicaria Firetail' next to it. It's always fun when something blooms for the first time in the garden. The first of the hardy hibiscus opened yesterday and startled me with the size of the flower. They are much bigger than last year.



Just a thought on daylily deadheading. I once saw a guy on a show (probably Gardener's Diary) who collected them. Since he liked to go out to the garden in the a.m. and find it pristine, he would deadhead in the evening and collect baskets of the flowers while they were still pretty. I occassionally do this for fun. The other night I had 2 heaping baskets.

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Deanne, 224 and Michelle that's not counting the pot ghetto.

RE: Idyll #486 Container Count

I just realized I forgot a section. I'll have to go out and count again after it stops raining. I'm counting the herb pots, the succulent pots, the fairy garden containers and all tropical/annual containers. Oh and also a few pots of miniature hostas.

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Well Im toasted, fried and beyond tired. I think its going to have to be take outs for dinner tonight because I dont have any energy left to cook. Hope Doug is OK with that. Since Ive been working like a dog to get things in order for a party for his work friends maybe that will be fine.

Michelle, oh my, Im so jealous over your four inches of rain. We are in desperate need of some moisture here. The T-storms have been so spotty and we are in a no-rain zone it seems. ~~ I think the Hakone grass can take a bit of sun in our zone. Im about to find out because one of the spots I want it for is my driveway garden. Ive had a H. Albo striata in there and it was fine with a full day sun. ~~ So no, I didnt count any of the ghetto pots but I actually only have four things that arent planted. ~~ Ive deadheaded the daylilies in the evenings before and find it easier than after theyve turned to mush in the AM. Mostly Im too tired to do in the evenings though. I mostly do that when Ive got a party or tour the following day.

Kathy, most of my Acalyphas are plants Ive had a while because I cant find them around here either. The one in that container was something I mail ordered five years ago. ~~ I lol over your not wanting cars parked in front of your house. I feel the same way. ~~ re daylilies, I actually tried cutting all the foliage back to the ground with my Catherine Woodbury one year and the plants came back much smaller the following season.

Eden, 224 and you forgot a section???? Youve got me beat by a mile!


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Deanne, pretty sure my pots are at the 10 or under number, not counting the pot ghetto but including a basket. But as to how many clematis I have....I bet we're neck and neck! (I gave a few away recently though, so maybe you are winning after all!)

Candy, I too love Agastache and have 3 plants in the Reed Garden. But I saw more at a nursery today... Trouble is, it really is for zone 6 and above...and we are NOT!

Saucy, I told DS about your kayaks, and he said to tell you he has used the canoe locally on nearby rivers.

OK, the plant I bought today is called Pardancanda Norissii. I haven't decided where to cram it in..I mean plant it. I'll show a picture below, but mine doesn't have the spots.

The sprinkler is running in the vegetable garden now and I have asked the men folk to prepare the dinner for me tonight. I think this will be an all time first! Possible rain overnight, but things are dry and I can't afford to risk it NOT raining.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pardancanda norrisii

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Deanne, I don't think I have any acalyphas this year though I've seen them for sale. Good excuse for a nursery run since they'd be in the half off sale now I bet. Yours is a beauty and I love the Raggedy Ann one that you have too. Ohh, that's your white phygelius in that container too isn't it. I really love that! All around just a beautiful container garden!

Michelle, I have three different hakonechloa grasses and they're all in the sunniest part of my garden and doing well. The oldest one is quite huge in fact. I think its 'alba striata'. H. all gold is a new one this year and I think the other one I have may be aureola. I love them all :) The hydrangea/persicaria combo sounds like a really pretty one!

OK I have to admit I'm not very good about deadheading my daylilies or stripping the old foliage. And I've been known to chop them down after they finish blooming Kathy. A big nono I'm sure but I've not noticed any ill effects the couple of times I've done that.

I hate it when people park in front of my house too. But in my neighborhood if I planted there they'd most likely step in the garden :(

Marie, what a pretty little clematis bloom. Your dinner sounds delicious and makes me determined to make a trip to our Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.

We're having some unexpected rain this evening. I don't think it will amount to much and seems to be giving us some muggy air as an added bonus. The humidity hasn't been too bad today up until now.

I'm working on a bottle tree. I ordered the tree and have had it for a couple of weeks now and have everyone I know collecting bottles. It holds 25. I can't wait to get it filled up. Not sure if I'll keep it different colors or eventually change them all to blue but I'll post a picture soon. I went out and did a recount of my pots and came up with 231 this time. I think it may be one of those things where I'd get a different number every time I counted because they're so spread about through the gardens both front and back. Deanne that gives YOU the title of "Container Queen" this year. Congratulations! I know you'd way out number me on varieties of plants too! You have such an amazing collection of things in your containers.

Michelle, Spearmint is one of my favorite mints. The other if Chocolate Mint. If you ever see one of those grab it. It really does have a faint chocolate smell, kind of like the choc mint Girl Scout cookies I think. I went through a mint collecting phase a few years ago and I think I had twenty some varieties from cotton candy mint to margarita mint. Some of them you really had to use your imagination to smell the scent they claimed though :) I just grow the two now.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Chocolate mint is my favorite..I used to grow spearmint but one of my cats liked to eat it and it always looked like he!! so I gave up.

Aha ! Eden and Deanne don't like it when people park in front of thier houses either...vindication...

Kathy in Napa

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Parking: Of course people could park in front of our property and I wouldn't see them. But when we have company, we set up a parking area on the far side of the bridge and people walk in. I really hate having cars near the house, on the bank of the barn and all over the place. People leave at different times too, so then people drive all over the grass to get around them. UGH! I'm ultra fussy I guess, but I hate it when DH uses the wheelbarrow and leaves tracks when I've just finished the mowing. Call me Picky-Picky!

Dinner: Nothing beats fresh corn, asparagus and wild blueberries. DS BBQed the kebobs to perfection. mmmmmmm.

Back to moving the sprinkler now,

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Hmmmm "Container Queen" - I think "Nut Ball" might be a more appropriate title! ROTFL~

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I'm amazed at the pot counts -- I do think it's likely you'll each get different numbers depending on recounts -- but that's a lot of containers, ladies - and of course most of them have more than one plant, so that's LOT of plants too!!

Tired from dragging the hoses and the waves of heat that seem to blast one in the face....

Michelle, I have had Quick Fire for several years and this year it's finally gained some mass - I love it - it's at the back of the front/side border - and oddly, in front of it, I have nearby both the Bonfire Peach and the persicaria Firetail along w/ the Echinacea Vintage Wine -- so we've got similar groupings, LOL - it's an area I'm happy with this year; it looks pretty good, and there's Symphytum Axminster Gold in front of the peach that echos the Quick Fire fairly nicely (whites at least)...

I dont think it's possible to plant anything right now and leave it for 12 hours without water here... it's dry, dry, dry. Several new Nora Leigh phlox that I'd planted early in May are toast - I guess those tree roots are sucking it out of everything, as you said, Deanne.

When it gets hot like this, frankly, I'm not much interested in eating either.... I think there's nothing wrong with a dinner of watermelon, LOL... lucky I live by myself isnt it?

I know we had some Cynthia/Julie/Drema sightings here - Hi folks!

Good to see you check in too, Eden - I love those garden recipes you and Bella have been "cooking" - what fun! There is no surfeit of imagination in your family. Can't wait to see your bottle tree. Did you once have one before? I seem to remember someone having one...

Kathy - I'm picky /crazy about the parking spots in front of my house -- one's a visitor spot that NO one ever parks straight in - usually the car is half into my reserved spot and that makes me have to park halfway into my other spot; people come and go at rude, rude hours of the night and day -- talking right outside my bedroom window/slamming doors, lights, etc. Drives me nutz. Ah, the joys of neighbors.... we have the problem of those who have garages not wanting to park in them either; so they grab the visitor parking spots, and so no visitors ever have places to park.... very weird. I'd gladly plant my h*ll strip if the HOA would allow me; but I'm sure I'd get reported quickly if I tried that one...I've been lucky no one has reported me for digging up all my lawn in front, LOL.

Well, gotta get up and water some tomorrow before the trip to awfice -- boy, am I glad it's friday!!

I'm sure Deanne is going to have a wondrous party for her DH's co-workers -- what a glorious way to spend a Friday night.

Glad to hear about the hakonechloa taking sun; I've been contemplating it; the H. albo-striata I have is in too much shade and almost totally green; I've suspected it needed more sun... I bought some Evergold this spring but it's been in the pot to find better places for both.

Okay, time to wind down here... Grocery tomorrow to do some stuff for the shower in another weekend. Some mini-cheesecakes that I can usually freeze for a week.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Geez, its late and I got hung up staring at photos on the other threadsan Idylland hazzard! I was supposed to upload and size pictures but Ill have to save Art in our Gardens for the weekend. Today was another 94 degree steam bath and I impulsively mowed the yard instead of waiting for DH to get home. It was grey and heavily overcast, the pattern being a hard downpour for about 5 minutesjust enough to thoroughly wet the grass so the humidity keeps it from drying. Only it didnt rain at all and one thing led to another outside so Im zapped again.

Very quick hereyes, Michelle that is Agastache Rupestris! It was beginning to bloom when I bought it in May. Do you think thats because it was greenhouse grown? I went back for another one a couple of weeks after purchase and they were goneflew off the shelves. Bug, Im zone 5 and rather new to agastache but I did over winter Apricot Sprite successfully last year. The lady at the nursery told me not to cut back the dying foliage last fall because it would keep moisture out of the crown. They dont like wet feet especially during the winter.

Lol, it irks me to no end when people park in front of our house. Not sure if its just a visual annoyance or more of a territorial encroachment. Great to find out Im not so weird.

OK, now Im zoning outdidnt jot down any crib notes, cant remember my other comments. Definitely time for bed. Good night Cindy, Eden, Deanne, Julie, Kathy, Jim Bob, Mary Ellen and anyone else I missed this timeyaaaawn.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I love the agastache too. Just a gorgeous color of bloom. I bought some succulents because of their dreamcicle bloom color.

Bug that is such a pretty clematis. I just love them, and seeing your always makes me want more, but I know I can't grow them. But I will say, don't know if any of you remember that my Betty Corning was damaged by someone something at the roots a few weeks ago. It broke my heart, but I trimmed away the damaged part and she is sending up new shoots. Now that is a clematis to love.

We had some rain here last night. Skip promised Dev and two of his friends he would take them camping this weekend, so the ground will be wet. I have to work tomorrow and Sunday so will not be going. Plus 13 year old boys don't want a grandma along to spoil the muddy fun. It is going to be in the 90's. Not my idea of fun.

Eden, can't wait to see your bottle tree. I know it will be gorgeous.

Stay cool as you can!


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

  • Posted by jak1 4 Ontario Can (My Page) on
    Fri, Jul 23, 10 at 9:11

Hi guys, just a quick TGIF drop in this morning...

Nobody parks in front of our house because we are on fairly sharp curve and I guess folks would rather not be smucked by someone swinging around the corner....funny I never gave that a thought here....I used to hate it when people parked in front at my old house. As it is a very touristy place with no parking lots, there were always cars on the street, usually blocking our front path....

Oh for some nice gentle rain. It is in the forecast here but has been all week. We had a hail of a thunderstorm (no, I didn't mistype that!) on Wednesday, of course that is the day we went to visit DD and DGS and others at their camping spot at Murphy's Point Prov. Park. The day did end up nicely but a long summer shower would be most welcome.

