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What roses do you have coming this spring?

Posted by beth NorCA 9 (My Page) on
Mon, Feb 10, 14 at 17:25

After all this talk of (lack of) self discipline in buying roses, it's time to hear what everybody's got on order, received, or still buying. Inquiring minds want to know the names!! My list is below. You will note I have mentioned which ones are replacements for those that died on me either last yr or beyond. Also reasons why I ordered new ones. (hey, I'm just trying to justify why I ordered them!) LOL

Already here:

Palatine Roses:
ANNE HENDERSON - replacement
ELFI VON DASSANOWSKY - love that name and the coloring
PHILATELIE - it's a stripey! and I missed out on it last yr
PAROLE (BUXOM BEAUTY) - replacement

Wisconsin Roses:
DONA MARTIN - love the weird color
PACIFIC CELEBRATION - look at the pics on HMF and you'll know why I ordered it!
REMEMBERING MICHAEL - my husband's name is MIchael
SNUFFY - love the name and it looks good

Local shopping:
IMPATIENT - replacement for one that died yrs ago
EYES ON ME (RASPBERRY KISS) - I'm liking the Hulthemias!
Coming soon:

Palatine Roses (replacements they forgot to ship with the new order):
HARMONIE - got last yr to replace old dead one, but it was mismarked
MONTE CARLO COUNTRY CLUB - never broke dormancy.. loved the color (and I drive a Monte Carlo!)

CRESCENDO - missed it the last two yrs & J&P had a free shipping deal in Dec on one plant! (couldn't pass that up!)

Rogue Valley Roses:
BRITE BLUE - liked the looks, besides, had to make it worth ordering
CHIPMUNK -replacement
COLOR MAGIC - replacement

Breck's (on their 1/2 price sale in Oct):
NEIL DIAMOND - new one, early release and it's a stripey! Had to have it
SUGAR MOON - had to order something more to make it worth the shipping! (needed a white to replace CRYSTALLINE)

S&W Greenhouses:
ANNIE'S PROMISE - new rose with near-oddball coloring!
CORETTA SCOTT KING - almost ordered last yr, love the colors!
FIRED UP - it's a stripey!! and it was the last one!
TWILIGHT ZONE - replacement

Regan's (had to order at least two to make it worth it!):
JULIO IGLESIAS - replacement.. couldn't find it last yr
EYECONIC MELON LEMONADE - like I said, I'm liking these Hulthemias!

BARBRA STREISAND - replacement
EVELYN MAE - almost ordered last yr, love the pics on HMF
LITTLE DARLING - replacement
MOJAVE - still trying to get the correct rose (uh oh, is that an oxymoron... Hortico.. )
SCARLET RIPPLES - replacement
Thinking about:

NEW ZEALAND to replace dead one
CHOOSE LIFE looks interesting, but do I need it? Keep hoping it will sell out before I decide to hit the submit button some evening (when I'm buzzed on my gin & tonic)

Almost ordered a few from Heirloom but thankfully they sold out of all of them before I could make myself place the order.

Hmmm... I could've sworn there was more than this. Oh well, that's a good thing if there aren't any more!!! I think I did pretty good this yr!

So come on everybody... fess up! What do you have coming this season??

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Barbra Streisand (or Moonstone), Lady of Shalott & Munstead Wood! I can't wait!


I have now also ordered:
Cecile Brunner
New Dawn

I really can't wait!

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RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

I will need to dig out more grass to accommodate these new ones:

Madame Antoine Mari
La Reine
Princess Alexandra of Kent
Love Song
Yabba Dabba Doo

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Already here:

Reine des Violettes
Twilight Zone
Belinda's Dream
Marie Pavie
La Reine
Bishop's Castle
Carding Mill
CL. America
Love Song
White Pet
Clotilde Soupert
Golden Celebration
Young Lycidas
Charles Renni Mackintosh

Waiting for:
Enchanting Evening
Pretty Jessica….Hortico??? :>/
Two additional Bolero

Munstead Wood
Princess Alexandria of Kent
Memorial Day
Barbara Streisand

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

I am out of room and too old for many more roses-ha. I will have to dig up at least one rose to accommodate one of these new ones, and will squeeze the other two in somewhere.
From my favorite local nursery, I'm getting (just paid for them today) these three in 5 gallon pots. They'll be kept in a special greenhouse until I'm ready to pick them up and plant them:

Eyeconic Pink Lemonade
Love Song

I'm thinking of adding one more Evelyn to my collection of Evelyn's. Can't have too many of those fair creatures.


RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Well, of most import, I've been notified that my final order from Vintage will be arriving this spring.

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

  • Posted by seil z6b MI (My Page) on
    Mon, Feb 10, 14 at 19:51

Nothing! I haven't ordered a single rose. I'm maxed out and need to plant of some of the pot ghetto. Come spring I'll see what doesn't make it through this winter from hell and replace them with the potted roses to try and get those numbers whittled down. After that we'll see. I can always pick up something locally if I find something gorgeous!

That's the problem for me. I can't really ordered early because I don't know what will or won't make it through winter. If everything lives then what do I do with the new ones? And I won't know if they'll live or die until sometime in late April when most all the mail order places have already stopped shipping. What's a roser to do?

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

  • Posted by hoovb z9 Southern CA (My Page) on
    Mon, Feb 10, 14 at 20:40

I got a pair of 'Ascot's back in October, and have shoveled eight roses so far--so I'm down six. In a year of bad drought, it makes no sense to plant a lot of new stuff.

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

I am supposed to get my 3 French imports from Vintage, and I ordered a Heathcliff from David Austin's. Anything else I get will be a local purchase. I am ordering other types of plants to replace any roses I have to get rid of due to non-improving rose rosette disease. I would like to get more of the ones that do well and get rid of the ones that don't, but since each year is different, so are the results of the season. It is hard to decide, but I would like to cull the herd down to a manageable number.

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

I had a weak moment of New Rose lust hit me earlier this winter and placed an order for roses I didn't "need" at all. After living here for 16 months, creating the garden spaces and moving about 30 roses plus countless perennials already, I still have possibly as many as 50 more roses to be moved over from my old place (now my son's) and know it will take Herculean efforts to get them all dug and transplanted before they break dormancy this spring. I should have someone give me a smack up the side of the head for purchasing new roses but I'm trying to build a garden with more bloom and little disease (I don't spray at all anymore.) I'm hoping I've researched and chosen any case, these are coming from Chamblee's the first week in April:
Blue for You
Golden Celebration
Julia Child
Lemon Fizz
Purple Rain
Solero Vigorosa
Sugar Moon
Wild Blue Yonder

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

These are the roses that I ordered for spring:

Graham Thomas, Carding Mill, Tamora, Molineux, Scepter D'Isle, Munstead Wood, Lady of Shallot, and Queen of Sweden (So excited about these roses as I have been blown away by the incredible beauty of these roses from photos posted on GW. I hope they do well for me.)

Well Being, Laura, Playboy, Veteran's Honor, Tineke, OSO Lemon Zest, Over the Moon, Blue for You, St. Patrick, Double Delight, Porcelain Rose, Folksinger, and Quietness Hopefully, these will prove to be easy to grow roses and will look decent without spray.

Cupcake and Rainbow's End

I already got pots for them. Luckily, there was a clearance at my local garden center and I was able to get 2 gal plastic pots for $0.50/ea.

desertgarden561, you must love Bolero to be growing 3 of them in your garden. Does it do well for you? I was thinking about getting one. Is it blush or white? Some photos show it to be white and others blush.

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

I just couldn't resist a few more of the older style roses. My list is short, but if a couple plants had not suddenly died, it would be even shorter!

Ghislaine de Feligonde--hybrid multiflora
Felicia--hybrid musk
Boule de Neige --Bourbon
Eden climber (Meilland)--replacement

I'm quite excited about these new and different additions to my garden.


RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

I have Midnight Blue and I've ordered:

Deep Secret
Midas Touch
Sunrise at Heirloom
Hot Cocoa

When they come in stock at Heirloom I will order:
Ebb tide
Blue Bayou

I wanted to buy more, but I can't afford it this year!

