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Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Posted by molineux 6b (My Page) on
Thu, Aug 8, 13 at 19:41

It has been a while since we've played this game so I think it is time to start it again. Name the ten most beautiful - broken down by color class - modern roses. I'm not necessarily talking about the easiest cultivars, but instead the roses that make your heart sing.

Here, let me start:

Apricot: Apricot Nectar (floribunda, 1964); although Buff Beauty (hybrid musk, 1939) is a close runner-up
Bicolor: Double Delight (hybrid tea, 1977)
Mauve: Paradise (hybrid tea, 1978)
Orange: Folklore (hybrid tea, 1977)
Pink, cool: Lavender Lassie (hybrid musk, 1960)
Pink, warm: Belinda's Dream (shrub, 1988)
Red: Crimson Glory (climbing hybrid tea, 1941)
White: Pope John Paul II (hybrid tea, 2006)
Yellow: Gold Medal (grandiflora, 1982)
Other: Pink Poodle (miniature, 1991) and Tiffany (hybrid tea, 1954)

There are very few roses as beautiful as TIFFANY. Image by diggerdave at Hortiplex.

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Hey, Patrick, long time no see on here. Glad to see you posting!! :)

GEMINI--Coral/Pink blend. HT
BLACK MAGIC--Velvety, dark red. HT
MOONSTONE--White or near white with edges softly kissed with pink. HT
SIGNATURE--Rose pink, light pink blending. Hybrid Tea.
BARBRA STREISAND--Mauve or mauve blend. Hybrid Tea
GOLD MEDAL-- Golden-yellow, copper shading, ages to cream. Grandiflora.
EDEN--Climber. Cream, carmine-pink edges. Climber.
HOT PRINCESS--Deep pink.

And then, Patrick, lol, I know you don't like the greenish-yellow color of ST. PATRICK, but if you can get past the coloration of this Hybrid Tea, the form of bloom is lovely. ;-)

And there you have it, my friend!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Awesome Gemini rose photo courtesy of member Gabriel

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Sonia Rykiel's blooms are to die for.

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

I assume you mean roses that we each grow?

Apricot: Valencia - huge intricately folded flowers

Bicolor: Paradise Found - the fragrance is unique and intoxicating too. Although Gemini isi pretty fantastic looking too.
Mauve: Neptune

Orange:I don't have any oranges - can't think of any that I like :)

Pink, cool: Royal Kate - huge stuffed flowers Oh my goodness!

Pink, warm: Perfume Delight - beautiful flowers and the whole bush is filled with pink.

Red: Alec's Red

White: don't have any whites and none come to mind. :)

Yellow: Gina Lollobridgida - huge stuffed nonfading yellows that last forever

Other: Queen of Sweden - big stuffed pink flowers; Gemini huge 6" flowers and Memorial Day - scalloped edged heavenly perfumed.

Picture is Valencia

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Honor- perfect form long stemmed white with a whisper of pink at the tip that fades away in the fully opened flowers

Love Song- purple This rose is so picture perfect, I only wish it would do it more often.

New Day was always my top choice for yellow but Eternal Flame, a similar rose has tied with it now because of the consistent high quality of the flowers

Twilight Zone- Burgundy I love this rose when its burgundy, not dark purple

Pink- A tie between Our Lady of Guadalupe and Johann Strauss

French Lace- Ivory

Chicago Peace- Blend Loved it ever since I first laid eyes on it. Harryshoe has one of the most perfect pictures of this rose that I ever have seen This was really hard because I dearly love Tiffany and Pink Parfait but Chicago Peace wins the eye candy contest

Medallion- Sometimes pale apricot and sometimes orange and sometimes fading to almost ivory this beautiful rose is the queen of my garden in the last hours of the day when the heavy blossoms light up like fairy lanterns in the setting sun. When this rose is at its peak, it easily surpasses anything else blooming that day

Oklahoma has the color combined with rounded shape that no other red rose has and I think it sets it apart from all the others in a special way

My last pick is going to be Double Delight when it's almost pure white with just a thin edging of pure red on the petal edges.

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Not necessarily Canadian Rose. Of the roses on my list the ones I've grown are Belinda's Dream, Double Delight, Gold Medal, Pink Poodle, and Tiffany. The others I've admired in public or private gardens enough to make a mental note as to their intrinsic beauty. For example my MIL grew PARADISE as a container rose on her patio for years and the consistently perfect exhibition quality flower form always blew me away.