Nut Balls? Mmmmmm, yummy. Oh, I guess that wasn't the intent of that comment, I was thinking of Cheese balls, you know, the ones encrusted with nuts. I hope Deanne serves one tonight at the Weed'n'Feed.

I have no mint here. A good friend who is building a new house on twelve acres showed me her mint patch yesterday - every time you walk through her woods you get a breath of fresh air from brushing against the mint. I am going to dig up a chunk once I figure out a place to put it.

You know summer is waning when it is time to harvest the garlic. That is my job today. We are plagued with the Eastern Ontario Leek and Garlic moth here. Last year I lost my entire crop, but this year I kept my garlic wrapped in floating row covers and it appears that it is fine. O.K. for me with my 30 or 40 plants, but here we have farmers with upwards of 10,000. No covers for them. I know one organic grower who spends all day, every day in her garlic fields with Q tips and a bucket of soapy water cleaning off the cocoons so they don't hatch...Not a fun endeavour I am sure.

Nice to see all the photos. Hopefully DH will find the time to give me some instruction on the technical stuff of our new camera today - after he cleans up from yet another fish tank leak..Le sigh.

Off to lunch with friend who is a professional garden maintenance person. She has not enjoyed her long days this summer much either. Truly a different wacky weather year!



RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

We had thunderstorms at 1am and 3am. I did the second shift, mopping up water from windows left open on the first shift. ;)

Indoors all the windows are steamed over. Really terribly sticky and humid and unpleasant. The berberis looks nice though with diamond sparkles all over its foliage.

Blueberry pancakes have been made and devoured and now the guys are on their computers again.

Today is the day when workmen SAID they were coming, but by 10am, no word. Oh brother, I hate this game. What ever happened to communication?

The gardens are sopping wet, which is good, but I can't get my outdoor work done there. The rabbits seem to be delighted that there is lots of clover and new plant growth and there are large toads hopping about too.

Need to pick up a few things in town to feed "the growing boys."

Happy TGIF to all!

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

It is extremely muggy and hot. More storms and rain are predicted for tonight. I dont believe I mentioned the big storm last weekend at the lakes. We were at Ricks class reunion in Sioux Falls and my mom calls and tells me they are at the hospital. I was at first a bit shocked and then she explained that they go there for the storm shelter. There was quite a lot of damage of boats and docks from straight line winds. Because of all the rain Wednesday night there is lots of flooding. At least Ive been relieved from my watering duties and we dont farm near the river.

I was going to a garden party after work for a non-profit group. Thats about the time the rain is supposed to start, so we shall see. Of course I forgot my camera.

bug, blueberry pancakes sound super yummy. Pardancanda Norissii, funny I had to look it up. I didnt recognize the botanical name. I have a spotted one and one with a pretty yellow/orange color to it. Although the flowers are small they always attract attention in my garden.

I guess no one would ever park in front of our house. Although, many times tractors etc. get in the way of my garden views. As for guests we have plenty of gravel area for parking and then there is the area behind my Welcome Garden that is grassy but not really lawn. Farm implements often park there as well so Im used to it. When I married Rick there were calf huts in that area and it was pretty much a weedy mess. As we looked over the garden together the other night I commented on how much had changed on the farm since I came along :o)

Cindy, Ive wanted to have a Symphytum Axminster Gold for some years now but never have seen them in a local nursery.

Eden, a bottle tree sounds like a fun addition to your garden. I would like all blue bottles myself. I just love cobalt blue.

Here's hoping those that need rain get it.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I think I need a rehab program-I picked up three hydrangea on sale at our HD today (Paniculata Pinky Winky). My favorite is my Tardiva, but these just looked so healthy that I couldn't reist. I am putting them out front-safer! Also, making note of the perennial combinations that might look good with them. Never thought of Echinacea, Cindy.

4" of rain sounds heavenly, Michelle. We haven't even had the rumble of thunder, let alone any rain. I fear we may need to declare bankruptcy and move when the water bil comes :0

Deanne, hope the party goes perfectly. Can't imagine it wouldn't! Oh, and no, no saving that poor azalea-completely dried out, rootball the size (and shape)of a cantaloupe and only a few branches left-alas. I am leaving it there in the hope that he will go for it and not another plant next time he visits. Anyone want that bet???

I have mint in a pot on our deck. Love to put it in iced tea-reminds me of summer days growing up~~that and the fresh corn, 'bug. Both will figure into a dinner for friends next weekend. Our place is referred to as the 1211 Club (from house #) and I need to come up with new beverages now that we have lost our liquor license-lol. I am thinking of what we used to call lemon tea which uses frozen lemonade and mint in the iced tea.

Candy, not weird at all. I am with all of you on parking. I hate it when cars park in front of our house, too. I think it is more a visual annoyance for me than anything else. Growing up, no one parked in the street and I just can't get used to it. We don't have a problem too often though. Our street is sort of busy twice a day since the private high school down the street is holding camps now. Love the neighborhood on Sundays-no traffic! Like Kathy, I have dreams of planting the hell strip, but she is actually doing it. Maybe this fall...

I am again feeling quite inadequate, Eden. 224+ pots! I have 12-15 and have trouble keeping them looking good...or even getting them all planted! My sunhat is off to you, lady!

Saucy, your container is wonderful. None of mine come close.

Cindy, ooh la la-I LOVE the lavender pics! There are few things more lovely in a field. Of course, I do dream of retiring en France.

Hi to everyone I missed~~~Kathy, Woody, Drema, Julie, Chelone, Marian, Norma, and Jim Bob (too funny Candy). Brain is fried-who have I missed?

Wiping perspiration from my brow and waving...a bientot.

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Here we go alert for severe thunderstorms with large hail and damaging winds. I guess we're going out for pizza anyway. Live dangerously! Our creek is high, but frankly, I have no desire to be outside. A real steambath and very disagreeable.

Today my iris catalogue arrived. I'll have to check things out on the web...not that I need a thing! I'll share with you below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Iris 2010

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

DH invented a new drink Madame Cyn. He put mango juice in a tall clear glass and added pure blueberry juice on top (from the healthfood section of the store). DO NOT MIX! Never have you seen such a beautiful marble-like concoction! I'll try to photograph it next time. You'd think he knew his way around the kitchen!

Being half French, I guess I can say that I never want to live in France....except for a holiday. I even refused my parents' apartment there. I'll enjoy it here with baguettes and ripe summer tomatoes.

As for mint, growing it in a pot is the best plan...unless like Julie you have a grudge against your neighbor. It really spreads terribly, although it is great in certain dishes like tabouleh, lamb, etc.

Michelle, perhaps you are more familiar with Belamcanda? They are relatives and very similar.

I checked out the iris site and found only 22 that I absolutely need. LOL! One alone was priced at $35. HAHAHA...


Here is a link that might be useful: Belamcanda

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Sounds like many of us are in the same boat regarding the steambath weather. We got some light rain during the night and a pretty good deluge this morning. I just came in from a session of deadheading/cutting back. I also cleaned up many of my daylilies after all of the talk about them here the last couple of days. The garden is at the point it's looking a bit tired and needs some work. Which brings me to a question...what do you all do with your persicaria polymorpha around this point in the season? The blooms on mine are browning and I don't like it. If I deadhead it do you think I may get a few more blooms. I'm tempted to just chop it down. It's flopping a bit after the rains we've had too.

Cindy, no I haven't had a bottle tree before but I think Cynthia W. and I used to talk about them here quite a bit. And Michelle, I think mine will probably end up all blue bottles too as I collect them. I'm putting other colors on now just to fill it up. Problem is it seems most of the wines that come in blue bottles are sweet ones and I like my wines drier, preferably chardonnays, which I never find in a blue bottle.

Cyn, we drink iced tea/lemonade mixed all the time here. I think they call it an Arnold Palmer? This wouldn't be for guests but another thing I've been doing alot this summer is taking a quart canning jar, filling it half full of ice cubes, squeezing in the juice of a lemon, then cutting it in eighths and adding those, sometimes adding a spoon or two of sugar, sometimes not, and filling with water. Put on the top, shake to mix and it makes a great drink to take out to the garden. Having the top to screw back on helps keep out bugs and dirt when I'm gardening. I read the idea on a blog somewhere. Bella loves drinking it that way too, out of a jar. I should add a couple of sprigs of mint I think!

Deanne, I think quite a few of us here are nutballs when it comes to collecting plants, whether they go into pots or in the ground:)

Lots of mint growers here it seems. Do you all grow other herbs too? I have a collection in pots. Just the usuals...sage, basil, chives, parsley, tarragon, oregano, a couple of thymes, loveage, bay, sometimes dill and I always keep a pot of patchouli just because I like the scent. Some years I have more varieties than others and some years I use them more than others but I always have some. At one time I had a little herb garden. Herbs were what I was most interested in when I first started gardening years ago.

I think I've cooled off enough to head back out for a bit. Hope the rain is holding off for Deanne and Doug's garden party this evening and for Michelle too!

Oh, almost forgot to mention that I got an email today that my favorite nursery is having a 1/2 off sale on all clematis. Another reason to make a little trip over there tomorrow. There's always room for more clems, right Marie? :)


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Eden, I trimmed my PP around its base so that things nearby could survive. I did not cut it back because those browning flowers actually look a smoky pink to me and they look nice with the diablo ninebark nearby. For me, it is the lack of color in that island bed, so I have added daylilies and pots of delphiniums for the time being. Those are temporary. I may put the Pardancanda there permanently...or something else.

I just deadheaded a few roses as well and see those darned caterpillars again, chewing away at the leaves.

I photographed a lovely blue bottle tree when I visited Oregon gardens many years ago. What fun!

So Eden, tell us which clematis come home with you! I'm sure Woody would like to know too!

OK, I think it is pizza time at last. These guys and their computer work. Sheesh!

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Eden - I do deadhead Persicaria polymorpha. Sometimes you do get a bit of rebloom but mostly it just looks like a tidy big shrub...

Yes, what clematises are you adding Eden...?

We got about 1 3/4" rain last night/this morning. It was very welcome but highlighted that we need to make some more changes to the rain barrel overflow set up! But it's too hot and humid to do anything - certainly not today and no relief in sight :-( Deadheading and cleaning up are desperately needed here but I can't survive working out there in these conditions!

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I always grow herbs Eden, I find them very ornamental in the garden. My African Blue Basil was mis-tagged this year its something else but Im not going to swap it out at this point. I have 4 types of Thyme, 4 Basils, tarragon, sage, chamomile and more Oreganos than I can count, both culinary and ornamental. Rosemary and Lavender too of course.

Tomorrow is the East Bay Open Day, and Im really excited to return to Keeyla Meadows garden plus 4 others . Got my camera all ready with a fresh new memory card and an extra battery. It is supposed to be overcast in the morning which will be great for photos , so Im going to Keeylas first . Im hoping the sun stays away till at least noon, not an uncommon thing for places close to SF Bay.

bug, sure liked to hear your input for IU8..this weekend is Gardenwalk Buffalo and it will be interesting to read of the reactions of various internet garden folk. Do you know anyone who is going this year ?

I especially dislike when the neighbors with the fire engine red car park in front of my house---clashes with everything !

Kathy in Napa

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Good morning all,

Well we got totally rained out for our garden party last evening. Go figure? No rain in four weeks and it started at 4PM and continued until 9PM. So if I want more rain Ill just schedule an outdoor event, LOL. The good news is that we still had a great time. One of the guests had extra umbrellas so we did our garden tour in the rain with umbrellas then retired to the house for refreshments. A good time was had by all.

Mint! Hmmm.. I had it here once in my beginning gardening days and it took over the planet and took me years to eradicate so Ill never plant it again anywhere regardless of how much I like it.

