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Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Posted by marian_2 Z6 ARKozarks (My Page) on
Fri, Jul 28, 06 at 17:30

Hi guys, I just couldn't wait for a new thread.

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RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Sorry, all...I just couldn't wait for a new thread to be started, so if you-all don't care for this title, go ahead and start another.
I mainly want to give Marie the answer to her question.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll-------

Okay, I also want to say 'Hi' to Chelone,(((((((Chelone)))))). I am surprised you have never been West of the Mississippi. I have been almost from coast to coast...east and west. I never got to the Atlantic, but could hear the foghorns from Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

And tell you all I am enjoying all the pics of the IU3, and all the posts about it.

I went for a follow-up at my Dr's this morning. I really like her. She anticipates what I am saying before I finish the sentence...and is right. She is trying her best to work with my needs. I am not feeling any better. Bummer! I had about 2 good weeks, before relapsing. Hopefully it is due to the summer temps and humidity. We are reaching the saturation point again. While I was in town we were blessed with a fairly decent rain.

Taryn, My heart hurts for you! I wish I could be of help. I certainly hope your DH has not hurt his back bad enough to disable him. Not when you are preparing to move!

Re: my idyll title... I am thinking I need to start a conversation forum that is made up of fellow country bumpkins. I am so glad I have 'met' all of you. And you are such a great bunch,but I am so not a peer to any of you. I have never been a city person, and the only time I lived in a fine house like most( or all) of you have, was when we built the 3000 square foot English Tudor in Idaho. We only lived in it less than a year before selling it and moving to Arkansas. I actually felt guilty living in it, because it was so much more than most of our friends had.
I would be so embarrassed for any of you to see our home..not that I am discontented with it, but it is sooo differant than what I see in all your pics.

Teresa, I am eagerly awaiting pics of your little ones. I hope all is going well with your DD. How exciting!

Congrats to Mary and Babs on your new jobs. I hope our Tim will soon have equally good news.

Eileen, the air conditioner is still in it's box. The computer is okay. I understand it would take a lot higher temp to harm it. Sorry yours is having problems, but good that you are backing up stuff.

Please, no dryer virus! Mine is pretty old. I don't know how old since I bought it at an auction sale.

Thanks to all who said "hi" to me. I really appreciate it.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

What a very quiet Friday afternoon/evening everyone has had. I hope the weekend will hold a lot of quality time in your gardens. :o)

Congratulations to Babs and Mary on the jobs!

Marian, what a blessing that you are enjoying your new doctor. I have a bit of 'country bumpkin' in me, too. :o)

Nothing really happening here....

Hello to all!


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Just back from a nice but funny evening. Here's what happened:
I convinced DH that we should eat out, so we drove to town. (We're country bumpkins, right?) DH even got the car washed for the occasion. So we park in front of this tiny place and DH says, "Woops, I left my billfold at home." So I said well why don't we just ask if we can eat here and come back and pay tomorrow! So we did! And the owner (who knows us by sight) said fine. Hard to believe these things, but that's the kind of thing good country folk do. So we ordered our meals and a couple of friends show up and pay for our meal. Then we went back to their place and had a bonfire by the river and chatted the evening away. Just a perfect summer's evening.

So Marian, I know what you mean exactly about being embarrassed by a fancy place. We had a Real Estate agent when we bought this place and that's exactly what I told her. It wasn't that my friends would be embarrassed either...because many of them live in even fancier places. I just think that in the scheme of things, a house just shouldn't be all that important. Maybe it is my Peace Corps spirit living on, but you look at world poverty and struggles and it seems obscene to have so much land and THINGS. Well it took me ages before we got posessions and I could feel comfortable about it. As you know, I still do all the painting and fixing here while others have it done by some contractor. I could easily change that part by now though, money permitting!

Mary, that is so nice for you about the job! Lucky them!

Marian, I always think you should work as a researcher at the county museum or at the library. You are so good at tracking down information and have the love of learning. Thanks for the Italian food lesson! :-) Well Babs, lucky them too! You are going to have fun too on this venture I think.

As to appliances, if it is only the dryer I'd be content. I live in fear that every appliance in the house, all bought in the mid 80s, will die on the same day...along with the furnace.

Deanne, hope you are having a fine time and managing to find a cool spot with a breeze!
Bed time here!

Counting Blessings

This from another forum just seems to fit this thread so well:
Let's see -
cottage in the country - check.
Warm friendly cat - check
Lavender and roses - check
veggie garden - check
bunch of happy chookies who lay eggs - check
peaceful country - check
one happy intelligent teenage boy who sings like an angel - check
one dear little toddler with blonde curls who loves flowers - check
one warm husband who adores the ground I walk on - check
warm blazing fire at night and a TV that occasionally gets colour reception - check
What does the rest of the world have? well most of them don't even have a full tummy.
Now the question, if my life isn't perfect, was I asking a bit much?

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Our evenings entertainment was the tractor pull at the county fair. If that isn't country, what is? LOL Its not my favorite thing to do, but after DH spent 3 days doing all things garden related, I figured I owed him.

Night all

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good Morning!

Marian...You may live out in the country, but you are hardly a country bumpkin!

I don't like that word because when I looked up the definition on "Allword" it said: "colloq, usually derogatory; An awkward, simple or stupid person, especially a simple fellow who lives in the country. Also called country bumpkin."

There is nothing in those terms that would describe *you*, except that you live in the country. You are one of the sharpest, most knowledgeable people I know. I am always amazed at all you know about this world, nature, people, language, world affairs, life experience, common sense. You always have something of interest to contribute. I always listen with interest to your opinion and your words. I respect your opinion, admire all your wisdom. I'm the one who gets lost when you guys start using other languages. I often feel like (though try not to point it out...LOL) that intellectually I am not on the same level as most of you here. In fact, country bumpkin probably fits me more so than anyone here (except that I don't live out in the country). But, living out in the country is DH & my dream some day! :-) Also, after having met the Idylls in person, I will tell you that I came back thinking that *yes* we are all individuals, a little different in our personalities and yet there is something in all of us that is the same. Isn't that true of *all* humanity? I can't exactly put a finger on why I also feel we are all alike, except to say that at the core of all these wonderful people that I met is "decency, kindness, caring, humor, sensitivity, generousity, and a positive, supportive, nature"...*way* more important than a *house* and definitely at *your* core too! I know I could care less if you lived in a grass hut (as long as you were comfortable) :-) And I know no one here would care either! As I said, for myself, I am looking forward to living in a quieter, more country like setting and I *definitely* want a smaller home and simpler life (maybe that has something to do with getting older too). Anyway, all I'm really trying to say is that you *are* an Idyll...whatever that means. And I'm kind of hurt for you and for me that you don't feel you would want me to come visit you. If I've ever given you the impression that I was the kind of person who thought money mattered or status mattered I feel horrible, because nothing could be further from the truth. It is *you* Marian who I care about, *not* your house or where you live or how much money you have.

Well, it's early morning and I need to get ready to go to DS's house.

Take Care All!


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll Congrats!

Oops! Also meant to say congratulations to Mary & Babs! That is so exciting and well deserved! :-)

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good morning all from very hot and sunny CA!!! Holy cow do I ever feel like I'm totally out of the loop and no longer part of the 'gang' here. I missed half the other Idyll and havn't had time to look at all the great IU3 pics. Jeesh!

Anyway, Doug is healing and supposedly staying off his foot but as Im' not there who can tell with that? The doctor changed the dressing on his foot and told him to stay off it for another week. I can't wait until he is off those crutches and things return more to normal.

So sorry for all the problems and disasters. Taryn!! OMG that is horrible about the flooding but even worse about
Glenn!!! I scanned the rest of the Idyll and couldn't see another post from you so I'm praying things are OK. Please let us know?

I see someone lost a clothes dryer (can't remember off hand and don't have time to go and re-read the thread) and that is too wierd because the lady I'm staying with here just lost hers. I sure do hope there is no bad appliance karma coming from this.

Congratulations to Mary and Babs. Such good news!

Mary, Doug probably won't be going back to Rochester until the middle of August now. It all depends on how soon he gets clearance to drive the 6 hours with that foot. I think that is when you usually go over to vitis your Mum isn't it?

Marian so happy to see you can post pictures again.

Chelone, wonderful to see your name appear here again. WE miss you a lot.

OK I really have to get off my hostess' computer here and get ready for class. Have a great weekend everyone.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Oh..Eileen! I DO want you to come visit me! I didn't say 'you' would be embarrassed, I said 'I' would ! And it is mostly because I am not able to 'fix' things up, and they certainly need 'fixed up'( and cleaned up). I totally agree with Marie about the importance of a house, and it's contents. If a body has what they need that is what is important.I have more than I need in this world. I would be very content with much less. ( All I 'really' need,[or at least I think I do], is better health.But I probably don't really need that either, else I would have it.) We have one of the smallest acreages in our area. Most of our neighbors have large lands..we have 'only' 20 acres. As for the 'country bumpkin', I am enclosing a link that has several definitions. The 1st and 5th come close to discribing me. :-)
BTW, If anyone does come to visit me, please come in the early spring, before everything in my yard is drought stricken and eaten by deer, or late fall when it doesn't matter so much, and the fall colors compensate! LOL

Really...I would love to have you all come to visit, ( but definitely not all together as a IU...). It would be such a thrill to have any of you drive in and say: "I've come just to visit". There would be no fancy food or drinks awaiting, but I'd be very happy to share a tall cold glass of something simple( and non alcoholic), or a hot cup of something a little more exotic... like herbal tea, an 'International' cafe', or instant cappuccino. ( You may have to prompt me. I am rather slow in thinking to offer something . ) I ( we) would talk a leg off of you, like the happless insurance man first, and then his wife, that came recently, and the range deliverer...:-)They probably are telling everyone," Don't go there unless you have lots of time to waste! "
This is a sign that I am either 'better', or that I am senile..:-) When I was so very bad with the fibro, I didn't want to talk with anyone!

Eileen, I agree with you . There is a lot of good in most of humanity. But you sure have to 'dig' for it in some people. Oh, that reminds me....speaking of Marie's " peaceful country", a couple of evenings ago there were suddenly several very loud gun shots not far from us. Nolon thought at first that marauding dogs had got into the goats at the neighbors below us, but the shots were immediately followed by a car roaring up the county road in a cloud of dust. Sam, the Great Pyrenees, came tearing through our front yard, scaring our cats. ( Trubby took refuge in a tree). We went outside and pondered what may have happened. I decided to call the co-owner of Sam. She was laughing nerviously, and said it was "a family disturbance", and that she " didn't want to go into it". !!!!?????? So much for a peaceful neighborhood!

Okay, I blabbed long enough. I have a funeral to attend at 10. A very dear sweet 90 year old man, who loved to attend the Golden Year's class, fell and broke his hip a couple of weeks ago. He survived the operation to repair it, but passed away shortly after being admitted to a nursing home.
He will be greatly missed by all that knew him.


Here is a link that might be useful: link

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good morning! The sky is blue, blue, blue and there isn't a cloud in sight but it's going to be HOT...up to 95 F by some predictions. Last night the usual torrential rains zipped through accompanied by some thunder and lightning. It lasted less than half an hour and I see minimal garden damage. All that rain and hardly any of it soaks in. I yanked a few weeds last night and the roots were dry. Last night Tom and I decided to go to Dairy Queen for the first time this season. Instead of the usual vanilla cone, I opted for this brownie thing with whipped cream and crumbled oreo topping. Every so often you have to cut

Marian, believe me when I tell you, not one person in this group judges anyone based on what their house looks like, how big it is and how many things they have. I've been to all the Idyllunions and one thing has become very clear-it's each others company we enjoy. You could plunk the group of us into a shack with an outhouse and serve us corn chips and we'd have the same great time. When we arrived at V's on Saturday night I oveheard David's friend Jim say, "This is incredible-these people act like a group who have known each other for 30 years." He's right. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I wish there could be an Idyllunion that every one of us could attend. We are all "peers" when it comes to our love of gardening and appreciation of the natural world. When you have such a strong common interest everything else just falls into place.

Marie, the AC units we bought are LGs. The smaller units are low profile and much more quiet because the bulk of the machinery hangs outside the window. We have one in our bedroom and another in my exercise room. The large unit-12,000 BTU is on the livingroom. In conjunction with a fan to circulate the air, that one cools the whole first floor of my house. Like Eden, I prefer fresh air though and only run the AC when the combination of heat and humidity becomes unbearable. We also have a ceiling fan in our BR and most nights that is plenty.

OK, time to motivate. For weeks I've been trying to find time to bring something back to Eddie Bauer. It looks like today will be a good day for that.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hi Marian! I just wanted to say thank you for explaining to me...I feel much better (you are such a sweetheart) *and* I would love to come to visit you. :-)

A few other things I need to post quickly...
First, my mother fell in the tub this morning and I am going to take her to the hospital. She seems okay, but is now complaining of pain in her ribs (thankfully no complaint about her hips). I am taking her to the hospital now to get xrays, just so *I* feel sure she is okay, even though she keeps on insisting she is....Anyway

I also wanted to say I may not be posting here as much in the next while. As you all know I am having many problems with my computer and it shuts down unpredictably, making it hard to post anything here. But just wanted to let you know if I am not posting regularly, don't be concerned.

Well, I gotta go now....Take Care All! Ei

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Very quickly here while I cool off. I have much that needs to be done here. The weeds took over while I was gone to IU3. I need to mow the weeds (oops I mean the grass) the actual grass hasn't grown much and is somewhat brown but the weeds in the lawn still grow. Deadheading is another priority. I think we have Sue's weather here.

I can't tell you all how wonderful all the Idylls that I met were. Each one is uniquely different and what fun that is. Life would be no fun if we were all alike. Rick enjoyed everyone as well. We are all talented gardeners and all have wonderful other talents as well. I really like seeing all your gardens because we all garden somewhat differently as well and that is wonderful. What makes this group so much fun is that we all share the gardening interest and are so accepting of each other.

Ei, I'm glad you are having your mom checked. I hope that its nothing more than a bruise.

Deanne, good morning to you for hot, sunny Iowa. LOL Great to hear from you. I knew you were gone, but still miss your daily posts.

Marian, I have been in your area before as I have a cousin in Little Rock. Maybe I can pop in someday :o)

As for air conditioning. We do have central as do most people around here. We really don't keep it very low but like to keep the humidity down.

Stay cool


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

It's been "hot" here, too. Hot for Maine is 90-ish, because it is always humid, too. I'm sure Marian is laughing at that one... ;).

I read every so often, but mostly feel so terribly out of everything that occurs; I "work" on a different schedule and sometimes keeping my head down and pullin' into the collar is the easiest way to get from today to tomorrow. Looking UP can be more frustrating than simply focusing on the furrow in front of me.

I've wondered how the heat has affected those Idyllettes in the "bread basket"... . I can't really fathom how stressful the weather patterns must be for farmers for whom irrigation isn't economically feasible.

Work is predictably busy. But I'm noticing more repair work! the price of fuel has forced boatowners "on the margin" out of the game. "Blowboaters" (sailboat owners) remain as cheap as ever, lol. The price of airconditioning is luring people to our shop... awnings reduce airconditioning cost by roughly 30%; I see this as the growth aspect for the shop right now.

I'm reading "The DaVinci Code"... have about 150 pages to go. It's a fun read, not going to go down as a "classic", but not many will. It's an interesting change of pace for me... have read 2 biographies of Elizabeth I and the biographies of Henry VIII's wives.

The gardens are lovely and this is the first year I've had any sort of success with Hydrangeas that aren't PeeGees or Annabelles! I'm even going to have flowers on the Nikko Blue! I'm anxious for the heavenly scent of the Oriental lilies... they're just beginning to open and it's hot and humid today... they'll smell wonderful at dusk.

I face tough and dreadfully unfair choices with respect to Mum. I knew it would come to this, but naively hoped fate would intervene. She hasn't. I don't think I'll look back fondly on 2006. But I'll get through it because being alive dictates I do so. I know I'll emerge OK, but getting to the other end of the pipeline will mark me for life.

I can't thank you enough for the diversion your pictorial of the IU III has provided me. What a lovely group of people you are.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

  • Posted by taryn S Ontario Z6B (My Page) on
    Sat, Jul 29, 06 at 11:53

Hi guys,
Quick update. I think Glenn is going to be okay. He is bruised and banged up from falling down the ladder and landing on top of the shop vac at the bottom, but did not further damage his existing back problem. My Mum will be coming to help move the boxes with us, and we have movers for the heavy stuff, so think we'll be okay. I have LOTS of packing to do though.

We spent yesterday afternoon signing the mortgage papers. Then I phoned our local elected representative and left a message about the sewers on our corner not draining since the city replaced the sidewalks a few years ago and the city's refusal thus far to fix the problem. It doesn't rain that hard often but when it does the sewers can't handle it.I am going to make sure this is fixed properly, and of course my neighbor Maria is right there with me. She has lived here 38 years and says this never happened until the city did the sidewalks, so they probably let all kinds of junk get in there. We have never had a damp basement or needed a sump pump down there. Our house is fine, but the city has a problem to repair. I can be a VERY squeaky wheel when required...