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

I am almost out of room for roses but I am planting a Boscobel, Jude the Obscure, Rock & Roll, and an Anna's Promise.

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

From Palatine (already here) I ordered:
William P J McCarthy
Sweet Beauty
Rina Hugo
Radox Bouquet
Martina Mondadori
King's Macc
Chicago Peace (I want to see if it does better on multiflora than on Dr Huey)

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

And there will be more roses from the local nurseries. Roses are always jumping into my shopping cart and insisting that I take them home. And then there is retail therapy, I buy roses the way other women buy shoes. It makes me happy. No self disipline here!

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

This is going to be a very well-mixed mix.

S and W: All but one are all to replace memorial roses that didn't perform well here.
White Out
Dee Lish (hate the name, wish they'd stick with Forget Me Not or one of the others)
Coffee Bean
Gourmet Popcorn

Angel Roses: (one also a memorial rose replacement)
Easy Does It
Plus one more as yet undesignated
Also, am first on the waiting list for Souvenir de Therese Levet - I'm so happy to find this one!

Edmund Roses: (both memorial rose replacements)
Little Mischief

This doesn't seem like many compared to some of your orders. I have a bunch in pots for Sophia's little playhouse garden and several others that just needed to be moved so it will keep me busy. I think that I will need to replace several after this winter so the undesignated rose will probably be a replacement.

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

- Honeysweet
- Just Joey
- Belle Epoque
- Chic
- Quietness

- Golden Wings
- Astrid Grafin von Hardenberg

- Darlow's Enigma
- Lady of the Mist
- Apothecary Rose
- Rodeo

- Out of Rosenheim
- John Ruskin
- D' Aguesseau

I'm expecting to loose a number of plants this year due to the crazy winter we've been having. There are some plants that will be a 'replace immediately' if they don't make it.

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Oops, almost forgot this one!

I had a BOGO coupon from David Austin and decided to give it a try. I've ordered:

Munstead Wood- also a memorial rose replacement
Molineux- for Sophia's yellow playhouse garden

These are both own root. Has anyone ever grown these own root before?

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

I pulled out three roses last year to start again with new roses. I kept just one, Julia Child. I have very little room for roses, so my order is small. Also aiming for disease resistance.

Brother Cadafael
Munstead Wood which was out of stock
Marie Pavie
Prairie Sunrise
The Fairy
Tickled Pink

All from Pickering. I was pretty disappointed about the Munstead Wood and I just didn't even look to see if anyone else had it. I didn't want to have to build another order at a second supplier. I'll have to try again next year, unless something else has my attention by then. [g]

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Sorry, I posted it twice by accident, hitting the back button after I posted the first time.

In case, anyone else is trying to deal with these duplicate posts, I also wanted to mention that I tried to edit this 2nd post, twice, by adding just the words 'duplicate post', but it wouldn't accept it. It worked when I typed in a whole sentence.

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RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

With the drought and space considerations, I've been very conservative. These roses have already arrived and all but one are planted.

Reine des Violettes
Wild Edric (two)
Belinda's Dream
Souvenir du President Carnot
Hoag House Cream
Dr. O'Donel Brown
No. 92 Nanjing

Most of them are replacing roses I've taken out for disease reasons and one is filling an empty spot in Tea Rose Row (although I'm cheating since Hoag House Cream is actually a very early Hybrid Tea).

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RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

[NorCA 9B]
This is a great topic Beth. Thank you for starting it. I have only been planting roses for three years and my garden is small so I have no idea how I went from just 5 roses to 40 roses (I practiced a lot of self-discipline when I did the online orders. I don't think my husband believes me when I told him that :)

Here are my recent orders and they are all planted in the ground and have some small leaves.

