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For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Posted by jeanner SW Ohio - Z6 (My Page) on
Thu, Feb 16, 06 at 18:33

This is alot of fun and helps Cornell and the Audobon keep track of bird populations. You can do it for just 15 minutes or all day, all four days or just one day.

Anyone else going to participate?

Here is a link that might be useful: Great Backyard Bird Count

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

If I can actually get my days and nights straightened back out enough to be OUTSIDE during the day, I doubt I'll have the time to be doing much serious birdwatching, as far behind as I am on pruning, and raking, and planting stuff I bought to plant in the fall, and whatnot... and it hit 70 here today, sunny with just a mild breeze... But I was in bed until almost 2, up just early enough to get my creaks medicated and my mom to her chiropractic appointment, then off to Wally World, then pick her up, home, fix supper and it's DARK.

Of course considering it was 6:30 a.m. when I turned the light off and closed my eyes, I guess 2 p.m. was about right.

Oh, and I had gotten a new prescription from my doctor I saw Tuesday -- first time I EVER got a prescription for sleep-aid, but I thought maybe I could use it to FORCE myself to get to sleep earlier and get my biorhythms closer to normal... So he writes the prescription Tuesday, I drop it off Thursday, go to pick it up along with a couple already refills I know are ready an hour later and -- guess what -- insurance is playing hoop-jump with the doctor again... refusing to fill it without "prior approval," meaning that the pharmacist has to speak directly with the doctor.

If he didn't APPROVE IT, why would he have written it?

Stupid insurance companies! They did the same thing to my mom with Nexium first of the year (new plan for her, so they balked). If the doctor didn't think she needed something to keep her throat from eroding away from acid, he wouldn't write a prescription for it!

I told my doctor I DON'T want this for everyday use, because I know it can be habit-forming, and being a reformed smoker who's STILL chewing the nicotine gum, I don't need any more "habits." So it's not so much that I mind waiting another day or two for the prescription... heck, I probably won't bother until my mom's next appointment Tuesday, unless I have a reason to get WallyWhacked in the meantime -- but every time an insurance company pulls this junk it just means extra work for the pharmacist and the doctor, which if you add all the times they do it to all the customers, that adds up to a lot of time wasted, meaning we all end up paying even more, or waiting even longer to get our prescriptions filled, or to see our doctors.

It's nothing but you-know-what!

P.S. If I get a chance, I'll do an informal birdie count, and I sure hope some of you DO get a chance... I'd like to read what you see.

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Gee, Jeff, I hope that all works out for you.

Now, back to the bird counting, Jeanner, I did that last year, it was fun. I discovered I get a lot of little birds but not many different kinds. And I know at about what time they come by on their daily rounds.

Unfortunately I'm in NYC this weekend (aw shucks!) and I'm working today. But I can count Monday!

:) Mary

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

I'm in the same predicament as Mary! I'm heading up to see my folks again this weekend, but I don't think I'd need to twist Mom's arm to help me watch birds at her house. :D

Thanks for reminding us, Jean!


RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Thanks Jean - this will be fun and I'll post my findings.

Groups and singles spotted this morning from a backyard window:

25 goldfinch (about even mix of male and female)
8 bluejays
5 chickadeedees
3 redwing blackbirds (2 males/1 female)
6 Eastern bluebirds (5 males) Really electric blue!
6 house finch (half of each sex)
1 mockingbird
1 yellow-bellied sap sucker (male)
1 red-bellied woodpecker (male) There is a female but didn't see her this morning.
1 catbird
1 downy woodpecker (male)
2 hairy woodpeckers (one of each)
5 magnolia warblers (can't tell the sexes)
20 or so juncos
2 carolina wrens (one of each I presume - seem to be a pair)
25 American robins (mostly males in this group)
2 song sparrows (1 male/1 female) Boy can he sing!
2 crackles (male)
1 browncreeper
1 red tailed hawk (immature) and scares away all the birds (even killed a few in the past month, and one squirrel).
1 black vulture (overhead)
1 turkey vulture (overhead but close)
8 mourning doves
17 Canadian geese (in V formation)
6 European starlings (mix of sexes)
1 cowbird (male)
6 crows (mobbed the hawk)
2 woodthrush (pair)

Unfortunately, the pair of brown thrashers I had last year have not made an appearance this winter and they were nesting in my wooded area last summer. This winter has not been cold however, so bird activity at feeders has been less in general IMO. Cold and snow really brings more variety to the feeders. Food type as well. My fruit and suet feeders really increase the types of birds I see (rather than large flock seed eating types). My goldfinch males are starting to take on their breeding plumage right now. No nuthatches this winter either:-(

Have fun Jean and post your findings! It would be interesting to me to see what you come up with! Hoping for some great diversity.


RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Ooops, forgot to include the cardinals (3 female - 2 male). How could I forget those! So pretty.

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Comettose, thats a great list!

I had a pretty low turn out, mostly because of the sharp-shinned hawk that parked in the cedar tree for most of the weekend. And we've had such a mild winter this year and no snow since December so I've not seen alot of the birds that I saw last year. But I had fun, got a few pics too.

I was surprised that very few from Dayton seemed to participate, I was the only one to report several of the species.

Here's my list ...

Sharp-shinned Hawk 1
Mourning Dove 7
Red-bellied Woodpecker 4
Downy Woodpecker 5
Hairy Woodpecker 1
Pileated Woodpecker 1
Blue Jay 7
American Crow 3
Carolina Chickadee 11
Tufted Titmouse 7
White-breasted Nuthatch 3
Brown Creeper 1
Carolina Wren 2
Yellow-rumped Warbler 1
American Robin 8
European Starling 1
Fox Sparrow 3
Song Sparrow 1
White-throated Sparrow 5
White-crowned Sparrow 1
Dark-eyed Junco 18
Cardinals 6
Purple Finch 2
House Finch 5
American Goldfinch 8

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Wow!! You ladies are so lucky to have such an abundance of birds! On any given day, I see maybe five different species in my yard.

I guess living near a 2-lane highway isn't such a good idea. :D

Thanks for sharing!


RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

A Pileated Woodpecker ! I am sooo envious! I've yet to see Mr. Woody Woodpecker in the flesh. My woods are not deep enough I think. Never have seen a red-headed woodpecker either or a Scarlet Tanager. Finally saw an Indigo bunting last summer in a remote area of the base where I work. A quick look as they are shy.

Did you see the news where the swans are dying from bird flu? We get Tundra swans that stop here during their winter migration. I hope they don't get it.

I joined the bird site and I am working on my life list.

Thanks again for posting this information.


RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

All the days of my life that I DON'T want to count the birds, and see them by the dozens. Yesterday wasn't one of those.

I did drive with DGS by the water's edge in Newburyport, Mass, to go count the sea gulls -- he's very partial to them - we counted three (it's almost his 2nd b-day, and three is as high as we count, after that the numbers are called out rather randomly, but with great enthusiasm) -- and there were people out with binocs and eh, whatyacallums, the ones with only one lens things, and notepads and such. Alone and in small groups. I know what they were doing! Counting seagulls.
And ducks.

:) Mary

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Darn it! I seem to be late for everything these days! I guess that is what I get for not checking in for a while.

It would have been fun to send in a list. Although, my birds this time of year are pretty much limited to cardinals, geese, crows, eagles, some other little guys I haven't figured out what they are yet and the red furry ones that are constantly in my feeders.

Maybe next year!

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

fishy, the red furry ones, are you talking about the cute little red squirrels?

And, btw, having EAGLES doesn't sound like a small thing to me! I'd be so excited!

When I drive to my DD, the one with the DGS and the 3 months old DGD, I take rte 495, and where it crosses over the Merrimack River (near Haverhill) I always see raptors in the sky. Well, not always, but often. Last fall when they were migrating south I counted 27 hawks and eagles, they were all wheeling around at the same time. (DH was driving that time) (heehee). I've seen a red tailed hawk there all winter.