Im getting such a kick out of the parking conversations we are having here. It seems that most of us with suburban lots do not like anyone parking in front of our houses. I agree with Candy that its probably a territorial encroachment thing. Ill tell you another thing that makes me crazy, people turning around in my driveway. Dont know why, it just does. We have a triple wide driveway so its the handy turn around for this section of the street.

Drema, yes indeed, Betty Corning is one tough customer and has such a lovely, charming flower. One of my best performers in the garden.

Julie, would love to see pics of your galic harvest?

Cindy and Michelle, Sue has a gorgeous Symphytum Axmisnter Gold and Id love to have one too but have no space for it here right now. Its a gorgeous plant. ~~ Michelle, so did your garden party get rained out too? It seems that most of us are finally getting some rain.

Cyn, I was thinking Id like to get H. Pinky Winky too. Im going to replace one of my Endless Summers which does not bloom well where I have it planted. I also am a huge fan of Tardiva. Ive got a standard form of that and its such a reliable beauty.

Eden, I normally deadhead my Persicaria polymorpha and it continues to set flowers until frost. Such a great perennial. ~~ You must tell us what Clematis you come home with. Inquiring minds want to know. ~~ Love the lemonade for the garden. Its so refreshing on a hot day.

Bug you so made me laugh, "I checked out the iris site and found only 22 that I absolutely need. LOL! One alone was priced at $35. HAHAHA..."

Kathy, looking forward to more pics from Keeylas gardens. Have a great day.

Well, Im thinking Im going to spend my day parked in my easy chair with my feet up. Im a bit on the tired side after the intensive gardening week I put in and probably could use a day of rest. But, maybe Ill do it in the car and go plant shopping if I can convince Doug to take a drive with me. LOL The sales this time of the year are great.
Have a great day all

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Deanne, glad the garden party went well but I'm bummed you weren't able to photograh the event! Taking the day off from gardening is a good idea, the hours spent in this heat are taxing. Plant shopping, of course, does not count as labor intensive!

I bought Pinky Winky 3 years ago as a tiny seedling. It's coming into the pink blush so I'll grab a photo soon. I absolutely cringe saying the name outloud and I could feel my lip curling even as I typed it. Somehow it strikes a nerve in me, lol.

Have a bit of free time this morning...stinking hot and humid but, isn't it always?

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Candy, I'm with you on the P-W plant name. I have Twist-n-shout. Really.... I guess it is better than "Striptease", but not by much!

Speaking of heat, we passed a soccer game going on nearby last night. The local doctor runs a soccer field on his property. One of the linesmen was being inserted into an ambulance when we stopped by, oxygen mask and all. I guess if you are going to overdo things, doing it at the doctor's house is the way. But still, I think lying back with a good book in an A/C room is the way to go. Admittedly, after 2 weeks of that, it is no joy. I guess DD was smart to head up to the Yukon in her condition! I can't imagine. (Mine were both June babies.)

I'm off to get my hair "done" for tonight's pre-wedding event for the neighbor's son & bride to be. His sister gets married in September. She approaching 30, and I'm pleased for her because I think it is so smart to be that age before tying the knot! She's a great girl! Although Mennonite, she has gone to school and is that smart cookie in the lawyer's office who knows everything and essentially runs the place.

Later gators,

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

  • Posted by jak1 4 Ontario Can (My Page) on
    Sat, Jul 24, 10 at 10:29

Happy hot Saturday morning everyone, and welcome to the week-end. Of course, being retired, that has no meaning for me...

Much of the usual today - hang out some laundry, tidy the house, water the pots....although this afternoon I am slated to dig the daylilies from my friend's garden. Lots of water is the key for me when I am working in the garden. Speaking of water, of course you had rain last night Deanne! You should have known! I am certain that your gardens look just as spectacular in the rain though. My Endless Summers did not bloom for me this year either. A bit of digging around on the net indicates that a late frost will kill the flower buds, and that is what we had here this spring. Most of my perennials got nipped and I am still trimming away damaged leaves from Hostas as new ones develop. The shrubs themselves look great so I am going to give them another season or two before I consider SP ing them.

The garlic harvest is good this year, especially after losing it all to Leek and Garlic moth last year. I will try to get a photo. I have it drying in the basement this year, as I dare not hang it to dry in the shed as I have before due to the moth. As you can imagine, my storage room smells pretty garlicky! The motto of the garlic farmers here is "It's chic to reek".

Adrian will be back from camping tomorrow. It has been a quiet week without him. It feels like we have too much house. He will have earned a Family Camping Badge for cubs and he needs all the kudos he can get. We were a little put off by the "R" on his report card: R=needs immediate rediation. He got it for Dance. I don't think we will do anything to remediate his dance abilities. But I know the real meaning: he refused to do it. I am now reading a book about defiant children to see what help I can give him to encourage cooperation and participation. Always something.

Anyway, I am just rambling on now. I hope you all have a great week-end.



RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Well, the rain waited until around 11:30. I had been to the garden party, we went to the lakes for dinner and even spent some time on a bench in a narrow area between 2 of the lakes where its fun to watch the boats go under the 2 bridges.

The garden was amazing. The owner who is a single male has some disability and is also on his 2nd round of chemo for cancer. Woody would appreciate the fabulous paver paths he has installed. He has 3 greenhouses. His collection of succlents, tropicals and coleus is incredible. There were a fair amount of evergreens, some perennials (mostly hostas and daylilies) and then the rest is annuals/tropicals.

We were discussing container numbers. I hate to say it Deanne and Eden but he blew you both out of the water with somewhere in the range of 450. He had lots of beautiful glazed containers and quite a few were large. Unfortunately I forgot my camera.

I counted this a.m. and I'm in the minor leagues with a mere 79.

Deanne, I'm glad you got the rain you needed and were at least able to tour the garden. The extra umbrellas reminded me of this spring when we were at the local nursery and it started to rain. The had a whole container of large umbrellas just so that the customers could continue shopping. So my mom, Kenzie and I each had one.

Eden, I grow a some herbs, mostly in the potager. Parsely, thyme, a couple kinds of basil, chives, sage, cilantro and probably a few I'm forgetting. I liked the image of your canning jar of lemon water. Its not quite the same but I bring a large travel mug to work each day with ice and lemon. I only use a 1/4 of a lemon. The gals I work with think this is so funny. I can now hardly drink water without the lemon.

I think Deanne asked where I would put a fountain. I would replace the birdbath in the patio garden. I'd like to be able to hear and see the water run. I'm picking up Kenzie today and will stop at the nursery to see what they may have. We don't have many nurseries around here that carry that type of thing. Most of them are just seasonal nurseries. I may not get one for a few years, who knows.

Have a fabulous day!


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I just did a container count that could jeopardize my Idyll membershipeleven. Two are flourishing, several have already been modified or need to be, three awaiting new blooms and one that looks downright sullen and resentful. I am regular in watering them, and very thoroughly, but we are gone so often in the summer they have setbacks in my absence. A most effective way to limit the numbers.

Candy, barely registering on the container survey, lol

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Wow, I was thinkin' I was the cellar-dweller with a lowly 13 (for good luck). There are 12 windowboxes and 1 hanger on the deck. I never bothered to plant the urns this year. Candy, thanks for makin' me feel better!

Containerized material:
1.) Browallia (the old fashioned purple kind) This plant has fallen by the wayside in the past decade, but it's a gem. Late season "comer" and just lovely!
2.) Impatiens (white) Simple, cheap, and you can't beat the confectionary flowers.
3.) Pelargoniums ("germamyums") in bright, bold red. I love geraniums and they've been the only plant that's really performed reliably in our easterly exposure windowboxes. They're great. Some years I'm together enough to bring them in for winter jollys. They're easy and tough. I like that.
4.) Trailing variEgated vinca. Easy-peasy and the show stopping length the second storey plants attain is great. In my zone they will often winter over outdoors if ground planted and given adequate mulch/cover. I should try that, huh?
5.) German Ivy. Love the color and leaf shape but it can be a bit of a "thug" in containers.
6.) Bacopa (white). Jury is still out on this one... OK but I wish I'd had a better trailing option... shoulda gone for the trailing licorice... I think it wants more sun than the deck hanger accords it.
7.) Begonia (not too $, and in a luscious watermelon color). I love these plants and they work well in conditions that don't provide tons of sun. The only reason I opt for Impatiens over them is price.

I will not break the bank for annual plantings. I don't "winter over" and we don't have a good grow light set up for starting from seed.

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Looking on the good side, it doesn't seem quite as muggy here today. Yesterday was one of the most humid days I can ever remember, just miserable. We've had quite a bit of light rain today but it looks like the sky is clearing now and the sun's trying to come out. I hope that doesn't add up to steamy conditions!

A good rule to follow I'd say is always to plant mint in a pot, never the ground, unless you had an unlimited amount of gardening space I guess.

Julie, isn't it just too quiet when the little ones are away? I know I feel that way when Bella hasn't been here for a few days.

Marie, have fun at the festivities this evening!

Michelle, I wish you'd had your camera. I'd have loved to have seen that! I'm glad to hear there's someone out there with lots more container gardens, though if I had the space I'm sure I'd be competing with him. Now if we counted containers per sq. ft. Deanne and I might do better :) I'm very envious of his greenhouses!

A new fountain is on my longterm list too. The one I have is just a fiberglass one from Home Depot. It's the perfect size but I want a cement one. I figure I can turn the old one into a planter, lol. We've been looking a bit too but not seriously. It'll probably not be a purchase for this season. I can just see a fountain in your patio area. It'll be beautiful there.

AS for hydrangeas...mine are doing quite well this year. I have quick fire, limelight, brussels lace, bluebird, the swan, endless the top of my head. I also have an Annabelle that I love, huge blooms, bigger than my head, but such weak stems that after a good rain they're on the ground for the duration. I'm going to try caging her next year and see if that helps. If not she'll be going. I think I read that Endless Summer will bloom late in the season only (on new growth) if the buds on the old wood have been damaged. Those would be the ones that would bloom earlier.

I was wishing I had Marie with me this morning when I was clematis shopping, quite a selection, and with my limited knowledge, it was hard to choose. I came away with quite a few, too many really, but it was a sale...

Here's the list

gillian blades
viticella royal velours
hyed hall
viticella venosa violacea
franziska maria
texensis gravetye beauty
texensis princess diana
integrifolia rooguchi (I already have one of these)
heracleifolia china purple

I also found a few tropicals that I needed :)


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Nice list there Eden!
I have gillian blades, royal velours, venosa violacea, Galore, gravetye beauty, princess diana, Roguchi. So if you have questions about those, I'm here! The heracleifolias are fun too. A friend loves her Mrs N.Thompson.

Steambath here...

I'm ready for DS to get himself packed up. I've sewn on buttons, fed lots of food, done laundry, cut off jeans to be the same length (though I may be chastised for that) and tolerated his new goatee. It may be quiet when the little ones leave, but peaceful is good too!

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Eden - of your list, the clematis swag here will have Gillian Blades, Hyde Hall and Galore. I debated Gravetye Beauty but passed it up. I like things with 'connections'. I want to get Rosemoor, Wisley and Harlow Carr to go with the Hyde Hall (they are named for the 4 Royal Horticultural Society gardens.) I didn't get Gravetye Beauty because I couldn't find Markham's Pink or Ernest Markham to go with it. (Gravetye was William Robinson's estate and Ernest Markham was his head gardener - I love Robinson's writings...) If I can find the rest of those 'groups', I'll add them in later.

