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Trying any new perennials this year?

Posted by bellarosa z4-5/IL (My Page) on
Sat, Mar 19, 11 at 12:29

Just wondering what new perenniaks everyone is trying this year. Any suggestions?

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RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

I've ordered some of the new super poppies this year and also some quilled mums. Our garden centers aren't open yet but will probably find something at them that "I have to have!"

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

  • Posted by chills Zone 6b Mi (My Page) on
    Sun, Mar 20, 11 at 14:51

I've ordered a bunch of new (to me) lilies, Centaurea Amethyst in Snow and the usual bunch of fruit trees (2 new jujube's , a couple new figs, a new kiwi....

From seeds meconopsis Lingholm and Chilean Guava.


RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

I'll be interested to see how those super poppies do!

I think I'm too cheap to go for the new introductions, I'll wait a few years for the dust to clear and try a couple of the survivors. Plus everything I see coming out lately is bred to be short "for today's smaller gardens".... I want to walk amongst my plants, not feel like I'm in Gulliver's Travels! But I guess a 12 inch blooming phlox travels and sells better at Lowes than a 5 foot version.

But I do like the looks of some of the newer bleeding hearts such as 'burning hearts'

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Everyone defines "new" a little differently, but here's a list of what I can recommend as either good or bad in my experience over the past couple of years.

Planted 2009 (survived one winter):

Campanula 'Summertime Blues' -- disappointing
Coreopsis 'Full Moon' -- love it
Coreopsis 'Red Shift' -- love it
Geranium 'Sandrine' -- love it, much better than 'Ann Folkard'
Geranium 'Dragonheart' -- love it
Sedum 'African Sunset' -- okay, perhaps a little floppy
Hemerocallis 'Fooled Me' -- somewhat garrish IMO
Penstemon 'Dark Towers' -- nice, but not "major"
Penstemon 'Sweet Joanne' -- love it, blooms for a long time
Heuchera 'Beaujolais' -- love it
Heuchera 'Southern Comfort' -- okay, but somewhat neglected
Heucherella 'Alabama Sunrise' -- okay, but somewhat neglected
Heucherella 'Tapestry' -- nice
Heucherella 'Solar Power' -- nice
Heucherella 'Sweet Tea' or 'Brass Lantern' -- nice

Planted 2010:

Hemerocallis 'Just Plum Happy' -- nice
Sedum 'Jose Aubergine' -- love the colour (foliage)
Hosta 'Liberty' -- will be outstanding in a few years! ;)
Hosta 'Cathedral Windows' -- beauty
Sedum 'Chocolate Drop' -- very cool, dark, glossy foliage -- will be interesting this year
Geum Totally Tangerine -- will see this year
Coreopsis 'Sienna Sunset' -- will see this year
Echinacea 'Hot Papaya' -- impressive, but will see this year for sure
Echinacea 'Now Cheesier' -- will see this year

Hoping to plant in 2011:

Calamagrostis 'River Mist'
Euphorbia 'Ascott Rainbow'
Geum 'Eos'
Heuchera 'Fire Chief'
Heuchera 'Peach Crisp'

I'm sure I'll find a few more to add to my "to-plant list" for this year as the spring goes along!

RE: Trying any new perennials this year? ii

Oh, one more "must-plant": H. 'Electra'! ;)

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

I just moved so everything is new to me except for the iris that I brought with me. I'm having to identify as I go along. 2 zones warmer doesn't sound like much but there sure are some different things that grow here in zone 7.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

coneflower pow wow. last year coneflower double delight. wonderful plant. blooms low and full and forever.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Heliopsis 'Prairie Sunset' love it
Heliopsis 'Summer Knight' doesn't bloom as heavily as 'Prairie Sunset'
Rudbeckia subtomentosa 'Henry Eilers' love it
stachys 'Hummelo' love it very long blooming.
Hemerocallis 'Fooled Me' have to agree with coolplantsguy,not a favorite

Calamagrostis El Dorado not much last year, we'll see this year
LA lily Pavia loved it
hosta 'Pistache' looked good last year
hosta 'Rhino Hide' not a single slug hole in my most slug infested bed

I also like Penstemon 'Sweet Joanne'
Was considering 'Dark Towers' maybe not now
I'm very happy with heuchera 'Southern Comfort' but that's because it grows well here and many don't

Coolplantsguy will be awaiting your report on Guem Totally Tangerine and Sedum 'Chocolate Drop'

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Sorry, above should be Chasmanthium 'River Mist'.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

When I stopped off at my local nursery for supplies this past weekend, spring fever demanded that I get at least one perennial (the first selections were on display). Apparently I was in need of spurge (Euphorbia robbiae). The pots are out in the coldframe awaiting planting (sometime after the current damp and then unseasonably cold spell ends).