:) Mary

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Yes Mary, I seem to have a plague of squirrels and pine cones! And only when you catch me in the right mood do I think those squirrels are cute. :o)

This is the first year I have seen eagles around here and they sure have been fun to watch. I was told they nest at a lake area a half mile down the road. Some mornings they sit in a giant cottonwood just on the other side of our back fence. So, the boys and I don't get much breakfast eaten because we are all fighting over the binoculars. Seeing eagles everyday is one of two things I miss from living in Alaska. AND I can always tell when an eagle is around because there is not one of those cute squirrels in sight! :o)

I forgot to add hawks to my list. We have several types and I havn't figured whos who yet. Another thing for the TO Do List!

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

dang, i used to have a great link to hawk id's. it seems i lost it. there was also a site somewhere where you could input your sightings daily. anyone remember what it might be?

i love seeing the bald eagles on my way to school every morning. i also can't find my field guide, so there is a waterfowel i have yet to id.

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

I've not seen any eagles (well unless you count osprey which is a fish eagle) where I live now but I know we have them. I used to see them in Chestertown, MD where I lived 9 years ago. They were bald eagles, a pair, and their nest was HUGE. Or as Donald Trump would say UGE:-) They built it between this tripod of telephone poles that was out in the open on a 6,000 acre farm. They added to their nest every year. Some of the base material could pass as small logs.


P.S. I'd like to find a good rapter ID guide as well.

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

FTM, I think eBird has the daily input/observation thing. And I've used the ZipGuides on eNature to ID a few things in the past.

Wow, where did you live in Alaska, Fishy? How exciting!


Here is a link that might be useful: eBird

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Thanks for the link Brenda!!
Now if those birds will hold still long enough so that I can ID them.

I lived on Adak, an island in the Aleutian chain for a year about 13 years ago. It is a Navel Air Station. Adak is a beautiful island the landscape reminds me of Hawaii but with snow and no trees. Well there is a national forest on the island with 33 trees. It is also know as the Birth Place of the Winds. Veeerrry windy.

The eagles were very abundant. They kept a safe distance from you but if you were fishing be prepared to have a boat full of eagles or if fishing from a bank they were right at your feet. I have a video somewhere of them standing at my feet begging for fish. This is making me hungry for Halibut.

Adak also had Ravens almost as big as the eagles, puffins, quail, terns, a herd of caribou and lots of rats! :o)

Now I almost miss that place!

Here is a link that might be useful: Adak National Forest

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

why, oh why does my brain short circuit and i automatically close the window. apparantly, "sybil" is being funny today.

anyway, yes, brenda, it was ebird! yaaaaaaay! i even received my email reminder of user name and password. it has been ages since i have been on there. htere must have been some changes. my personal locations are there listed, but i can't find the map.

ct, i would love to see an osprey!

ihave always wanted to visit alaska. now, if only the legislators would make right by nature. :(

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

LOL Sybil!

I am going to explore ebird more tonight. Dh noticed a hawk out front yesterday morning, I noticed feathers all over the yard in the afternoon and tonight I found a dead owl with the matching feathers out in the back yard. I think Mr Owl and Mr Hawk had a scuffle and I would like to know what kind of owl he is or should I say was. :o(

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Hey, when my dad was in the Navy, he was stationed on Adak! He recalls that time as one of the more lonely in his life. :D I think he even mentioned something about Saturday nights spent down at the dump, shooting huge rats, but I could be wrong. (Sorry, rat lovers!)

I love that eBird site, but from what I remember, it's pretty much for those who already know the kinds of birds spotted. That's why I love the eNature site, because it helps me identify stuff before entering it on eBird. :)


RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Oh the dump was rat-o-plenty. And it is pretty isolated. But if you like the outdoors, cold temps and wind it is the place to be! Beautiful black sand beaches but you must wear your ski gear no bikinis!:oP

Thanks for the reminder about eNature Brenda. I think I identified my owl as a short-eared owl. I had to keep running between the computer and outside because dh wouldn't let me bring the owl inside to compare it to the photos. I got my exercise for the day!

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Wow! I totally missed that part about the owl, having Adak on the brain. Doh! I might be out of the loop, but I've never heard of a hawk killing an owl! That's too bad, no matter how the owl died, though. They're such incredible creatures!


RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Although I missed on the bird count, I'm about ready to try doing some more serious photography of the birds that visit my yard and neighborhood, having fallen victim to my OWN commentary about the upgrade to my camera model in Brenda's Birdwatching thread on Feb. 1, after which I said (I just reviewed -- "Now, I gotta have it!").