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I find the collections easier to find when they are released for an occasion. Here, the Loblaws grocery chain released the 'Gardini' set with Harlow Carr etc in 2004 or 2005. Then after that, they get harder and harder to locate. It seems that Evison and Poulson release something new each year for some Royal function. Trouble is, I don't always like all in a set.

The set from the Estonian nursery rhyme "Entel, Tentel, Trikatrei, Uhsti, Kaaru, Kommerei" are a treat. I only have located Tentel, Trikatrei and Kaaru. I find that mail order places don't always acquire the entire collection.

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I'm learning new things. I didn't even know there were collections. I do have Harlow Carr and it is a favorite of mine! Beautiful flower shape and color and a long bloomer.

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I keep writing posts and deleting them. Guess that doesn't make them easy to read, huh?

I've thrown in the towel on pots this year. Too many other demands with the chicken coop, wacky weather and life in general. Wait 'til next year...

Last Sunday, in the sweltering heat, Trudi Temple's farm was open for Open Days and I was a volunteer on site. It was the first time they had an Open Days in this area and it was very, very hot, but they were pleased that 130 people turned out. I only took the little camera and didn't take a lot of photos (did I mention it was really hot?) but here are a few.

One of the features was the gazebo that was 28 feet across! I chuckled to see such a small table in the middle of it.

Gazebo at Cherry Lane

I see that Eden is planning a bottle tree. There was one at the farm.

Bottle Tree

The farm has a lot of conifers.

Cherry Lane Farm

But there is a perennial border outside the vegetable garden.

Perennial Border at Cherry Lane

It was an interesting afternoon, if a little hot.

So we made up for the heat by having a deluge overnight. About 4.5 inches of rain here, more in the city and of course more rain is more trouble in the urban areas.

So I have my own garlic harvest to deal with, and I'm off to hang the garlic on the screened porch. I'm hoping we don't have those moths!


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Just a few from this week at the farm... Things seem to be moving along quickly.

First bloom on clematis Mrs Harvey.

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I stopped at the farm store to pick up something for Rick. Would you believe they were giving away their remaining plants? I actually found a couple things worth taking home. A bacopa, lantana, coleus and 1 lone salvia 'Victoria Blue' which is a plant I really like. I also scored 4 1/2 price pots. I stopped at the nursery and found their annuals 1/2 off. I got a banana and a coleus there along with another pot.

I was really looking to see if they had a fountain. Eden, I too want a cement one. I hesitate to get a resin one since some of my resin pots are losing their color.

We went for a long 4 wheeler ride through the grove, the pasture and checking out the corn and bean fields. Kenzie thought it was fun to lead us through the corn. We then had a campfire and Kenzie caught fireflies.

Eden, actually even though this guy lives on an acreage, he gardens just a very small area right around the house.

V, Trudi's farm looks interesting. That's some gazebo. Does she maintain that garden along with her city garden?


Picture of the day

This grouping made me smile today

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Sunday afternoon greetings to all my imaginary friends .. Doing a bit of hose dragging this afternoon and quite a bit of deadheading as the roses start to wind down their latest flush, and the daylilies wane. I have 2 daylilies that are inexplicably just coming into bloom now, and 3 that have yet to show any signs of doing so this year. Not sure whats going on there.
Wha a great time I had yesterday on the GC open day down in the Berkeley-Oakland area. I am going to put up another separate thread this evening with some photos from the other 4 gardens I visited besides Keeylas, among them the gardens of Marsha Donahue and Raul Zumba. I was really disappointed in the photos from the Zumba garden-I got there just about high noon, or a little after and it was sunny and crystal clear bad photo situation , and my filter hasnt arrived let , so I was stuck with conditions as they were. What a fabulous, brilliant garden ! The photos dont even come close to doing it justice. I wandered around there for well over an hour . One of the most interesting aspects was how he used often very common and mundane plants in such a way that transformed them into freshness-it was all about the design. What a place; I sure hope I get a chance to see it again sometime. According to the directory the last time it was on Open Days was 2005, I would sure hate to wait 5 years ! Another favorite was Marsha Donahues garden, very unique . the way , I took several photos of both Marsha and Keeylas hell strips too !

Julie, Im interested in your garlicdo you grow multiple varieties ? Ive always wanted to try it, but with my limited space I never have-not that it would take up much room to pop in a couple of bulbs somewhere. I am way behind on the JJs around here- my attention seems to be constantly directed garden-ward.

My goodness Eden, you plunged right into the Clem shopping I see !

Chelone, think there is now a lavender flowered Bacopa, but have yet to see it anywhere. Might be a nice option , especially paired with the Browallia.

V, think if Id collected all wine bottles along the way on IU , Id have had enough to replicate Trudi Temples, lol.

bug, those 2 clem pics above, oo-la-la. !

Container count in the Kathy Garden :112. yikes ! Though not up to Container Queen standards ..Container Princess perhaps ?

Kathy in Napa

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

It was pretty sticky today. But I had lunch with Saucy and Sunny D which was very nice. And brightened my day nicely. Needed that.

I have seen the lavender flowered Bacopa and it's pretty. Mine isn't doing terribly well... I think it would probably like more direct sun. But the Browallia and the Begonia re coming on nicely. (so is the German Ivy, lol).

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Beautiful combo, Michelle !

I too have written a couple posts but deleted them as phone calls/etc popped up --

It's been an interesting weekend - DD went into preterm labor on Friday and after running the gamut of treatments, medications, etc., they've sent her home on full bedrest - it's put a twist on a number of things, including the babyshower, etc. So I was out shopping for supplies, groceries, etc. to take there for some help. They seem to be taking it fairly well in stride, altho her DH is a bit worried about taking over the cooking and sadly they're not close enough for me to pop in and out w/ a casserole or two every day. I suspect this new grandbabe has decided she wants to be an August babe instead, LOL - we're hoping she can go a few more weeks and after that, there wont be much concern. Always something!

I love hearing what fun or quiet everyone has been doing with their weekends -- and all the new plant purchases. It's so easy to add to the wish list!

V- thanks for sharing re Trudi's open days garden; I guess I hadnt realized it was to be her farm - neat place! I wonder what changes she's made in her home garden; a garden is never static and it's always so intriguing to see the new changes.

I'd love a fountain too but am too lazy to want to maintain it, clean it or worry about the mosquito issues... birdbath seems to be the way to go but I am still looking for "the one" - saw it a couple years ago but didnt buy on the spot and have missed it ever since.... I think there's a bench in my head like that and a pair of old doors, LOL -- I'm hoping the bench might still be available if I find the time and money.

I dont think I can wrap my head around 450 pots...I have a hard enought time imagining the storage, maintenance, etc., for the 225 or 250 plus our champion Idyllers have.

Had a storm blow thru here this p.m at long last that has lowered the temps to a tolerable 88 or so -- we've had two days of 102 plus here -- like being in the Egyptian desert - all I can ever remember being hotter.

Here's hoping for a much cooler week for all of us, with no rains of 6 inches plus!


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Cindy, the longer baby bakes the better. One lady I know is on bed rest now too, due to cholestasis of pregnancy. She was on bedrest last weekend, FOR HER WEDDING and baby shower! She is hoping baby decides to come on her own before the doctors inflict a C-section on her.

Today was yet another Gravel Watch meeting, this time an interesting speaker/friend was there to help keep me awake. We have been working very hard on responses to poorly gathered "expert" documents.

One requirement of these meetings is that DH must stop at a particular nursery with me on our way home. I returned with Echinacea Powwow Wild Berry and Hakonechloa Fubuki (which I'm very excited about!).

DS headed toward NYC at 3:30am for a 12 noon meeting. I hope all went well! That is supposed to be the last trip for his car, ever....

A friend took Phoebe for a long walk while we were out and when we returned, I took a nap. What a week it has been. I've mowed a large chunk of lawn this evening because it is sunny and cool and, well gee, pleasant out there!

I am eager to see Marcia Donahue's garden as seen by Kathy. I've followed her for years in various books and magazines, enjoying teacups and other oddities in her personal spaces.

Bon Soir!

Here is a link that might be useful: Fubuki

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Oh my, not sure I want this in MY garden! But boy, what a scene to capture!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tired Momma

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

A quickie here.

My niece had her appendix out at 5:15 this morning.

She's home! Wow.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Just a quick post tonight, Michelle, your grouping made me smile today too, especially after I just took this pic before I saw your post. Not the same but has the same 'flavor'


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Idyll and all the other threads were such a good read this morning. You all were busy while I was gone yesterday.

Cindy, bedrest is so hard. Maybe your SIL can grill a large batch of chicken and then add to salads, stir frys, etc. That always gets my husband through. I ate lots of Ben and Jerry's while I was on bedrest...that and caught up on my soaps.

Wow, V! An appendix doesn't get an overnight stay, huh?

I had a nice day yesterday. I took a ride to York, ME to see the Open Days gardens. Braveboat Harbor was on the list again, but the big stunner of the day was a couple living on a wildlife preserve. There was so much gorgeous stonework and most of the color in the garden was done with foliage, not flowers. I've got photos to share.

I am looking forward to's going to be gorgeous with lower humidity. Tomorrow too. It's time for me to start making big leaves. Today I think I will garden, and clean up my workspace and tomorrow I can work and take the kids on the boat. Life is good, I'd say.

I'm going to get moving this morning.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

It is absolutely gorgeous today. The sun is brilliant, the wind is very steady, humidity level is perfect, and it's in the low 80s.

We began the day by locating the drainage trench that runs along the road and thens turns to the west and empties into the culvert that drains to the swamp behind the Compound. We marked it with stakes. Then we pulled all the tall weeds with stiff stems. Then we went after the softer, "tuftier" weeds with the weed-whacker, cleaning the debris as we progressed. We have now identified, and rerouted the course of the Great Drainage Improvement Project that we hope will allow us to get a few more road screening shrubs established. Next step is to have the contractor come over and see what he thinks it will cost. We are going to go with perforated pipe, I think, so any deluge will be drained away, but the surrounding ground will have every opportunity to soak up (and filter) as much of the available water as it's able. We are focussing on directing the excess moisture to other areas that are "on the way" to the swamp. There will be fill involved and there will be a lot of hard work to create swales and gentle contour to the area parallel to the road.

It would be nice to be able to just focus on "pretty", though. Seems that right now everything in my life is about "nuts and bolts" and the reconfiguration of stuff I thought I'd had decently "figured out". And so it goes.

The sound of the saw tells me that the fence posts have been cut to their final height and at least that irritating "detail" is taken care of. I've waited a long time for that one. ;)

Need to finish pickling the remaining long railing and the short one so I may capitalize on "perfectdrying conditions" and get the clear coating done, too.

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

  • Posted by jak1 4 Ontario Can (My Page) on
    Mon, Jul 26, 10 at 12:59

Happy Monday all!

I now have pretty much completed my Spite Fence garden. Could probably squeeze in a few more perfect daylilies and three more climbers, but it is now quite attractive, not at all like before. Ha! to my neighbour who I am sure thought she would make my life miserable by installing her stupid fence right beside mine!!! I have "before" pictures in Photobucket so when I transfer the "After" I will show you all.

I have noticed that my variegated Hostas are absolutely mangled and chewed to ribbons. I discretely placed some earwig bait around but there was no improvement. Yesterday while I was perusing them something bright caught my eye: RED LILY BEETLES! I don't have any more lilies as those beasts destroyed them faster than I could plant them, so it seems that the next best thing on the menu is Hostas! Save me!!!!!

