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Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

Posted by Dinglehopp3r 7a East TN (My Page) on
Thu, Jun 12, 14 at 16:59

Hello Everyone!
I have posted on this forum a only few times so far, but mostly I have been a quiet lurker, admiring all your rose gardens, and most of all admiring your rose knowledge.
My name is Jessica, I am 27, from East Tennessee and very new at caring for roses. I have always loved gardening, but overall have not had much luck, mostly due to the lack of knowledge of plant needs and requirements. For the past couple years I have experimented with random perennials, including hydrangeas, hostas, a knockout here and there, and various bulbs, etc.. but this spring, I was bitten hard by the rose bug, and now I just can't get enough! I think about roses all day every day, it has become an addiction.

Emotional side note: I lost my mother in 2010, and one of the many things I will never forget about her was how much she adored the color yellow, she always said it was the happiest color. Seeing my garden as an opportunity to memorialize her, I have begun to seek out the most beautiful yellows I can find (as opposed to the more popular soft pinks).
Since I am also a lover of vibrancy and contrast, I have added touches of orange, rich reds, purple, magenta, and peach, and also lots of blue from my companion plants. I know many of you prefer very soft color palettes, featuring mostly soft pinks, whites, or reds, with only small amounts of contrast (and believe me I love looking at photos of your gardens- they are lovely) My ensemble of plants may be considered tacky by some, but I love the somewhat chaotic mix of bright colors, casually placed here and there. My whole garden is only one season old (except the hydrangeas, they are over a year old, but they were moved from their original location) It has only been in the last few months that I have installed these boarder gardens along the front and side of my house, and have acquired around 15 rose bushes (both bare root and container) and loads of companion plants since then.
I live very close to a large university, my little craftsman house is tucked in amongst rental properties, frat houses, and apartment complexes in a semi urban area, so space is not something I have a ton of. Even so, I am constantly trying to tuck new plants into any open nooks I can find- its been a learning process to find what works

One last aside:
Before I started growing roses I never enjoyed spending time outside my own house, my yard is fairly small and provided zero color, privacy, or interest before last year and in addition, all the neighboring yards are all also small and almost completely featureless, not even any trees in most of them, just red party cups littering the ground from last weekend's blowout frat party. One day I suddenly realized that for the first time ever I have a yard that I have complete control of, and I don't have to live surrounded by ugly barren yards and trash, cleaning up my yard and adding this garden has changed the way I think about my own house and my own abilities. This all seems very dramatic for just being about gardening and roses, but I have to say that they really have changed me a lot in less than one year and I am so happy for it.
(also- gardening- what an amazing workout, my arms and shoulders have never looked better!)

Here are a couple of photos of my new little garden. Most of these were taken a few weeks ago, I will post more photos as my plants grow and re-flower. Sorry some of these aren't the best quality photos, I only have an Ipad camera at this point so I'll have to make due, plus I'm learning more about the best times to photograph, etc.

The yellow here is Shockwave, the red is Chrysler Imperial, and the multi color is Rio Samba
 photo ae22d4ab67767599e23646670e25537b_zps2ea7177d.jpg

Shockwave and some blue bell shaped Clematis
 photo abd7aeac76dd74e612eb50d3ce6a9f3b_zpsad300fd5.jpg

Here is Julia Child and some balloon flowers
 photo ea3f55f1f49410ce4f7672aa69fe5064_zps1a863b06.jpg

Chrysler Imperial with Rio Samba and some blue Delphiniums
 photo 5dd279f1885594ccb1e1f2aa57c3b7d3_zpsb771e8cc.jpg

Rio Samba again, & again with some Nicky garden Phlox and balloonflowers
 photo 1e32482179df3a67aa939b3cc149060c_zpscff36a7b.jpg

 photo d8c3fc4c58fc429597ac45f8fe3dca34_zpsac497960.jpg photo 4f4f17f586b12ec0927969fcfc37c671_zps1e4aef38.jpg

more recent photo of Chrysler Imperial, putting on lots of new buds but still being overshadowed by this crazy tall purple delphinium, as well as the sizable basil plant to the right that was teeny tiny a couple of months ago.. to the very right is About Face, about to show it's face for the first time!
 photo c5499591ae3462f1f280dbf41febc6f5_zps781346f2.jpg