Some perennial seeds are growing on under lights indoors (Gaillardia "Arizona Red Shades", Echinacea "Pow Wow Wild Berry" etc.). I'm sure more perennials will overcome buyer resistance as the season moves on...

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

I'm interested in plants that can take the heat and inconsistent rainfall.


Achillea 'Terra Cotta'
Agastache 'Acapulco Orange'
Campanula 'Sarastro' (did surprisingly well...most Campanulas hate my garden...not this one, which bloomed twice for me)
Crinum 'Sangria' (purple foliage)
Echinacea purpurea 'Fatal Attraction' (I've lusted after this plant ever since I saw it in Tony Avent's garden...not enough to boil a bunny for dinner, but close)
Gladiolus 'Carolina Primrose'
Hemerocallis 'Grape Ripples'
Kalimeris incisa 'Blue Star'
Lychnis coronata 'Orange Sherbet'
Phlox nivalis 'Camla'
Phlox paniculata 'Robert Poore'
Sedum 'Lajos'
Sprekelia formosissima


Agapanthus praecox ssp minimus
Allium texanum
Canna 'Constitution'
Cardamine diphylla
Carex morrowii 'Silver Sceptre'
Dryopteris erythrosora 'Brilliance'
Echinacea purpurea 'Tomato Soup'
Echinacea 'Twilight'
Habranthus 'Pink Flamingos'
Heuchera 'Frosted Violet'
Hippeastrum x johnsonii (for part sun area outside the deer fence)
Iris cristata 'Gene Cline Form'
Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii 'Pam Puryear' (I might use in a container)

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

I'm pretty sure I also planted Sedum 'Lajos' Autumn Charm(TM) last year. I thought I had sworn off of variegated Sedums until I grew this one at the nursery for a couple of years. What a beauty!

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

For this year (2011) I couldn't resist:
Agapanthus 'Cold Hardy White' from High Country Gardens, supposed to be hardy to zone 5-we'll see.
Hosta 'Lakeside Zing Zang'- a white leaved hosta speckled with green - I should know better but I'm a sucker for beautiful pictures
Euphorbia 'Jesse'

Comments on other people's selections
Sedum 'Autumn Charm' - fabulous. One of the most beautiful foliage & foliage combinations
Coreopsis 'Sunset'- planted in 2009, came back in 2010 & bloomed from June until I cut the flowers off in early September so it would concentrate on foliage.
Achillea 'Terra Cotta' - I bought this late summer of 2010 so I too am interested on how it performs. Hope we all have good experiences.
Penstemon 'Dark Towers' - Very nice foliage plant, with nice flowers & great seedheads in the fall. Needs to be planted in groups of 3 or better to make any kind of show.
Sedum 'Chocolate Drop' - bought in spring 2010- great foliage, the color of chocolate. A must have if you like sedums.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Three more that I planted last year:

Coreopsis tripteris 'Lightning Flash'
Echinacea 'Little Annie'
Rudbeckia 'Henry Eilers'

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

New this year for me:

Echinacea 'Pow Wow Berry' and Phlox paniculata 'Nicky'.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

  • Posted by simcan z5b/Toronto (My Page) on
    Wed, Mar 23, 11 at 13:56

I am trying a few, but the one that I am most chuffed about is Euphorbia "Blackbird", which I have planned to sit in front of (slightly to the side) of an established Tiger Eye Sumac that has a Caryopteris X cladonensis growing through it.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

In 2011, I'm trying hard to cutback as we will be moving in the next year or so but I've already got on order:
Lilies - Hiawatha, Nepalense and Scarlet Delight(already have over 100 many more do I really need!!!!)
Phlox - Aureole
Aruncus dioicus
Rose - Distant Drums
Leucanthemum - Gold Rush
Clematis - Belle of Woking & Purpurea Plena Elegans
Also I'm going to take some cuttings of things I need to take with me that I can't divide or dig out.
I'm sure my buying won't be over for the year, but I've got about 35 hybridized daylilies that will be blooming for the first time this year....can't wait to see what I've got.
Looking forward to the snow disappearing...