Regan (ordered online, picked up):
- Julia Child (tree)
- Memorial Day (tree)
- St. Patrick (tree)
- Eden (climber)
- Veterans' Honor
- Firefighter
- Ingrid Bergman
- Scepter'd Isle
- Bella'roma

Summer Winds Nursery (local, one of my favorite stores but they don't carry a lot of varieties):
- Love's Promise
- Chrysler Imperial

J&P (ordered online, shipped):
- Black Magic
- Radiant Perfume

This is my first time order bare root roses and the result has been great except from J&P. Their price is higher and when I received the order I felt a bit disappointed. I ordered 2 Black Magic from them and the first Black Magic is at the right grade (similar to other nurseries) but the second Black Magic and Radiant Perfume's canes are really small. Their diameters are just about 1/2 the size of the first Black Magic's (see image). I'm not sure if this is the norm or not.

Anyway, I'm glad that I can order all those beautiful roses and can't wait to see when they bloom :)

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RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Um, well, you really don't want to see the complete list of roses I've ordered this season, since I just broke the 200 limit with my last choices at Roses Unlimited. Remember that I'm in zone 5 where fussy pants roses I like are at risk for giving up the ghost (but you never know, they might not...), so there's always a need for replacement roses. What's hard is knowing when to quit and admitting a particular rose is not going to survive in my yard, or worse yet, category of roses (see russets). I'll give you a total number by vendor and hit a few highlights

Vintage (31- how can I resist when they list their new imports among their "unloved" roses)
The imports are of course the highlight here: Alexis Lepere, Soyeuse de Lyon, Emile Cramon, Julien Potin, Lord Beaconsfield, Duchesse d'Orleans, Francois Arago, Mme. Lierval, Paul Verdier, Silver Queen, Ave Maria, Prince Charles d'Arenber, Mme. de Stael. Fortunately many of these are HPs, so they have an excellent chance of surviving for me.

Rogue Valley (20)
Standouts are Golden Buddha, and the Bishop Darlington and Carlin's Rhythm combo I got enabled into by Jeri & Kim on GW. Oh, and I'm resolved that Ripples IS going to survive, even though it's a Le Grice mauve - I have Brite Blue and the Colwyn Rose coming as well though, since mauves are finicky in my yard

Chamblees (14)
Highlights are some new Kordes that look colorful as well as hardy - Plum Perfect, Savannah, Coco, as well as Coretta Scott King and ONE LAST TRY (famous last words) at Koko Loco and Blue For You (Hulthemias die amazingly fast in my yard)

Palatine (8)
Can we say picotee? Quo Vadis, La Rose Optimiste, Three Weddings, not to mention the stripes of Philatelie & Flaming Beauty

Long Ago Roses (4) - Granny Grimmetts, Clementina Carboniari (going for my 6th stalwart tea), and I have to replace Happy Butt (on purely the name). I'm also trying my fourth Oklahoma from here, hoping this'll be the one that survives.

Heirloom (36)
Notable for being the record-breaking 4th try on Black Pearl (no really, I have a new plan), but the first time on juicy little mauve/russets like My Choice and Moon Shadow, as well as stripes and picotees like Night Sky, Candyland, Night Light, Cajun Sunrise, and third time's the charm Gardens of the World

Burlington (26)
This order is rapidly becoming "Roses that Beth Can Grow and I Can't", or the "neener-neener" roses (obviously the taunting is from the roses, not Beth who is a lovely person) - I'm on the 2nd or third try each at Irish creme, Smoky, Jocelyn, Lavender Pinocchio, Double feature, Anvil Sparks, Black Tea, and Belle Epoque -wimpy russets and mauves I simply must give another try. Michael G has given me the hope to try Souv. de la Malmaison one more time, and Seil has talked me into Archduke Charles. At least I'm also ordering Autumn Damask, Cardinal Hume, Portland from Glendora, and Paul Neyron so there'll be some roses who actually WANT to survive in my zone.

Regan's (9)
I simply had to have Dark Night and the goofy Green Romantica, and I'm gambling that Pope John Paul II, Ebb Time, and Julio Iglesias will be more robust on grafted plants

Edmunds (8)
I got talked into the new collection of Doris Day, Best Kept Secret, and Anna's Promise, the latter of whom looks like a very nice rose DESPITE its blatant marketing connection to Downton Abbey

And the winner (so far)... drum roll...
Roses Unlimited (59)
OK, see - Pat gives a nice discount on a bulk order that I'm splitting with friends in my area, but some of them couldn't order this year so, um, well, I just HAD to help out didn't I? This one has the surprising honor of several Kordes roses that haven't survived well for me in 2 or 3 tries, all of which are in the flaming orange/pink/yellow family (a pattern here perhaps?): Seashell, Caribbean, Speelwark, Veldfire, and Limelight. Pat also talked me into some roses that had no HMF information or pictures that sounded intriguing - Rosy Cheeks, and Miss Betty from M. Williams.