Then I drove around until I found an inexpensive used dehumidifier for the basement. Got home with it at 9:00pm, and the basement is nearly dry now. We have a mess to clean up though. Just had my first hot shower in a couple of days. We saved the furnace but the rental hot water heater didn't survive. On the phone I was told it would be $65.00 for the inspection plus we would be responsible for the cost to repair or replace, but the guy was a sweetheart and fixed it for free when he heard about our recent luck. Our pool, which our buyers want, overflowed and is now half empty, so I have to add that to my big list of things to do. And our computer is acting strangely and Internet Explorer closes as soon as I open it, so I think we've got a virus somehow. Sheesh...

But it all pales in comparison to what my friend Dawn is going through. She lost her baby at 9 weeks along, after $70,000 and finally having what we all thought was a successful in vitro attempt. My heart is breaking for her...

I will try to get my IU3 photos resized and uploaded soon. Enjoyed reliving the weekend with all of yours! Forgot to mention I really enjoyed getting to know Lynnflower better (had met her once) and Ei's friend Dottie was just lovely, and a very knowledgeable gardener as well. Ei I have a great pic of the two of you together.

Marian, what Sue said, ditto! It's all about the people and our common love of gardening...

Thanks for the good thoughts you guys. Back to packing now...


ps, Cambridge has adorable firefighters! Got 2 to agree to a bum shot but then I wasn't quick enough before one guy chickened out:

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

OH Eileen-your poor mom! I hope she is OK and good that she's agreed to be checked out-good luck. My neighbor friend had that happen and didn't let me know. I was so upset with her-she had a terrible bruise but did end up OK. When she doesn't want to do something she won't listen to anybody!

Taryn how sad about Dawn-I had such high hopes that this time all would go well.What a terrible loss-the hurt she is enduring must be unbearable with all that she's gone through.
Not to change to light subjects suddenly are hilarious getting those firefighters to pose for you-man are they gorgeous...why are firefighters always so cute?
SOunds like your getting the basement headache under control. Dehumidifiers do such a good quick job-glad you're using one since mold starts growing in 24 hrs. Glad Glen is doing better but I hope he heals quickly. Are your kids excited about the move?

Some areas in northeast OH recieved at least NINE inches of rain during that terrible weather we had!! I'm really starting to wonder what the future holds with these strange weather patterns.

Marian I just gotta say if possessions,glamour homes and being well off were the prerequisite or even mattered slightly for meeting up with the idylls or being on the same level in a garden sense I wouldn't in a million years measure up! It's so NOT about any of that. While I appear silly and a bit of a jokester,I am actually quite timid especially around people I don't know-it amazes me that I have never felt timid around the idylls. I mean it with all my heart that as kind and nice as the idylls are here online they are that and even more in person. I have never met such a large group of nonjudgemental people and their spouses/partners/friends such as these. In fact I feel a sense of letdown that I didn't get to spend more time individually with each person since the weekend was so face paced. It doesn't matter what we eat,drink,drive or wear(though some of us do snore and talk in our sleep; )lol. Sue said it perfectly about our common bond being gardens and nature-everything else just falls into place.

I think that is so cool that Jim was amazed with our familiarity with each other. He's pretty cool too though because he fit in just as well as anyone even though he just met us!

Oh yeah I'm supposed to be packing....


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good heavens! I posted my last post on the wrong thread!
Here it is where it belongs!

"That was the most perfect funeral that I have ever attended. Absolute perfection, and a wonderful tribute to the lovely man that was being honored. I came home with a good feeling...something you don't usually have after a funeral.
Then I opened this thread and saw all the generous and kind posts of you all. I hope that my love of gardening, and of all the good things in creation, can carry me on with you all even though my gardening abilities are waning. :-(
Just give me a little cottage, with a plant room and a deck, and I can continue 'gardening'! :-)

My dear old dad always said he would be content living in a cave. I sure wouldn't go that far...I couldn't grow many plants in a cave! ;-) Besides, I would suffer claustrophobia!

I wish I would rise farther above my aging process, and be more upbeat. I guess it's like Nolon always says.."It's not the age, it's the mileage" lol
I am too idealistic, and do accept the inevitable. Too many think if they ignore it. it will go away. I think back to when I was the age of many of you, and of all the things I did,( as much as my situation would allow). I can't remember if I was intimidated by older people. I'm sure I never felt as though it was a threat to my own mortality. Actually, most of my best friends have been several years older than I.

Teresa, I am so glad things are looking up for you. When does your moving have to be completed?

Hmmmmmm, I think Monique looks more like "The Thinker". lol
But much prettier.

Trudy's garden is truly lovely. Does she do all of it herself? Explain the purpose of the man laying in the flowerbed? That tree with the face would freak me out!

I have heard Eileen's laughter over the phone, so when I see her pics I can almost hear her again. :-)

All right, you gals...enough with the 'bum'
Espacially the staged ones! Neat sedum sea monster. I wonder how long one of those would last here?

Eileen, I must get more of those gazing balls. The one that I have is rather small, but I think it may deter the deer from the plants near it.Maybe it's their reflection in it? They look so pretty in your lovely beds.

LOL on the "wagon load of coleus for Deanne".

V, I was raised around prairies, in fact I was born on Camas Prairie! I loved looking for the wild flowers when I was a child. It is neat that you are restoring yours. There is a natural one within the city limits of Harrison...Baker's Prairie. It probably can be found on Google. I love your log house."

Chalk in up to another senior moment....and I thought I was doing so well !


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Mama Mia Ei! To think of your poor Mom now. That really is a lesson for us all. So often when we stumble or fall we are way too quick to say "I'm fine" because we hate to trouble anyone or are just plain embarrassed. But really, we all ought to pause and check things out carefully. I once had just one broken rib (I refuse to say how I got it) and it was a true pain for about 1-2 weeks. I couldn't stand up straight to iron DH's shirts, couldn't cook dinner, nothing! Imagine 4 ribs! Well your Mom is being well looked after and my guess is she will recover from the rib business fairly soon. It may take a bit longer though just because she isn't 25 any more! Tell her I'm thinking good thoughts for her!

Marian, I had to laugh about your comment on living in a grass hut! I'd be sure to visit you somehow if that were the case! I have a friend who lives in a sod roofed house and he has hundreds of curious visitors come see his home all the time. He's the chief horticulturalist for the county.

DH is definitely on the mend! He chopped almost all the burdocks down today and carted them off to the fire pit. Frankly, it was way too hot for me to do much. I weeded a bit and dragged the hose about.

Sue, I don't know why but until you elaborated on your cooling gadgets I never even thought about ceiling fans. Just may get one for our bedroom! Once again I'll display my ignorance for all: what do you mean by "the AC units we bought are LGs"? What are LGs? Which small models are the quiet ones?

And progress on the wedding front: I now have seen a photo of the groom and his son! ;-)

Sue, that photo of you in the pot is so much fun! It captures your spirit to a T. Oh! For those who asked, me lying down in the middle of the plants was not total idiocy. This was a children's area and people were asked to be the butterfly between the two planted "wings". Babs was cowardly ;-), and so I had to show a bit of spirit too.

Speaking of T, your poor daughter in this weather. I remember the last days when you needed help to get out of a chair. Soon though...!

Charlotte is a lazy oaf these days. Tuesday she goes to the beauty parlour to get rid of her long hair. Poor girl will look naked but she'll feel tons better.

Here's how the end of July looks here:


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Eileen, in my concern about my misplaced post I totally missed what you said about your mom's ribs! I am so sorry. I do hope she will heal up quickly, with no additional problems.

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

"Bug-Ah yes,cowardly I am: ) but as Michelle mentioned it had a corpse-like feel to it that I just wasn't ready to embrace...hey at least I cleaned the mulch off of you! lololol! That is a great idea though should the occasion arise that I need a viewing of my body...I'll go out like a butterfly? sorry but I'm lol and can't stop.

It's hotter than Hades! We're all packed; the boys are so excited. We all bought books for the trip....I'm excited for Aj to read his which is Treasure Island: ).
I can only hope my gardens stay intact as the deer have been tasting the hostas and even some coleus! I love this time of year-right now I hear an orchestra of crickets...though the fan will drown that out when I finally hit the sack-I wish I could sleep outside! I'd be a giant mosquito bite then though.

I guess this is farewell! If you miss me just look at the moon(snicker)and I will be too...BTW when I was supposed to be doing that for the boys while at IU3-there was A NEW MOON so even if it hadn't been cloudy I/they wouldn't have seen it.Oh well.

~Babs XOXO

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good morning

Have a great vacation Babs! I bet your family will enjoy having you all to themselves.

Taryn - what sad news about your friend Dawn. I feel so blessed to have Annie and David, and the indescribable joy there in loving them, and being loved by them. My heart breaks for Dawn that this might be denied to her after all she has been through. Glad Glen's back is on the mend and you are recovering from the flood. CUTE firemen!!

Ei - your poor Mother. I hope she is OK and free from pain. You are such a wonderfully caring member of your family, I'm sure just having you there would makes everyone feel better adn more cheerful. Thank you for the drinks recipes - I might be hitting the store for some of those Margherita supplies soon.

Marian - I agree with everything the Idylls have said about money and posessions not being important at our gatherings. We have way too many fun topics and plant discussions to cover. Everyone is the group is unique, interesting and kind an as others have commented, it truely is the most comfortable group you could imagine being with. I think you would enjoy meeting every one. My life has been enriched enormously by being part of the group and attending our get-togethers.

GB - I LOVE Ethiopian food but can no longer drag DH to my favorite restaurant. He found sitting on the little stools uncomfy and didn't enjoy the communal bowls or the slightly sour, spongy flatbread. It is about the only Ethnic food he doesn't relish.

Yesterday I made an early morning market run. I came back having spent $20 and laden with locally grown, fresh produce. Cooking will be fun this week. I also picked up some of the $1.50 a pound off-cuts at the fish stall. There were two nice swordfish chunks in there which were delicious grilled in a lemon parsley marinade. David ate with the concentration and delight of a professional food critic and told me they were excellent.

We spent the day at the beach at the top of lake Canadaigua. It was the perfect place to be as a good breeze kept the temperatures pleasant and the bugs away. Annie, David and a friend spent hours digging in the sand constructing elaborate waterways, and swimming in the warm waters. I alternated between reading and floating in the lake.

It looks like we're in for a humid day today with heat increasing till Tuesday when my Mum arrives. I need to get out and garden while I can.

Have a good day everyone


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Rise and Shine! It's going to be a HOT week. Supposed to reach 94 and be humid....

Not sure yet if our company will be able to make it. It depends if the MIL can deal with the heat. I haven't tidied up as much as I would like, but I have to be careful of the heat also.

A few things to share:

The front field this morning:

On the vine:

Do you think we are happy about the wedding?

Enjoy the summer's day, the last of July 2006.

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Marie, LG is the brand name-like GE. Tom says it's an up and coming Korean company. I'm sure just about any appliance manufacturer that sells window AC units has the quiet models where the a good portion of the unit hangs out of the window. They aren't silent by any means but they are more quiet and lighter weight than the older ones. The celing fans are great for cooling the air. If my celings were higher I'd have them in more of the rooms but even the ceiling hugging models hang to low to be completely safe for walking under. Low ceilings are the biggest problem I have with this house but on the plus side, it keeps heating costs down in the winter.

Bye Babs, enjoy your vacation!

Taryn, glad you escaped from the flooding basically unscathed. LOL about the firefighters and bum shots. Amazing what people will do for a camera.

Yesterday I ended up cleaning the house over cleaning the garden. We had invited our friends over for dinner (grilled Swordfish just like Mary). Tom and I went out to the open air mall to make an Eddie Bauer return and ended up having lunch outside at a new restaurant. By the time we stopped at the fish market and the grocery store it was mid afternoon. As much as I hate cleaning, dusting and vaccuuming in air conditioned comfort won out over weeding and deadheading in oppressive heat and humidity. Plus the house was a real hole and starting to disgust even me. We ate on the patio and our friends stayed til almost midnight. It was fun. Sometimes I think I spend too much time working on the garden and not enough time enjoying it.

Well, Tom has this grandiose plan to improve the signal strength of our wireless internet. It involves disconnecting everything so if you don't hear from me again today, you'll know how that



RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

G'morning to all as well -- it's been hotter than Hades here !! I think all I've done is get up early to pull hoses around -- it's supposed to hit 100 Mond & Tues so I figure I better get some stored moisture into the ground for my poor yard...... no deadheading or weeding for me - why is it weeds seem to thrive in this kind of weather as well? Truly indestructible.

Ei - hope your Mom is okay? I've just read - it's hard w/ the old computer at home so I dont usually check so often --
Mary - congrats on the job! Babs, have a great vacation.... I think we all needed vacations from the IU! lots of fun & walking and eating.....

well, I confess - I dont qualify for country - 'burbs girl most of the way... unless you count where I live now as a "boonie" burb!~ One thing about gardeners though, we get down right dirty and stinky.... grubbing around you dont think much about possessions. But I do enjoy central a.c. - guess that shows my "roots"? it sure helps w/ allergies though - otherwise I've have a continual "cold"!

Nice to hear from Chelone, Deanne -- it's tough to check in when life is busy, busy, isnt it?

I think today is going to be another "inside" day -- decluttering & laundry - all sorts of fun stuff -- once the hoses have done their work.

Love the photos already posted - including those very, very cute firemen, Taryn!! Wow - they grow them good looking for firemen - Im sorry to hear about your friend -- heartbreaking after all that hard effort, etc. Im glad to hear your DH is okay though...

I hope everyone stays safe & COOL these next nasty days of heat.....


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hi to all the country AND city Idylls. :) I'm up and around but not for very long. I'm supposed to go back to work on Tuesday but I don't feel like I can handle it right now. Time to call the doctor and get an extension to my recovery. :-\

I guess we are country. We live on a gravel road. Ocassionally 'city folk' complain that the trip out gets their car dirty. I think they could have a lot worse problems! ;)

I hope I can sit up enough to check the IU threads and to catch up with you guys.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Time for a water break. Phew! It's only 89 F here right now but it's hot in the sun. I've been confining my gardening activities to the shade-cleaning and weeding behind the shed. I'd like to have a neat little potting area like Ei's and that seems to be the best spot.

Tom did end up disconnecting our internet and had to call Cox to get it back up and running. The end result was no change in signal strength in areas of the house where it regusters as "Low". Time to call in the experts.

Hi Jerri! Glad you're at least feeling well enough to pop in on us. Hope you're totally up and around soon.

Cindy, you're reminding me that I really should set up some sprinklers in the front gardens. Maybe later when the sun starts to go down behind the oak tree in my reclamation area. In the paper this morning it said we could have temps as high as 104 F here by Wednesday. I sure hope not.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hi, Hot here again today too. We're supposed to break some records tomorrow and Tuesday. They say it could be close to 100F. We're under a "heat advisory" for tomorrow afternoon through Tuesday evening. First time I've ever heard of that. Brad and I hit one of the local flea markets this morning, didn't find a thing though. We stopped for breakfast on the way home, pecan waffles and sausage links for me and then I hit the garden. I did some chopping back and weeding but was chased inside by rain around 3. So now I'm vacuuming and doing laundry.

Jerri, good to hear you're on the mend and that you're not planning on going back to work until you feel ready.

Marie, great picture of Sarah and Skylar,(don't know if I spelled that right). Sounds like the wedding plans are progressing nicely.

Taryn, so sad about your friend. Glad Glen's back is ok. Like the fireman pics!

Ei, so sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she's not in too much pain. Thank goodness it wasn't a hip! Hope your sis is doing ok too!

Sue, I've got a new potting area in the works for next season too. It will go where the old shed is now and we'll build a new storage area on the side of the house. That old shed blocks alot of the garden view from the deck and having it gone will open things up alot I think. The potting area I want to put there is much more open. If I can get David to scan a pic I'll post it. It was on this summer's list of things to do but after the paver project and everything else that's going on around here I decided to save it for next year.

Hi Marian, I like your title. My dad's from Missouri so I consider myself half country bumpkin even though I've always lived near the city. I always loved being with my grandparents who were country bumpkin too (in a really good way).

Honey, I fertilize the brug with a liquid fertilizer about once a week. No blooms for me so far though so you must be doing it right! Telly's has their coleus on sale for $1 by the way. And I can hear you all asking but no I didn't buy any!

Ok break's over so back to the vacuum...


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for all the good wishes and thanks T for the late night lifeline! :-)

Well, the good news is no emergency surgery in the middle of the night. No punctured lung...three more days (they tell me) and then they won't have to worry about *that* anymore; though they are concerned about possible pneumonia, due to the shallow breathing caused by the pain in her ribs.

Mama Mia is right Marie. Poor mom...she is such a trooper and *never* complains. I know she is in a lot of pain, confirmed by the doctor, but you wouldn't know it, never a complaint out of her. Thinking to cheer her today I brought her favorite snack crackers and her favorite chocolate cookies, but when I got there, found out they won't let her have them! :-( Mom says to me "Well, you know I was ready to deal with everything else...but not being able to have my favorite crackers?!! *That's* the deal breaker." "Let's pack it up, I'm ready to leave!" LOL! She's so funny and so sweet too. No matter - with every stay in the hospital, she always says how everyone is so nice there from the doctors, to the nurses, to the aides, to the cleaning service. Never a bad word about anything or anyone. Gosh I hope that I will be half that good for my son, if the day ever comes.