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Hi everyone,
I'll have to try some of these great perennial suggestions. For this year, I'm thinking of planting the following:

-Angelica giagas - strange looking plant, but i love the color
- Agastache, Black Adder - i wonder how hardy these are in our region
- Helenium - not sure which variety, just love the colors - reds/yellow
- Penstemon - will have to try some of the varieties mentioned.
- Salvia - i have a few. looking for a hardy red variety

i think that's it...for now! :-)

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Simcan, we had no luck overwintering E. 'Blackbird'. If it survives for you, please let us know.
However, it is a beautiful plant with stunning colour. It looks good with everything.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Echinacea Marmalade
Echinacea Cranberry Cupcake
heuchera Paris
heucherella Redstone Falls
helianthus Sunshine Daydream - dahlia like flowers
5/6' tall bloom Jun/Oct zone 4/8 sounds impressive

Agastache Blue Fortune Continous bloom, goes with everything
Heuchers Rave On - Kept reblooming all summer. Amazing
Monarda Raspberry Wine
Persicaria Polymorpha Great plant continous bloomer

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Maybe not any new perennials, but new combinations. I am planting red lilies with white astilbes, strawberry begonia (saxifraga) under June hostas, purple catmint (nepeta) with white phlox Miss Lingard, Madonna lilies with Therese Bugnet rose and sweet Rocket (matronalis. And lots of lamb's ear in the front edges of my borders.

I might have been reading too many English garden books, lol!


RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

I'm at the point of adding more of what grows in my yard without much babying. But I love digitalis, and the description of Polkadot Princess (from the Swallowtail Garden Seeds site) reeled me in:

"The new Polka Dot Series foxgloves produce extra large, richly colored flowers, tightly packed on 3.5 foot stems. Because these flowers do not set seed, individual blooms hold much longer than other foxgloves, the flowering season is extended, and plants live for years. Begins blooming in spring, and continues until frost. In our mild climate, that means we now have flowering foxgloves into November and December. The uniform, well-branched, plants grow to 40 inches tall. Winter hardy to zone 4"

We have a local greenhouse that will start seeds for you at a very reasonable cost, so I'll have a lot of these to test in various conditions. Can't wait to see what they do next year!!

I've added a link where Graham Rice discusses this series of digitalis.

Here is a link that might be useful: Graham Rice on the Polkadot series

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Purple siberian wall flower. I'd looked for seed for this for a while and couldn't find it. I've grown the yellow and loved the early flowers and nice fragrance.

Yesterday I found purple siberian wall flower in my local Home Depot of all places and grabbed a couple.

Now to see if they produce seed and come back for a couple of years.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

I'm growing tough plants in mass. I know these aren't new but Amsonia "Blue Ice" is a beauty! I'm also growing Amsonia tabernaemontana and Amsonia hubrichtii. They are all good for multi-season interest.

I'm also collecting new Baptisia cultivars. I have "Purple Smoke," "Carolina Moonlight," "Solar Flare," "Wayne's World," and "Twilight Prairieblues." I want more!

I'm planting lots of hesperaole parviflora or red false yucca. I love these! I found some yellow ones and mixed them in with the red.

I planted a new rose bush called "Walking on Sunshine." Also, if you don't have "Easy Does It" rose, it's amazing!!!

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

I believe Proven Winners is coming out with a whole new series of Baptisia -- could be interesting.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Reading these list is fascinating. . .I "goggle" most of them to find pictures and additional information. BUT. . .

coolplantsguy - In an addendum above, you mentioned one more
"must plant": H. Electra. . .problem is, there is a Hemerocallis "Electra",
a Heuchera "Electra", AND Hosta "Electra" !!! Which were you referencing?

As if overlapping common names weren't bad enough, how common is it
to use the same varietal name from one plant group to another?


RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

I just bought a Dicentra 'Spring Gold'

Our weather has been particularly cold and wet this year so I'm way behind on buying and planting anything.

I did put in a bunch of new Huecheras and Tiarellas last summer/fall that are all doing well and the first Corydalis to live for me which is Corydalis elata. I've killed at least a dozen of the other blue ones in pots and the ground.

Here is a link that might be useful: 'Spring Gold'

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

I notice 'coolplantsguy' that you were disappointed with "Summertime Blues". And for me I have liked this Campanula. I have had a couple since summer 2010 and it has been my experience that it blooms all summer and into September (w/o deadheading) and it performs very well in lots of shade. My only complaint is that it can flop but some appropriate pruning does the trick.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Winners have a long flowering period or interesting foliage that earns their keep in the mixed border.

Losers might be winners in another garden, but in my clearing in the woods with richly amended soil they either didn't bloom, got mildew, or flopped too much (didn't mingle well). Perhaps in another garden spot here the losers will get a 2nd chance.

