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June in my garden(picture heavy)

Posted by wieslaw59 Denmark (My Page) on
Fri, Jul 12, 13 at 14:59

Some new shots from June 2013:

Rhododendron photo Combi1.jpg

Rhododendron photo DSC05388.jpg

Rhododendron with lost name, bought cheap at a local plant market(gorgeous giant flowers)

Rhododendron photo DSC05389.jpg

Azalea Moven(with an umlaut above o)

M photo DSC05390.jpg

Azalea Klondyke, glows in the dark, slightly fragrant

Azalea Klondyke photo DSC05375.jpg

Propagation bed for azalea seedlings, first flowers(the most exciting days of the year WHAT WILL THEY LOOK LIKE????)

 photo DSC05407.jpg

Azalea seedling. Double , green at the opening for 2-3 days, breathtaking for me!! Nothing like it anywhere that I know of.

Azalea seedling photo DSC05352.jpg

Azalea seedling photo DSC05351.jpg

Azalea seedling first flower, the picture does not do it justice, absolutely gorgeous!!!

Azalea seedling photo DSC05432.jpg

Azalea seedling photo DSC05431.jpg

Azalea seedling first flower

Azalea seedling photo DSC05466.jpg

I planted this orange azalea in order to shock a lady who often walks by (she is "no-yellow-no-orange-person")

Gibraltar photo DSC05552.jpg

Viewed from my kitchen

Gibraltar photo DSC05550.jpg

more pictures soon

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

Oh my goodness, your seedlings are to die for! Congratulations

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

I knew I shouldn't have clicked on this link as I was just about to go out to do some necessary work in my garden. I am mesmerized.

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

Great shrubs,
I didn`t know that one can play around and hybridize Azalees or raise seedlings.

The white NOID Rhododendron could be a Cunningham`s White, I once tried to ID one and remember them having this yellowish base in the flower, a reliable classic that can grow quite tall. And funny how often you come across those "no-yellow-persons". I think they miss out on something in spring.
The orange-violette Rhodo-combo is like spicy eye-candy, have a nice summer, bye, Lin

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

Thanks .

some perennials

Amsonia illustris from seed. The best amsonia in my opinion, better than the named varieties that I bought.
Amsonia Illustris photo Combi7.jpg

Here another clump after rain

Amsonia illustris photo DSC05542.jpg

Lilium pyrenaicum

Lilium pyrenaicum photo DSC05541.jpg

That's how doubling on Polygonatum odoratum flore pleno looks like(I cannot detect any fragrance on this one, so not THAT "odoratum"!)

Polygonatum odoratum photo DSC05429.jpg

Smilacina racemosa amplexicaulis, from North West USA. This one is very "odoratum". In the top 3 for the best fragrant perennial. The tree under which it was growing is gone now, and it CANNOT TAKE full sun exposure, the leaves burn. It needs some shade.

Smilacina amplexicaulis photo DSC05363.jpg

Smilacina racemosa at the street. People stop to find out where the fragrance comes from.

Smilacina amplexicaulis photo DSC05356.jpg

Paeonia mlokosewitchii seedling,seed from Botanical Garden in Tbilisi, Georgia. Seven years of waiting just to find out that this one is not yellow.

Paenia mlokosevitchii photo DSC05335.jpg

The only yellow from this portion of seed. It is gorgeous for 3 days or so.

Paeonia mlokosevitchii photo DSC05340.jpg

Podophyllum peltatum

Podophyllum Peltatum photo DSC05331.jpg

Davidia involucrata, I planted 3nuts many years ago, two germinated. It took 17 years for the second tree to bloom.

Davidia photo DSC05556.jpg

North side of the house

North Side photo Combi6.jpg

Ballerina and Fireball

Ballerina photo DSC05551.jpg

Ballerina. The name is fitting perfectly for this one

Ballerina photo DSC05555.jpg

A view

At the door photo DSC05469.jpg

Hosta White Feathers and Blue Mouse Ears combo
White Feathers photo Combi2.jpg

Actea pachypoda. A charming plant, attractive for the whole season - first flowers, then foliage and then the fruits
Actea pachypoda photo DSC05369.jpg
Actea pachypoda photo DSC05370.jpg

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

The second half of June is a "Rhapsody in Blue". Nearly no other colour.