OK, enough from me. Will post pictures next year of the survivors that bloom...


RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

  • Posted by beth NorCA 9 (My Page) on
    Tue, Feb 11, 14 at 17:16

Bayarea-girl, I'm sure that other BLACK MAGIC will do ok. It's smallish, but looks like the ones we get from Hortico, so it should be ok. You're gonna love that rose! I'm not a huge red fan, but it's a real beauty!

Yowsers Cynthia! You sound like me about 4-5yrs ago! I'm not sure what temps Zone 5 has, but I assume it's colder than mine. I never lose roses to cold, I lose 'em to the hot summer temps. They fry and die a lot. Hope you don't lose very many of these! Have you tried potting up the ones that you've had trouble with? Mulch 'em really well too. Hey, you're gonna love DARK NIGHT! It's so unusual.

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Palatine: Buxom Beauty, St. Patrick, Signature, Rina Hugo, Grande Amore, and South Africa(only one that I haven't grown before)

K&M: Tammy Clemmons 2, Jewel Grace, Louise Estes (favorite all time rose), Let Freedom Ring, and Crystal Palace....have several roses on fort. may have to rethink this rootstock if I lose a bunch of established ones due to this winter

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

None - No Roses Ordered, Thank You! Too much hassle, been there, done that. Will pick up a few container roses from Fred's Discount Store in a few weeks. They had some nice liter potted roses there the past few years (out of Canada...) They grew great. They even had the old J&P Rose from the mid-seventies, Evening Star. They were in deep pots, budded, probably as big or bigger then some of the twigs from Hortico.
I do want to get a few minis from Heirloom, we'll see. Good luck planting folks, you'll need it -

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

  • Posted by kousa Zone 6 (My Page) on
    Tue, Feb 11, 14 at 18:10

Oh, my! That is a lot of roses, Cynthia. I hope that you will have help planting them. It seems that when we order, we register only pleasant visions of the roses in bloom, and none of the hard work involved. Anyway, This winter weather makes it really hard to exercise any self-discipline.

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Rina Hugo
Manou Meilland
Perfect Moment
Dolly Parton
Folklore (2) (because this was such a good rose for me in the past).

Orchid Romance
Abbaye de Cluny
L.D. Braithwaite
James Galway

EDMUNDS (love the free shipping)
Big Purple
Crimson Bouquet
Dick Clark
New Zealand
Royal Amethyst
Twilight Zone
Easy Does It
Distant Drums
Don Juan

Julia Child (2)
Mister Lincoln
Pope John Paul II

Souvenir de la Malmaison (2)
Boule de Neige
Mrs. John Laing
Henry Nevard
Queen Elizabeth (2 - for the same reason I ordered 2 Folklore

Lemon Spice
La France

Our Lady of Guadalupe (2)

Frederic Mistral (wanted a grafted one and this was the only place I could find it)
Added - Alec's Red and Peter Mayle

I started ordering too early. Wish I had given it more thought and ordered fewer hybrid teas and instead ordered a few Griffith Buck roses and others that hopefully would do good in my zone. We'll see what happens next year. I won't be ordering near that many though, but I am still looking forward to it. I know I can recruit my hard working grandson to help, he loves earning extra money.

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RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?


I have no previous experience with Bolero. I research, research, research roses, order, plant, then cross my fingers.

My front landscape, side yard front and back have been completely re-landscaped. My design called for five white roses in the area so unfortunately I could not purchase just one. I have two own root one-gallon on order for a total of 5. Bolero was the white rose that I was willing to make more of an investment in. White Pet would have likely been less risky, but for the space, Bolero is more appropriate.