The bad news is that they have determined that her heart rate is way too low and she is scheduled for pacemaker surgery tomorrow. She did not want the pacemaker and I won't get into all she said except that she's ready to be with dad. But, after a long talk with me and the doc, mom understands she is at a great risk of having a stroke without it and she does not want to live with that, so she's finally going along with the plan. If all goes well with the pacemaker and she stays okay through Tuesday, she should be able to come home on Weds. or Thurs. (her birthday)! I sure hope she *can* come home by then.

Anyway, wish I could stay, but lots to catch up with here -you know all that fun stuff...laundry, dishes, pot watering, etc.

Just wanted to say to Taryn how sorry I am to hear about your friend Dawn losing her baby. That *is* so heartbreaking! I hope there will be brighter days for her soon... Also wanted to say sorry about having your basement pumped, but what a consolation prize...LOL! Yes, they are very cute...LOL!

Bug...what a cutie...LOL! Yea, I'd say he's pretty happy! :-)

Marian...I think Trudi does all her own gardening, at least *I've* never seen anyone else working in the garden. My old boss's husband had a landscape design service and I know they did a lot of her hardscape and tree and shrub planting. But, the maintenance of her gardens I think is all done by her. She also has a farm, but she did tell us that she has help there. Amazing, isn't she?

This heat is just too much. I love my dear friend Anita, but after these last few days, I just don't think I could ever move out to Arizona, even to be with her! Although I have to say that it seems that it is *hot* everywhere right now. We are to be 100 tomorrow and Tuesday, then hopefully some rain on Weds. to cool things off.

Hope Babs is having a blast on her vacation!

Take Care All and again, thanks so much for being such kind friends and sending your good wishes, it really does mean a lot to me. I probably won't be able to come back here in the next few days, but will be thinking of you all...Ei

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Yesterday I did some chopping back as well. I moved a few pots around to fill the blanks. It was extremely hot and humid, but I just took lots of breaks and tried to only work in the shade. Things are looking pretty good considering that we are considered to be in a moderate drought. The corn is starting to really show it though. We went to the lake today and the lake water was just like bath water. Kenzie had a ball. Her mom hadnt brought her swimsuit so she swam in her diaper until it weighed too much. Then we took it off. So it became a nude beach. Luckily it is a very small beach with just a couple of others. If I had my camera I could have gotten a baby bum shot. LOL

Taryn, I was so sorry to read about your friend Dawn. How discouraging. Im glad to hear that Glenn seems to be ok. I cant believe that you asked those firefighters for a bum shot. LOL

Ei, your mom sounds like such a sweetheart. Life can be so tough for the elderly. I hope that all goes well with the pacemaker surgery.

Jerri, be sure to take it easy. Glad you could pop in.

bug, cute picture of DD and soon to be GS. They look like they have connected. We have a ceiling fan in our bedroom and kitchen and use them a lot.

I hope Babs and her family are having a great time. I believe V is on vacation as well.

I dont know if I mentioned my Luau that I have planned for our familys annual camping trip next weekend. Each family is in charge of a meal and we usually have a evening of skits. I decided to combine my meal and entertainment. Hawaiian style food and games are planned. Im encouraging everyone to dress for it too. There are 8 little kids who I think will have a ball.

Stay cool and good night all

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good Evening Idylls!

Michelle, I think a luau sounds like big fun! Funny, that is something I have always wanted to do. Yes, dressing for it is a major part of the fun! :-) Hope you guys have a blast. Let us know how it all turned out.

Oh and *also* meant to tell Taryn I was glad to hear that hubby is okay.

Oh and the reason I came here....wanted to share these pics with you guys.

Here's my "garden angel" in the brugmansia pot (for now anyway)....I just *love* her! Please excuse the dog eared or should I say JB eared leaves on the brugmansia...I know it takes away from the sweet fairy (I even tried to fill a few of the holes...LOL!) but wanted to post these anyway because I was anxious for all to see her! :-)

Thanks again everyone! :-)

BTW, how come none of you Brugmansia growers ever told me how *heavenly* the scent is? Oh my gosh...I *love* the fragrance. I wonder how they bottle up flower scents for perfumes? If I knew how (if it were possible) I would definitely bottle up this one and call it my signature fragrance! :-) It is sweet, but complex with just the very slightest hint of citrus. Can you tell I'm gaga? LOL!

Last but not least I wanted to share my watering can too! It's just beautiful and I don't have the heart to leave it outside, so found a spot for it in the family room...

P.S. Great to hear from you Jerri! Hope every day finds you feeling better and better! :-)

Well it's past midnight and I better get to bed....
Sweet Dreams All...Ei

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

O, Ei Im so sorry to hear about the "next" adventure for your Mom sheesh I imagine you wonder when theyll stop finding things wrong, right? Well, hopefully the procedure will go just fine its certainly something while important, they seem to be able to "zip in and out" now for.... Ill be thinking of you.

Kudos to all who braved this heat & chopped in their gardens Im such a "weenie" Ill let the weeds take over before I work very long in the gardens I think I pulled a few weeds on the way of dragging hoses, but thats it! Inside cleaning, decluttering was it confession... I even found a still damp load of laundry that had been sitting in the washing machine had to be before IU3... ugh.... good news is it was just old gardening "uniforms"... bad news they did not smell so good.... hope after the new re-wash, they "rejuvenate" sheesh! I should pay more attention!

Jerri so nice to hear from you yes, I remember how horrible I felt my first week of work I thought for sure I could not make it thru the boss wasnt to sympathetic either.... sometimes I think it really makes more sense to work half days after medical illnesses & regain strength more that way be patient it eventually will return. Feel better!! Sometime soon youll say "gee, it was worth it!"

Michelle how clever & what fun re the luau! I hope you get some photos to share w/ us! Theyll have a blast, Im sure.

Well, I guess I should think about the work week --- working, ugh.... for some reason, Id just love another day at home to laze & sleep.... esp. w/ all the nasty heat coming up might have something to do w/ a close relative calling me late at nite & talking for 3 hours til 2:00 a.m. --- but poor thing is in such emotional distress & Im really worried about her & her depression so the least I could do was listen....

W/ these horrible temps, My containers should be totally fried by Wednesday despite any evening watering..... o welll.... what can ya do?


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good warm muggy morning! If I had got up a wee bit earlier I could have got some pics of beautiful pink clouds in the west.They were the scattered fluffy kind that I adore.

Marie, did you ever get treated for the broken rib? I have never had a broken bone.( I hope I haven't 'jinxed' myself by saying that.) I 'did' have a collapsed lung once, that repaired it's self. That was certainly painful. No, it wasn't I who would want to live in a grass hut. I think someone said they wouldn't judge someone who did?? I wouldn't opt for a grass hut, but would adjust if it was what I had...:-)
I am so glad your DH is recovering.He had better be careful about working out in that heat. Post us a pic of Charlotte and her new haircut. :-)
Thanks for the lovely pic of the hayfield. I would love to have such a view. Cute pic of the future family. He appears very happy, and is young enough to accept the new 'mother'.

Sue, your ceilings must be only 7' high. Ours are 8'. I think fans with a lightfixture would work ok in ours. We have only the one in the livingroom, and it has no light in it.
I am turning it on as soon as I get up , on these hot days.

Hmmm, so others are comparing the summer heat to 'Hades' too. It isn't just me! I sure hope the vacationing families have found a lovely cool environment. We will miss you while you are 'gone'.

Taryn, I feel so bad for your friend. I thought I would never have a child of my own. In my 6 and 1/2 year marriage to my first husband, I had at least one failed pregnancy, but no child. I was so blessed to have Tim when I was 25. And to think your friends are out such an enormous fee, and have it end in failure. I can imagine how devestated they are.

Mary, I hope you took pics of David and Mary digging in the sand. That sounds like my idea of a perfect day.

LOL, Cindy. I always say that we live in the boondocks. In the Dictionary it says: "rough,remote,or isolated country.[Tagalog 'bundok'mountain]".... That fits our location to a 'T'.

Jerry! So good to hear from you. I do hope you are coming along okay. I hope you have a good report on your condition. Do take it easy. I know how easy it is to damage something if you don't!
I know what you mean about the 'city folk' complaining about the dirty country roads. Ours is pretty rough also, along with the clouds of dust in dry weather. After all these years, it is just a part of my life. At least it has been graveled since we moved out here. It 'was' just dirt that turned into a quagmire in the spring when the thaw went out. One dark stormy night we got stuck in it. It was raining,accompanied with thunder, and lightning. I opted to walk to the nearest house, ( Nolon's uncle's), since I had on more appropriate shoes than Nolon. It was about a half mile, and the only way I could see the road was when it lightninged and showed the ruts. (Sort of scary!)We called for help. Before I got back to to the car, a neighbor had came along and pulled the car out. Later I learned there was a tornado not far from us!
Anyway..back to much as we'd love to hear from you, do not overdo!

Last night I had forgotten to bring in Tiger's dish of food from the deck. I heard something rattling it. I turned on the deck light and there were a raccoon and an opossum vying for the food. I opened the door to shoo them off and retrieve the dish of food. The 'coon left with no problem, but the 'possum was very reluctant. I went and got a spray can of House and Garden bug spray, and spritzed it ! LOL! That worked! The poor critter looked like he needed something. A lot of the hair was off of it's back!

Eden, you have probably told me what part of Missouri your dad was from...but I have forgotten. All that I have seen 'up there' is pretty, just as it is here.

Eileen, I will continue thinking of your mom. I will pray that she does not get pneumonia, and that the pacemaker will 'do the job'. I keep forgetting how old she is, but think she may be close to me? She surely is a stronger woman than I. I groan and carry on a lot with my pains! I am not one to suffer in silence! :-( I just can't seem to help myself.... That is so funny about the crackers. I hope she can have them soon. A neighbor man had a pacemaker installed, and is still working at the cousin's sawmill. He runs the machine that loads the logs on the mill and the lumber on the trucks.
I love your IU3 gifts! BTW, While I was trying to go to sleep last night. I was wondering why you(and others) are frequently posting at midnight! Even if I can't sleep, I am not in a mood to post. It is extremely rare for me to even get up and check the Idylls.

Michelle, that is so funny about Kensie. My DGs would escape their mother after a bath, and race through the house unclothed. Tim would call out " Naked baby alert"! They have become extremely modest about that now! Even the 9 year old does not want even Grandma in the bathroom or bedroom while she is undressed.

Wow! I have really 'gone on' this morning! I'd better do something else...even if it is wrong! LOL


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

This morning's excitement!
DH whispered to me in the kitchen to get my camera. I ran upstairs to get it and when I returned, a blue heron was still sitting atop the clematis arbor! I managed a few pictures before frightening him away. Do you suppose he likes clematis?

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hi, friends. Seems like all of us are dealing with record heat and humidity. Michelle, I hope you get some rain soon. How awful for all of you that depend on your farms for a living to have to deal with a drought. Id gladly send some rain your way if I could. Your Luau sounds so fun! Details and pix, please!

Great pix of your arbor and Blue Heron, bug. Theyre so prehistoric looking arent they?

Marian, Im formerly a country bumpkin, too. I grew up in a rural town of 500, went to school in a one-room schoolhouse until grade 6, participated in the annual "Firemans Picnic" day to raise funds for our volunteer fire dept., etc., etc You fit in here just fine! Ditto to what Ei and Sue said. I couldnt have said it better or with more sincerity!

Im glad you found a Dr. you like. Thats so important to the quality of care. Im very concerned about you, tho. Get that air conditioner in the window and running! And leave it on it takes less energy to maintain a comfortable humidity/temperature level than to turn it off and back on when it gets really oppressive. Truly, its important for your health as well as for your comfort.

Oh, Ei, thank goodness you insisted on having your Mom checked out. I hope the pacemaker procedure and recovery goes well. Keep us posted.

Taryn, Im so glad you checked in and Glen is just bruised from his fall. What a disaster to have to deal with just as youre packing to move! I know what you mean about being the sqeaky wheel were doing that with our twp after our sewer back-up. Oh, and so sorry to hear about your friend, Dawn. Thats so sad. Loved the firemen and bum shots!

Congrats, Mary, on the job offer! I just knew youd get it! Im so very happy for you!

You, too, Babs. Now all we have to do is send good vibes to Drema and Marians DS. Oops, that reminds me, I owe Drema an email.

T, thanks for the comments on my weight loss. I was BAAAAD at IU3, so I just jumped back on the band wagon and dropped the lb. I gained. Now to continue to be good

Thanks, Michelle. I just couldnt remember where we were! I found a similar one here "Big Smile", but I really loved the one at CBG and plan on ordering it.

Bug, I know the feeling about all the 80s appliances dying at once. My oven, micro and W&D are prime candidates. Weve been trying to pick off the biggies one/yr. since we moved in. Id have preferred a kitchen and bath remodel, new dining set and decorating over the roof, gutters, furnace and a/c, front walk, deck repair and exterior painting. It just never ends, does it!

Deanne, how great you can check in! It sounds like Doug is on the mend, but if hes anything like my DH, hes probably pretty cranky by now. Its probably a good thing youre in California! Sending good thots to him and you on his speedy recovery.

Hi Chelone. Please pop back in and "unload" on us, please. Were here for you. Im worried about you. We all mentioned our missing Idylls at IU3 quite a few times. Were your ears ringing? Let me tell you, it was even more fun than it looks. Please take the time "for you" and join us next yr.

Oh, Jerri. Id forgotton about your surgery! Get that extension, stay off your feet, and have a speedy recovery! We missed you at IU3!

Cindy, Im also dealing with the weeds from H***. They think "Knee high by the 4th of July" applies to them! Like Sue, Im going to concentrate on cleaning up my "pit" for the next couple days instead of on the tons of deadheading and weeding outside. I have a great incentive our Florida friends will be coming to stay with us soon.

My plant ghetto is BACK! Sat. I went to the farm mkt in a neighboring town and scored another Cornus alba Bailhalo. Since its like a steam bath here, too, I went nursery crawling. At a small local nursery, I found a Pink Diamond Hydrangea in their plant ghetto for $5.00! It needs pruning, but otherwise is in great shape. The tag said $49.95. I was looking at them during IU3 for $30. Then I really scored. At another nursery that was advertising 50% off trees and shrubs, I bot a Blue Spruce "Montgomery" in a 3 gal. pot for the front landscape for $50! The tag said $199 and Ive seen them for as much as $259 for the same size.

I found 4 Azalea Silver Sword at an orange box store. I need 2 more for the front courtyard. In my travels I also picked up an Echinecea Sunset, then on a 4 for $20 a Phlox Nicky, Sedum Purple Emperor and Frosty Morn, Cimcifuga Black Beauty and Heuchera Plum Pudding.

DH and I spent the better part of Sunday planting the spruce and dogwoods. We first went to the twp and got buckets of compost. We had to rest quite a bit in between so we didnt get overheated. The rest wont get planted until later this week after it cools off a bit.

Eden, I'd love to go to Telly's but with all the construction, road and lane closures enroute, I'll probably just stick to this side of town. But thanks for the info.

OK, I'm off to the IU pix to see new postings and pix. Later, friends.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hi Everyone!

Hot time summer in the city.. back of my neck getting dirty and grittyKdoesnt seem to be a shadow in the cityK. hotter than a matchheadKcant remember the rest of the words..

Well, the heat is here! Whew! Yesterday I cleaned my kitchen, and ventured out to the mall to look for curtains. Figured at least it is air conditioned there. My air conditioning broke last year. I am accumulating a long list of things that need to be fixed, but hesitate to post them here, in case I start a chain reaction. Last week my son Mike was in a car accident. He swerved to miss someone who crossed into his lane, then Mike hit a telephone pole. Of course the other guy didnt stop, but he didnt get a ticket, and is fine. Car and telephone pole are damaged, I am sure his insurance rates will skyrocket. I am just glad he is okay.

I hope Babs and V are having fun on vacation

It will be nice when Deanne gets back from her trip, so she can post again. My DH is in California right nowK working in the Burbank area, then he has to go over to Phoenix towards the end of the week. He is going to visit one of his Marine buddies whom he hasnt seen in probably 20 years while out there.

Michelle, thanks for posting that photo of the Abies Koreana. I now have both your whole tree picture and Babs close up of the cones. I am going to try to find one. I just loved it. I find since I got back, I am dreaming about conifers.. I have always liked them, but I was actually motivated to go out and weed my little baby tree nursery bed that has the ones I bought from the Arbor Foundation. I am thinking about driving out to Girards. David, Monique and Les all recommended it. Apparently there is a whole string of visit worthy places along that road. I am going to try to get Skip to go camping out there when he gets back, so I can see a bunch of them, and he can take Dev to the beach while I am out and about.

Taryn, the excitement never ends, does it? I hope the rest of your move is totally uneventful. Nice looking firemen.

Marian, your new camera takes great pictures.. I am happy you were able to get new equipment.

Sue, I loved that picture of you in the pot.

Ei, I hope all goes well with your mom. I looked up David Russell online and am trying to decide which of his CDs I want to get first. Amazon lets me do a preview.

Hi Yeona! Good to hear from you.