Dove-Song, I've finally gotten over my chartreuse aversion to ST. PATRICK. I now appreciate its merits as an outstanding cut flower rose. I just wish the light fragrance were a wee bit stronger.

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Apricot-heaven on earth or alchemist
Bicolor- elegant lady or dd. or peace or Chicago peace or flaming peace
No oranges
Pink-memorial day or Sdlm
Red-papa meilland or Don Juan
White- pjp2 or JFK
Mauve- angelface or paradise
Yellow- henry Fonda or golden celebration

Uh, that Valencia .......oh my!

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RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Sheesh... I have so many ties it's hard to pick a winner...

Red - Red Eden, because they last 3 weeks. Francis Dubreuil is right up there, but persnickety.

Salmon/pink: Folklore, hands down, all day!

Orange: Lady Emma Hamilton...neck and neck with Voodoo whom I adore also.

Blush: James Galway. Boy do I love that rose. Waiting to see how Royal Highness turns out.

Mauve: WWII Memorial

Yellow: I'm stuck. I think I'll say Charlotte...reasoning: Jude The Obscure turns peach so I can't include him. St. Patrick isn't an attractive plant but has nice blooms. Julia Child, though...oh Julia. I do really love Julia.

Cream: Kosmos Fairytale.

Clear Pink: Jubilee Celebration...another no-contest.

Mini: Tennessee.

Random budget buy: Caribbean Breeze

I have too many young ones coming around right now so who knows how these rankings will look in a few months.

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

I love these threads. They make me really look at my garden and ask, "What DO I like the most?"

Apricot- Tahitian Sunset. I don't know if this really counts as an apricot, or if it's more of a blend, but I love this rose. Very healthy and blooms its fool head off, even in the heat. My plant gets full western afternoon sun, and unfortunately due to my laziness, not very much extra water. No matter! This is a happy rose.

Bicolor- Nicole Carol Miller. Ridiculously beautiful and sweet smelling.

Red- Veteran's Honor probably, because it blooms so often, doesn't fade and lasts forever. But I also love William Shakespeare 2000. And Munstead Wood. Does that count as red? I don't know, but the fragrance from that plant is really out of this world, and it needed to be on this list somewhere. Beautiful and healthy, though it has had a bit of a slow start.

White- PJPII hands down. I've also got Sugar Moon and it really doesn't compare. My two PJP grow tall and very bushy. They love the heat.

Mauve- WWII Memorial. This is a great plant as well as flower. Does get some blackspot, but I forgive it. Blooms constantly. I also truly adore Barbra Streisand. Yeah it's usually quick to blackspot when conditions are right, but the plant is so pretty and the flowers so incredible. The fragrance is like no other.

Yellow- Eternal Flame. The flower form on this one is probably not a favorite to some, and the blooms themselves don't last long. The perfume is so insanely strong, and the flowers come so regularly that I forgive how brief they may be. Tall plant.

Orange- Easy Does It. This one is ever blooming for me, and around five feet tall. Nice, sweet smell.

Russet- Koko Loco, absolutely. Some people hate it, I love it with a passion. Strongly scented in my garden, and large, 5x4 at last count. Rounded, with foliage all the way down to the ground.

Dark Pink- Grande Dame. Tall, strong grower and wafting fragrance.

Light Pink- Liv Tyler. Took a while to get going, but blooms regularly now and the smell really takes me away. Can you tell that fragrance is very important to me? I would also add Tiffany here, even though I only just ordered my first plant. It was my grandmother's favorite rose, and even though she's been gone the lion's share of 20 yrs, her plant still lives. When it's in full bloom, I can't help but smile and think of her.

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Let's see--if I omit Austins (since I included them in the other list on the Antiques Forum), I don't have too many to pick from, but I have to admit that a well-grown HT blooming in its prime is a real heart-throb!