Well, I save my limited pennies for things like this, and after a couple weeks of humming and hawing and waiting for the best deal, I placed my order online for the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ30 from the same company I got the FZ10 from in April of 2004, Beach Camera, for actually $6 LESS than I paid for the FZ10 ($497 with no shipping charge for the silver, black was $10 less, but silver looked better to me)... and it arrived Wednesday!

This camera still has 12x Leica optical zoom, which is manual zoom, rather than electrical in this camera, meaning less can go wrong and it's more quiet and easier to get precise control... 8 megapixels, the ability to do a true 19.1 x zoom if you convert to 3 megapixels by the camera just using the center pixels of the CCD (you could achieve the same zoom level by doing 12X and cropping, but you MIGHT get a slightly better focus with the 19x option, and I've not yet had the chance to try both and compare).

Unlike the other camera, which would shoot in just high-compression or medium-compression jpeg modes, this one will also shoot in RAW, or in TIFF, which actually takes more memory than RAW, surprisingly. I've tried neither, yet, as I was always happy with the quality I got with the high-compression jpeg, and even THOSE files are now about 4 MB, each, @ 8 Megapixels (but I WILL try some test shots comparing all three, just to see what benefits the two high-end systems deliver).

This camera also has just about every feature you could ask for, and except for EXTREME PURISTS who INSIST on nothing less than the picture quality delivered by digital SLR cameras (which are MUCH more expensive), I don't think anyone could find fault. Even a number of folks who have used DSLRs say they like this better, as even the least expensive DSLRs cost about twice what this one does with just a single 28-85 mm equivalent lens (this one has a 35-420 equivalent), and THEN, in order to get high-quality telephoto or extreme zoom photos, you end up spending possibly THOUSANDS more for extra lenses...

THEN, if you're a nature photographer like we are, you really need at least TWO DSLRs to do it right, since you'll want one with a fairly wide lens, such as the 28-85, on one camera, for shooting landscapes and standard shots, and another with a long-range telephoto lens on it for shooting that rare woodpecker that might land on a limb 100 feet away while you're doing that... Otherwise, you may LOSE that shot in the process of trying to change lenses.

My new camera has all that in one package, and if you set it up right, is COMPLETELY SILENT when it shoots, and will shoot 3 frames per second, consecutively, up to the limit of the size of the SD card you're using.

So if any of you are thinking about upgrading to something with a high-end zoom, you might wanna look that direction. I didn't buy a SECOND camera in the same series without serious consideration... Neither did the friend who originally pointed me in the direction of the FZ10, who ordered an FZ30 the same day as me (some of you have seen me link to his webpage here from time to time, at

I also got a remote switch for my camera, and may get an extension cord for that, so I can set it up on a tripod right by the feeder, at wide-angle, sit back 30 feet away in the swing, and sip coffee while I shoot INCREDIBLE bird pictures.

By the way, just after I ordered mine, I got invited to join an internet forum specifically for people who own the FZ30, which was just started Jan. 20... After reading through it a bit, I discovered that even the founder of the forum didn't have HIS FZ30 until the middle of February, but he was SO sold on the camera, he started a forum dedicated to it before he even owned one!

If any of you would like to go there and see what all the fuss is about, plus look at some pictures posted there by people who have the camera, here's the link.

Happy Birdwatching!

Here is a link that might be useful: FZ30 :: Index

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

There is discussion about removing the bald eagle from the endanged species list as it has made an amazing comeback. They have returned to SW Ohio, although mostly down by the Ohio River, none have found my little pond though :^(

Aw, too bad for the owl. I would love to see an owl, but haven't yet, other than an occassional glimpse of a great horned owl down by the creek. There are several documented nesting sites at the local parks but I never seem to get the time to check them out.

I must say I am more than ready for spring migration to start, bring on the warblers!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bald eagles on the endangered species list

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

I have seen some Robins!!! That means spring is about 30days!

jeanner, I had heard about the discussion to remove the bald eagle from the endangered list and it is so unfortunate. I personally don't think that they are established enough to have open season on. IMHO

And as far as the hawk-owl situation I don't know if that is what happened it is my ASSumption. It was neat to see a little owl because I was only familiar with the great horned owl, the one that kept killing my ducks and chickens.