Chelone, you will find the strength you need to do whatever it is.. of course you know that... you might just wonder what it is going to take out of you. You have done a great job with your mom.

GB, I loved the pic of your DD and soon to be GS. They look soooo happy! The Heron was cute too, but I have to say I don't like them, because they keep wanting to eat my fish...

Jerri, hope you are feeling better soon. The weather probably doesnt help.

Eden, I just loved that arrangement with the silver tea set. So cute. It made me want to go to the flea marketK

I hope you all are staying as cool as possibleK Pink lemonade sounds nice..with lemons floating in itK or a Corona with a limeK K



I forgot to mention... Congrats to Babs and Mary on the jobs!!!

Hi Honey

We must have been posting at the same time...good score on the plants! You got some good picks.. and how cool is it that you got the Pink Diamond at a great price! Don't you love it when that happens? Thanks for the good thoughts..


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

I just got some horrible news -- My good friend and partner in crime passed away last Thurs. Ive been expecting it after not being able to talk to her and have been mourning her over the last 2 months. Her DH said they had quite a few talks about those of us who had been calling, leaving messages and sending notes. She said she didnt want to respond b/c she didnt see the point in hurting us further with the news of her declining condition. She was just so very sweet, always thinking of others.

It just breaks my heart to know Ive lost such a great friend, particularly so when she wouldnt let me in to comfort her. She asked me to respect her wishes and not visit b/c she never knew when shed have to deal with a bout of nausea, etc. from chemo, she was self-conscious about losing so much weight (she was 90 lbs. when she died) and she perferred to visit by phone up until recently when she wouldnt answer calls.

Altho our strong friendship remained constant, we hadnt visited or gone out together for 3 yrs. before she was diagnosed. She was working and taking care of her mother on weekends shopping, laundry, Dr. visits, etc. Her Mom would stay every weekend at their house and my friend would stop to check on her Mom, make dinner and the following days lunch on her way home from work. It left no time for her DH or friends. It was awful.

Her DB in Oregon wouldnt step in and relieve her. For that Im furious. After her diagnosis, she called her DB and told him he had to take over their mothers care. I truly think the onset of my BFs cancer was due to exhaustion and mental isolation from her demanding (often nasty) mother.

CHELONE please note! Take care of YOU.

After my BFs DB moved their mother to Oregon and cared for her in his home for two weeks (his wife is a nurse) he was so overwhelmed he moved her to an Assisted Living home (and paid for it). Its going to be difficult for me to be civil to him at the upcoming memorial service. I cant tell you how much Im missing my friend and what a hole in my heart there is.

This afternoon, Im going to relive some of our good times while searching out pix for her memorial. Please take the time, everyone, to stop and smell the roses. My friend just turned 60 far too young. This world was a better place for her having been here and she'll be missed by all who knew her.

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

(((((((Honey)))))))I wish this could have been as comforting as the our friend's funeral was Saturday.My heart is crying for you.

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Thanks, Marian. ((((((Marian)))))) back to you on the loss of your friend. It's just so tough to bear losing special people in our lives. I know I'll be a mess at the memorial. I didn't make it very far looking at pix of my friend this afternoon. It was too much for today, I guess.

Thanks, Drema. I'm hoping to get more finds but it is the best to find deals on plants I've coveted for awhile. BTW, I sent you an email. Hope it helps with your resume.

Ei, wow, what nice things you said! No, I'm far from skinny with good legs. I'm still working on getting the lbs. off. The tan is from a tube. My legs never tan and it's much safer. But thank you so much for the nice comments.

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Honey, the friend was a player and lover of Blue Grass
( amongst many other talents). I was feeling melancholy yesterday afternoon, so I looked up, and played a lot of his type of music on the computer. I felt as though it brought him nearer.
By the time you get my age, you have seen many friends pass on. I guess I am conditioned to it now, but it still can leave quite a vacancy....I really do not usually dwell on it.

Marie, what great shots of the Blue Heron! My DH calls my attention to interesting things also. He spends a lot more time looking than I do...:-)

Drema, so glad your son was not injured. That is almost the same as a hit and run! I wonder if the other driver even knew that your son wrecked because of him/her.
Sorry about your AC. I am sure it is harder on all who are used to it, when it fails. Wow, that is 2 hot places that your DH is and will be, but how nice about seeing an old Marine buddy.



Honey, just read your post. I am so sorry about your friend. I know this has been weighing on your heart for quite a while. I hope you are able to get your mind around it, so it doesn't hurt so much. You know we are here for you.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

((Honey)) so sorry about the loss of your friend. My heart goes out to you.

Ei, your placement of the fairy and watering can are perfect. I just loved your family room dcor.

Marian, we live on a gravel road too. LOL about the "Naked baby alert"

bug, what cool pictures of the heron.

Drema, glad to hear that your son wasnt hurt, but bummer about the car and insurance rates. I dont know if you saw my earlier post, but I need your address for the seeds.

Keep your fingers crossed for the rain that they are predicting for here tonight, tomorrow and Wed. Its 98 degrees today. I went out at 6:00 this a.m. to do a little deadheading and weeding before work and before the heat. I think it was 77 degrees at 6:00 a.m.
Our dishwasher still works well, but Im not sure how much longer the racks will last. W&D arent exactly new and my "new" refrigerator is already 9 years old. I just hate getting new appliances.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hello everyone. It is a lovely sunny day here and I really should be outside doing something constructive instead of spending the day organizing my quilting. I do love being organized though ;o) what I've accomplished inside makes me very happy.

Taryn, I had been wondering how your friend was doing. I am so sorry that she's had a miscarriage. How devastated she & her spouse must be right now. I'm thankful that your hubby is okay...hope his back will hold up during the move. Take care of you!

Ei, life isn't kind at all sometimes and it has been very hard for you & yours this past year. Those are the times your friends hope you'll come to them and allow them to help hold you up. I'm so glad your mother has a sense of seems to help get over some of the rough spots in life. My best to you!

Honey, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I came across a quote a couple days ago and it made an impact on me so I saved it:
"If you have one true friend you have more than your share." - Thomas Fuller, English clergyman & historian

I'm not sure I agree that having one true friend is more than what a person should have/expect, but I liked the quote because it underscored how very blessed our lives are when we have a true and wonderful friend. I'm sorry that your friend's life was cut so short....but how blessed you were to have her in your life and how very blessed she must have been to have counted you a true and good friend. You'll be on my mind and in my thoughts often in the upcoming days.

'bug, your heron photos are wonderful! I always think of herons as being majestic and primitive all rolled up in one package.

A company, that moves heavy equipment, will be transporting the excavator home early tomorrow morning from DD#2's house. It will be good to have it back home as there are a number of things we need to do with it before the fall rains comes again (land sculpting of areas where we had standing water).

No news re: babies yet.

Well, I think I'll quit feeling guilty about being inside and go outside to do some work.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

It sure is weather like I remember back in the 1950s....No gardening accomplished today. Promises of rain have not materialized.

Mary and others trying to contact me: My computer server and telephone are both on the fritz. I can read email but not reply. I can't hear at all on the phone. Hoping that by Wednesday all will be fixed! In the meantime, tomorrow is Charlotte's day for a haircut. Vita gets shots, much to her dismay. A ride in the car is not her idea of fun.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

(((((Honey)))))) ((((Marian)))). So far I've been lucky enough to not have to deal with many losses of close friends and no one my age. I imagine you go through all sorts of emotions. Honey, I'll be thinking about you over the next few days.

Ei, lol, your mom sounds like a feisty older lady. My friend, Janet, who died two years ago was tough too. She had so many serious health problems and never complained about how she felt. She complained about everything not the health.

Jeez, T, you could have come to Where are these babies?

Drema, I've been wondering where you've been since last weekend. Sorry to hear about your son. I'd hate to have kids driving-that has to be a real worry.

Well despite the hot weather (4 days in a row now at 90 F or above), the humidity has been relatively low and last night it got into the low 60s. I slept with just the fan and needed a light comforter. All that is supposed to change tomorrow-98 F and high humidity...Wednesday, worse. Oh well, it is summer.

Where did the month of July go? Good grief, it's going to be Labor Day before we blink. I'm still trying to come to grips with IU3 being over. Remember back in May and June when we were all ga-ga over our gardens? Everything was new, nothing had gone by or been fried by heat or eaten by rabbits yet? Well, those days are gone. Yesterday I just started cutting stuff back to the ground. Everything in my patio garden is overgrown and flopping except the tropicals-even the stuff I supported. Time to plant more trees and convert all these messy sun gardens to

OK, time to get the dogs in and head for bed. I found a dead mourning dove in the yard tonight and am wondering if the mutts caught and killed it. I found another dead one a couple of days ago in the driveway but the dogs don't have access to that area. Hope there isn't some mourning dove epidemic going around.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

  • Posted by taryn S Ontario Z6B (My Page) on
    Mon, Jul 31, 06 at 23:13

Honey I'm so very sorry to read of your BF's passing. You were her true friend 'til the end, respecting her wishes when I'm sure every fibre of you wanted to be there with her. Prayers and good thoughts to you and to her.

And Ei, to your Mum too! Oh boy, such a worry with yet another health concern in your family. But this one sounds like it will be easily resolved. Hope your Mum is eating crackers very soon! And your sis gets some good news re the results of the chemo very soon.

(((Marian))) so sorry for your loss too. I know my Mum has had a very hard time watching friends and also three of her sisters pass on in the last few years. Certainly brings home the notion that our days are numbered. I'm very glad you found the funeral uplifting though. That makes SUCH a difference I think. Bruce's funeral was by far the best funeral I've ever been to, and the love and support and shared tears and also many fond memories made a very fitting tribute to him. I especially liked that so many children attended. Since he'd been cremated a week before, there was nothing 'scary' about it, and it was the first experience with death and funerals for most of them. So it was very nice that it was so reinforcing.

Sue, I had a perfect mourning dove feet up in my front yard last year. Obviously no trauma, so I wondered about West Nile. When I phoned the authorities they said it was probably a parasite, see link below. Hopefully not catchy to dogs!

Jerri, hang in there, and don't push it. Your body will let you know when it's ready for more. Take it easy...

Chelone, how lovely to hear from you! Wish you could have been there too, and please think about it for next year. Hang in there with your Mum--you've been so wonderful for her, but have to take care of yourself too.

Drema glad your son is okay. It is scary how everything can change in the blink of an eye. Congrats to Mary and Babs on the new jobs--glad there is some GOOD news happening here!

Glenn is still in a lot of pain from falling down the shaft, but thinks it is the severe bruising he got falling, not his bulging disc pressing on the nerve which is what he did July 4th. He made it through work today. Unfortunately we are tag-teaming the back thing and now my lower lumbar is screaming at me to take it easy. Saw my acupuncturist today and the marks from the cupping are dark purple, so something's going on there. Maybe I can hire those gorgeous firemen to do some lifting for us next week? We go see the house again tomorrow, then close next Tuesday. Move Wednesday and Thursday if either of us are still mobile by then, lol. I'm not too bad, but know the warning signs well now and I'm being warned to STOP.

Probably overdid it last Tuesday and Wednesday when I found a fabulous deal on a used (if you can call 2 months old used) sectional for the family room. The owner had paid $3,000 for it but decided it was too big for the room and was asking 1/3 of that! I had seen it on Ebay, but it was ending when we were at IU3, but when I checked to see what it sold for on the Monday I got home, it hadn't sold! So I phoned about it, and Glenn and I headed to downtown Toronto to view it on the Tuesday. It is PERFECT, sage green faux swede, seats 11 with the chaise, still under warranty! Glenn and I got 2 parts in the Aerostar Tuesday then I went back solo on Wednesday for the rest. Got it down to the lobby on my own, but couldn't figure out how I'd get the chaise and corner piece in the van on my own. Batted my eyelashes at four young London dudes walking past and they solved my problem for me. (Darn it, didn't have the camera! LOL!) Anyway it was a great transaction, though very strange. Her consierge gave us the key to get in and we just left the money on a table. Felt VERY weird being in someones extremely expensive home when they weren't there (this condo overlooks Lake Ontario and must cost a fortune) but she said she was a good judge of character so just leave the money on the table. LOL, strange but worked out well. So I'm paying for my great deal with Lakota now, lol.

Well must go. Wanted to resize a few more pics, but my back is saying get out of this chair, so not tonight. I took a LOT, and had my camera on the wrong setting so they are all huge files and need reducing. Have to get this done before we move or you'll never see them--back to dial-up when we move.

Marian, I was born in London England and raised in Toronto, moved to a small town after marrying then this one (pop 135,000) 8 years ago. But I am SO looking forward to becoming a country bumpkin! Can't wait! I keep can't get this song about "moving to the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches" outta my head, lol, though it's a silly song...Colour me country!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: parasite

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good Morning Idylls!

Just to let you know....Moms doing great. It was a long day (I didnt get home until after 9:00 last night) but it was just delays at the hospital, nothing wrong with mom...the surgery went well. Thanks for reassuring me about your friends pacemaker bug. You know my BF Anita told me the same thing when I talked to her on Sunday. Her MIL had a pacemaker put in when she was 85 and Anita said her MIL made a miraculous turn around with it and it really improved the quality of her life while she was still here. The doctors are saying the same thing, that mom wont believe how much better she feels once she has healed from the broken ribs.

Bug...those heron pictures are *amazing*...What a regal bird and how cool that you were able to capture his pic. :-) BTW, your "end of July" pics are just beautiful! Thanks for the links to the eye candy! :-)

(((Marian))) & (((Honey))) I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your friends.

Marian you had asked if you and my mom were about the same age? Actually, I think you are quite a bit younger than my mom; she is least you *seem* younger to me! :-) *I* think you are a very strong woman! So sorry to hear about the loss of your much admired friend. Mom has often talked about how hard it is as you get older and start losing your friends. I remember Pauls grandma talking about that too. I guess it kind of makes the circle start feeling smaller, at least thats how I imagine it and how it kind of feels from my own experience. But I guess thats why it so important to enjoy the people we love while they are here and it sounds like you really enjoyed and appreciated your friend. He sounds like a lovely man and I can tell you were very fond of him. Im glad his funeral was so nice and that it brought you some comfort. Listening to music he enjoyed and talking about and remembering what made him special in your life...somehow that helps too....doesnt it? Im just sorry that you are going through it - that anyone has to go through it, its such a hard part of "life".... BTW, I got a kick out of the image of mayhem at "tub time" and Tims "naked baby alert"...LOL! Fun times! :-)

Michelle, meant to tell you how much I enjoyed talking to you and Rick on our rides while you were here. I find farm life fascinating and it was fun to read your post today about the corn. I feel bad though for farmers, it sure isnt easy to make a living that way anymore (if it ever was). And was surprised when you said Rick has a "regular job" too. I imagine for farmers, it *has* to be more than the money, it must be a true and real love of the land and the work, that keeps them plugging along. I feel a lot of gratitude and admiration for *all* farmers.

Speaking of which, I would love it if Barb would come peek in. I sure do miss her and her great sense of humor!

It was great hearing from you Chelone. I always enjoy your posts so much...wish that life could be a little easier on you. I can "hear" the pain and worry in your voice about mom and want you to know how much I admire your courage and surely isnt easy some times. Wonderful to hear about your garden...your oriental lilies havent bloomed yet? Mine have all come and most have gone by now. I *love* oriental favorite lily, but then I *am* a "scent hound"...LOL!

Honey, Im so sorry about the loss of your friend too. She sounds like a wonderful person - a much loved and admired friend. I feel so sad about it for you and can imagine how heartbreaking it was...her not wanting friends to come see her. In a way, I guess I can understand her feelings and could imagine myself maybe feeling the same way. She thought she was saving her much loved friends the painfulness of watching her go, not realizing the pain you would be feeling anyway, not to being able to see her and to comfort her in any way that you could. I guess we forget *that* sometimes - that the comfort someone gives to us is a gift to them, as well as to us. And I guess the heartbreaking truth of it is that we cannot escape the pain, whether it is watching those we love leaving us or the sadness of them no longer being here. Im so sorry! Im glad you had such a wonderful friend to share in this life with you really is a gift. BTW...your tan came from a tube? I would have *never* looked *very* natural. I have tried those products before, but they always look orange on me, so I gave up. Obviously I just didnt buy the right one! :-) BTW, was drooling over all your plant scores. Taking in Sues good advice about "shrubs in the garden"...Im hoping to squeeze in some time this week to see if there are any good shrubs on sale here. I want *everything* that Rich from Fox Willow has...LOL! I was kind of disappointed that we didn't have a chance to "buy" while we were there. Oh well, unfortunately most of his plants were probably over my budget and he is so far away. I hope Ill find some happy surprises locally, like you did.

I really liked your quote T! I guess it's like you say... its not so much how many or how few friends you have, but that you have had the gift of a *true* friend that really matters...

Cant wait till Deanne & Babs get back (though not rushing your vacation Babs)...LOL. Hope you are having a wonderful time!