APRICOT: If Valencia is considered to be apricot, then I nominate her for this category. Myself, I'm never sure what color she is: gold/buff/apricot blend?--but she is beautiful!
BICOLOR: Double Delight--but Chicago Peace also deserves mention here or in another category. But then there is also Love and Peace and I adore Well Being. Impossible to choose in this category!
MAUVE: Don't have any mauve moderns.
ORANGE: Don't have any orange moderns.
PINK, WARM: I'm changing this to DARK PINK--and nominating Peter Mayle whose vivid color knocks your socks off when he blooms.
PINK, COOL: Elle--but "pink blend" would be a better description since she sometimes exhibits definite apricot hues.
RED: Gypsy Carnival though she might be considered a bi-color with those bright yellow backsides--but she does love blooming bright red! For sheer exuberance, Eutin's big red blooming clusters ought to receive a nod--but Chrysler Imperial deserves a nod also?
WHITE: Is Elina white with pale yellow center or pale yellow fading to white along the outer petals? Well, she deserves a prize, so I'll put her here since I have no other white that pitter-pats my heart.
YELLOW: Peace --I quit growing her years ago because of her BS problems, but she is still one of the most beautiful roses ever! If she properly belongs back in the crowded BI-COLOR category, then I could happily put Gold Medal here for BRIGHT GOLDEN YELLOW.
Other: STRIPED BEAUTY--Red Intuition. Another lovely one is Easter (floribunda) which is always changing colors--starts out the palest ivory and gold, progressively flushes over with pink, fades to white, all shades often appearing simultaneously.

Actually, most of my HTs are blends, so I probably should have put most of them in that one category and not tried to stretch the other categories to fit. Let's face it--I'm no good at making choices! : )


Here's Easter Basket--center front. Exactly what color is she? besides lovely?
Guadalupe, Cora Stubbs, Easter Basket, Pansies photo guadstubbseasterpurple_zps19df91c6.jpg

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Modern roses? I hope early 20th C counts, because my first choice is



Radio Times

Graham Thomas



Headliner, my new favorite

Tropicana, I still love you after all these years

Flaming Peace

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Oops, this is queen Mary 2.... She is right next to EB.

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RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

There's so many beautiful roses this isn't easy -

Red - Ingrid Bergman, Kardinal
Deep Pink - Rina Hugo
Salmon - Folklore
Pink - Tiffany
Mauve - Love Song, Paradise
Med. Pink - The McCartney Rose
Apricot - Brandy, Valencia
White - Pristine, Moonstone (Would rather choose a pure white, have JFK, but not long enough to know. Going to try PJPII next year, but can't say yet.)
Multi-Color - Granada
Yellow - New Day, St. Patrick

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

How fun!!
My top 10 are (drumroll please)

Pink: Chicago Peace, the color is just scrumptious but Queen Elizabeth is a close second for its perfect form.

Peach: Ambridge rose. She's mesmerizing with her soft peach cupped blooms and soft yellow center. Not to mention the scent.

Red: Hands down for Veterans Honor. By far the most perfect red rose I have ever grown

white: I see it listed here many times and it's true, Pope John Paul. Just a superb white rose.

Orange: Tuscan sun. My most prolific bloomer! (Lady of Guadalupe comes a close second). Tuscan's colors can be so amazing too. From light orange to yellow to buff to salmon pink. And the new growth is purple which really gives the overall plant that "sunset" feel.

Cream: Jude the obscure. Just an amazing rose!

Blend: Dick Clark!! The colors are just to die for. Also gotta say Cherry Parfait. I know everyone raves about double delight but to me cherry parfait is a more prolific bloomer and the white is a purer white. Blooms last well in the vase too.

Mauve: Barbara Streisand! The color, form and even the bush is just superb. Exactly what you would expect a rose named after one of the worlds greatest singers would be.

Light pink: Great Century. Boy is she a stingy bloomer. But boy when she does bloom it's like a dream come true!

Yellow: gotta go with Gold Medal! Just a perfect yellow rose. The deeper yellow tips are what really do it for me.

Oh and a special shout out to my fave salmon colored rose Camelot! The subtle white edge on the petals is what makes her special! (Well that and perfect form and long vase life!)

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

U do realize this will be the start of my new list for 2014?

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

I love that Easter basket, especially when the outer petals are pink and the fluffy center is much lighter. What a cutie. Diane

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

This is tough, but...