Eryngium Jos Eijking
Big Blue photo DSC05785.jpg

Eryngium Forncett Ultra, from England. Long-lived , indestructable

 photo DSC05789.jpg

Delphinium Ouverture. If you look closely, the shoot on the right is more blue than the rest. It mutated, got different leaves and started blooming much earlier

delphinium photo DSC05814.jpg

Delphinium seedling

delphinium photo DSC05815.jpg


blue garden photo DSC05810.jpg

Iris sibirica Mabel Coday, always reliable,no matter what

Iris Mabel Coday photo DSC05594.jpg

Clematis macropetala

Clematis macropetala photo DSC05425-1.jpg

Clematis macropetala photo DSC05424.jpg

Eryngium alpinum

Eryngium photo DSC05759.jpg

More pictures tomorrow, I'm going to bed.

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

This was a nice visit. You really have some perspective planting so many things from seeds and nuts. I really like the bright orange az, it looks so nice with the brick buildings. And I really like fragrant plants, but I bet I can't grow that one.

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

absolutely stunning walk through. Please share more. If one day my gardens would look half robust I would be proud.

Thanks again

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

After seeing a similar picture from your garden last season I have kept my eye out for "Eryngium Forncett Ultra"...still nothing.

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

Beautiful gardens! Thanks for taking the time to post. I really love the various gold and orange rhodies and azaleas; all the seedlings have lovely flowers.

I am amazed by your Podophyllum peltatum. I am only familiar with the form I grew up seeing in the woods, with nicely shaped, but plain green leaves, and short-stemmed, downward facing flowers that stayed hidden under the leaves. Does your form have a name? The coloration on the leaves and the visible flowers makes this a stunning plant.

The June blues are wonderful.

Thanks for taking the time to post. It's always a treat when you do.

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

Very beautiful. Your neighbors must really enjoy the show too.

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

Wieslaw, your photos are always stunning and such an inspirational treat. Thank you for posting!

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

That bright orange azalea is amazing. I've never see one with flowers that color before.

wieslaw, are you familiar with Rare Finds nursery in the US? They specialize in Rhodies and Azaleas. I'm actually planning a visit there next spring.
As always, I'm blown away by the beauty and robustness of your plants. Also your patience. 17 years! That's a while to wait.

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

Nhbabs, you are very observant. I was talking nonsense. It is of course Podophyllum hexandrum. I bought it as "white flowered form". There are several forms with different shapes of leaves, I presume depending on where they come from. This one is supposed to come somewhere from China or so. The leaves become plain green later. I have also something called "giant form" which is more than 1 m tall

Here you can see, it has the same pattern

Shade garden photo DSC05396.jpg

I also found one here locally with a very intense pink color on the outside of the petals(the nursery was not aware they had something rare, it was just a seedling)

Podophyllum peltatum photo DSC05294.jpg

Linaria , it is definitely not Cunninghams White, its flowers are three times bigger. The name was known but forgotten.

Mrs. No-yellow is the same person. She tortures me unknowingly (or ?). She invites my wife for coffee, and then suddenly goes out and dig up a plant she means "we absolutely need"(translation: I NEED). Of course it is something pastel pink or white and nothing I need or can use (firstly , I do not have room for it, and even if I had, I have enough pink). My wife thinks that when the plant is dug up then she cannot say "No, thank you". When the lady comes over for coffee to us, the first thing she does is to ask where the plant is. My wife's part is easy: " oh, ask my husband". To cut it short, it is always I who have to explain what happened to the plant. So now I'm the moron who can't keep anything alive from her.

Some martagon lilies:

Here is one going through the giant form of Podophyllum hexandrum.