Mary thanks for all your kind words about mom. Life sure hasnt been easy these last few years, but I guess it is as Chelone get through it because there is no other choice. Im just tickled that mom got through the surgery so well and if it gives her a few more years here with me...Ill take them with joy and gratefulness! :-) BTW, I have never tried Ethiopian food (will have to see if we have any Ethiopian restaurants here). What is it like? Are their spices similar to East Indian? I too love this time of year when all the Farmers Markets are bountiful with fresh fruits and veggies. I go to one almost every Weds. There are three others that I try to make it to on Mon.; one on Friday; and one on Saturday. Even if I dont buy much, I just love to wander around and take in the sights and scents! At the one on Weds. there is an Amish man who grows the most *beautiful*, *perfect* looking and absolutely *delicious* tomatoes, which he says he grows organically. Ive been sneakily trying to get the secrets out of him...LOL! My tomatoes are just starting to take on some size, but it will probably be late August before most are ready for harvesting. That seems late to me...seems like last year I was already harvesting tomatoes in July. Of course, most of the ones Im growing this year are new to me, so maybe they are just "late growers". Anyway, I always love to hear about your day to the way you describe it. Your days always bring back such wonderful memories to me of long and lazy summers. Whats more, I can always "hear" in your voice that these special moments never escape your notice and appreciation...thats a wonderful thing! :-)

Sue, yes, my moms got a lot of spunk when it comes to handling her own illness and pain. All the doctors and nurses at the hospital have remarked about what an amazingly strong and tolerant patient she has been! :-) Im so sorry about your friend...I guess *none* of can leave this world without experiencing loss, can we? But its so great that you are in a place now where you can remember all your friends good qualities and laugh about her foibles. Its a testament to a true friendship, when it isnt just all the good things that make you love your friends, but even the not so good things too! :-) BTW, thanks for the commiseration on the late July and August garden and I appreciated your advice too! Funny, cause I was kind of thinking in those terms; to get rid of a few more perennials and make room for more woody plants; shrubs in particular. I think you are right...they would go a long way in making my garden look a little less messy. Oh, and not putting in a panic, but do you have any West Nile issues where you live? I know a few years ago when we were having some issues about it out here, authorities were asking people to call to turn in any dead blue jays, blackbirds, mourning doves, etc. (bigger birds in particular) that appeared to have died without showing outward signs of injury. They wanted them for testing so that they could determine whether the birds had been infected by mosquitos. Oh! Just saw Taryns post.

Taryn sorry to hear Glenns still in pain, I hope he can get some relief soon. *I* didnt realize you were from England originally! I detected a *slight* accent when you were here, but I thought maybe it was Canadian! :-) Like Sue, Im still having a hard time adjusting to IU3 being over too. It already seems like so long ago to me! :-(

Eden thanks for sharing your tips on Brug fertilizing....I didnt realize they were heavy feeders. When the season is over, what will you do with your brug? Im looking for advice as to how to overwinter...this is my first brug. Almost bought a banana the other day, thinking to overwinter in the ground like you and Sue do, but the prices havent come down as much as I thought they would so late in the season. If I find one on sale, Id like to know what you two did *exactly*.

Hi Cindy...hope you will be having cooler days soon too. Kind of laughed about your "weeding" while watering. I thought you were making a joke about *accidently* pulling weeds with the hose as you dragged it along...LOL! Guess I was just thinking of my own issues with "dragging the hose". I seem to manage to "prune" a plant or two by accidentally ripping off their tops with the hose sometimes...I hate when I do that...LOL! My hose has not been "rolled up" for the last week since it seems the pots need watering morning and night with this heat.

Well, I guess I should get outside and start watering the pots before it gets too hot and then go spend some time with mom. We were suppose to have rain tomorrow and then cooler weather, but looks like its all been pushed back a day; rain on Thursday and then cooler weather after that. Sure hope the weathermen are right! Have a wonderful day all! Ei

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll Hi Drema

I knew I would forget something I wanted to say....

Drema...what a scary thing! I'm so glad that you DS is okay...thank goodness! How awful that the other car didn't stop. Well, as you say the most important thing is that your DS is okay.

Thanks for the song! :-) Doesn't that song catch the essence of summer heat...and always comes to my mind too when it's so hot out! :-) LOL...I think we all want that tree! Weren't those cones *amazing*!

Hope you find the David Russell CD that you like best. My favorite is "Reflections of Spain".

Okay, now I best get out there and finish watering the pots...TTYL! Ei

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good morning everyone,

Well I should be watering and deadheading and picking up some of the horrific mess from the gardens not having been tended for a week but it just started raining and Im beyond discouraged with the amount of work that needs to be done. How did this happen in a week? It really must have been beyond hot here because most of my Oriental lilies are gone, the ligularia are done the cimicifuga are not far behind and many of the daylilies are also finishing up. Im just a bit bummed out to have left an abundant, flower filled garden to return to this huge mess. And the other fun surprise on my return is finding out that when Doug had his car inspected it turned out that the dratted vehicle needed $1,200 worth of work. Between that and the new tires we are approaching a couple grand. @@###$%*!!! Could you hear my screams from NH when I got that news?

The weather here is supposed to be in the high 90s today and approaching 100 by the end of the day tomorrow. The weather was pretty hot in CA but we didnt get any of those 110 degree temps while I was there just in the high 90s and one day was over 100. I think that weather is what is getting here right now.

My class went really well and I enjoyed my stay with my California Girls. They are such a lovely group of ladies and are some of the finest painters Ive ever had the pleasure to work with. All the students were really happy with their paintings and that is always a good thing. I was in a little town called Willets which is on Rt 101 between Santa Rosa and Eureka. I always find it interesting to see baby Redwood trees in peoples front yards. One home has four in a row and they are now in the 100 plus foot range and there is only about ten feet or so between the trees. I wonder every time I see them how long they will survive there before someone decides they have to come down.

(((((Honey)))))) (((((((Marian))))))) I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your friends.

Honey, I want to tell you how absolutely fabu you look in those IU3 pics. Youve really lost a lot of weight and it shows. ~~ Surprisingly, Doug isnt one little bit cranky at the moment. He really takes to the leisure life pretty well. Id be going stir crazy by now.

Taryn, glad to hear Glenn is doing better. I wish we all lived closer so we could help out with your move. You really do need to be careful not to hurt yourself. ~~ If anyone can get the city to fix those storm drains I know you can do it. I laughed at your squeaky wheel statement because I know youll be persistent and get that taken care of.

Bug, love the GBHeron pics! They are such an impressive bird and especially so when you see them on a familiar structure where you can really gauge their size. Ive got some pics I took several years ago when I had one on my dining room roof.

T. I know what you mean about feeling good about being organized. Right now my studio area is in a shambles and as a result I can hardly bring myself to go downstairs and work. I need to get some of your motivation and get some work done.

Michelle, sure hope you got some rain. Right now it is 80 degrees at 10:00AM and very humid. I feel your pain.

Cindy, LOL about the stinky laundry. Ive done that a time or two in my life and hate it. You might have to run it through the wash cycle a couple times before the smell comes out but it shouldnt hurt your gardening uniforms. Im lucky and it looks as if most of my containers made it through my absence in good shape. Im going to give MJs son an extra $20.00 for doing such a great job. He had to ride his bicycle her and back to do it and I know between the bicycling and couple of hours of watering in the heat he must have been pretty tired when the week was finished.

Eileen, so sorry about your Mom and I sure hope she continues to do well. I think of you and family often. I love the photos of your home and surely wish Id been there to see your beautiful home and gardens.

Chelone, thank you for checking in. Im so sorry for your situation and cant even imagine how difficult things are for you. Please know we are all here thinking of you so there are always friends here to listen.

OK the sun just came out and Id better get watering before the containers fry. Have a great day everyone.


PS Speaking of dishwashers, you aren't even going to believ this, mine seems to have bitten the dust and won't drain. I'm hoping there is something Doug can do to fix it as I just spent any extra $$$ on his car. Arrgh! Always something isn't it?

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hi Deanne....Welcome Home! :-)

Can't stay, off to see mom now, but wanted to post this for Drema and all you other "hotties"! :-)

The Lovin' Spoonful - Summer in the City

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Been down, isn't it a pity
Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city

All around, people looking half dead
Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head


But at night it's a different world
Go out and find a girl
Come-on come-on and dance all night
Despite the heat it'll be alright
And babe, don't you know it's a pity
That the days can't be like the nights
In the summer, in the city
In the summer, in the city...

Cool town, evening in the city
Dressing so fine and looking so pretty
Cool cat, looking for a kitty
Gonna look in every corner of the city
Till I'm wheezing like a bus stop
Running up the stairs, gonna meet you on the rooftop

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Been down, isn't it a pity
Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city

All around, people looking half dead
Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head

But at night it's a different world
Go out and find a girl
Come-on come-on and dance all night
Despite the heat it'll be alright
And babe, don't you know it's a pity
That the days can't be like the nights
In the summer, in the city
In the summer, in the city...

Have a great day all! Ei

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

I'm singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again
I'm laughing at clouds
So dark up above
The sun's in my heart
And I'm ready for love
Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain
I've a smile on my face
I walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just singin',
Singin' in the rain

Dancin' in the rain
Dee-ah dee-ah dee-ah
Dee-ah dee-ah dee-ah
I'm happy again!
I'm singin' and dancin' in the rain!

Anyway we are finally getting some decent rain. I looked back and the last significant rain was June 20 and that was only .9". We had several spurts in July but only amounted to about " total. This morning we had .7" with more predicted. In fact get this we are now in a flash flood warning with a possibility of 4-6". Talk about going from one extreme to the other, but we are pleased. It wont be a bumper crop but this will sure help. I could see my gardens smiling when I went to check the rain guage. Another bonus is that we are only supposed to get to 80 today and for the next week versus the 101 that we hit yesterday. Sorry but Im sending that hot weather east.

Ei, I always tease Rick that gardening is my hobby and farming is his. I meant to tell you that Ricks dad had a pacemaker put in when he was in his early 80s and really did quite well afterwards. He was almost 86 when he died. He actually died in an accident and not from health issues. He worked on the farm up to the day he died. I hope that it goes as well for your mom.

((Marian)) sorry for the loss of your friend. I think that must be a difficult part of growing older, losing your friends one by one. My mom lost a very good friend (her quilting buddy) this week. She was only 63. They just found her dead.

Taryn, I hope that you and Glenn are physically up to moving in a week. Do you have most of the packing done?

Sue, Ive added 6 shrubs to the sun areas this year and have several more in the pot ghetto. Several perennials had to go to make room for them. I am eliminating anything that doesnt perform well thats in the way. Just part of the ever-changing garden.

At the moment our icemaker seems to be on the fritz. I took all the food out of the freezer and shut it off. That has helped in the past. I think ice builds up in the line.

Deanne, good to have you back. You need to schedule those California seminars during the winter when it would be a treat to be there. Bummer about the car and dishwasher. Ricks root canal will cost almost as much as Dougs car repair. Fortunately the dental insurance pays . Hopefully the cool weather that has just started here will come your way.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

  • Posted by taryn S Ontario Z6B (My Page) on
    Tue, Aug 1, 06 at 14:31

Michelle, I certainly hope so! No, I have tons of packing to do, but most of the breakable fiddly stuff is packed.

Thanks all for your continued support. We made the local paper yesterday, see link below. I just emailed it and my photos to our city Councellor, squeak, squeak, squeak...They are predicting thunderstorms tomorrow and I'm very nervous about that.

It is sooooo unbearably hot! I had to go out and get two futons (great deal, $100CAD for doubles) and the freon in the Aerostar is gone. The guy loaded them in for me, and they can stay there until we move now, but I'm still melting. It is 36C right now, 97F, but with the humidity it feels like 46C or 115F. I'm not leaving the house again until we step into the air conditioned Kia to go see the new place one last time.

The cats have the right idea! Note the can of cat deterrent on the trunk, lol, works great! NOT! If they claw our new couch they're going to be violin strings, lol!

Stay cool everyone...


Here is a link that might be useful: Rain turns street corner into swimming pool

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Oh heavens the Idylls have either melted or evaporated!!! I hope everyone has been able to keep relatively comfortable during these horribly hot & humid days. I watched the news tonight and it looks like most of the country is baking.

Drema, I hope your son is feeling okay and not too sore after his accident.

Michelle, I hope you got enough rain to wet things down nicely.

Ei, hope your mother continues to improve.

DD had her appointment to monitor the babies this morning. They are looking for 3 movements, by each baby, within a 15 minute time frame. Both babies seem to be doing fine. She has been having some increased back pain since last night but no contractions so far as I know. When we were there on Sunday, she stood for about 4 or 5 minutes and her feet turned a dark purple....the babies' weight is impeding her circulation when she stands so she is spending more time reclining on the sofa with pillows supporting her belly. Poor thing! She'll see the doctor on Thursday so we'll know more after that appointment.

Deanne, glad you made it home safely. Sorry about the car repairs & the state of your gardens......that is the way life seems to go, isn't it?

Sue, I saved your note about wishing you had more shrubs in your garden (that isn't exactly what you said--but I'm too lazy to go look it up). I will need to sit down this fall & winter to draw up what plants I'd like to get as my first purchases come spring. It seems like it will be an overwhelming task....I look forward to it and also dread it.

Well, guess that is it from here...I uploaded some photos to share re: Country Bumpkins but haven't had the energy to write up a story to go with them. Perhaps tomorrow...

Take care....stay as cool as possible.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Morning all, jeesh, I got home and everyone went away. What's with that?

I think I'm melting, it is 87.6 degrees out at 8:30AM. The temps are supposed to get up to 102 this afternoon. I spend a good deal of the day yesterday keeping things watered and did the lawn after dark last night to cut down on evaporation. Hopefully it will keep stuff from cooking too badly.

MJ's DS did a fantastic job of keeping things watered here and I'm so pleased that all the containers are looking good even though it was in the 90's last week. It is just the borders that are in a mess. I did a small amount of deadheading yesterday but at 99 degrees out I couldn't stay out too long. I'm feeling like I should do a Sue and just start chopping stuff out and replacing with things that don't need so much maintenance. LOL There is something not quite right with having a garden that I can't get away from for a week.

T. glad to hear the babies are doing fine but boy do I ever feel bad for your DD!!!! I was preggers in the summer and it wasn't one little bit fun and I didn't carry twins. I sure hope she delivers soon and that all goes well.

Taryn, lol about the kitties. Mine are doing the same thing although I'm having a bit of a hard time getting Luke in the house even though it is so darned hot. As soon as he gets in the house he thinks its cooled off so he should be going back out. They do the same in the winter and when it's raining.

Michelle, so glad to hear you are getting some rain. The only problem with scheduling the CA seminars in the winter is that half the students are school teachers and they only can take a four day class in the sumer time so I'm stuck with the summer seminars. ~~ I'm tempted not to go again next year but it is a nice chunk of change and pays for my trips to the nurseries. The old if you want to play you have to pay thing. LOL ~~ Oh yes, I feel your pain about Rick's root canal. I've got to have another crown put on next month and that is going to be another grand out the door. Arrrgghh!!!!

OK I've got to finish watering the containers in the back yard and get to the gym. Here is a bit of color for the day. This is one of those hay racks I've got on the fence. You can't even see the fence anymore. What a kick! I wish everything looked as good as this does.

Have a great day all,

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Not too comfortable here, Teresa! But better is in the forecast...:-)

Here is a link in keeping with the title of this Idyll:

Here is a link that might be useful: link

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

uh oh......the Idylls seems to be broken. :o/

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Oh good.....not broken after all! ;o)

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hi, I have been 'working' with my camera and the uploader. Here is all I can come up with...:-)

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

These have escaped the drought and varmints!


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Wow Marian, what lush and lovely containers you have on your deck. This new camera does nice, clear photos! It is fun to see your plantings!


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Greetings, (((((sad Idyller's))) and pass the lemonade! It's literally feet-scorching on the grass here .....

Decided to take this week completely and totally off for vacation and have enjoyed a few early hours each morning in the gardens. Rest of the time has been spent reading and designing. Then remembered IU3 just happened and snuck a peek at the pics. How Much Fun Can One Group Have!!! Just looking brought happiness and relaxation.

I've managed to keep up with everyone's major events. Here's hoping that you all know I think of everyone often, and miss the daily comradery.

Life is getting a bit more balanced, but I'm still doing at least 1,000 miles a week for work. It's draining but the people I'm meeting make it all worthwhile. Who can complain about working where people come to spend vacation time? Where country bumpkins reign and reinforce my belief that anyone who can keep a business open in rural counties is just plain smart? Where you go into a store once and they remember how you like your coffee the next time? Where even though I wear business clothes they see through the shell and accept me as a part of their economic community? I'm so grateful.

Enough waxing philosophic .....

The gardens are growing gangbusters with a bit of supplemental watering. Some of the blank spaces are beginning to fill in, and annuals have helped decide what perennials will/should go into certain spots. Still considering two focal areas that need something substantial, and will post pics looking for help when a camera is available. (The replacement one was dropped into a drainage ditch at Rich's jobsite. He is no longer allowed to use a digital :-)

Being one of the "new kids" in this group on a now sporadic basis and feeling absolutely welcome anytime just reinforces what Sue said about this group. ANYONE OF YOU would be welcome at my house anytime, as long as you're willing to take a garden walk and recommend, recommend, recommend :-)

Best to everybody in Idyllland ....