Yellow, this is a tough color for me. It is either so soft that it fades to white, which doesn't work with the color scheme, or I feel it is so yellow that it is screaming at me; which does not work in the garden area for brighter or deeper colors. I have only grown Golden Celebration and Easy Going. Easy Going is a beautiful rose, healthy bush with a great repeat. G.C. wins due to form, fragrance, and the golden color that seems to tone down the brightness

Pink: Perfume Delight... It can take the heat, abuse, has a quick repeat, is disease free, and holds its color. Pink Peace has a very lovely color but was not vigorous in my garden.

Mauve: Heirloom... the only one in this color range I have been able to grow that holds its color, but, it does not look like what I have seen online or in catalogs, it is a bit softer. Paradise is a very beautiful mauve rose as well; more beautiful than Heirloom but it did not like my soil and gardening conditions.

White: Iceberg... it is bullet proof and boy can it put on a show in my hot climate garden

Orange: Pat Austin; which really softens in my climate/soil.

Apricot: Just Joey ties with Brandy, which one was better depended upon where it was located in my garden.

Salmon Pink: Artistry ties with Climbing America. In my garden, Artistry skews toward the salmon and Cl. America skews toward the pink

Bi-color: Mardi Gras

Deep Red: Don Juan Climber ( my first flush was from early April through the first week of June) with two repeats after; in this heat ( small roses) but not much is expected in triple digit temperatures. It is very healthy, has a lovely fragrance, and is disease resistant.

Red: Veteran's Honor" was a beauty in terms of the rose, but the bush and shape of it was not great, so it lost marks for that. The winner: Crimson Bouquet. It had gorgeous blooms, a great bush shape, it was extremely healthy , vigorous, with a quick repeat.


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RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

  • Posted by seil z6b MI (My Page) on
    Fri, Aug 9, 13 at 20:08

It took me a while to decide these. I love so many of my roses and think they're gorgeous. How do you decide which are the most beautiful? Not an easy task.

Well how can you say it's the most beautiful without a picture of just how beautiful they are?

Apricot: Sisters at Heart
 photo sah2013_06090018_zpsf8dd45ea.jpg

Bi Color: Double Delight hands down. Even when it has a muddled center it's gorgeous and draws you in.
Double Delight photo dd2013_06020108_zps1be0f327.jpg

Mauve: Paradise I had a hard time deciding between this and Love Song. They're both beauties.
Paradise photo par2013_06270002_zps739b0d76.jpg

Orange: Powerhouse
Powerhouse photo pow2013_06190010_zps2320bc54.jpg

Pink-cool: Quietness, always. Every bloom is a photo op.
Quietness photo qui2013_08040046_zps6580c01d.jpg

Pink-warm: Dainty Bess. Perfection with just 5 petals.
Dainty Bess photo db2013_07070076_zps3ef0fd88.jpg

Red: Veterans' Honor
Veterans' Honor photo vh2013_07160055_zpsc3ab604a.jpg

White: Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II photo pjp2013_07070042_zps7bccaebf.jpg

Yellow: Golden Wings, another 5 petaled beauty.
Golden Wings photo gw2013_06290033_zps39a73bc2.jpg

Other: Eyeconic Pink Lemonade. I thought of Koko Loco but I think this one is more unusual and the blooms are so consistently lovely.
Eyeconic Pink Lemonade photo epl2013_07250010_zpse84a48e0.jpg

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

There are an awful lot of roses here jumping onto my wish list!

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Wow - Seil, if my Double Delight looked like yours, it would be on my list too.Your roses are gorgeous!

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

I did not realize that austen roses belong on the other list, under Antique Roses.

To replace the three DA roses on the list, I will add:

Red Intuition



RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses


Paradise is really beautiful. At one point I grew Angel Face, Heirloom, Intrigue, and Paradise. Angel Face got the shovel; it often appeared more silvery gray than mauve. Paradise did not re bloom well and was so inconsistent in coloring after the first flush. Intrigue and Heirloom were the only two roses that held color, bloom characteristics etc. I wish that Paradise would have performed in my garden similar to what I have seen in others.


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RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

seil,your roses are just stunning and your wonderful photos set them off perfectly. I have yet to get a good pic of my Dainty Bess, and your photo just knocks my socks off. And those ruffles on Eyeconic Pink Lemonade are adorable. I want it. Diane

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Thanks Susan - I just adore Valencia!!
Brittie - I agree with you about Nicole Carol Miller - it almost made it on my list. Flowers last a long time - and so does the fragrance.
Dublinbay - I see what you mean about Easter Basket - yellow and pink - how pretty!! And is your peony called Spiffy?