I am all for eagles and owls to control some of the rabbits and squirrels. Sorry Mary!

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

At first, I was upset when I heard about the possibility of taking bald eagles off the list, but then I realized that it might be good news, if they've recovered that much. Otherwise, what would be the point of removing them?

It wouldn't change the fact that they're still protected, right? If it means they wouldn't be protected under the "Hey, This is the Symbol of Our Country" law, then I'm totally against removing them.

Besides, any sicko who would want to shoot one in the first place would do it with or without protection. I've witnessed it firsthand with all of the laws in place, and the scumbag who did it thought it was funny. No fine is too high, IMO.


RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

brenda, as far as i am aware, bald eagles are still "protected"...there is no hunting season and so are protected, as are all raptors, unregulated waterfowel, woodpeckers, songbirds, nest, feathers, parts, etc.

i hope i am not wrong.

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Thanks Jeanner for the inspiration. I just joined our local chapter of the Audubon Society and went on my first field trip with them yesterday. Of all things - it was held on the base where I work. It was cold and windy but a really good birding day. I was able to try out everyone's scope which is good so I have a good idea what to look for when I buy one. The birds we saw:

Belted Kingfisher (1)
Double Crested Cormorant (1)
Common Loon (a few)
Great Blue Heron (1)
Mute Swan (2)
Tundra Swan (15)
Canada Goose (3)
Wood Duck (2) A beautiful pair. What a beautiful duck.
Green Winged Teal (3 females)
Surf Scoter (many)
Black Scoter (many)
Long Tailed Duck (many) They are really pretty.
Greater Scaup (a few)
Lesser Scaup (many)
Common Goldeneye (many)
Bufflehead (many). I like these the best - they look like toys.
Ruddy Duck (a few) A handsome duck.
Mallard (2)
Turkey Vulture (4)
Black Vulture (1)
Red-Tailed Hawk (1)
Kildeer (2)
Herring Gull (many)
Ring Billed Gull (many)
Yellow-rumped Warbler (a few)
American Crow (a few)
Song Sparrow (a few)

And last but not least - 3 Bald Eagles. We saw an adult pair mating at the top of a large, dead tree near a creek. Then we watched them after they took off to see if they would do that talon dive thing, but they didn't. One guy took lots of photographs of all the birds. He had a camera with a lens about 2 feet long. The other was an immature bird soaring.

I really learned alot about key identification points of the waterfowl and really had fun. I'm glad I joined up with this group. Some very knowledgeable people and a few are lead scientists at various nature preserves. Also, one was a zoologist that has some very interesting information to share. A really great day out in the fresh air with nice people.


RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

CT, sounds like you had a good day of birding, I'm not much good at the waterfowl since I'm not close to any lakes. I had intended to do two things this weekend, one was go to a quilt show and the other was to go find the nesting eagles down around the river. And I did neither! This weekend was supposed to be my little break between taking up wood flooring and painting. But I did get some time to do a little bird photography, just the yard birds but still fun. Had a towhee today but wasn't quick enough with the camera.

Heres a few pics, some from today, some from the bird count.

Red bellied woodpecker - I have four of these rb woodpeckers, they all vary in the amount of red on the belly.

One of the screaming meanies

A female cardinal, not as flashy as the male but really very regal.

The every cheerful chickadee and a tough bird to photograph!

A junco, the female slate-colored form

A pair of mourning doves, taken in early morning light.

A white-breasted nuthatch

A titmouse, one of my favorite yard birds

This is the first time I have ever had a starling in my yard and I have to say that I am fascinated by their coloring. I just hope he doesn't bring his buddies!

Still trying to get a picture of the pileated before the trees leaf out and it is impossible to find him.

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

are there any wrens that look like a house wren only bigger, or another bird? dh and i disagree that there was a wren in the yard last week. it had the typical stance, coloration,etc...and we had a nesting pair last year. but, dh is determined it was too big. i say it was just fluffed.


RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

FTM, my only guess would be a brown thrasher, but they are considerably bigger than the house wren - almost twice as big. We are way out of the winter range for the house wrens although this year seems to be the record breaker for species that over-wintered here. The brown thrasher winter range is not that far south and there have been numerous reports of them in our area this winter.

Below is a link to the brown thrasher page on Cornell's website, what'da think?

Here is a link that might be useful: Brown thrasher

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Description of me while viewing Jean's most incredible bird images ---> *AGAPE*

If I commented on every picture, we'd be here all day. So, I'll just say thank you SO much for sharing, Jean!!! Wow!!

It sounds like you had a really fun learning experience on Saturday, CT! I would love to see a wood duck in person, and I bet those bald eagles were so beautiful! :)


RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

JEAN! Wow.

Can you come and photograph my little feathered yard friends for me?

We get all of those except the woodpecker. We have hairies and downies and flickers, and I saw a pair of pileated ones in Nashua, NH. (Once). They flew over my car while I was waiting for a friend to come outside, and it's etched in my brain. It was awesome.

Jean, the mourning doves, the ones here also have either the more brown or the more blue color, is that female/male? My bird book doesn't show the bluer color.

:) Mary

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Thanks Jean for the wonderful photographs!

FTM - it could be a Carolina wren. Did it have a long, white eye stripe. They are bigger than the house wrens, but have that upright tail stance. Wrens look round to me with the up pointing tail. How many inches was it you think? Brown thrashers have very long tails and I've not seen them carry them upright like the wrens, plus they are big compared to a wren. May have been a hermit thrush, they bob their tails up and down. Wood thrushes have not migrated north yet.

Mary - this is my year for pileated woodpecker. The group I joined knows where to find them. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Absolutely lovely photographs Jean!

The starlings do have a nice iridescent sheen when the sunlight hits their feathers just right.


RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Jean, your photos are breathtaking! They just get better and better, and they were excellent from the get-go.

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

Great pictures Jean! The pictures helped me id my little mystery bird. I am pretty sure it is a Junco.

Seems that the eagles have been entertaining the neighbors more then me. :o( Over the weekend they were telling me that the eagles sit on their bird house and actually demolished a squirrels nest in one of their trees.

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

jeanner and CT, i think i do remember seeing white. as i keep thinking about it, dh and i argued last year about thae wren and its size. ???? but, i also recall last year deciding on house wren b/c i didn't see white. thanks for jogging my memory! it must have been a carolina wren i saw this time. it definitely wasn't a thrasher and not quite tthat large.

dh- i'll bet it is too big to fit in that hole on the wren house. me- who knows???? :) i could tell it was a bit larger but i didn't think it was that significantly larger to be so confused. it was picking around in my flower bed, and perching on my strawberry tower. otherwise, i wouldn't have seen it as closely as i did to see the white.

i love juncos! and....i never realized the colors in a mourning dove at sunrise.

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

I didn't realize that house wrens were smaller than the carolina wrens but apparently they are. I had a winter wren this fall but haven't seen it since.

I think spring is in the air, the song sparrows are really getting vocal and the male cardinals are definitely getting more territorial. And my pussy willows have catkins!

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

"pussy willows have catkins!"-- lol! i cant help but see the humor in that statement! careful, you might get a few too many litters...

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

OK, Jean, I think it's time you 'fess up and tell us just WHICH ornithilogical publication you do professional photography for... Your photos ALWAYS look like they came right out of a book, or should be in one!

I'm humbled by your skill and aspire to attain anything close to it with my own bird pictures!

As for the Carolina wren, I got a picture of one just outside my dining room window a couple years ago, perched on one of those cage feeders... picture's through a dirty window, but it's an otherwise pretty clear picture of a wren and I think I posted it here before at one point, so let me go see if it's in my Photobucket... Well, I THOUGHT it was, but maybe I deleted it. It's late, and I'm not gonna hunt it down right now, but maybe you'll figure out if that was a Carolina wren or not by looking at online sources, FTM.

Happy Birding, all!

RE: For the birdwatchers - Great Backyard Birdwatch this weekend

well, jeff, i think it was a carolina b/c of the white. but, memory is fading now. alas.

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