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

We ended up with a total of 3.2" of rain. Some did come with a fair amount of wind, so hopefully the corn isnt leaning. Then the wind died and it kept raining so I think that things did get a good soaking. The ground was so dry that Im sure it soaked like a sponge. We had inch wide cracks in the ground.
Things are supposed to cool down for a bit here which is good news for our weekend camping trip. Although, yesterdays predicted high of 80 ended up to be 91.

T, your poor DD. Hopefully, it will be soon.

Marian, cute link about dirt roads. Probably quite true. Fantastic pictures of your deck garden.

Taryn, what a lovely sofa. I like the lounger at the one end. That would be my spot.

Deanne, I felt the same about my garden after I got back from IU3, but was surprised what a little weeding and deadheading did for it. Your hayrack is stunning. I really cant see that it is a hayrack, it looks like a full garden. I always have a hard time photographing my containers to show how they really look.

Martie, great to hear from you. We miss you. It sounds like you are having a relaxing week, how nice.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hi Everyone!

T- those babies are going to be here soon! I bet your daughter (and everyone else) can't wait. That is so exciting.

Martie, you sound so happy and relaxed. That's great, the way to be.

Taryn, I love your new sofa..Good deal!

Marian, wow you have some eye popping pictures there! Your containers are beautiful. It is surprising how fast they multiply, isn't it?

Deanne, good to see that you are back in town. Bummer on the $$ for teeth, but we do need them:)

I am going to post this link, or try to. It looks like so much fun...called Flower Camp. I also got an email from TravelZoo talking about a trip to Punta Cana for $499, all inclusive with airfare... I really need to sell another house.....


Here is a link that might be useful: Flower Camp

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hi Martie !

Thanks, gals....... I am watching the surprise lilies daily, and expecting them to be all nipped off . Three bit the dust last night. Apparently they are pretty nasty, because they were left laying on the ground...:-(, and :-),( sad because they were nipped, happy because they are nasty!) I have more coming up in differant locations, and they have been untouched so far.

When my "ship comes in" , I want a much larger deck, and a real plant room!

Wow, Michelle! 3.2 inches...what a blessing! There are Burn Ban signs out, along the highway. This is a new thing for this area.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hi everyone

Very big hugs to Marian and Honey for the loss of their close friends. I feel for both of you - losing a friend is never easy at any age. Both yours sounded special people indeed.

Mum arrived yesterday so I might be busy for a while. We're having a fabulous time despite the heat which is due to break tomorrow.

Great sofa Taryn!

Hi Martie!

T - glad the babies are doing well but your DD must be sooooooooooo uncomfy right now.

Welcome back Deanne!

best to all the Idylls


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

HOT and HUMID here still with power outages. :(

Hope everyone is hanging in there!

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

  • Posted by taryn S Ontario Z6B (My Page) on
    Wed, Aug 2, 06 at 16:28

Hi to all, I'm stalling when I should be packing...

Looks like Charlotte has the right idea too!

Marian great shots--Love all that colour!

Mary enjoy your visit with your Mum.

Deanne, love your colour-shot too! Don't over-exert in the heat trying to get it all up to snuff.

Hiya Martie! Wish you could visit more often, but so glad you pop in when you can...

T, your poor DD! Devin arrived 2 weeks late and I know it was about the longest two weeks of my life! Hope the babies make their appearance soon.

Glad you like the sofa ladies! I'm still tickled we got such a great deal on that! All we need for the new place now is a small tractor or really good riding mower. (And to win the lottery to pay for it, lol!)

Well wish us luck tonight. There is another severe thunderstorm warning! Hoping we stay high and dry this time...


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Still 89 F at almost quarter after 8-jeeesh! I went out to water thinking that would be a cool thing to do and couldn't whip through those pots fast enough so I could get back inside. Thanks a bunch, It looks like Charlotte has the right idea. After tomorrow it's over-more pleasant summer weather on tap for Friday.

Flower camp...hmmmm...never a shortage of things to do. Drema, I was in Punta Cana about 20 years ago at a Club Med. I remember it being fun but was single at the time. Alot of Caribbean islands can be pretty seedy unless you stay inside the resort but the resorts usually have everything you need.

Wow, Marian, it looks like you've got quite the lush jungle going on your deck. It looks great! The Elephant Ears look happy too. I planted some of the large green ones in the ground this year but they're getting shaded and crowded out by other plants so my plan this weekend is to move them either into more open space(if I can find any) or into a pot. Ei has some doing very well in a pot in full sun.

Welcome back Deanne! It's great that you were able to find a reliable watering hired hand. In this weather I just water to keep things alive.

Mary, enjoy your visit with mum.

Hi Martie! Enjoy your week off. Despite the travel it sounds like you're at least enjoying your job.

So Taryn, it's next week you're moving, right? Get packing! Great score on the sectional.

OK, dinner is almost ready and then I have bills to pay and a desk to clean.



RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hello friends! We're back from vacation - had a wonderful if warm time. We kept trying to turn on the ceiling fans, but with no electricity at the cabin, it never seemed to work. ;) And it was so dry there, there were twice-daily helicopter flyovers looking for forest fires. Monday night there was a lightening storm and nineteen small fires started in the district but they were quickly contained. But I never really unpacked my suitcase, you know?

Anyway, lots to catch up on, including laundry, so that's it for now. Later!


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Morning all,

Well, it is 82 degrees out at 7:00AM. I thought it was supposed to be cooler out today? Whats with this? There were some terrible storms last night at the coast and Hampton and Rye, NH still have quite a few roads closed from the downed trees and power lines. ~~ Doug has to go to the doctors today and hopefully hell be cleared to get off the crutches and drive again. Were hoping he takes the stitches out too. Doug says his foot feels pretty good this morning and thinks he could get a sneaker on it. Cross your fingers!

Martie!!! Horray, how great to hear from you! I miss your AM posts a lot.

Marian, what a lovely deck you have! It looks like a lush retreat. All your plants are so well tended and look healthy and happy. What a pretty spot. Do you ever sit out there? Those surprise lilies are so nice.

Welcome home V!!! Glad to hear you had a great time. Bummer it was so dry and hot for your vacation.

Sue, where oh where are you going to find room for those colocasioas???? Id like to see a pic of that when you do it. LOL

Bug, great shot of Charlotte. What a smart puppy!

Taryn, that is one great sectional. Good for you! ~~ Hope you made out OK with those thunderstorms.

Mary, how great your Mum is here! You have a terrific visit with her.

Drema, that Flower Camp looks like an interesting thing to do. I wonder if they having anything like that at a good botanical garden? Thanks for the link.

Michelle, here is a pic of that hayrack when I first planted it.

Here are a few of the containers yesterday.

Thank you Monique and Les! I bought this 'Billy Greene' fuchsia and put it together with the caladium after seeing their container last year. It looks even better when the pentas is covered with flowers and there is a lisianthus in there as well.

OK speaking of containers, Ive got to get them watered so I can take Doug to the Drs office by 8:30AM.

Have a great day all,

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good morning, again! Taking advantage of vaca week to stay in touch with friends.

Yes, I'm enjoying my job very much. Working primarily in the most rural county of Massachusetts definitely has it's perks, but also it's challenges. Next week when I get back we're launching a Martie-designed product for smaller companies who want to participate in TV advertising but can't afford a full schedule. Should be really fun to pitch something that can get folks excited without emptying their wallets.

On the home front, Rich is picking up day jobs here and there, but major renovation appears to be on hold in this area. He's beginning to talk about getting a "regular" job but loses all face color at the same time. He's just not cut out for an authoritative figure watching over his days (except me, of course :-) We'll hang in there as long as we can and hope that the Connecticut political climate and economy stabilizes sometime soon.

DS continues to be a gem and can't wait to get to Osaka. His keeper GF is still in the picture and couldn't be more encouraging to his dreams, and his to hers. Young love ..... What a joy to watch!!

As I said, gardens are filling in and most of the 2nd year perennials will be ready for dividing this fall. The plant designs are essentially done and I won't need to buy much more. Who the heck am I kidding???? LOL

Especially for Deanne and Marian: My coleus and fushia starts are flourishing. I think they know I have help to keep them alive this year. Containers really have come together as well. All winter sowns are growing by leaps and bounds and this week, in the heat, have expanded the seed area substantially.

Also took a major plunge and hired someone to do all the edging of the gardens. Had planned to use that $$ on sales this week but to quote the song "It's Too Darn Hot." Young landscape client does fabu work and he's really slow so it's win/win.

It's such fun to read about everyone's doings. Having been prego in the summer I feel for all "8th month moms" and hope they all have a bucket of ice in which to stick their feet.

Have also moved in the dead of summer and the only good part is the ability to get a way with sandwiches instead of something hot for helpers.

I'm so motivated by the pics and descriptions. The IU3 pics gave me pangs of "I wanna be there!!!!" Maybe some year ...

Hope that vacations are more fun than V's seems to have been, and that everyone stays safe. Check Yourselves for Ticks!!! As a Lyme Disease (twice) person it's worth the few minutes.

All the best -- Martie

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hey all.........
This is what greeted me when I looked out on the deck this morning:
Image Hosting by
I had already repotted a few things and set up the empty pot when I took this pic. Will it never end?????
I have repotted all remaining plants and cleaned up the mess. The caladiums was the one pot that the deer had not nipped off. It was 'coons that attacked them this time.
AH...the thrill of living in the boondocks!

Deanne, your pots are very lovely. May you never be plagued with 'coons and deer.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good morning Idylls!

Marian, what a heartbreaker that is to wake up to! Darn the wildlife that is so destructive!! Wouldn't it have been fun to have had one of those sprinklers with the electric eye, it would have been triggered by those dastardly coons and blasted them with a burst of cold water!!! :oD I keep thinking of buying one, but they are close to $70 and I've just not convinced myself that it would be a good purchase (expensive and do they really work as a deterent?) Knowing myself and my luck.....I'd be the one getting blasted with a shot of cold water. I can visualize it happening......thus one is not high on my list of things to buy. I am sad that this happened to you. Gardening where there is wildlife isn't for sissies!

DH had a rough day at work yesterday, ended up working over almost 2 hours. He was home, ate dinner, dozed in his chair until deciding to go to bed early (8:15--yep, he was exhausted). At 8:45 the phone rings and I jump to answer it so he isn't woke up. I'm thinking it is one of our daughters phoning......nope, it is his work and they need to talk with him. I wake him, he talks to them and gets up to go back to work to help fix something that broke down. He got back home after 2 this morning. I'm not sure if he will go back to work when he awakens or not. Poor guy....

DD has her doctor's appointment this afternoon, so we'll know a lot more about what is happening or will be happening.

I need another cup of coffee so will say 'bye for now....

Keep cool (if possible) and dry (Taryn!)

Hello to all (and welcome back V!)


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

  • Posted by taryn S Ontario Z6B (My Page) on
    Thu, Aug 3, 06 at 12:13

You won't believe this. The town we are moving to was hit by a tornado! I have a call in to the agent to see if he, the sellers and our house are okay, but don't know anything right now.

'Bug are you okay? Apparently it hit sections of Guelph too, not far from where 'Bug lives. I've more than had enough of the natural disasters lately. Oh, and we're under a tornado watch here too. Just a little too much excitement for me...


Here is a link that might be useful: Ontario storms

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Oh my, Taryn! Our drought and critter woes pale in comparison with that ! I do hope your new house is okay.

Teresa, I have never been a sissy , but 'you' know where my strength comes from. :-)
If I had cayenne pepper I would sprinkle it around the base of my potted plants,but I don't have any. Maybe I can make a spray with hot pepper sauce?

Where in the world is everyone?????????


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Things are fine here! Last night we had the most incredible lightning and clouds ever, but no RAIN. Finally buckets of water came down and the air actually moved a bit. We were out of power for about 2 1/2 hours only. This morning it has been about 70F which is heavenly compared to before, but it is still very very humid.

I spent the morning first removing tent caterpillars from a witchhazel, then weeding huge weeds from around my compost heep, then walking the dog, and now scanning photos of DD as a child for the wedding event. I'm trying to only have about 50, but there are about a zillion to choose from. It is very time consuming and I need to retouch and resize them in Photoshop first. For a good cause though!

Lynnflower phoned and will come visit next week so we can plan the wedding flowers. Thank goodness I have a friend who knows what she's doing!

I need to go lose 40 pounds in the next month. LOL...This hasn't been the weather for treadmill use lately.

The garden looks pretty sad, not because of deer thank goodness, but everything is lying flat on the ground: hollyhocks, phlox, etc. The weeds of course are straight and tall!

My fingers are crossed for Taryn!!!

everything's fine

  • Posted by taryn S Ontario Z6B (My Page) on
    Thu, Aug 3, 06 at 13:06

Thanks Marian. Sorry about your pots. Yes, it's quiet here...

Just talked to the agent and the house is fine. Phew! Also called Marie and she had some wicked weather and lost power for a while yesterday, but is fine as well.

Okay, can pack knowing we have somewhere to move now. At least until we have to hide in the basement if a tornado heads this way...


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good heavens!!! Thankfully 'bug and Taryn are okay...hopefully Woody is, also. What very odd weather everyone is having this year (or so it seems).

Sunny and clear here today. DH doesn't have to go back into work today so is putting new front brakes on one of our vehicles. I'm staying indoors, waiting for DD to phone with the report on what is happening or is planned. I'm not good at quietly waiting. ;o)

Marian......yep, I know. :oD

Deanne, hope the word from the doctor is what you and Doug are wishing to hear.

'bug, 40# glad you are sound very busy.

Mary, how wonderful that your mum is there! I know you'll be enjoying your time with her.

Well......DD called......and she's got another appt. on Saturday. Nothing 'expected' to happen between now and then. I could have attended IU3. arugh!

Okay, better go and get some things done around here before it gets too warm to want to do them. (Our temps don't compare to what you are going through -- all of you --but I still wimp out when it gets in the mid 80's).

Take care...

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Its a beautiful day here and I have the day off. Whoo hoo! I am supposed to be getting ready for the camping trip. Rick and I are going to eat out tonight for our 10th anniversary which is today. We will stay at the campground tonight but most won't show up until tomorrow. So I am supposed to have things ready when he gets home from work.

Taryn and 'bug, glad to hear that you are safe and that Taryn's new house is safe as well.

Marian, that is just the pits. Is there any way to keep them off your deck?

Mary, enjoy your time with your mum.

Deanne, each of your containers is just stunning. Billy Greene does look great with the caladium. I did get a few more white caladiums out of the Sam's batch, but they were much slower to surface. Good grief its August and they are just getting going. I probably won't buy them again.

I must get packing.

Have a great weekend.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Happy Anniversary Michelle and Rick!!!

Image Hosting by

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Behind every cloud is a silver lining...Look at what I just captured on a bloom of the Agastache ( Thanks Taryn for the seeds). :-)
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Michelle and Rick....

Image Hosting by

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Well this is MUCH BETTER! Nights below 60F and days in the low 80s. Low humidity and clear sunny skies. I suspect the dampness in the ground will vanish quickly enough, so the only worry is that there is no rain on the horizon for the next week. At least my rain barrels are all full!
Marian, you have a wonderful deck! I'm trying to think of a way to keep the coons away, but usually we are just one step behind the clever creatures. Here they love to get into the pet rabbit food can. I think we finally solved that one this year. Chipmunks have gotten into my plant containers and wow, are they destructive too!

So nice to have you on vacation Marty and hear your updates!

Deanne, I imagine you are catching up on the home front still. It is amazing how hard it is to get away for a week and then to return to clean up the pieces! Your containers are looking magnificent at this time, so filled out! I hope Doug is managing well now. At least he takes it all "in stride" (pun intended).

Boy Taryn, am I glad that things are progressing OK with the house! So glad you are arraging the insurance on the new place NOW! Looks like the kids will be able to play outside this week at least! Hope Glenn is recovering. The trouble with backs is they take so long to recover and then the smallest thing can cause a setback.

Well last night DH helped me organize DD's photos of her youth and so they are now all sent off to Alberta for the kids to deal with. I tried to keep it down (under 2000 LOL) but still ended up with about 80 photos. There would have been more if I could locate them!

This house is a disaster, so now that the heat wave has ended I'd best get some of it cleaned up and at least livable!

Have a great Friday!

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope everyone is little cooler today...looks like the heat wave is making its way out for most of us. We will be in the upper 80's this week-end, but that's sort of normal for August and it will be cooler next week.

Anyway, Mom came home Wednesday and I've been staying at DS's house to help out. DS will be going back to work next week and I was hoping to have mom stay here, but the beds are too high here and she couldn't get herself up on them w/o causing pain in her ribs, so she wants to sleep in her own bed. Anyway, next week I will be there for the week, so I don't know how much I'll be able to peek in here. The computer is still acting up, but as it turned out, part of the problem *was* my server...the box had gone bad. A new computer will be in the future.

Deanne, your pots are stunning! I love all your color combinations and that fuchsia/caladium/pentas combo is just gorgeous! My two hayrack containers have gone kaput with the heat, but thats okay I will rip out what looks bad and add some stuff for fall interest.

Sue Funny you mention my green E.E. I measured one of the leaves yesterday....would you believe one is over 3 feet long?!? I think Im going to use the leaves to make a "leaf fountain". Problem is I dont know where Im going to put the fountain once I make it (our only outside outlets are at the front porch or in the garage). I dont think DH would be thrilled to have extension cords running across the porch or across the walkways...oh well, Ill figure something out. BTW, I know someone was asking for the recipe for the cement mix. I thought I posted it here before, but if whoever wanted it doesnt have it, just let me know and I can post it again.