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Yes, canadian rose, your Valencia is one hunk of luscious rose with a unique color. Diane

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

  • Posted by seil z6b MI (My Page) on
    Sat, Aug 10, 13 at 10:56

Thanks everyone!

Sara, DD blooms are gorgeous but the plant is a BS magnet. I keep it because it was one of the ones I inherited from my Mom and it's scentimental.

Lynn, I have Angel Face too because it was Mom's but I have to agree that it isn't the best rose. Spots worse than DD! My Paradise is very slow to rebloom too. I've always attributed that to the fact that it's growing with a clematis in it that shades it quite a bit. Maybe that's not the case then if your's didn't bloom well either. I have Intrigue too but that blooms even less than Paradise for me and is on the shovel prune list.

Diane, you would love E. Pink Lemonade! It's is RARELY out of bloom! Dainty Bess is hard to catch. It tends to fade out badly in photos. Try setting your camera to take darker shots and see if that helps. I shot dark for most all my pictures. You can always lighten them a little in photoshop afterwards but a shot that is over exposed is pretty much useless and unfixable.

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

My DD showed me just how beautiful it could be! Gave me this bloom and several like it the very next day, after I bad-mouthed it. Just wished it had the brilliant red like yours Seil. Must be the difference in our climates.

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

WOWOWOWOW!!!!! - my DDs never look like that!!

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Mine doesn't either. My cherry parfait does though. :)

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

y'all have already listed most that would get my vote, but surprised no one has mentioned

Love's Promise for red:

 photo lp0517a_zpsf623bb93.jpg

 photo lp0517_zps86361093.jpg

Falling in Love for pink:

 photo fil0522a_zps3516e4f7.jpg

 photo fil0518_zps296bfb09.jpg

or Over the Moon for apricot:

 photo zzzotm0810_zpsc1ba97d2.jpg

 photo otm0528_zpsb86b6a36.jpg

So, I'm throwing those in the mix.

BTW, Seil, LOVE your pic of Sisters at Heart...going to look that one up on HMF now!

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Seil, wonderful illustrations of your favorites!

Canadian Rose--if you are asking about the peony in my Easter Basket pic, I'm not sure--probably Cora Stubbs, but maybe Bowl of Beauty. A beautiful "found" peony, at any rate.

Pat--that Over the Moon is gorgeous! And dsd2682, if my Cherry Parfait had looked that good, I'd never have given it away. Love it!


RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

Love the "falling in love". Gonna look that one up now.

RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

I'm with Seil in the sense that I'll make a more convincing case for my nominees with pictures, though I admit I don't have photos of some that are true contenders. Like Kate, I left the Austins for the OGR list, and there are plenty of moderns to compete for the spots:

Apricot: AARGGGH - this was my (second) toughest category...Abbaye de Cluny? Polka? Bonita Renaissance? My beloved Versigny? Since I've posted one of Versigny recently, and the others are more Austin-like, I'm going with Celeb that I rarely see mentioned here on GW.

Celeb Bloom June 2013 photo CelebBloomJune2013.jpg

Bicolor: OK, for a lover of weird roses this is the only category that could be harder than Apricots. Heart 'n' Soul - already won my "best of Shrub" award. Edgar Degas - heartbreakingly lovely en masse and not too shabby individually. Red Intuition definitely but I don't have a photo. I'll have to go with the kind of rose that anti-modern rosarians hate, that's garish contrast, stiffly formed petals, and virtually indestructible lasting blooms. This could be either Love & Peace or Dream Come True, but my photo was better of Dream Come True.

 photo DreamComeTrueBloomsJune2013.jpg

Mauve: Poseidon would be my vote simply for the health and vigor of the plant, with very nice blooms too, but I don't have a photo. Elizabeth of Goshen and St. Elizabeth of Hungary were in the running but their pictures were blurry. I'm going to go with Pillow Talk below, which is much more purplish than this photo shows, though Nimbus will always have a special haunting place in my heart (but is it really mauve?)