Martagon photo DSC05802.jpg
martagon photo DSC05797.jpg

This yellow is very prolific

martagon photo DSC05796.jpg

An orange hybrid with another species from the same group, L. tsingtauense

martagon photo DSC05795.jpg

My own seedling, yellow without spotting.

martagon photo DSC05803.jpg

My own seedling, first time blooming. Shining dark cherry red, breathtaking!!!!

martagon photo DSC05804.jpg

Don't remember the names:

martagon photo DSC05798.jpg
Martagon photo DSC05729.jpg

Martagon photo DSC05740.jpg

Martagons photo DSC05737.jpg

Martagons photo DSC05738.jpg

Sambucus Thounderstorm with some clusters of flowers reverted to white

Thunderstorm photo DSC05639.jpg

Thunderstorm photo DSC05637.jpg

Azalea seedling, double with laced edges on petals

Azalea lacede edges photo DSC05348.jpg

This one has also laced edges

Azalea double photo DSC05347.jpg

More pictures tomorrow

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

The little yellow lilies are very special, too. They light their spot up nicely.

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

Incredibly beautiful! The double azaleas are to die for. And the lilies -- amazing.

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

I love your lilies, especially the red ones. Obviously the cherry one isn't available, but is the other one a named culitivar? They're both stunning.

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

Thanks for the Podopyllum ID, Wieslaw59. I see that it may well be hardy enough for me as will the R. Klondyke which has such a lovely color.

For those interested, there is a double yellow azalea that's commercially available, Rhododendron narcissiflora. It blooms at the end of May for me, and is a brighter yellow than Wieslaw59's and without the unusual green tints. But it might be as close as one can get commercially.

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

a2Zmom, I bought 3 or 4 named dark red clones, of which I only remember names: Portwine and Claude Shride. So it may be one of them. This one is more on the cherry side, some others have a brownish tint(or whatever you call it)

nhbabs, this was precisely a seedling of Narcissiflora(I do not remember the father) . The other seedlings from this cross are more real yellow, without the green infusion.

This one is hose-in-hose, like the mother , a shade darker yellow

Narcissiflora seedling photo DSC05338.jpg
Narcissiflora seedling photo DSC05343.jpg

A sibling to the previous, semidouble

Narcissiflora seedling photo DSC05346.jpg

The green one(my camera does not see what my eyes are seeing)

Azalea seedling photo DSC05409.jpg

That's how Jewelled Crown looks while opening. It is covered with velvet

Iris Jewelled Crown photo DSC05596.jpg

This delphinium seedling is taller than I (I'm 182 cm tall), but it is still standing

Delphinium photo DSC05784.jpg

Here is a better view on the mutant shoot on the left

Delphinium photo DSC05755.jpg

Three delphiniums chosen for being storm proof, the dark one is bought, the two others are mine

Delphiniums photo DSC05748.jpg

I'm not much into pastels, but each delphinium that is storm proof stays permanently here

Delphinium photo DSC05749.jpg

This one is kind of fluorescent

Delphinium photo DSC05750.jpg

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

One more batch of pictures

Delphinium Waldenburg, stormproof

Waldenburg photo Waldenburg.jpg

Trollius stenopetalus. The saturation of color on this one is max

 photo DSC05790-1.jpg

Astrantia close-up

 photo DSC05563-1.jpg

Orange Lilium pyrenaicum. Saved in the nick of time from bulldozers

 photo DSC05590.jpg

Azalea Nabucco, the darkest of the reds, but DOES NOT burn in the sun

Nabucco photo DSC05543.jpg

Tulipa sprengeri, the latest and the best of all(really perennial)

Tulipa sprengeri photo DSC05483-1.jpg

Difference between Anemone sylvestris and A. sylvestris Macrantha(think twice before you plant it)

Anemone sylvestris photo DSC05486.jpg

Iris sibirica Coronation Anthem

Iris Coronation Anthem photo DSC05593.jpg

Love frilly edges on rhododendrons

Frilly edges photo DSC05367.jpg

Seedling from azalea Homebush

 photo DSC05339.jpg

Trollius europaeus

Trollius europaeus photo DSC05354.jpg


detail regarding Delphinium

Good evening Wieslaw, oder
just a detail question about Delphiniums.
I got curious about the whole debate and am reading up on D elatum etc.

so, do you lift and divide your clumps of Delphiniums or do they actually sit 10 years and longer in the same spot.
Personally I have to confess my ignorance about Delphinium, just avoiding them because of their reputation so far. And we do have a bad slug problem, kind of as an excuse.