Hi V! Welcome Home! Hope you had a nice, relaxing vacation.

Marian I was so bummed to see the pots that had been knocked over and plants strewn about it must be so frustrating...glad you were able to salvage most. Those darn raccoons they really are pests! Your pictures are just beautiful; the color vibrant and the images so must be tickled with the new camera. I love, love, love that deck your own mini escape to a tropical island....just beautiful and so lush looking! BTW Marian...loved your anniversary card for Michelle! What dramatic coloring with the plum foliage against the black butterfly (how nice of him to cooperate...LOL!). I was thinking how much Da would love that pic too! :-)

Wow Taryn...does it seem real many days now before you are in your *new* *house* exciting! I know you must be pooped, but at least its a happy pooped, right? :-) BTW, I sent you a little email yesterday, though Im sure with all the busyness at your house right now you probably havent had a chance to look at email. Anyway, nothing important, just a little thank you!

Mary...hope you and your mum are having a wonderful visit. How nice that she is able to come in to see you.

Well, I need to get ready to take mom to the doc for a follow up, but she is doing much better than I imagined and I am just so happy for her. You know, she has already commented that she feels more "alert" with the pacemaker! Could be her imagination, but I dont care, Im just thrilled to see her feeling so good. Another exciting bit of news, while at the hospital, I talked mom into getting one of those medic alert necklaces (where she pushes the button in an emergency and then they can call me or if they cant reach me they call 911). It will bring us all peace of mind and mom is very agreeable about wearing it. The service comes next week to install the equipment.

Anyway, need to go now, just wanted to say "Hi" and "Hi to all I missed". Hope you have a lovely day.

Heres a few cool thoughts for all enjoying it right now and hopefully will bring some cool to all those who need it...

John Denver - Cool an' green an' shady

Saturday's, holidays, easy afternoon
Lazy days, summer days, nothing much to do
Rainy days are better days, for hanging out inside
Rainy days and city ways make me want to hide
Someplace cool and green and shady.
Find yourself a piece of grassy ground
Lay down, close your eyes
Find yourself and maybe lose yourself
While your free spirit flies
(musical interlude)
August skies, lullabys, promises to keep
Dandelions and twisting vines, Clover at your feet
Memories of Aspen leaves, trembling on the wind
Honeybees and fantasies
Where to start again
Someplace cool and green and shady
Cool and green and shady
Cool and green and shady
Cool and green and shady
Cool and green and shady

Paul Davis - Cool night
I sometimes wonder why
All the flowers have to die
I dream about you
And now -- Summer's come and gone
And the nights they seem so long
Come on over tonight
Come on over

It's gonna be a cool night
Just let me hold you by the firelight
If it don't feel right you can go

Oh-- when the cool night brings back memories
Of a good life when this love was not so old
Oh-- I won't talk about the past
How love's supposed to last forever
And you -- Don't have to take a stand
Lay out any plans
Come on over tonight
Come on over
It's gonna be a cool night
Just let me hold you by the firelight
If it don't feel right you can go

Seals & Croft - Summer breeze
See the curtains hanging in the window
In the evening on a Friday night
A little light a-shining through the window
Lets me know everythings alright

Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
See the paper lying on the sidewalk
A little music from the house next door
So I walk on up to the door step
Through the screen and across the floor

Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind

Sweet days of summer, the jasmine's in bloom
July is dressed up and playing her tune
When I come home from a hard days work
And you're waiting there, not a care in the world
See the smile a-waiting in the kitchen
Food cooking and the plates for two
Feel the arms that reach out to hold me
In the evening when the day is through
Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind

Frank Sinatra - Summer wind
The summer wind, came blowin' in - from across the sea
It lingered there, so warm and fair - to walk with me
All summer long, we sang a song - and strolled on golden sand
Two sweethearts, and the summer wind
Like painted kites, those days and nights - went flyin' by
The world was new, beneath a blue - umbrella sky
Then softer than, a piper man - one day it called to you
And I lost you, to the summer wind
The autumn wind, and the winter wind - have come and gone
And still the days, those lonely days - go on and on
And guess who sighs his lullabies - through nights that never end
My fickle friend, the summer wind

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good morning all,

Well finally some relief from this horribly hot weather. We woke up this AM to temps in the high 60s instead of mid 80s. In fact, today is supposed to top out in the mid 80s instead of starting there. What a relief. Remind me of this the next time I complain of being cold. There have been horrible thunder storms around here lately. In the last two days some areas have been hit hard with many large trees and power lines down. We havent had so much as a pick of rain here though until this AM and it is just sprinkling. I dont ever remember a summer where there have been so many severe storms in New England.

Doug is now off the crutches but has to wear that removable cast he had on last winter when he was trying to get that sore on his toe healed up. He can drive again, WOOHOO, and get around so things are improving. He has to take it easy for another couple weeks though. There will be no long distance bicycling for us anytime soon. Id hoped to be able to do a 50 miler down on the Cape in September but it doesnt look like well be in shape for that. I havent been on my bicycle since I did that 40 mile ride a few weeks ago. I had to get ready for that trip and then it was too hot when I got home to do any cycling. Oh well, it will get cold soon enough.

OK plant question for all you plant gurus here. Have you ever had any kind of black spot kind of thing on your cimicifugas? I have one clump that emerges fine but as the season emerges the foliage blackens and dies off. Im thinking Im going to have to dig the clump out and forget trying to grow them in that location. I wonder if I dig all the soil out and replace it if I could replant them there. Ive never had a problem like that before so Im really disappointed to have a problem with what is normally an easy plant for me.

I also had a strange thing going on with a couple of my daylilies in the driveway garden. They threw up tons of scapes then the buds just dried up and fell off for some reason. I cant figure that one out either. None of the plants in the back had the problem just the driveway.

Marian, that is a lovely photograph of that swallowtail butterfly! I have that coleus that is in the foreground of that pic too and it has done really well for me this year. ~~ I was horrified when I opened the thread this AM and saw that photo of what the da - - ed raccoons did to your plants on your deck. That is simply awful! Im so sorry you have such a horrible problem with all those critters.

Michelle, I hear you about the caladium from Sams Club. Only a few of mine have reached any significant size and they have been a total disappointment. Most of the ones you see in my containers including the ones in that arrangement with the Billy Greene are from Loews. Next year Ill plan on buying what I need at the nurseries in the spring. Ive got enough to do with all the coleus and fuchsia etc. that I dont need to be spending time starting things that just dont do well.

Bug, 40 pounds!? Yea, right! LOL I wish. Ive got a wedding to go to the end of this month and Id dearly love to drop five pounds or so before then but that seems to be as much of an insurmountable goal as your 40 to me right now. ~~ LOL 'in stride'. You bet, Doug has been really good about following the Dr's orders this time around.

Taryn, Glad to hear all is well.

Martie, such a treat to have one of your morning posts to enjoy. So happy to hear you are enjoying the job. ~~ I ran into our contractor who did the addition for us in 2000 and he said business for him has been really bad this year too. He is just doing kitchens and bathrooms but no large additions, so major renovations are on hold here as well. I think people are just nervous to spend large dollar amounts on anything right now. ~~ Great to hear your coleus and fuchsia are doing well. Are you going to try to winter them over this year?

So here is another container that Im pretty happy with right now. The abutilons in this pot are covered with flowers at the moment and I seriously love these plants, so pretty. It is looking like my Plectranthus Vanilla Twist is going to make it. There was a time this spring where it looked like Id lose it and that would have been a huge disappointment after keeping it going all winter. I do have to say that the P. Lemon Twist is much more vigorous than the Vanilla Twist. I have to keep pinching out the Lemon Twist to keep it in bounds and Ive got it in quite a few areas this year. Its a great plant.

OK have a great day everyone! Ive got to get my sorry self to the gym. (I havent been since before I left for CA so its probably going to be ugly. LOL)

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll - Michelle & Marty!

OOPS! Meant to wish Michelle & Rick a Happy Anniversary!

And also wanted to say "Hi Marty!" It was great hearing from you. So glad you are enjoying your work and your garden. :-) Yes, young love is so fun to watch; isn't it? :-) Glad to hear all are happy and having a wonderful summer...


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll


As others have said, the hot nasty weather is on the outs. It's still humid here but only supposed to get to 85 F today instead of the 99 F and 100 F we had the last two days.

Happy Anniversary Michelle and Rick! I knew that was something else we had close in common, ours is tomorrow-17 wonderful

Marian, those racoons are real stinkers, aren't they? We have them around here but you rarely see them-same with skunks thank goodness. Were you able to salvage everything?

Ei, glad to hear you mom is on the mend. I beginning to worry about mine-she's only 72 but has been falling apart for years. Lately I seem to be hearing about more and more people who have parents living with them-usually their mothers. Men don't seem to outlive their bodies as much. I think you should do a whole message thread on how to make the cement leaves-complete with photo, like you don't have enough to do. The ones you made are some of the best I've seen.

Is anyone else having a hard time getting their Brugs to flower this year? Even the Charles Grimaldi that I wintered over and is huge has yet to send out one measly flower. Deanne, that one you gave me from a Mary cutting has just opened it's first flower. I could have sworn that they were all flowering at this time last year.

Deanne, the containers look great. I tried to take some pictures of mine the other night and the pictures came out crappy. I'm still mot pinching things enough, I guess because some of the plants are getting really overgrown. There seems to be a fine line between lush and

OK, I have statements to work on here. My boss has been taking Fridays off for the summer so it's the one day a week I can be assured of peace and quiet.

Stay cool wherever you are.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Whoops, I forgot to wish Michelle and Rick a Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you had a great day.

So Sue, my 'Charles Grimaldi' has been blooming for a few weeks now but that and the white one you gave me last fall are the only ones. My peach one and the varietaged one from Mary haven't yet bloomed. I'm suspicious that it has to do with the very cold wet spring. They've all set buds since the weather turned hot.

Most of my dahlias now have the worst case of powdery mildew I've ever seen on them. I planted them with lots of air space around them and did all the recommended things but they still have succumbed. A few in the containers I've cut right back to the soil level and will probably dig them out and replace with something for fall. What a pain. I'm rethinking my love affair with dahlias. This summer many things including the phlox have the absolute worst case of mildew I"ve eve seen. Must be the heat? I'm thinking now that if it gets mildew it is going to be outta here! LOL time to shovel prune a few things.

OK I'd wanted to get this up sooner so you could see it next to the first one to compare but Oh well, I was distracted by watering some containers. Here is the back side of that orange container showing the 'Sedona' which you can't see in the first photograph.

Now I'm really off to the gym,

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good morning! Can you see my smile? I have my new car! It's wonderful!!! You should have heard me last night when I had the radio on and found out that it tells me what's playing - artist and song title! How cool is that? Okay, I'm easily amused... But it drives so nice and is soooo quiet and easy to handle - no more UAV for me! The car is a chocolate brown Mercury Mariner hybrid, which is a small SUV. I haven't given it a nickname yet. So we are officially a two-hybrid family.

Enough gloating. Like Ei said, the weather is easing here a bit and becoming more like a normal August. We had a fair amount of rain yesterday which was great for the gardens. I will be up to my eyeballs in tomatoes in a few weeks; I can't believe how huge those plants have gotten and how covered in tomatoes they are. I think I will have to plan to cook and freeze some spaghetti sauce next month.

I think my DD and her future roommate should get along well with each other. They have made plans to meet this Sunday - now stop and think for a moment of all the possible places two eighteen year old girls could go to meet. These two decided on an outdoor concert by Yo-Yo Ma and the Chicago Symphony. Gosh, I just wish I could go along!

Deanne, it sounds like your cimi may be plagued by a fungus. If you dig it up, I think you should then try and treat the soil all around the area with a fungicide and wait until spring to replant. I had a nasty fungus a few years ago that killed an Echinacea pallida, and I dug it as thoroughly as I could, drenched the area with Safer fungicide and then let it sit until the next spring. I haven't had a problem since then, happily.

So nice to see recent posts from Martie and Chelone! Martie, it sounds like you really enjoy your job. Chelone, one of these days you need to join us for an idyllunion. You've got a handful for right now, and I hope you do remember to take care of yourself as well.

Honey, so sorry to hear about your friend. I know this will be a hard one for you and I will be keeping you, your friend and her family in my prayers.

Marian, you should have heard me gasp when I saw the photo of the destruction on your deck. Wildlife is a constant challenge for many of us, and it seems like as fast as you deal with one issue, ten more pop up. I had a very impolite conversation with a young buck when I got home last night; he just doesn't need to be hanging out in my yard. I did love your swallowtail photo though!

Mary, congrats on the job! Enjoy your mom's visit.

T, I have sympathy for your daughter. I went two weeks overdue with my son, and had my mother, my MIL and my best friend's mother (who lived nearby) calling daily. It got to the point that I didn't want to answer the phone, but of course then that encourages the wrong reaction. Fingers crossed for her!

Taryn, I'm thinking maybe you clogged that sewer to get those cute firemen out to your house? Just kidding, but what hunks! I hope Glenn is doing better and I'm glad that the damage was limited.

Ei, I'm glad that your mom is doing better. Sorry to hear about her continued health issues. You know, I took some pictures of your hayrack and I'm trying to figure out if I can do something like that on my deck railings next year.

I still have post-vacation piles on my desk, so I need to continue doing some clearing here. Have a great one!


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Forgets

Oops! Never fails that I forget something!

Happy anniversary to Michelle and Rick - it was nice to meet both of you at the Idyllunion. And happy anniversary to Sue and Tom as well.

Maybe I'll get some photos up this weekend!


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Well, you might say fall is coming early here...I always move my plants indoors,( that I want to carry over), about the middle of Sept. After the 'coons struck again last night I have brought several in, and rearranged others to where I hope they will be safe. I still have more to work with. I don't think I have lost many plants, but many are badly damaged. The planter of dark coleus, begonias, and hypostes was hit. There are some losses there. I have cut the coleus way back and 'fixed' the soil back over the roots. It is a wooden box, and has deteriorated over the years. There is no way I can move it. I may put a fence around it. Two other pots of coleus were damaged. I have lots of cuttings in water. :-(
I know why the 'coons are doing that. They are desperate for food, with the drought, and these nicely watered plants seem like a good source. They 'think' there are worms or grubs in there.
About 2:30 AM Nolon was up, and came to my bedroom door announcing " I'm going to shoot a 'coon". I asked if there was any damage. He said "No".I layed there waiting to hear somthing, and thinking " That sure will tear things up out there". Well, the shot never came, and he went back to bed. About an hour later I got up and checked the deck...sure enough, they had returned. I went out and salvaged all I could, then stayed up with the deck light on , watching. I apparently didn't watch well enough, because more damage was done to some things that I had 'repaired'.

I appreciate all the kind words that have been said, both about the beauty of the deck plants, and the damage done.
I think I am able to cope with it better than Nolon. He seems to take everything that happens personally, as though it is his fault. I don't think I have given him that idea. Anyway, it turned into a bruhaha this morning...briefly. While I was tending to my job, he went out and cut more sprouts along the fence, then came back and reported to me what 'he' had done!

Eileen, I am so happy things are looking up for you. I am espacially happy about your mom's progress. I can understand the desire to be in her own bed. How wonderful that your sister will be returning to work.

Marie, I am so glad that those storms missed your area.

Deanne, do you know the name of that coleus? I snipped a couple of pieces off of a hanging pot on the square in Harrison last fall, just before a frost. I don't normally do things like that, but it was soon going to be compost. If I'd had my camera out when I was working on the deck, I could have taken an even better pic of the same butterfly. She seemed intoxicated by the Agastache blooms, and I was moving around within about 3 feet of it.
That urn planting is soooooo gorgeous!

Hi to all that I haven't 'spoken' to. I am reading all, and happy for the good things. :-)
It is somewhat cooler here, and expected to continue for a couple of days. Rain in some areas nearby, but none for us.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Happy Anniversary, Jack and Michelle!

Image Hosting by

Im so glad to hear you finally got some rain. Ill bet the plants are lovin it. BTW, I meant to tell you that you can replace your dishwasher racks instead of the whole machine. We have an appliance repair place here that can order replacement parts. Perhaps you have one near you? I also imagine you can order them online. When we moved in this house, instead of scrubbing the cruddy drip pans under the burners, etc., in our cooktop, I bot all new drip pans, knobs, filter and replacement burners for less than $100. I, too, hate to spend money on appliances so this might be an alternative to a replacement.

Yesterday, I watched my GN while my DN had some tests. The wee one wore me out!

Ive spent a couple hours in the garden early am the last few days. It was quite therapeutic. Drema, youre right. Ive been very introspective these last couple months knowing my friend was likely in the last stages of her cancer. Im very glad I left msgs on her recorder when she wouldnt answer the phone. Her DH said shed listen to them over and over and smile over something I said. Id always preplan the call/message knowing she was not likely to answer and just talked about things we did together, funny moments we shared, etc. I stood up for her at her wedding and I talked about that, how great she looked and how we were so full of ourselves back then. I think it helped me, too. Her DH told me that she stopped her chemo around Memorial Day, saying that she had enough. I realized that thats when she stopped taking calls. Im sure going to miss her.