I am actually experimenting with Clotilde Soupert, Marie Pavie, White Pet, Bolero, and Pure Perfume. I am eagerly awaiting the spring, and summer to see how they all fair in my garden.

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Either recently arrived or coming this Spring to go into my mom's garden:
Distant Drums
Koko Loko (Replacing Angel Face)
Lavender Pinnochio
Brown Velvet
Dragon's Blood
Just Joey
Betty White
Julio Iglesias (replacing a Scentimental, hopefully it blooms more often)
Reine des Violettes
Boule de Neige
Gilbert Nabonnand
Autumn Damask
Reve d'Or
Lupe's Buttons
And either Purple Buttons, Indigo, or Munstead Wood, but she's undecided on a purple.

At this point pot culture/shovel pruning will be just about the only means of expanding besides a few tucked away spots where Hybrid Musks or vigorous Tea-Noisettes might do well. Mutabilis would be a great addition somewhere, but it might be too much rose at this point. Boule de Neige is getting a prime, large spot in the front I made by digging out a few Japanese Pittosporums recently and the white is a better fit than Mutabilis' range of color. I'd love to find space to carve out for Baron Girod de l'Ain as well just to give it a shot.

My mom recently found an article from the early 30s or late 20s from the local Santa Monica paper that is a list of recommended rose varieties for the area. It's very interesting to see a rose recommendation list in a newspaper with almost exclusively old garden roses and heavily tea influenced Hybrid Teas. Plenty of roses I hadn't heard of. Interesting to see what a little research can dig up. I'll try to get a scan of that posted for interested folk in Coastal California. It made us want to add to the list above!


RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Thanks Kousa for the encouragement to get help planting these, but my husband only appreciates the roses in limited doses, and isn't interested in gardening. Besides, gardening is my "ME" time, and it's therapeutic in many ways. I can plant about 30 roses on a good weekend day if they're not bareroots (they need bigger holes), so as long as I've decided where they go it's not that bad (assuming of course you're rose insane). I usually plan a day off per week in late April and early May if I can, and between that and a weekend day I can get the roses planted reasonably comfortably.

It's delightful to see these long lists of roses from everyone and not feel too much like an oddball, at least among rose enthusiasts. Beth, it's infinitely reassuring to hear that I sound like you at any point in your life, since it means I'm not totally insane (smile). I keep thinking I'm going to run out of space one of these days, but things stay smaller in zone 5 and so far so good. I have to admit it's also reassuring to see the number of replacements noted on your list, since I'd had the impression that roses were fairly indestructible in California. I forgot about the heat - we have dry heat and plenty of 90's and 100's too, but more water than in California. As for cold, it has gone well below zero most days throughout late December through last night, with surprisingly little break. Highs in the 20's had us peeling off coats today. This will definitely be the test year for winter survival, with very little snow, bitter cold, and a move to minimum protection on my part. I'd love to try potting roses, and I appreciate the suggestion, but there's no faster way to kill a rose in my yard than to pot it up. No kidding - I lost one of the two Dr. Hueys I potted up for the fun of it last summer, and that's like killing a philodendron inside (yep, killed plenty of those too). Thanks for the heads up on Dark Night - can't wait.


RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Hey, I don't feel quite so guilty now! Thank you Beth - great post!

I'm brand-spankin' new and overly enthusiastic. I'm tripling my rose collection this year... can't wait to see how it goes.

In no particular order:
Hot Cocoa
Butterscotch (HT)
Distant Drums
Dragon's Blood
Twilight Zone
Cinco de Mayo
About Face
Bull's Eye
Souvenir de Docteur Jamain
The Fairy
Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale
Savoy Hotel
Pam's Choice
Lavender Pinocchio
Koko Loko
Blueberry Hill
Mel's Heritage
Bleu Magenta
Margo Koster
Easy Does It

Considering others, on waiting lists for
Astrid Grafin von Hardenberg (I really want this one!)


RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Well my rose order is teenie tiny compared to some of you! Cynthia, I'm tired just thinking of unboxing that many roses, never mind planting them!!
From Roses Unlimited I have ordered teas for the first time,
Mrs Dudley Cross, Mrs. B. R. Cant, and Marie Van Houtte. Then because I can't go a year without adding an Austin I ordered Crown Princess Margareta. I plan to pick up my order so I'm sure a couple more will find there way in my roomy van!