-Japanese Forest Grass
-'Gold Heart' bleeding heart (still looks good here)
-Meadow Rue w/ columbine like leaves & pink flowers late spring
-upright hardy fuchsia with tiny red & purple flowers
-new to me cultivars of 'crazy daisy' & 'Becky' shasta daisies
-'Stella d' Oro' daylily -larger divisions survived & are still blooming
-Rudbeckia hirta
-Darmera peltata - great early blooms & long lasting large leaves
-Dragon Lily - no bloom here, but leaves & spotted stems were amazing by the patio at the end of summer
-a few new hostas: Night Before Christmas, Guacamole, Blue Angel, Bright Lights, & Abiqua Drinking Gourd
-Pulmonaria, long leaf pink buds blue flowers & another one had white flowers. Responded well to cutting back after flowering. Both planted in early November last year.

-tall sedum (too much shade & rich soil, so flops here even with annual spring division & no additional fertilizer, big blooms + fall rain = flop)
-'Pearl Boland' hardy geranium (floppy & spread too much in the daisy patch)
-'Raspberry Wine' bee balm
-Rodgersia aesicifolia - little growth, so giving it more time
-Wojo's Gem & Illuminator Vinca minor seem to just sit & don't take off like Bowle's Variety - moist part shade, so must be super slow growers
-'The President' Clematis - wilt again & again, but maybe not in 2012
-'Northern Lights' hair grass Deschampsia - only one survived in several different large pots - rotted away in our wet spring
-Ribbon grass by mid-August was wimpy & now is totally dormant & left empty spot
-NOID Thalictrim moved from front to back yard in more shade & moist soil, so might be better next year. Stems weak & floppy
-Red October hosta - too small & can't even see those red stems - better in a pot on a patio
-Patriot hosta - edges curled by midsummer

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

In the past few years I have tried quite a number of new(for me) plants. Here are the results:


Leucanthemum Isstern(Ice Star) - not winter hardy enough
Leucanthemum Gold Rush - not winter hardy enough
Coreopsis Moonbeam - no will to live, rubbish
Coreopsis Creme Brulee - died without a reason
Campanula Sarastro- described as a clumper, proved to be a runner
Polemonium Brise d'Anjou - rubbish
Echinacea Big Sky Series - rubbish, all of them
Eryngium bourgatii Oxford Blue - no will to live
Euphorbia polychroma Lacy - no will to live
Euphorbia Jessie - died in winter
Chrysanthemum Tante Heti - not as hardy as claimed, flopper
Campanula sarmatica Himmelsstrahlung - it turned out to be an Adenophora of some sort, running as h..l
Geranium pratense Hocus Pocus- in addition to the fact that it was the same colour as my soil(= invisible) it died from mildew! with the speed of light
Geranium pratense , the new double white(forgot the name) with purple eye- the doubling was hard to see and the plant was a first class flopper.
Hosta Red October- virussed
Phlox paniculata Silver Mine, Gold Mine- died with the speed of light , rubbish
Gailardia Fanfare - rubbish
Gailardia Oranges and Lemons - rubbish
Aster Little Carlow - rubbish, no vigour, died
Echinacea Tiki Torch - rubbish
Brunnera Looking Glass - extremely beautiful , but died in winter
Brunnera Dawson's White - beautiful, but died in winter
Primula Elizabeth Killelay - died without a reason
Campanula persicifolia - subject to rust, all doubles die for me, with the exception of Blue Bloomers(but it flops)
Campanula sessifolia- all varieties are flopping and impossible to stake.
Delphinium Red and Pink Caroline - died very quickly
Papaver orientale Garden Glory - the glory was lying on the ground all the time
Centaurea cheiranthifolia - terrible runner
Centaurea John Coutts - described as a clumper. Yeah, right.
Alcea Park Rondell not hardy enough, the whole series of Park varieties
Silene Regia Prairie Fire died
Heliopsis Prairie Sunset - very floppy, small flowers, the red markings nearly invisible compared to the pictures.

Pleasant surprises:

Heliopsis Asahi
Salvia Caradonna(and this is from Salvia sceptic)
Hemerocallis First Knight the longest blooming cultivar I know
Hemerocallis El Dorado blooms like crazy
Anthemis tinctoria Sauce Hollandaise
Phlox paniculata Purpurkuppel the foliage is nearly like new, October the 31st
Aster novi-angliae Wineflower the best standing up of all
Aster Glehnii Aglehnii extremely ornamental plant
Sanguisorba Pink Brushes very easy to grow
Lilium longiflorum X asiatic hybrids, proved very hardy and sturdy
Chrysanthemum Poesie

RE: Trying any new perennials this year? do you ever remember all these plants?!