Love the greenhouse. I was overcome by a sense of loss and longing when I saw it - I miss mine terribly. Maybe someday I will do something here. We talked last year about cleaning up the shed and putting greenhouse roofing on it, but then we did the fence and that was it for $$$ for a while. Now I am preparing to try a few concrete leaves a la Saucy and the shed will be my work area, at least at first. You can have anything you want, just not everything you want, as the saying goes.

DD and SO returned from their camping trip with the two boys last night. Adrian was tanned, filthy and tired, just as he should be after a week at the beach. They had a ball. Kevin returned his son to his ex's and then we all sat around eating lasagna and drinking wine - perfect end to the week. They have gone home now, and Adrian is at a friend's. I am going to scoot off to the laundry room as today is a perfect drying day, and DH is on the golf course. A quiet Monday.

Love the Art in the Garden photos; I will add to that thread later.



RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Lovely day here, too. Pulled the last of the really tall weeds out of the lower yard. Now there are just small weeds to take care of down there...and ten huge bags to drag up and out front to the curb-ugh. I am thinking it is a good thing that these eyes don't see as well as they used to-it actually looks okay to me when I peruse the yard from the deck!

Cindy, no fun for DD. Books and the internet should keep her from getting TOO bored. I would also love to get a new fountain. I have a wonderful three tiered concrete one (sort of a zen thing-very plain), but the tube that ran the water up through the levels got destroyed (can you say, bad dog!?), so now I have three very heavy water dishes for the dogs. I am thinking of trying to get some of my son's friends to help move the largest one down to the concrete patio under the deck and turn it into a planter. The other two can stay as water dishes because I can move the small one myself and DH and I can move the middle one. Maybe an end-of-season excursion is in order to find you something, Cindy. Everyone has their fountains and bird baths on sale and those prices should drop even more as we move toward September.

V-whoa, not even one night? I think hospitals try to get people out as quickly as possible which is probably a good thing considering the stories one hears about staph infections caught there. My uncle actually died a couple of years ago from catching the MRSA virus after being admitted for a heart attack which was mild. You would think hospitals would be so clean, wouldn't you.

'bug, how is your DD doing? Are they still on their camping trip? Oh and I loved the moose video. So cute.

Michelle and Deanne-Those Stargazer pics are marvelous! Love both combos. What is the white flower, Deanne? Is it on the variegated leaf plant?

Chelone, hope your "Big Dig" project is successful. It sounds like lots of hard work, but the outcome should be worth it and then you can get back to the pretty stuff!

Saucy, can't wait to see those garden tour pics. How delightful it would be to live on a wildlife preserve.

Julie, ditto on your Spite Fence pics. I'll bet the garden is stunning. Good job turning that negative into a positive-enjoy! So sad about your hostas. I have been lucky on that front this year. Little slug or earwig damage (knock on wood) so far.

Time for a late lunch and maybe even a midday walk for the pups since it is relatively pleasant out there. Waving to all.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

The weather has been very summery here yesterday and today, which means a bit hot for me, but at least the humidity is down. If I look about though I see things like red leaves on maple trees, goldenrod, and the Joe Pye weed blooming all around. It looks great as a background for my Ruby Lace Locust tree.

Chelone, I am very familiar with the "basics first" approach to things. It's the only way to go. But for anyone who appreciates beauty in fabric, texture, flowers, etc it is a pain because the heating, roof, drainage, appliances, hot water tank, insulation, mattresses, door locks etc all come before new wall color, recovering couches, new flooring and lighting, tables and chairs, etc. I think I've given up on EVER having the house as I'd like it. At least the temperature will be OK, the taxes paid and the pets fed.

Good to hear about Saucy's summer activity. Boating with the kids and big leaves! Sounds grand. I hope to see your photos soon.

As to appendix removal...DH had his out shortly after we were married. He thought they were joking when they asked him to get up and walk afterwards. But no, it was no joke. He had to stay at a sort of nursing home for a week after. Nurses made sure that students all followed doctors' orders and there were no TVs, only study times, exercise, meals and sleep. After my teaching day I could visit him on the way home. Worked out well.

Very eager for the return of my gang from their holidays...but I'm sure they're happy to eek out every last day they possibly can. I hope Skyler managed OK. This is the first time he has been away from his Mom for a full three weeks. He can be a pain and a whiner, but maybe being a year older and loving his little sister has made a difference. I hope so! He wanted so much to sleep with his sister in their camper, so I hope that worked out well too. They both have special sleeping bags for below zero temperatures. (It may well have been below zero in the Yukon during the nights.)

It felt good to get some weeding, planting and watering done today. DH and I also went out for a late lunch and that was nice too. We'll see what the morrow brings. :) His schedule is so crazy! I really hope he goes to his office!

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I will be disconnected from the cyber world for the next several days as we all head up north for a vacation with the extended family. This is shaping up to be a trip worthy of National Lampoon. My car started acting up (again!) over the weekend and it turned out the brake sensor had gone bad - which required replacing the entire front axle!!! Of course, we've had the emergency appendectomy. MIL headed up first and my DH went along as the designated under-75 driver. We found out last night that she didn't take ANY bedding with her. Sudden scramble around town to gather up the linens and get them to family members who had room in their car.

And of course, when you spend the night chasing down sheets, you don't get your own suitcase packed...

Wish me luck, folks!


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Morning all,

What a beautiful day we had here yesterday, mid 80s and low humidity. My friend MichelleD came over and we were able to get the gardens polished up for my garden tour tonight. I have the Merrimack Garden Club coming over this evening and we will be having a beautiful evening to be out in the gardens. The dry air and wind dried things out fast so Im going to have to run the sprinklers again but I'm not complaining as we'll be rain free tonight.

Jeesh, V. I cant wait to hear all the vacation stories. Good grief, no sheets?! Good thing your DH went along on that first trip.

Saucy, looking forward to seeing pics from the Maine open days. ~~ So how many leaves have you gotten done?

What a bummer about your hostas Julie, Ive never had those lily beetles eating hosta! How dreadful.

Cyn, that white flower is a variegated New Guinea Impatiens. Ive used them in a lot of areas this summer and they are really wonderful. Heres a pic of a few of them in the mailbox garden.

OK time to move the sprinklers and get some breakfast. Have a great day everyone.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

It's going to be a warm one again today, but with less humidity I can deal with it. Like you Deanne, I need to move the hose around a bit in places. Most urgent though is weeding. This year has been great for honkin' big weeds and mowing. That means less time for actually planting and reshaping things. I have so many things to do- among them pruning back my berberis hedge, dividing the lambs ears to donate to my friend's new nursery along with tons of cimicifuga simplex which last year multiplied ferociously! But first I need to get rid of twitch grass and more weeds...and edge island beds and plant up the last of the ghetto pots.

I need to hire staff!!! LOL.

OK, time to get DH out the door and start work!

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

No hose dragging here at the moment. We had over 2" of rain on the weekend so, other than pots (Randy's job now...), things are well watered for awhile...

GB- I'm dancing with glee! Look what I found today - after we removed some honkin' big weeds from the front bed!
Image Hosting by
That's Huldine, right?!! After planting several over the years that turned out to be something else, I think I've finally got one! It's one I planted last year in anticipation of putting up the tuteur that we're waiting for from Mario...

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Looks right to me Woody! Are there mauve markings on the reverse sides?

I'm still working on those honkin big weeds here....but making progress. I'm aching and tired though... I can't get the mower started so I can't empty the 7-8 buckets of weeds I've gathered.

Looks like next Tuesday they'll begin work on our bathroom. GOOD! Of course that is the day my friend comes for an extended visit...but I'll accept anyway!

Got a postcard from Dawson City today! It was mailed 9 days ago, when they were leaving for Inuvik, (population about 3,500) north of the arctic circle. DSIL has been north of there even, to Tuktoyaktuk, which can only be reached by an ice road that connects it to the Dempster Highway.

I am told that Skyler is a badgering 11 year old, that Ivy says "Uh Oh" when something falls, that she follows instructions too, like "Go see Daddy!" Indy is having a grand time as well. I think the dog and kids enjoy the constant togetherness. So nice to hear from them at last!

Off to try the mower once more!

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I decided to fertilize the containers tonight, which hasnt been done since IU. After the myriad garden visits this year Im really re-thinking how I have my containers situated , and how I might do a moderate Keeyla-zation of my front garden.

In other matters, the passing of my fellow employee earlier this month has created a lot of re-alignment of tasks and business travel. I dont think Im going to be able to make my trip to NE in October due to overlapping business commitments that were non-existent a month ago. Really bummed about that, but theres no help for it. I looking at plan B which might involve an NE add-on to IU8 or simply moving my visit off to 2011. I was hoping for a fall foliage thing, but I have also been drooling at some of the numerous GC open days in NE in July this year, and there are a boatload of public gardens I havent seen. I can envision a full 2 week trip next summer. One must make the best of things.

Good times to you V !

Lol bug on hiring staff..Im really truly going to get a quote on having the concrete ripped out on the sideyard they will be temporary staff , right ? Concrete removal is the only way I will be able to do the purple-red border ..and I need to find some purple pots !

Ok, I need to finish cooking up my meal; decided to make a pasta primavera tonight with fresh herbs from the garden and some farmers market veggies..

Waves to all !

Are you out there Martie ?

Kathy in Napa

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Hot, hot, hot and humid here. I didn't do much more than water pots. I don't think I mentioned that the guy with all the pots has drip irrigation going to most of them.

I was thinking of Martie when I was picking the alpine strawberries. She insisted that I needed to plant them for Kenzie.

Deanne, the mailbox garden is wonderful. You do grow annuals well. Do you fertilize regularly?

'bug, the moose video was really fun.

Cindy, hopefully your DD can hang in there. I'm not sure if you were Idylling back in '04 when Kenzie decided she wanted to come early. 3 weeks in the hospital and then they released my DD and then she went to term and had to be induced.

Kathy, that's too bad about your trip. I know you were looking forward to it.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Good morning all,

Our garden tour for the Merrimack NH Garden Club was a huge success last night. Everyone had a great time including the host and hostess. Doug had a good time speaking with one lady who it turns out used to be a member of his flying club. They had a great time discussing pilot stuff

Today is supposed to be 97 and humid so other than doing the watering Im going to stay indoors in the AC today. I was feeling pretty wilted yesterday after working outside for eight hours. Im actually pretty sick and tired of being so hot, hot, hot!

Kathy, Im so bummed out you wont be able to come this fall! What a drag! Wah I was really looking forward to your visit.

Thanks Michelle! Yes I do fertilize all the annuals regularly. I rotate liquid fertilizers and do them about every ten days or so except for the Brugmansias and the big Colocasias which get done once a week.

Bug, what are you doing to your bathroom? ~~RE weeds, its funny how they thrive in this hot dry weather.

Woody, Im so jealous of your 2" of rain! We really need a good soaking here. The trees still havent had a good watering even with the rain we had last Friday night. Love that Huldine. None of the Clematis here have any flowers. Theyve been fried with this constant 90 degree plus temps.

Hope V is having a great vacation.

OK must get ready and get out of here. Ive got a dentists appt this AM.

Have a great day all

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Uncertain weather here, possible rain. I'm already back inside after weeding out several wheelbarrows full of the biggest, easiest weeds. DH was unsuccessful in starting the mower, so I guess it will be another emergency call to his old hockey buddy at the repair shop. :(

We are getting a new more powerful fan in the main bathroom and also having the room painted with mildew resistant paint. As Chelone says, we're not into beauty yet! This weekend we'll be removing wall decorations, shower and window curtains, towels, etc...

DH still hasn't had breakfast, but once he's off to work I hope to finish the daylily job and a few indoor things.