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Well, I really need to finish my garden this season so I can enjoy it for a few years before something "new and great" comes along. Most of my roses will come from K&M and a handful from Coolroses and a small handful from Roses Unlimited. To finish my HT's; 1 Snuffy, 1 Royal Amethyst, 2 Louise Estes, 2 Elina, 2 Grande Amore, 2 Crystalline, 4 Mavrik, 4 Marlon's Day, 4 Moonstone. Florabunda's; 1 Summer Snow, 1 Lady of the Dawn, 1 Stadt den Helder, 1 Julia Child, 2 Hannah Gorden, 2 Hot Cocoa, 2 Shelia's Perfume. Shrub/OGR/Climbers; 1 Colonial Days, 1 Abraham Darby (if K&M does Austins this coming fall), 1 Rosa Rugosa Alba, 1 4th of July. Mini/miniflora's; 1 Odessa, 1 Emma Grace, 1 Arcanum, 1 Cooper, 1 First Choice, 1 Autumn Splendor. I think that will take enough out of my wallet this year. This way I can get everything in the ground and start to really enjoying my roses again.

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

I'm just starting out and have a very small property. I just received Night Owl and Blue for You. I am expecting:

From Roses Unlimited:
Fire Fighter
Honey Bouquet
Saint Patrick

From Burlington Roses:
Annie Laurie McDowell (waiting list)

I ordered them after reading this forum and "Help Me Find Roses" for days on end. Oh, the anticipation of the first rose bloom!

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

  • Posted by seil z6b MI (My Page) on
    Wed, Feb 12, 14 at 11:37

OK, so I lied, lol! A forum friend remembered that I was searching for Mariotta and bought it for me at an auction and is sending it to me in April! Thank you!

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

I don't have any roses coming, but I noticed that some of you mentioned ordering roses from Angel Gardens, Burlington and Regan roses. Are they pretty reputable? What size rose do you get?

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Just 2 for me - Nevada and Alba semi-plena. Planted them at the edge of the wood....on a chilly north side facing open fields. I am never going to tame and formalise the wood so I am planting roses which have a similar tough and rugged character, to offset the wild caninas and briars which squeeze between the goat willows and ivy.

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I have National Trust and Blue Ribbon.
Well, they are actively growing right now :P
But I just cannot wait for their flowers!!

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    Wed, Feb 12, 14 at 19:17

I have ordered from all three of those nurseries, Bellarosa. Regans sends grafted bare root plants. Angel Gardens and Burlington send bands. I rarely get bands here though because they can be very iffy going through the first winter. I've had a good experience with all three of these suppliers though.

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My pot ghetto is still bigger than it should be, so I really have to restrain myself in terms of ordering new roses, but I couldn't resist to get a second 'Pope John Paul II' (know where I want to put it, hole already dug :-) !). This Hybrid Tea is doing so well for me and was giving me plenty of the most exquisite white very fragrant blooms in the last three years so that I just wanted to have another one.

With a little bit of a knot in the gut I ordered it from Jackson & Perkins, which is now under a new ownership and has not a good reputation anymore. I wanted an own-root rose and couldn't find it anywhere else but from them.

When they deliver a lousy plant then at least I tried!


RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

Last year I ordered another Pope John Paul II for the same reasons as you. I got mine at Palatine on their multiflora rootstock. Good luck!

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Hortico (replacements for plants the lawn service hacked down):
White Pet
Cardinal de Richelieu
Miami Moon

Wisconsin Roses:
Tammy Clemons
Dr. John Dickman
Stephen Rulo
Olivia Rose

I am also waiting to see if I need to order new plants of Soroptimist International and Conundrum (more lawn service casualties), I won't know until the snow melts, and the plants break dormancy. I think the Conundrum is a goner...

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Just three for me this year from online over Heirloom, then I'll be hunting at the local places for surprise finds after they re-open in March.

Mermaid; yes I have a designated place for her to take over! She can go hog wild!