Oh, T, that is such a lovely quote. I do feel blessed to have known her. Funny thing, she would have fit right in with this group. It was so sweet of you to call yesterday. It helped me talking it out. Thank you! And I so enjoyed hearing about the wee ones.

Sue, Ive been cutting down all my floppy sun perennials, too. I agree, where does the time go? Im going to be adding more shrubs as well, especially to the back. Wed. I just happened to go by this nursery, who just happened to have a "Lady in Red" Hydrangea in the sale area and guess what? That plant just hopped in my van! I think it might look good back by the Ivory Halo red-twigged dogwoods.

Drema, I hope you check in soon and let us know how your son is doing. How scary.

Ei, Im so glad to hear your Mom came thru surgery OK. You sound quite relieved that its over and that itll help your Mom have a better quality of life.

Deanne, welcome back! And thanks for the pix! I know what you mean re the state of the borders. I still have a couple days work out there in just clean-up. Thanks, so much, for your nice comments on my weight loss. Im thrilled to be able to get into those striped shorts, but wish they were a little looser. I just have to keep at it. So sorry about the car repairs and DW woes. Hmmm, seems the appliance gremlin is at work again!

Taryn, that sectional is gorgeous! Great find. Ill bet youre getting excited about the new house.

Marian Wow! Your containers look wonderful! I can see we have been a bad influence on you, lol. They all look so lush! OMG, I just saw the critter damage. How maddening! Just as I saw your post, I had to jump up and run off a groundhog from my garden, that brazen thing. Time to spray again.

Martie, so nice to hear from you again! 1,000 miles a week? Yee-gads, girl. It must really wear you out. Just pop in anytime and let us know how you are.

Mary, enjoy your visit with your Mum. I know how you and the kids look forward to it every year.

Marie, poor Charlotte in this heat. Welcome back, V! Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

Im off to pack and get misc. chores done. Were leaving early in the am. Im taking DH over to Lake Michigan for the weekend as an early Bday present. Ill wave to Ei and V! TTYL, friends.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

I was going to tease you Honey about putting Michelle with a new husband so soon after her anniversary with Rick but...oops I guess I just did!
We got back lastnight and I did a turbo skim but caught that your best friend my mind it's a even more tough for you because you couldn't deal with the realities that were happening to her. I know she wanted to protect you but sometimes the closure is helped along when we can be real. That makes me saddest of all for you and her too. I hope you are doing OK...big hugs to you.

Marian-those raccoons are little dickens! What a headache to deal with though you are probably right about them looking for good eating. YOu've got a wonderful selection of beautiful plants on your deck-thanks for sharing the pics!

How appropriate that I was in Hocking Hills during our country bumpkin thread...I was a country bumpkin for FOUR days and am alive to tell about it; ) I WANT TO LIVE THERE-no kidding. They drive a little batty there though. 55MPH on winding insanely hilly roads and there's no way you can drive that fast and stay on them roads; ) It was so quiet and beautiful there and I can't explain it to do it justice...I am kicking myself because I should have gotten a pic of the cows at pasture for this thread! And get this--I was there all that time spending lots of time outside, sprayed not even a drop of bug repellant and not one mosquito bit me....I get home yesterday and within fifteen minutes I had two mosquito bites.Odd but true: )

Eileen-the story of your mom's ribs then heart surgery is so scary to hear! BUT hey if she's responded so well to the pacemeaker then what a relief. How very interesting that had she not fallen and broken her ribs what would have happened with her heart? It's just so ironic. Sending my best thoughts to her and ALL of you!Your family has certainly had it's share of health scares. That sounds so great that your sis is able to get back to work-tons of posititve thoughts for her.

V well my car tells me what I had for breakfast and whether my outfit is properly matched with my purse and

Drema-Oh that is terrible about MIke and his accident-that infuriates me that the other person didn't stop! How is Mike now? I hope he didn't have after effects from the collision.

I have tons more to yap on about but I need to get this place back into prevacation orderliness...oh but it wasn't anyway...: )


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good Day Sunshine!!!! It's almost not as humid and almost cooler according to the thermometer. Can heat trapped in soil come up and make things seem warmer than it really is? Therm says 85degF but it still feels pretty warm to me.

Total eye candy this morning when the two edging guys showed up. They'd give Taryn's firemen a run for their money! They did everything perfectly in just under two hours. It would've taken me days. The estimate even included hauling the weedy edge soil away!! How Cool!!

Happy Anniversary to the two couples :-) (How's that for making sure I get the names right? LOL) Rich and I celebrated two years last month. How? Since we're "older but in a young marraige" it should've been really romantic, right? Well, if you call spreading 700 pounds of rock dust romantic, then it was. We did call out for pizza ....

Life with Nolan has gotta be interesting, Marian. At least he has somewhat good intentions, though shooting critters at 2am may not be the best way to show it. Your plantings are wonderful and the 'coon damage horrible. Is there a way to put a wire fence around the outside of your deck rails to keep them out?

'bug - Of course, had to print out the pic of Charlotte for my brother. He is not doing well at all and had trouble remembering, but it came back and the "recognition look" on his face was priceless. "That dog has the right idea."

Deanne: I bow to your containers ... the combos are amazing. Must ask -- what do you use for fertilizer? Do you plan the containers around what needs what? My few lavish containers are doing quite well but nothing like yours.

Taryn: Pack, pack, pack. Purge, purge, purge. Isn't it great to have an excuse to toss stuff? The boys must be SO excited. Must tell you that it may be a mixed blessing that Glenn can't help, much. I was doing just fine with our latest move until Rich decided to help. I still can't find my really good garden spade :-)

To all from IU3 -- In a tense moment (no one ever has those in 105degF heat, right?) came to the office and just looked at the pictures. Ahhhhhhhhh. Has everyone noticed that in every shot, even the bum ones, everyone is smiling???

I think it's great that we can share triumph and tragedy and be so happy wether on-line or in-person.

V: I'll join you at the concert. One of the Japan student son bonuses is that his foster mom raises Tree Peony. His "brother" handpaints the parasols that cover them. Ky is a bit concerned that all that great vibe will knock him over and that he may even become (horrors!!!!) a gardener.

To everyone I haven't mentioned, it's not because I haven't absorbed everything!! It feels GREAT to be here on a daily basis and am hopeful it can keep up.

Best -- and keep that ice cream scooper handy!!


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Coffee is being served on the screen porch this morning. It was in the upper 60s F when I got up at around 7. Looks like a good day to get some garden work done. Believe it or not I still have some coleus and a few other assorted annuals that need to be planted. Problem pots. Maybe NAMCO will finally have that 30 incher on sale I've been watching. My Red Abyssinian banana needs more space.

Nothing to report from here really. I'm guessing from the lack of activity that everyone else feels the same. Tonight we have dinner reservations at a place called the Grist Mill. It's a riverfront joint. I've only been once before and not recently so hopefully it will be good. Link to the website is below. Tomorrow my boss is having his annual party so that will eat up most of the day. I'm making a fresh blueberry pie to bring. Unfortunately my dog sitting neighbor moved and the pet sitter I usually use is away on vacation so we may have to cut the party time short.

Anyhoo, that's all from here for now.



Here is a link that might be useful: The Grist Mill

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good morning all,

Happy Anniversary Sue and Tom!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

What a beautiful day!!! 73 degrees out and Im about to take my coffee outside and enjoy the morning a bit before I have to go and get ready for Dougs company party. They are having some kind of BBQ at a family type amusement/water park. Arrgghh!!! That is absolutely the last thing on the planet Id like to do today. (Im one of those strange people who loathe amusement parks. You could not pay me enough money to go to Disney.) Anyway, Im going to lose this primo garden day after being gone last week and having to deal with the hot weather the beginning of this week. Sigh

Anyway, thank heavens for the container gardens. They are the glue that are holding things together here this year. They are truly filling in and looking fabu at the moment. My Mountain Ash in the back yard is dying off again this year. It looks like garbage and I told Doug we are going to prune it with a chain saw next weekend. Time to get the messy thing out of here.

Martie, what a treat, another post from you! How excellent you had someone do all that edging for you!!! Im jealous. Maybe I need to ask for a garden helper for a couple days for my birthday present. RE the fertilizer for the containers. Ive used several different products over the years. I used to use the Miracle Grow liquid fertilizer and last year I used the AlgoFlash liquid fertilizer. This year Im trying out the Osmocote slow release in the containers. The growth is more restrained but Im satisfied and it cuts down on the time it takes to do a liquid feed once a week. RE planning, I try to keep plants with like watering and light needs together but dont always keep to that. Ive found that if you place a plant that needs less light in the back of a container that is in full sun it can do well. Ive also pushed the light limits of things like fuchsia and coleus and found that we can grow some traditional shade plants in more light that youd think. That Fuchsia Billy Green is in full sun and doing quite well. The only times it is a problem is when the temps go over 95 degrees or so then I have to mist them a couple times in the day or move them.

Hi Honey, isnt it always the way that no matter how much weight weve lost wed like to lose a few more???? LOL I think you look just perfect right now but I do understand the wanting to get into one size smaller. I suffer from the same want. One of my many problems in being satisfied with where I am, is every time I see Sue I feel like an elephant. Id just love to be that lean and fit. She is my idol as far as body types go.

Marian, so sorry you are continuing to have problems with the raccoons. Have you considered getting some inexpensive feed and putting it on the perimeter of your property to keep the animals away from the house? I dont know if that would work or just attract more critters from miles around. ~~ Your coleus looks very much like my Trailing Plum Brocade. Im really enjoying the trailers Ive added to the coleus collection this year.

V. thanks very much for your input re the fungus. I suspect you are 100% right and Im going to have to do that. Im thinking I wont replant cimis in that location either. Seems there is always something that creates problems.

Eileen, Im so happy to hear that your Mom is doing so much better. Im sure she is feeling a lot more alert since the pacemaker was put in. We need lots of oxygen in our brains to function well and if a persons heart isnt working properly that would affect our brain function. ~~ I totally agree with Sue that it would be great if youd do a thread on making your cement leaves. Yours are awesome and Id like to give that a whirl one of these days.

OK so here are a few piccies from this morning. Even though things are starting to wind down there is still plenty of color out there,


This is a sweet new fuchsia called Mrs. Lovell Swisher

For some reason my heucheras do 100% better in the containers than they do in the ground.

Im loving this Eupatorium Little Joe this year. Probably my favorite new perennial

Enjoy the day everyone!


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Is it only those of us in New England that are awake? LOL

Thanks for the rewelcome, so much. It's such a treat to have the time to read/post daily.

In answer to the private email re: The Stalker. He (yes, it was a he) has been essentially banished from the internet after trying to locate me and several other women from a long-ago contact. Contact would've been okay. When he was gleaning a bit too much personal info about my whereabouts and family, and sending emails that would've made Hugh Hefner blush, I felt that discretion was the thing and layed low.

I had the same question as you-all -- how do they keep someone off the internet? Well, you can't. But the second he makes any kind of contact with me (fortunately he never did find out my last name or address in town) I am to call the local PD who will notify other authorities and he will be summarily arrested for stalking. The other women have the exact same instructions.

The only good thing to come of this? All of us knew each other and had completely lost touch. It's brought back together a whole bunch of girlfriends!! Strange how these things can happen.

Anyhoo, have done all inside housework that's been screaming at me and will now commence to garden absolutely vacation-guilt free.

BTW: Good vibes this way, please. Rich has four (count'em) opportunities today with new clients!!!!!! To celebrate the phone ringing, we're having ice cream sundaes for dinner :-)


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good morning!

I've been searching my computer, trying to find the instructions that Eileen shared on how she made the leaf birdbath......but I'm not finding it right off. I think she shared it and I saved it. Since I'm not finding it easily, I wonder if I just copied/pasted and printed it out instead of saving it? Grrr! I hate when I'm not organized! Either that or I'm completely wrong, she didn't share her 'how-to' with photos and I'm having another brain burp. I'll go look through my garden 'papers' as soon as I finish this and get a cup of coffee. If I find them, you'll hear me holler. ;o)

No phone call in the middle of the night yet. I'm eager for one and disappointed each morning. DD is having a horrible time with her left leg swelling, from the thigh to the tips of her toes. She is so ready to hold these babies in her arms and get some circulation back again. lol

Looks to be a sunny day here. Mid 80's predicted, I believe. Jamie is bringing Alice (his little beagle pup) to meet us today. Maybe I can get DD to assist me with some garden work while they are visiting.

Sue, I hope you & Tom enjoy a wonderful day and dinner. My available photos for a card aren't anything to brag about so I'll try to get something special captured today.

Well, coffee cup is empty....I'll go fill it and then head for the bookcase with my garden 'stuff' to see if I did print out Ei's instructions or if I'm dreaming that she shared them. If I find them, I'd be happy to scan and mail them to whomever wishes, if she didn't save the original to her computer (so she could repost here). I'm going to feel pretty silly if she never shared it........but I really think she did. :oD

Hello to all!!!


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

A late "Good Morning" to you all.....and it 'is' a good morning. My rearranged deck survived with only minor digging in the Brug pot. (I put large heavy rocks on the pot). Naturally all the ones that I set inside last night had to be set out again this morning. That will be a bummer, but better than the alternative.
The temps have dropped after a wonderful rain yesterday. We got about 1 and 1/2 inch, accompanied with lots of T&L.
Deanne, I have given some thought to the cheap critter food, but already do it to a certain extent. I don't think it has added to our 4 legged critter's visits, but it may have. My problem is that I forget to put out more each day.

Martie, I 'did' fence the one wooden planter yesterday. It is pretty pitiful looking right now, but should fill in again.

I hope Honey is having a lovely weekend at Lake Michigan. I saw that lake from a Grey Hound bus window in 1952! Guite impressive to an Idaho gal!

Babs, Hocking hills sounds like a great place...except for the driving...:-) I need to Google it to find out what you are refering to. Cow pics would be nice. I see cows every time I go somewhere. All colors. Lots and lots of cows in this area.

Ahhh, Sue, I would love to have a screened in porch. Your morning coffee out there sounds heavenly. Happy anniversary. The grist mill should be an interesting place.

Deanne, thanks for the coleus name. Your pics are usual.

Happy Anniversary Sue and Tom >>>
Image Hosting by

I had a nice long phone call from my sister. All the sick ( BIL, DB, and nephew) are recovering and doing okay.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Hi everyone, just on my way out the door to work on diminishing the pot ghetto. It couldn't be a more beautiful day here today. Not much to tell here, pretty much the same old stuff going on. I've had Bella the last few days so haven't really been keeping up on the Idylls, just skimming, but see Martie has been posting more regularly (yea!), no babies yet for grandma T, and thankfully Taryn wasn't flooded out or blown away. Charlotte's looking good with her new 'do and Marian and Deanne's containers are both looking great! Also great to have Deanne, V and Babs home again. Ei, how great that your mom came through so well too. If you're all discussing fountains made from leaf castings here's a picture of one that I think is really beautiful and would like to attempt one day...

TTYL, Eden

Here is a link that might be useful: cascading leaf fountain

RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Let's finish this one up-it's getting stale. Thank you all for the anniversary wishes and accompanying photos. So, Deanne, are you enjoying your day at...let me guess...Canobie Lake Park? lol I hate amusement parks too but have been once to Disney-once was enough.

I'm in for a break. It may be cooler today than other days this week but it's still too hot to work in the sun and that's where I need to work. It seems like everything needs to be either deadheaded or cut back. I fed most of the pots between this morning and early afternoon. The sprinkler is on it's second quadrant of the day. This morning I went out to NAMCO and they no longer have that container I had my eye on. Poo. But on the upside, the local nursery has a sale on everything and I came home with a Hydrangea serrata for 40% off and a couple of annuals at half price.

One of the main branches on my Cercis Forest Pansy split down the middle so I've been trying to prune it and maintain somewhat of a pleasing form. Supposedly it's a short lived tree and I'm begiining to think that may be true. Too bad-there are't many purple leafed trees out there.

Marian, the screen porch was one of the features that sold us on this house. It's not big-longer than wide, but perfect for a couple of people to sit and read. The downside in the hot summer is it faces east and oftentimes gets too hot in the morning.

OK, let's see what kind of trouble I can get into for the next few hours.


RE: Idyll# 276 - A Country Bumpkin Idyll

Good afternoon! The new fridge is in the process of being installed as I type. I forgot what a pain it is to replace a fridge - empty all the existing food into coolers, clean the floor where the old one was (YUK!) and then reload it once it's ready. Plus DS had to do a little carpentry work on the cabinets to get the new (slightly taller) fridge to fit. The two lads doing the install job are younger than my son but they know what they're doing. Funny thing is, here's this top of the line Maytag sitting in my kitchen and no one has asked me to pay one dime yet. I guess they know where I live, huh?

Once the firdge adventure is over, I need to do some trimming on my containers and pot up my IU3 purchases. I have a feeling I'm going to run out of day today! I was going to do laundry last night but instead met some friends for a couple of drinks and a party planning seesion. Guilt is starting to set in. I need to do serious grocery shopping also, but I've been puposely delaying that until the new fridge is in.

Okay, I'm going to run and do some work. Time for a new idyll, too!


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