I've really been enjoying all the activity on the various threads this month, but sorry that Kathy's trip has to be postponed.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Horribly frustrating day at work. All of it perfectly preventable if only I were permitted more latitude with respect to yardage calculations and was given the "big picture" rather than happenstance, "one at a time" instructions. I was on the verge of tears when the clock struck "midnight" and my "time out" was over.

Mercifully, I am not destitute of a dog to kick.

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Chelone, its not the dog who needs kicking! Sorry about the stress.

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I'm beginning to feel Chelone's frustrations more acutely... Time to treat yourself to a holiday, a trip, something special! Then rethink the whole job thing.

Today we were back to humid and storm watches. No rain appeared however. Ugh.

We've had a white cat lurking about, and Phoebe is aware of this! Also large rabbits and groundhogs. Yesterday we began seeing Purple Finches, which is a treat!

The mower is at the shop, and the choke cable was somehow broken. They will no doubt clean up the insides which are filled with dust, and once spruced up, charge us accordingly. Joy... I hope it comes home tomorrow!

DH is struggling through more terribly written "expert" reports on quarrying. I am his sounding board... and glad I do not need to write the review.

From today:

The Flats

Coreopsis Sienna

Daylily Frans Hals

Just Plum Happy

Bon Soir!

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

((Hugs Chelone))

You guys, I have been slacking! Chelone set the most beautiful table and served us the most refreshing lunch on her screened in deck. I needed some pampering that day, and Chelone didn't let us down:

And she's been busy in the salon (though my camera battery died) and created another of my favorite floor coverings:

I feel like I do nothing but drive right now...and ride in the passenger seat when I'm not driving! Jake's getting lots of practice, Sarah is going lots of places, and I'm just trying to find some time that is not in the car :)

I'm going to go find some ice cream and see if I can get those Open Days photos on another thread.

Reading along....


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Late greetings from me -- sounds like lots of busy days and hot weather - that pretty much echos my days here too. Managed to get some weeding done, and I actually fertilized my pots -- the gorgeous results that Michelle and Deanne get put mine to shame, and obviously a weekly fertilization makes a big difference.... so at this late date, Im trying like Kathy.. It's nice to know these things can spur us on isnt it?

Actually, that reminds me of the Plant Delights Newsletter I got recently -- in which he repeats Raulston's quote of "if you aren't killing plants, you are not growing as a gardener." LOL - well, I think I am growing a lot in that regard then because this year's count is likely a record. It's actually a great and informative newsletter about that sort of thing - I heartily recommend you sign up - it's an e-newsletter that comes monthly or quarterly.

I'm starting the payback for the California trip, Kathy -- like your setbacks - that's such a shame you're going to have to cancel your Fall trip as I know how much you were looking forward to it - what a bummer! -- for me, a flat tire of yesterday somehow turned into a 1700 dollar repair... dont ask.. guess I'll be keeping this car longer. Sounds a bit like V's day w/ her car and National Lampoon vacation. Boy, I sure hope for your sake, V, that's the worst that happens on your vacation.

Woody, so pretty to find Huldine hunkering down there -- it sure looks like Huldine; it's funny how they definitely sulk a year or two sometimes and then surprise you. Which reminds me, I do actually fertilize the clems and roses again after their first flushes, and it does seem to be working - Im starting to get some repeat bloom after the immense heat; but I've cut a lot of them back too and there's some regrowth. If the terrible heat holds off, I might have some more rebloom.

You've got so much color going on in your gardens, 'bug -- beautiful!

What a pretty table Chelone set for her visitors - cant wait to see your Open Days pics, Saucy - hope you get some R&R on solid ground out of a car.

Chelone -- chin up re the job; sure wish we could get you some armor or a pith helmet to shrug off the garbage you get flung at you!

Baby Shower is this weekend and I'm in charge of all the food, flowers and some other things so I'm spending my evenings running errands for the event; gotta start cooking Friday nite I guess - it's on Sunday; if DD can't show; we're going to make DSIL come, LOL, and videotape it.

Michelle, I was lurking when you joined here and I do recall that about your DD; it seems to be a very common event - it's really interesting how there are conflicting info and studies about whether bedrest really works or not -- but I'm hoping she makes it to term or close enough; so far so good.

I'm looking forward to the cooler weather this weekend even if I wont get in the gardens much, if at all, with all the things to do for the shower.

Hope to catch a glimpse of the latest updates on the other threads - I've had no chance to take photos and I know my pots are shabby in comparison to the fantastic stuff I've seen. Love the garden art thread too...

Wavin as I zip to make the rest of the grocery list for hitting the other stores tomorrow nite.

Where the heck did July go to???? I dont recall it.....


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

July 26, 2010
The New York Times
Botanical Gardens Look for New Lures


For the last quarter century, the Cleveland Botanical Garden went all
out for its biennial Flower Show, the largest outdoor garden show in
North America. With themed gardens harking back to the Roman empire,
or an 18th-century English estate, the event would draw 25,000 to
30,000 visitors.

But in 2009, the Flower Show was postponed and then abandoned when the
botanical garden could not find sponsors. This year, the garden has
different plans. From Sept. 24 to 26, it is inaugurating the "RIPE!
Food & Garden Festival," which celebrates the trend of locally grown
food -- and is supported in part by the Cleveland Clinic and Heinen's,
a supermarket chain.

"The Flower Show may come back someday, but it's not where people are
these days," says Natalie Ronayne, the garden's executive director.
"Food is an easier sell."

So it is across the country. Botanical gardens are experiencing an
identity crisis, with chrysanthemum contests, horticultural lectures
and garden-club ladies, once their main constituency, going the way of
manual lawn mowers. Among the long-term factors diminishing their
traditional appeal are fewer women at home and less interest in
flower-gardening among younger fickle, multitasking generations.

Forced to rethink and rebrand, gardens are appealing to visitors'
interests in nature, sustainability, cooking, health, family and the
arts. Some are emphasizing their social role, erecting model green
buildings, promoting wellness and staying open at night so people can
mingle over cocktails like the Pollinator (green tea liqueur, soda
water and Sprite). A few are even inviting in dogs (and their walkers)
free or, as in Cleveland, with a canine admission charge ($2).

"We're not just looking for gardeners anymore," says Mary Pat
Matheson, the executive director of the Atlanta Botanical Garden.
"We're looking for people who go to art museums and zoos."

In May, the Atlanta garden opened an attraction that would fit right
in at a jungle park: a "canopy walk" that twists and turns for 600
feet at a height of up to 45 feet, allowing visitors to trek through
the treetops. Not far away, food enthusiasts can stop in at a new
edible garden, with an outdoor kitchen frequently staffed by guest
chefs creating dishes with fresh, healthy ingredients. Edible gardens
are the fastest-growing trend at botanical gardens, consistently
increasing attendance, experts say, along with cooking classes.

Attendance in Atlanta since May is double what it was for the same
period last year.

Public gardens across the country receive about 70 million visits a
year, according to the American Public Gardens Association. But
experts say that because of social trends and changing demographics,
attendance is at risk if gardens do not change.

They can, however, take advantage of several trends that could
increase garden attendance, including concern for the environment,
interest in locally grown food, efforts to reduce childhood obesity,
demand for family activities and mania for interactive entertainment.
Even economic pressures could help botanical gardens, as more people
try to grow their own food. In 2009, 35 percent of American households
had some kind of food garden, up from 31 percent in 2008, says Bruce
Butterfield, research director of the National Gardening Association.
Only 31 percent participated in flower gardening in 2009, about the
same proportion as in the last few years.

"There's a generation that will be less interested in gardens," says
Daniel J. Stark, executive director of the public gardens association,
"but that generation is incredibly interested in what's happening with
the planet. Recently, my own two daughters, and a friend, were reading
me the riot act about cutting down some trees."

Mr. Stark's daughters are 4 and 8.

Some tactics designed to entice nongardening Americans are not new, of
course -- sculpture and concerts have been around for years -- but
their popularity is growing. The New York Botanical Garden, for
example, is drawing big crowds with its current tribute to the poet
Emily Dickinson, who was also a gardener.

The new exhibition at the United States Botanic Garden in Washington
features "the spectacular spud family," with potato-related artifacts,
music and bits of pop culture, especially the endurance of Mr. Potato

And children's gardens are growing more whimsical and interactive,
says Sharilyn Ingram, a former president of the Royal Botanical
Gardens in Canada who is now a culture professor at Brock University
in Ontario. "You get to have a little more fun now," she said.

When the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden, in Boothbay, opened its $1.7
million, two-acre children's garden this month, it came with a chicken
coop, where children can harvest eggs, and a windmill weather station.

In Wyoming, at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, the new children's
village has adopted sustainability as its theme. It includes a
solar-powered discovery laboratory where children can make art from
reused materials, a feature that helped it win the highest level of
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Teenagers in Cleveland are learning how to grow corn and zucchini on
urban plots.

Because of environmental concerns, Descanso Gardens, near Los Angeles,
is doing the once-unthinkable: it plans to uproot its historic -- but
nonnative -- collection of camellias, some as tall as 30 feet, which
were planted decades ago under the shade of natural woodlands. "It's a
fantasy forest," says Brian Sullivan, the director of horticulture and
garden operations.

But the fantasy cannot be sustained. Camellias require so much water
that it is killing the trees -- not to mention being wasteful.
Descanso will relocate the camellias, even though some will be lost,
and allow the woodlands to return to their native state. "We expect
opposition and kudos both," Mr. Sullivan said.

But Descanso still must reach out beyond its aging membership group,
he added, so it is remaining open in the evening; offering cocktails
(including the Pollinator) at a new Camellia Lounge; breaking ground
on a $2.1 million art gallery whose exterior walls will be hung with
vertical plant trays that will blend into a turf roof; and maintaining
an edible garden dense with fruits, vegetables and herbs that are
donated to a local food bank.

Food festivals are becoming a large part of the year-round programming
that gardens view as important to winning repeat visitors. In January,
the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Fla., drew some
12,000 people to its fourth International Chocolate Festival with
Coffee and Tea. It was followed in April with a local food festival,
and this month with a mango festival. In November comes its annual
Ramble, a garden party featuring antiques and music.

Yes, Fairchild also has an orchid festival.

But showcasing flowers is clearly shrinking in importance. "Most
gardens," Ms. Ingram, the Canadian professor, said, "would feel that
displaying flowers is necessary, but not sufficient."

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

July ? its almost over and IU7 is a month behind us ..crazy. With all the turmoil at the awfice this month has positively flown by. I have 3 business trips in the next 6 weeks or so, and Ive managed to squeeze in a brief driving trip up to Oregon. IU seems not to have made much of a dent in my PTO. Instead of the almost 2 week out east visit in October Im going to do a couple of long weekend trips.

Speaking of awfices, Chelone I hate to see you so miserable, and hope a solution rears its head sooner rather than later. Considering the hours spent at our jobs its horrible when we hate them; and seems like such a waste of time too. But we have to support our leisure and our lifestyle , pay the mortgage etc. Sometimes it seems like such a trap. I would love to open the idylls someday to read that you have proffered a one finger salute , and gone to where your talents will be appreciated, either on your own or with another more emotionally stable employer. ((Chelone)) and what Marie said, get in the rig and go on a little holiday. And by the way that floor cloth that Saucy posted is just gorgeous..I bet there are people around your parts who would pay decent money for something like that . Love the chair too..

I am also experiencing re-bloom on the 2 Clems I decided to fertilize this year, I am so jazzed about it ! Ive only fed the twice and can only imagine what Id have going on if Id been a little more consistent.