I have books of the Pflanzen-Papst Karl Foerster himself, even one with signature, so I will read and see whether I risk some new plants next spring.
oh, and I don`t remember from your posts: do you have more sandy or heavy soil in your garden?

I could not find an email-contact on your member-page, so I hope you don`t mind me contacting you via this rout.
Ein schönes Wochenende, yours, Lin

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

delete post

This post was edited by GreatPlains1 on Wed, Sep 4, 13 at 3:54

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

It is a great to visit your gardens again. Wish I was young and could spend a month volunteering in the gardens of many of the GW posters to learn how each garden is put together. While photos are wonderful, for me nothing beats learning by doing.

Love, love your azaleas, both mature and seedlings. Your bright colors have me reconsidering my garden color scheme. Long ago my gardens were brightly colored but this garden has become one of pastels. When choosing a new plant I place the different colored blooms next to each other and find the pale pinks the most attractive. Still have a few small sections with bright colors which keep getting smaller. I would never foist my pastels on you or your wife. Have you tried saying something along the line, "it did not fit into my color scheme so I passed it along to a friend"? Perhaps that would stop her. Ha,ha has she noticed that mostly her plants are the ones that do not survive in your garden, weak stock, eh? (Wink)

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

Was away at the time of the original posting, Wieslaw.
So glad I've now seen it.

Exceptional, as usual.
As per GP1, what a skilful connoisseur you are!

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

Hi Linaria, some of them have been sitting for more than 10 years in the same place without division or anything, still going strong. I have divided some, but in my experience it takes a long time for them to recover after being divided. I divided some which were attacked by slugs(or other monsters) in winter , and the middle of the crown/main roots were hollow, so I was forced to resque the surviving shoots. I have a very sandy soil, the worst rubbish imaginable, it is like water repelling or something. But some delphinum growers recommend mineral soils for them.

I live in a "cold pocket" in Denmark Zone 7, the coastal areas are zone 8. But the nature of our winters here makes it impossible for me to grow plants from USA which are hardy from Zone 6 and above.
This year was very dry, the first rain in July fell on the 31st(one day more and it would be the whole July without a drop of rain) with several heat waves. But only 1 plant got mildewed.
The reputation of Delphiniums is very unfair and was caused by Pacific strains, which deteriorated in the course of time, eventually becoming biennials. The clones available on the market in Germany are propagated by cuttings taken in the early spring. I can see you're from Switzerland . There is a nursery in Austria , Sarastro Stauden, near the Swiss border. They have rather good selection of plants at the moment.

You have also Staudengartnerei Gaissmayer in Germany

and Stauden Stade in Germany. You can also check von Zeppelin in Germany and Vasteplant in Belgium.

The named clones I personally grow and can recommend are:
Lanzentrager, Ouverture, Merlin, Sonnenwind, Jubelruf, Tempelgong, Waldenburg and Augenweide- all stormproof and long-lived. I also grew: Morgentau(died in winter), the flowers were too big on this one, too much resistance to wind. I disposed of Finsteraarhorn- big clumps are too floppy. Vierzehnheiligen is standing up nicely while young, old clumps are too tall and need staking. Elmfreude - beautiful but not standing well, I give it one more year to see if it improves.
Of Bellandonna Hybrids I have been growing Picollo (very good) for more than 5 years and Volkerfrieden. Volkerfrieden is a very old clone which is described as "losing its vigor" but it is still acceptable here with me.

Vasteplant in Belgium has a Delphi series, shorter and sturdy, the colours are matte on these ones.

None of Magic Fountains and Pacific series plants heard the notion "longevity" here. Of Millenium double series: they all need staking no matter what the labels say. The florets are extremely heavy and flop even without rain and wind. I also tried Darwin's Blue Indulgence twice- died both times. All the red and coral ones died, never saw a single flower on them.

This post was edited by wieslaw59 on Sun, Sep 1, 13 at 11:48

Mrs. No-yellow

Mnwsgal, thanks for the tip, it may be I will use it if nessesary. We were invited to Mrs. No-yellow birthday. I gave her a really big clump of my sunflower Happy Days as a present.

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

Mrs No-yellow?

What got into her?

And the peppiest colour of all.

RE: June in my garden(picture heavy)

Ha, ha, tit for tat.

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