Golden Celebration
 photo 20442ce5004ec9eda806bb77152f7378_zpse7e5264d.jpg photo e2dff24387f9d838a88ad943069e8c99_zps1e474957.jpg

Ebb Tide and Golden Celebration (will post a question soon regarding the quick decline of my Ebb Tide)
 photo 00072315ec965df8d17d261671493139_zps131deba7.jpg

Munstead Wood next to Happy Go Lucky
 photo 1deee7861e158f82520a1476546c489d_zpsacbc6036.jpg

Munstead Wood from behind, what a gorgeous rose! Love it more than I expected (this was when I had to use tomato supports to hold him up - not necessary now)
 photo 45404b631339a15fa104759985fabb67_zps76fab6fa.jpg
 photo 08037e3dd6e41ff256cbf253d3e29a7f_zps1d2adeec.jpg

Second Golden celebration in container on porch

 photo 771f0bd16a0a5826aa61e73510b4c67a_zps45138446.jpg

Darcey Bussell in container on porch
 photo 092931ddbff7c8c0a228282ade30ef31_zps6fb4cea0.jpg

and last but certainly not least here is my tiny Lady Emma Hamilton- who has stolen my heart with her happy color and intense fragrance- She is only just now blooming as she got a little late start, but I already see myself getting a second one at some point.

 photo a8931c0ff731c0c12212f8815b33acf7_zps269fba35.jpg
 photo c66d532384d24baa7fac879def1d6600_zps4cdc4fd6.jpg

Side bed that is part shade that contains my 7 hydrangeas photo d2927849b14a16e1182d031c02a63af5_zps1e6587a8.jpg Those little twiggy sticks are supposed to be rose of sharon trees that were a gift from my father and still haven't broken dormancy despite being in the ground for a few months now. I know they are late bloomers but sheesh. They still are flexible and not brittle, so I hope they are alive and wake up soon, we'll see.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and look at my photos, I appreciate you all so much for the countless pieces of advice you have already unknowingly given to me, I hope that one day my garden will be even half as lovely as most of yours are.

Have a swell day.


This post was edited by Dinglehopp3r on Thu, Jun 12, 14 at 19:08

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

  • Posted by jim1961 6a Central Pa. (My Page) on
    Thu, Jun 12, 14 at 17:05

Wow you should be very proud of yourself!
Nice to meet you and job well done on your pics! :)

RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

Thank you so much Jim! I might be just a little proud ;)

It's nice to make your acquaintance!

RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

Welcome to GardenWeb and thank you for sharing those lovely pictures of your garden! Your roses look fantastic against the colors of your house, as well as healthy and happy in their own regard. I'm sure your neighbors will enjoy the lovely view and might just start to add color and interest to their own yards as well. Regardless, I'm sure your mother would be thrilled with all the vibrant colors, particularly the yellows, and your yard is a living happy tribute to her that should indeed make you justly proud.

Keep posting and sharing ideas with all of us!


RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

Wow, you've done a great job! You are so right about gardening. The ability to manipulate (in a good way) our own little part of the environment - creating something of beauty and tranquility in our living space where there was nothing of interest before - is both soothing and healing as well as exciting and rewarding. There's very little I enjoy as much as being outside gardening. Well, there's skiing....

Keep up the good work!

RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

  • Posted by seil z6b MI (My Page) on
    Thu, Jun 12, 14 at 18:55

Welcome to the garden, Jessica! Your roses and garden are beautiful! I understand how you feel about your little garden being your refuge. Although sometimes things happen that we can't control it's still our one place where we can make a stand and say "this is MY place"! And I love your crazy colors! I too mix things up with tons of bright colors all over the place. When I was little my best friend's Mother used to always say to mix all color together because that was how nature did it and She knew what She was doing!

RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

Hello Jessica !! We are sorta neighbors , I live in middle tennesee . In two weeks I move to a little town called burns . I'm close to your age , 30.
Your roses are so pretty and you should be so proud of yourself ! And I think by stepping out and taking control of your surroundings, you may find that neighbors will catch the bug too and try to make their space pretty too . And if not , I guarantee your flowers will bring smiles to people faces as they walk by ! I'm sorry to hear you lost your dear mother , mine is the reason I love gardening. It's amazing how theraputic digging in the dirt can be ! It makes me feel very close to God , caring for his gifts .
I love the pic of the shockwave and rogucci clematis ! So pretty. I was going to order that Clem but chose Betty Corning instead. She has a similar bell habit.
Looking forward to hearing more from you!

RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

Very nice Jessica! Yes, looks as though you have definitely been bitten by the rose bug, and you may already be aware of the fact that you're in good company on this forum.

Btw, some colors work better with certain colors of a home's exterior, and the landscape on a larger scale. The bright colors look nice and perfectly appropriate with your home and the exterior color.


RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

Jessica your roses and your garden is beautiful. You certainly have a green thumb! I too am drawn to the more bright colors, especially yellow, I agree with your mom that it's the happiest color. I think you should plant what makes you happy and not what's expected. I love Ebb Tide next to GC, I planted GC this year and was glad to see how he will look in another year. I planted a new garden this year with mainly different shades of pink and GC but plan to add Lady Emma Hamilton, Easy does it and love song (that's just what's on the list for now:)) next year. I may have to add Rio Samba to the list too! Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story and beautiful pics. I look forward to seeing your garden grow.

RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

Beautiful! I'm especially impressed by the chrysler ...mine had a powdery mildew attack...hopefully it will recover

RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

Hello, Jessica. I loved all your photos and I think what you've done in your garden is terrific. As Jen says, you never know, the neighbors may be inspired and create a whole new look for your block! But you are doing this for YOU, and that is the most important thing. I find there is nothing so satisfying as time spent in the garden - I consider it a form of art and the flowers are my palette of paints. :-)
Do continue to post photos as the garden grows!

RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

Jessica - Your roses and other flowers are lovely. I love the bright colors. How sweet and precious to pay tribute to your mother with the yellow. Gardening can be very therapeutic, I hope you continue to enjoy it.

RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

Thank you for the garden tour--lovely roses and perennials! I too am particularly partial to yellow roses. You might want to take a look at Molineux, which sometimes sports apricot shades, depending on the weather.

If you get into climbers, Austin's The Pilgrim is an exquisitely beautiful rose--although a bit slow growing.

For a hot contrast, you might also consider Lady of Shalott who is golden apricot.

Not that you need help. You've done marvelously well in your selection of some really terrific roses. And I agree--those yellows look wonderful next to the color or the house--and contrasted with darker beauties like Munstead Woods (probably my favorite Austin). Great combinations of perennials with your roses.


RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

Jessica, nice to meet you! Your garden is beautiful I love the hodgepodge of bright colors and my garden is planted that way -- also on purpose! I am a sucker for soft baby pinks though, but I also love the wild and crazy stripes and bright colors!

We're also close in age, I'm 30 (31 in less than a month, although I think my cake will say 29 again!) and this is my 3rd year rose gardening and it has been such a fun time.

Take care,

RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

Hi Jessica---I'm over on the other side of the smokies, a little S.E. of you. Everything looks great. Continue to enjoy your garden and continue to post pic's.

RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

Hello I'm new here, but couldn't help myself from commenting! Your pictures are all beautiful! ! I am a huge fan of all the bright colors, it looks so happy. :) You have done a very nice job!!

RE: Finally introducing myself! (a little lengthy)

WELCOME Jessica; Your garden is lovely! What a wonderful home you have made. Gardening is a most therapeutic hobby, it refreshes the soul and exercises the body. Nice to meet you!

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