Cindy , my DD had blood pressure issues with Mr Baby, but all turned out well in the end, and Mr B is as healthy as a horse, she breast fed for a long time and also made all his baby food herself ..they had none of the allergy/ear infection type crapola that seems to plague so many .

bug, I love the flats and that Sienna sure looks perky ..and that Frans Hals is to die forwouldnt he look spiffy in a hot border ?

The lilies continue to please...Black Beauty tops out at over 6ft..

From Garden Summer 2010

Not much else to add greetings to all !

Kathy in Napa

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Nothing special here for the pots other than a weekly dose of Miracle Grow. Deanne, did you mention you used several kinds?

'bug, I really like 'Sienna' I've not seen that one before. I really like the flats. Its such a pretty area.

Kathy, fabulous lilies!

I was thinking the same thing about the lovely floor cloth. Chelone, you are so talented you could make some serious money on those things. Oh, and you set a lovely table too.

Well, as of tonight the Party Girl is gone from the garden - sidalcea that is. It was floppy and seeding all over the place. I had 3 large plants. Now I will put some cardboard and mulch down over the seedlings. They have a tap root and are hard to pull. That's a quick solution for me. I put a piece under the large tuteur tonight also since there are some weeds there that are too hard to pull.

I really need to keep at the weeds and deadheading these days. At least the weather has cooled and the humidity dropped some today so that I could be out there.


Picture of the day

I was taken by the beauty of this milkweed.

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

  • Posted by jak1 4 Ontario Can (My Page) on
    Thu, Jul 29, 10 at 10:48

Happy Thursday all!

Funny - well, not - that you should mention the ear infection crappola Kathy - DGS is moaning on the couch, suffering from two seriously infected ears. Advil, Amoxicillan, warm compresses - not one iota of relief. I breast fed DS and DD and grew and made their baby food too, and they both suffered horribly, especially DS. Even as an adult he has had ear infections. One of the reasons that we installed our own pool - they just couldn't swim in natural water without a recurrance. DGS must have inherited teensy ear structures or something. Ahhhhh, summer!

On Tuesday a.m. I looked at my thermometer and it read 37C, close to 100F at 9:30. That's enough! I ran out and watered my pots, came in, turned on the music and the air, and cleaned my whole house, probably for the first time since May. And Yesterday, Yee Haw! Rain, rain, rain! All afternoon, a down pour. Today is cooler but I have an appointment for a nerve study and neuro follow up from my neck accident, so it's off to the city. I may get back into the garden by Friday. So no updates here!

Glad to see that Chelone is still exercising her creative talents. That cloth and chair are perfect! And the lunch photos just sent me right back to IU6....Sorry that things are so absolutely crummy at work. Any chance you could cop some stress leave? Are there any benefits provided at work (as if) or from the state department of health? You surely need a break, my friend. I feel for you.

Very interesting article, Bug. Our Hort Society is rapidly declining. The population of our town is aging, and many cannot do much garden work now. As far as I know, I am the only one in the subdivision of 200+ homes who regularly grows a veggie garden. We do, however, have a very active organic grower/share sale movement - several people pay an amount per year and the small group of farmers provide each with a large box of produce every week. The produce is whatever is ready that particular week. You can pay less for your share if you work on the farms for a few hours every week, and you can pool your $$$ with someone else for a share and divide the box. So far this seems to be a winning situation. But flowers are a bonus. If I look down my street, I only see my front garden. Almost everyone else has a little strip in front of the foundation with a few shrubs; the rest is unused green lawn tended by professional lawn care companies. How sad.

Ah, cars. Our $45 service cost us $1000 this week. So now we're broke for the month. What a drag.

Hmmmm, it sounds like this post is kind of a downer....but I really don't feel bad, just busy with the normal stuff of life I guess. I am going out to water pots!



RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Interesting article gb... There are quite a few gardeners in this neighbourhood but that certainly seems the exception rather than the rule when you look around town in general. The Hort. Society has been having trouble finding new gardens for the tour in the past couple of years apparently.

gb - have you ever been to Northland Nursery? We were there this morning. I went to get some Crimson Wonder hibiscuses and got three of them plus a Little Henry Itea and a hydrangea for $28 in total. You have to look carefully to make sure what you're buying is well rooted since the nursery is a true nursery - some stuff has just been propagated and some has been growing on awhile. It's usually obvious which is which but you have to be careful at times. I didn't take my camera and Randy didn't take mundane pictures like what the whole place looks like so all I can show you are these:
Image Hosting by
Image Hosting by
Image Hosting by
If you're down at this end of Hwy 6, it's worth stopping in....

Here is a link that might be useful: Northland Nursery

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Hate to hear how truly awful the awfice is, Chelone. I have visions of a two-woman business-you and Saucy! Cast leaves and floor cloths! I bet you would have more orders than you could imagine!

Julie, sorry about the car bill. I am taking mine in next week for the yearly inspection that is due by tomorrow! Usually, I call and they say, "Sure, bring it in tomorrow." This year, have to wait two weeks. I will be dodging the cops until Thursday. I imagine I will be unhappy with the bill as well. I am due for the 60,000 mile check and the check engine light has been on for months which means it won't pass inspection unless something is fixed. No fun.

'bug, I love the flats, too.

Kathy, I had some concrete (original path to house from driveway) taken out and it wasn't too expensive all things considered. The flagstone path that replaced it was a different story. :)

Woody, that little donkey is a cutie. Waterlilies are magical, I think. I would love to have space for a large pond that could support them. Thanks for the link, too.

Michelle, pretty milkweed. I am so discouraged with all the weeds. They are the only things growing like mad around here-hence the term, I suppose. I just can't seem to get ahead of them and even if I put cardboard down where possible, I can't afford the mulch to go over it since I am not getting paid in August. Oh well.

Luckily, we just had a storm come through, so that is a bit of a help with the drought.

Time to schlepp some more junk from the dining room into the garage. So hard to know what to do with "stuff." For instance, I have my old Madame Alexander bride doll which would be nice to have if I ever have a granddaughter, but which needs a doll hospital desperately. Keep or toss? I will probably keep, but don't really have space for all that sort of stuff. Letting go isn't easy, but I think it should be. I'll keep working on myself!

Waving to you all. Almost Friday...

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Evening all,

Well Im officially sick and tired of being HOT Darned but its been miserable this week. Every day has been over 90 and windy. I lost a couple pots that were blown over because it was so windy theyd dried out then the wind blew them down. Cant win for losing sometimes. The bad news is that one of my great ceramic pots broke to smithereens but the good news is that the plants are ok except for a few leaves and Ive repotted them and all is well.

Cyn, I lol over the doll dilemma. Im the opposite of a pack rat. I cant stand to have piles of stuff that I dont use so anything that hasnt been looked at in three years is outta here. Doug is a pack rat and I used to love it when he worked out of town every other week because Id toss out some of his very old, unused stuff. Most of the time he never even knew Id gotten rid of it and if he did figure it out he was happy Id dealt with it.

Woody, Love those pics Rand took. Especially the last one with that grid. What is that for?

Julie, what a bummer about the car expense. A couple years ago I needed shocks for my car and imagine my shock when it cost $2500!!!! Yikes! ~~ Sorry DGS is not feeling well. Hope hes better soon. Ear infections are miserable.

Michelle, superb photograph of the milkweed! Beautifully composed image! ~~ Yes I rotate my liquid fertilizers between Algoflash, Maxsea and Miracle Grow. They all have different trace elements so I figure it cant hurt.

Kathy, that Black Beauty is a beauty! None of my clematis are giving any rebloom this year. I think its just been too darned hot.

Interesting read from JUDITH H. DOBRZYNSKI Bug. Thanks for posting that.

Cindy, so is your shower this weekend? ~~ Im looking forward to the cooler weather this weekend myself.

Chelone, love, love, love the floorcloth! Beautiful work my friend. Your table setting is lovely too.

Wow, bug, love the pics! That Coreopsis Sienna is really gorgeous and in such a beautiful combination.

OK time to get off this computer and get ready for bed have a great evening all

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Oh, Cindy, yes-I meant to wish you a very, very happy shower! It would be so wonderful if DD could find a way to attend. Despite the extra running around, I bet it has been fun getting everything together.

Deanne, I am usually not a pack rat, but I am so wishing for grandbabies at some point that I am keeping a few things 'just in case' like DS's rocking horse, the old train set from my childhood. Most stuff, I have no problems tossing. DH, however, is like yours except he would be livid if I got rid of anything of his. Humph.

Feeling tired and have a little headache, so off to bed.

Sweet dreams and respite from the day's little (or big) irritations and frustrations all.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

This week has passed by pretty fast for metomorrow is already Friday, and I am actually at liberty all weekend for the first time in ages. I should clean the house, but Im pretty sure Ill find an excuse not to.

Deanne, I have to say that I am just amazed by the weather issues this year.. your incessant heat and out lack there-of. I wish it would be like this forever in summer, though its probably not good for the red wine grapes-we are hearing that harvest will be 2 to 3 weeks late this year due to the cool temps.

Cyn, Im thinking the demolition part of the project will be relatively cheap, but there may be new fence issues and definitely some path installation involved and that will be the pricey part.

Woody, very very nice photos Randy took ! I really like the composition on the last one.

My new Scheherazade lilies are opening this weekhere are a few pics..

From Garden Summer 2010

From Garden Summer 2010

From Garden Summer 2010

Kathy in Napa

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

THE GANG IS HOME! I spoke to Skyler, DSIL, Ivy and DD about their trip. Skyler said his favorite part was the hot springs. Ivy said "uh-oh!' when she poured juice on her foot. We didn't get to talk about everything of course, but all in all, a great time was had by all. :)

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

It was actually rainy and somewhat cool here today. Hopefully, it heads out east to bring some relief for my eastern friends.

I walated in the rain. Then since I had more time to cook than I usually take during gardening season I made homemade spaghetti sauce.

Kathy, I love the last pic with the yarrow. Nice combo.

Deanne, I'm glad you like the milkweed. Just to clarify its along the road not in my garden. I do have Asclepias incarnata blooming right now. You asked if that was fennel in the container on the other thread and it is bronze fennel. I love the texture.

In my butterfly garden where the ascelpias resides I also plant bronze fennel for the butterflies. Kenzie and I counted over 30 black swallowtail caterpillars. 10 on one plant alone.

Woody, I like the metal work in the last picture.

I'll leave you with a few wet pictures.

Some of this years zinnias. (yes I plant them every year)

Hydrangea 'QuickFire' and persicaria 'Firetail' mingling.


These last 3 are the Butterfly Garden. In the first is my recently added garden art. I picked up the long birch branch in Wisconsin several years ago. We tied it to the top of our camper. I knew I'd find a use for it. I admit it - I'm a pack rat. I'm trying to decide if it is a bit too tall. Rick doesn't think so.



RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Wow Michelle! Your borders are looking great this year (okay, they look great everytime I see a picture of them...but they look great this year, too). I see a leaf sneaked in :) I like the persicaria firetail...need to try that!

GB, I'm glad they're home and will be able to fill you in on all their adventures. I can't wait to hear myself. Jake and Sarah were interested in where they were camping.

Cyn, I think it is nice to keep some things for sentimental reasons. It's fun to hold those things in your hands and think of all that they've lived through and the people they've known. I tend to tie myself to stuff, which gets me in trouble, but on the other hand, I could live out of a bag and be happy, too. I've done both :)

This morning it is 60 and crisp out and the weather couldn't be more perfect if Deanne had ordered it up herself - enjoy it my friend!