Pillow Talk June 2013 photo PillowTalkJune2013.jpg

Orange: OK, I thought about sneaking in Oranges and Lemons or Andre Willemse since they're orange stripes, but in the spirit of the thing I stuck with the solids. It came down to Buffy Sainte Marie, Liverpool Remembers, or my final selection that's something indefinably lovely more than orange, Gilbert Becaud:

 photo GilbertBecaudBloomsJune2013.jpg

Pink, warm/light: Aloha and Savoy Hotel are definite contenders for me here, but Spiced Coffee allows me to squeeze in a color blend without exactly cheating on the bicolor category:

Spiced Coffee June 2013 photo SpicedCoffeeNewJune2013.jpg

Dark/cool pink: Wayyy too many contenders here, as half of the roses seem to be some variety of pink. So once again I'll cheat and put in a lovely eye-catching pink that has an intriguing contrasting flip side (not exactly a bicolor in my strictest interpretation of that term), Shades of Autumn

 photo ShadesofAutumnBloomJune2013.jpg

Red: As much as I love the modern reds and particularly the deep dark burgundy reds, there were only two serious contenders here for me. One is the elusive Messire Delbard, who arrived in mail order with the most heart-stopping intriguing quartered blooms in a deep romantic dark red. Being a climber, he's of course a diva, and so far this summer he's sat in his corner and sulked like the four-year-old he is, refusing to bloom. I'm swayed by a pretty face, so he stays in hopes of future glory. The winner anyway probably would have been Nigrette. I first saw it in a rose garden in Goteborg Sweden when I was on business there in late May. Not the best time for a rose garden visit - almost the only thing in bloom was Nigrette, but my jaw dropped and I resolved I simply had to have this rose. It really is this deeply sensuous dark burgundy red purple black as in this photo, which makes up for it being a scrawny, gluttonous, blackspotted knee-high mess of a diva as it is (thankfully, it's hardy or I might have to bash my head against something hard to stop planting it every year)

Nigrette bloom June 2013 photo NigretteBloom2June2013.jpg

White: I have quite a few whites but none that excel over the others. Cream Flower Circus would probably be my pick, but it's too pink to be exactly white. I have PJPII and Bolero, but I couldn't catch them being good, so I'll put in a photo of Lorise that has hints of pink on the petals that are NOT officially bicolored (ahem), so I'm not cheating

 photo LoriseBloom2June2013.jpg

Yellow: Sutter's Gold was jumping up and down to get my attention and I almost succumbed, but it's sort of a bicolor, and you know I wouldn't dare to put a bicolor in this competition outside of its category (snort). I'll go with Michaelangelo, who lives up to a rather ambitious name quite well.

 photo MichaelangeloJune2013.jpg

Russet: See, I'm not even cheating with bicolors in my bonus category - here's a solid color russet that has earned its favorite spot not just for deeply saturated russet double blooms, but for sheer tenacity in the face of my zone 4 pocket and several clematis that have threatened to strangle it, and nearly succeeded some years. This is Terra Cotta.

Terra Cotta June 2013 photo TerraCottaBloomJune2013.jpg

Of course it's impossible to pick the most beautiful roses, and my undying loyalty is absolutely swayed by the fantastic choices here, well, all but Nigrette. I guess I have a weakness for scrawny mutts with big dark pleading eyes.


RE: Name the Ten Most Beautiful Roses

I'm just going to say my most beautiful are, and in no color order:

Cherry Parfait (love the pic above, mine are exact!)
Rose Rhapsody (bought it on whim and can't get enough, a deep dark pink)
Love Song (really pretty lavendar)
Cajun Sunrise (a bicolor cream and pink)
Elle (um, I was told apricot, pics look pink on websties, in RL? I'd go with pink, but maybe I got the wrong rose??)
Colorific (an orange that the heat turns into a nice light red)
Ketchup and Mustard (the name annoys, but the flowers are very eye popping)
Fire n Ice (added it because it was a friends and has as special place in my heart!)
An unknown red (bought at a box store and has been a bloom machine!)
Love and Peace
Dream Come True (both equally gorgeous!)
Some honorable mentions:
Strawberry Ice ( a light pink)
Falling in Love

One day I'll stop being lazy and actually take pictures of my plants! Sadly, at the moment, I've just not had the time to devote enough care for them to produce any kind of decent photo. :(

Here are some pics I took earlier this year! (I'm not the best photographer LOL)

Fire and Ice

Ketchup and Mustard (not the best pic, but it's all I have!)

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