Filing in my climbing space at the front of the house this year and laying out new beds; next year it's onto the shrub roses!

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Charles Darwin - I'm one of those that likes that odd coloration that is so misrepresented in the promo materials
Fragrant Cloud - sucker for fragrance
Jude the Obscure - fragrance, size, how could I Say no?
Star of the Nile - my god that color...

Young Lycidas - bare own root - color, fragrance
Munstead Wood - bare own root - color, fragrance and everyone here can't stop raving about it.

Still considering Neptune, Lady Of Megginch (if it comes available on own root), Falstaff (I know... stingy, but I like the difficult ones, the bad boys if you will), and alec's red.

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    Wed, Feb 26, 14 at 1:53

Well, I'm totally jazzed! Thought I was thru ordering. But then I looked at Burling's list and found out she's got EYES FOR YOU!! Holy cow! She's shipping it out tomorrow, along with HOT CHOCOLATE and HIGH SHERIFF! Yippee!! I can't wait to see how EFY is going to do this spring. If anybody else has been wanting it, she's got bands and gallons! I opted for the band, but I probably should've done the gallon. Oh well, it'll be fun to see it develop.

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I also thought I was over but I just ordered one Benjamin Britten and three Gartentraume (the very nice pink DA lookalike by Tantau) from a local nursery. I actually just wanted the GTs for a new bed I'm preparing but then thought what the heck and ordered BB also, a rose which I have never tried before and I know it will be difficult to place. As if I didn't have about 30 unplaced roses in pots already...The only consolation is that when I buy from my local nursery the prices are very cheap and I know I will get a surprise rose as a gift also.

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I'm curious about Munstead Wood. I looked at its picture and I think it looks nice but I saw other roses also have similar look but people don't rave about it.

Is it because of its fragrance, something like Peter Mayle rose? Or maybe it is one of the roses that is hard to take picture of correctly? I'm tempted to order it. Thanks.

Munstead Wood (photo by Jeanne Frolova)

RE: What roses do you have coming this spring?

I'm one of the posters pushing for Munstead Wood this past year. First, I adore its color and I do believe it is darker and richer than most of Austin's other reds--though I find it similar to Shakespeare 2000--but perhaps a bit deeper in color.

Second, I like its size and shape--a somewhat smaller Austin (about 3x3?)--there are so many more places I can use it. And it has a graceful shape. Although its color may be similar to Shakespeare 2000, Shakespeare 2000 is taller and much wider--in fact, it sprawls sideways in a rather awkward way. MW is more a shorter fountain shape.

Disease Resistance--MW seems to be quite good on resisting BS. That is VERY important in my garden. If a rose is not disease-resistant, I won't buy it. So far, my MW has better disease-resistance than my Shakespeare 2000 does.

Fragrance? I have no idea. I don't usually buy roses for their fragrances--except when I was setting up my Perfumed Path.

Rebloom--seems to be quite good on MW.

Of course, my MW is still relatively new in my garden, but so far, it is doing well, so I'm looking forward to seeing it bloom in my future gardens also.


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    Wed, Feb 26, 14 at 11:19

I have MUNSTEAD WOOD, and for me it hasn't done a whole lot so far. It's in one of the areas where I need to add more organics and fertilizers, so I'm sure that explains it. But I do have SHAKESPEARE 2000 not too far from it, and that thing grows exactly as Kate says.... all wide and sprawly and gangly. Gets some pretty blooms tho. I just got my replacement TWILIGHT ZONE and put it where last yr's plant died. It's near the other two. I hope it does ok this time.

I'm hittin' the jackpot this week. My roses from S&W came Saturday; all potted up now. Got notice my NEIL DIAMOND and SUGAR MOON shipped out from Breck's. Also got notice something shipped out of NY a few days ago. I'm guessing it's my Hortico order. And just got an email that my RVR order went out. Oh, and Burlington Roses order should ship out today. I gotta go get more potting soil!!

Wow, just noticed it's sprinkling outside. We're supposed to get rain for a few days I think. Yay! We need it, but it means it'll be a bit til I can get out and pot these roses up!! Come on spring!

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