Hope that DGS is on the mend soon, Julie. I never did mention here that what Sarah had was a horrendous 10 day virus that many got, but it was NOT mono! She had a terrible earache too, along with swollen glands and high fever. The doctor's office was swamped with calls and doing throat cultures for strep and bloodwork for mono. They've never seen anything like it....neither had I. Hope he feels better soon.

Loved the article, GB, and I think it makes sense to make things cross cultural. How are we supposed to know we like something if we don't try it? It's not easy to get people out of their comfort zones to try something new. I think gardens are the perfect venues for lots of things...Joan Baez was in Nashville last night playing at Cheekwood (an estate and botanical garden that I would love to visit with you guys, but it's always too hot in July).

Lots going on here and I'm trying to pull together the materials for the GG paths so that we can install them this weekend while its cool. The kids are headed on a trip to NYC with their Nonnie to climb the Statue of Liberty and the weather couldn't be better for it.

Hope you're all getting some good garden weather for the weekend!


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

A busy time here coming up this weekend. Friends with problems, but visits non the less. Garden friends today...with time away for a specialist to check on his hepatitis C. Then another friend with a hand injury that must be soaked, and he is bringing a bit of wood from his employer's business for our winter use, then dog walking Phoebe. Phoebe loves the car rides with him...
This weekend we are clearing the bathroom walls for Wednesday's workman. I had to mail in a paint chip colour. Fortunately I have a colour 'wheel' so I could make a selection very close to what we already have.
DH has made a great start on his review of the "expert" paper on quarrying. He's not getting much sleep though.
A knitting friend has asked to take a look at a dress pattern and the fabric I bought for Ivy. She just got a new sewing machine and wants to make something "cute". I'll try to fit that in this weekend too.
My friend from Toronto days is due here Monday and Tuesday, so we'll no doubt be "out and about!"

I so enjoy hearing about Jake and Sarah and their Nonnie, Julie and her DGS too. I'm in contact with another Nana, one who is concerned about her role with 2 small grandchildren. It is a role which is slow to develop for me given the long distances between us. The idea of climbing the Statue of Liberty together delights me! It was fun to chat with Skyler last night about the best parts of his trip! Sarah is always surprised by what he doesn't know. Yesterday he came up with "You know, I think squirrels must be mammals." That is a concept Sarah can't remember ever learning, but I think it is great progress for this little guy who is not at all an outdoor type...yet! ;)

In case Jake and Sarah are curious, these are some spots to look at that the gang visited. (they saw a black bear, bison, sun at 1am, and more!)
They camped and attended a very fine concert here:

They drove along this road which washed out 2 hours after they left!:(and others roads too)

They visited Inuvik, NWT. Check out the last photo of the greenhouse there!!!,_Northwest_Territories

Gotta get moving...

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Just a quick flutter-by. So much to do and the weather is perfect for being outside, so I do want to get there!

I adore it when wee ones learn to say uh-oh. I am hearing Ivy and grinning like a fool, 'bug. So envious of all you grandmas!!! The camping trip sounds marvelous and quite joyful-nice for them all.

Michelle, I think the birch branch is perfect and those zinnias are spectacular. I also noticed (with a touch of envy) your leaf.

Why do none of you have weeds???? Next year, I am going to mulch even if we need to take out another mortgage to do it! Oh, and put down some Preen, too!

Saucy, have fun installing the paths. That is another project on my list. Told DH I wanted to do it this week, but he seems to be avoiding it rather wonderfully. Oh well.

Kathy, enjoy your free weekend! WALATs and SALATs are a valuable use of time. The cleaning will wait.

Okay, now I am off. Will probably check in later. The little monster is coming for a visit this evening while DS and SO go out for a bit. Apparently, he suffers from separation anxiety and has chewed the stair rails as well as one shoe from each of Kelly's two favorite pairs, so I have offered to puppysit whenever until they can get him past this. See, if I can't have a DGS or DGD, I will settle for the pup!

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

gb - we hope to see some Ivy pictures from the Yukon shortly...?

Michelle - you garden is looking fabulous! I like that hydrangea - I seem to be collecting them these days so I'll keep an eye out for that one:-)

Saucy - good to hear that Sarah is recovering.

The metal structure in the last picture Randy took is an illusion! There were dozens of hoop houses at the nursery, all with the plastic covers off for the summer. Randy was looking sort of diagonally across the field of hoop houses so all the rusty hoops formed a pattern that looked like a flat sculpture...!

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Sentimental is good, you guys. Never underestimate its value in your attempts to be prudent, "clean", and "organized".

Michelle, your borders are indeed sumptuous. I've watched them evolve over time and your hard work is clearly evident. You "should be right proud of yourself". I think of you often when I'm WALATing and see foliage combinations that appeal to me. And I want a swing... not a tire swing, a real "GD swing". (Putting GD in front of any noun is a sure-fire New England way to put "emphasis" on it).

We continued the assault on reeds and general out of control weeds this morning. We've continued on the "opening up" of the over grown area that will be between the Great Drainage Project and the lawn area; this is what we've come to call, The Fertile Cresent. We have a good plan, I think. But a transit will be required since establishing the grade is going to be key to how effectively we're able to use the water before the excess dribbles into the culvert.

Nice goin', Woody! Real smart to ask 'bug for baby pictures... . I expect Cindy will deluge us in pretty short order. ;)

Nothing more positive than the yardwork to report. But still laboring toward liberation, one painful step at a time.

But it's OK.

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Close to bedtime here..Im at my leisure this weekend , and have decided to get up and head up valley to take some photos at the garden of one of the chi-chi dining establishments . This particular business has changed hands and names numerous times in the last few years, but as they often do, the garden persists-someone along the way had a vision.
I had something of an epiphany with my camera last week , discovering only by dumb luck something I had been doing wrong for awhile, and Im anxious to test out my theory. Really looking forward to a weekend that is completely unscheduled for a change, and if I change my mind in the morning so be it !

Vive la revolution Chelone ! Stay the course.. Your drainage project sounds full of promise , I can imagine how important anything that leads to a screen between you and the road must be.

With apologies to all who remain unmentioned this evening-I am going to retire to the baseball viewing area and an early morning is on the agenda.

Waving !

Kathy in Napa

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Kathy, seems to me your photos on the pink thread are in the new style? I hope to see more of the epiphany testing...

I'm up at 5am...but that is not a bad thing. I was early to bed, so I hope to become "healthy, wealthy and wise!!!"

Chelone, sorry, but there will be Ivy photos at some point!!! But maybe things are improving in that regard, given that she is officially a toddler, not a "baby". Once you can say "Uh-Oh!" you aren't an infant any longer.

Cyn, photos lie. Plain and simple! We all have weeds. In fact I disposed of at least 10 huge heavy buckets full yesterday alone. The buckets are waiting for me to refill them too. Le sigh. On 10 acres you simply cannot mulch it all.

I foresee blueberry pancakes in my future once more, a trip to the dump...and other less than exciting events over the weekend. We'll see. Maybe there'll be some surprises?

It is cooler and less humid than last week. YEAH!

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

I'm here with you, GB, up early so that Nick and I can go pick up the supplies for the GG. The weather is perfect for working outdoors. I was thinking of all the things I can do once the paths are in and I'm excited.

Time to go hop in the shower and get going!


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

OOOOO Saucy! I love a project together. PHOTOS please! Chelone too!

RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Gooooood morning one and all,

What a glorious day is on tap for today. PERFECT weather. Its currently 62 degrees outside and so dry and delicious outside I could swoon! Still dry but the sprinklers are running and if these cooler temps continue for a few days as predicted the watering will last for a bit. A person does not appreciate a 70 degree, dry day until dealing with an entire summer of 90 degrees plus temperatures. Doug is off flying. Hes working on a new certification and is learning to fly a tail dragger plane. Ill be content to putter about in my gardens until he gets home and then I think well take a drive or something, or maybe sit on the patio and enjoy the day.

Saucy, yes, yesterday was also beautiful but I taught so spent the day in the basement studio. I had to drag myself down there! LOL Youll have to give us updates on the GG paths.

Cyn, the only thing Ive held onto is a very small primitive rocking horse that Dougs grandfather made for Heather. Ill never have any grandchildren so I really need to find someone who could use it. Its pretty cute. ~~ Hope your headache is gone. ~~ I dont usually have any weeds in the beds because I top dress all of them with compost in the spring and when any new seeds would be sprouting the borders are all so filled in the weeds dont normally make an appearance. Ill get an occasional oxalis or crab grass in the borders but thats about it. I read an article once from a gardener in the UK who maintained a no weed under any circumstances policy and would police all his borders daily. He maintained that the more you do this the less of a problem they become because you get rid of them before they set seeds. Im so lucky to be able to plan my work schedule around the gardens so I have time to do the maintenance.

Kathy, this was actually the hottest July ever recorded here. I wish Id kept track but I think at least three of the four weeks were over 90 degrees and last summer we might have had one day or so that topped 90 degrees. Its incredible and hard to believe you are having a really cool summer. ~~ Love those new lilies! They are such beauties! I especially love that last photograph. ~~ Im looking forward to seeing some new pics from you. Youve really gotten fantastic with your camera!

Bug, glad to hear the travelers are all home safe and sound.

Michelle, what can I say except I am staggered by your gardens!!!!! How fabulous! I absolutely adore the hydrangea/persicaria combination. In the third photo, is that Little Joe behind the phlox? Its perfectly sited there. And what is the grass and the gypsophila looking plant next to the variegated sedum? Ive tried growing that sedum several times with no success. Im guessing that garden gets full sun? Id love it if youd do a whole thread of garden pics for us. I so enjoy your beautiful gardens.

OK Ive spent as much of this beautiful day indoors as Im going to so Im out of here and hoping everyone is enjoying a beautiful day.


RE: Idyll #486 The Wacky Weather Idyll.

Deanne, thanks I'm glad you like the pictures. The sedum isn't the most agressive grower compared to 'Autumn Joy' or 'Matrona' but it came as a cutting from my mom's garden many years ago. Plant ID's are Gypsophila 'Pink Fairy', Eupatorium 'Gateway' which is quite happy this year with all our rain and Calamagrostis acutiflora 'Eldorado', which is one of my favorite grasses, probably behind miscanthus 'Morning Light' I think that would be my top pick. These at least are manageable in size.

Did anyone notice my nearly bare clematis tuteur? The clems I planted have done poorly. 'Mamori', 'Hyde Hall' and Franziska Marie" were the 3 I started with. I've added 'Madame Julia Correvon' and will try a few other type 3's.

Cyn, there are weeds there believe me. I don't photograph the areas when they are weedy. That's why the Secret Garden hasn't been posted this season. I had those 12 million ash seedlings there. We have around 25 acres of our farm that is for the house, buildings,ponds, wetlands and groves. Obviously I don't garden it all. I mulch with "free" mulch from the city. Not the prettiest stuff in the world but the price is right and most often its barely visible because of my gardening style. I see a bare spot and I plant something - I can't help myself. Otherwise, things would be a disaster here. I try to keep the weeds under control as it seems that once you do that it gets better each year. It's when they go to seed that I have problems.

Saucy, that's a castor bean from last year. The paths sound like work that a helper will be much appreciated.

Woody, do you have hydrangea 'Tardiva"? I have one that has yet to bloom, but I saw some in bloom at the nursery last week that were gorgeous large flowers.

I'd best get going as we have plans for the evening so the gardening time will be shortened.


One more thing...

Chelone, I meant to mention that I think you need a swing. I'm actually suprising myself by using it occasionally.

Have a great day everyone. Now I really am out the door.


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