I see you didn't like Heliopsis 'Prairie Sunset'. Instead maybe give the similar Heliopsis 'Summer Nights' a try?

Here is a link that might be useful: Summer Nighta

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Trollius ledbouri: Great orange flowers in shade but not much else the rest of the year.

Echinacea Primadonna White: Good performer first season
Coreopsis Showstopper: Non stop performance first season, lets see if it survives
Sedum purple emperor: Finally found a place where it survives, but needs pinching and some support. Nice purple color
Caryopteris snow fairy: Planted in fall. Foliage looks great
Sedum autumn charm: planted in fall. Foliage looks great. Flower heads are a fantastic white cream before blooming. However I bought one from lowes and two from a local reputable nursery: the lowes one is doing great while the others have lost all their leaves due to rot. Will see if it comes back next year
Echinacea tomato soup: Poor performer for two years and finally doing okay in part shade with richer soil.....I thought echinaceas liked poor dry soil???
Helianthus low down: First season: Looks nice but not spectacular. needs another year.

Agastache Heatwave: Planted in August tiny starts and blooming its head off already.

Would be nice to hear from others.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

After several years I decided to throw Purple Emperor on the compost pile. It grew well, but after mid-July the whole clump just falls apart. I do not want to pinch and I do not want to support until October. I substituted it with Postman's Pride and Lynda&Rodney which are good in my garden.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Miclino wrote:

"Coreopsis Showstopper: Non stop performance first season, lets see if it survives"

Miclino, any special routine you will do to help "Showstopper" make it through the cold weather?

9I assume it is much superior to Coreopsis "Heaven's Gate"? I planted several of these plants and it was floppy and inconsistent)

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

No special protection aside from mulching. I avoid any special protection during winter. If they don't survive it wasn't meant to be and no plant is indispensable. Even with that, I hardly ever lose plants.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Interesting on the heliopsis. For me Prairie Sunset is a much better performer than Summer Nights. I planted Caryopteris Snow Fairy late summer. We'll see if it makes it here.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Rouge and hostaholic, the heliopsis was performing well and was thriving and healthy. But I generally do not consider flopping plants being ornamental. The stems were just too thin. Another aspect is, that Jelitto has released a seed strain with that name(if I remember correctly).Perhaps my plant was from such sources, who knows. In any case, the red ring around the eye which can be seen on pictures was very exaggerated in comparison to the plant I had

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

miclino, I do understand your feeling of 'if it lives it lives' but I try to do extra ie provide extra protection for first year perennials. I am assuming that surviving the first winter is the key milestone of a perennials life. They are on their own after that ;).

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

The jury is still out on:
Agapanthus 'Hardy White' from High Country Gardens - supposedly hardy to zone 5s; planted 4 inch pots in early summer and still 4 inch pot size. Winter survival very questionaable
Coreopsis 'Cosmic Eye' - most of these don't survive the winter but hope springs eternal!

Euphorbia 'Jesse' - died with 2 weeks
Hosta 'Lakeside Zing Zang' - started out gangbusters then shriveled up in August. Hopefully will come back in spring. Of course expensive $$$.
Sidalacea 'Party Girl' - this is my second try with this one and with no better luck. A 3" pot shrunk to size of a dime with 3 weeks of being planted.
Heuchera 'Cinnabar Silver' - immediate death
Salvia greggi 'Wild Thing' - plant as an annual, it ain't going to survive a zone 5 winter no matter how protected.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

Heliopsis Summer Nights into second year and going strong in this zone .

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

felisa wrote: Coreopsis 'Cosmic Eye' - most of these don't survive the winter but hope springs eternal!

This was my first year having this particular 'Coreopsis' and it was one of the best bloomers I had in my garden. Of course I too hope it survives the winter but if it doesn't I will still buy it again and just treat it as an annual.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

I have a correction to one of my previous postings. On the list of failures/disappointments I wrote Campanula sessifolia. Of course I meant Campanula latiloba. Sorry.

RE: Trying any new perennials this year?

coolplants wrote:

Geum Totally Tangerine -- will see this year

FWIW, I planted this particular 'geum' last summer and although it was healthy and grew much it produced *no* flowers until...this spring:

(It is planted at the base of a huge 'John Cabot' climbing rose):


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