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What's in your shed?

Posted by tuckermaclain (My Page) on
Mon, Apr 23, 07 at 18:30

I just moved and after the move I was looking in my garage at all the stuff I'd accumulated. I started to wonder what the record might be for gasoline engines in a personal garage or outbuilding (excluding cars). Mine are:

1. 883cc Harley.
2. 9hp B&S on a lawn bug
3. 7.5hp OHV Snow-King on an Ariens
4. 7hp Robins-Subaru OHC on a washer
5. 6.5 HP 2-stroke on a Lawn-Boy
6. 3.5 hp Tecumseh on a minibike
7. 3.5hp Tecumseh on edger
8. 50cc Homelite chainsaw
9. 25cc (?) Homelite weed eater
10 25cc(?) Homelite blower
11. 50cc Tanaka 2-cycle on scooter
12. 28cc Tanaka 2-cycle on scooter
13. 0.049 cubic inch Cox 2-cycle on P-51 Replica
14. (soon to be added) 30HP v-twin Generac on standby generator.

All of these operate and are used fairly regularly, except for the little airplane. What do you suppose is the record?

Follow-Up Postings:

RE: What's in your shed?

I just cleaned up, sold a bunch of broken/non-running equipment.

Only the essentials are left.

6 HP cast iron Tec Snow King on an old Ariens, needs a new auger.

4 HP Wisconsin-Robin on an older Snapper walk-behind

POS 2-stoke on my crappy McCullough Titan 2250 weed whacker. It's cantankerous and smokes badly but gets the job done.

I live in town and have a small yard, most other tools I may add will probably be electric, they take up less space, need less maintenance and theres nothing I cant reach with a 100' cord.

RE: What's in your shed?

Nice to know in case I need something!:-)

RE: What's in your shed?

1. 16 hp Kohler JD GT225 Garden Tractor
2. 13 hp Honda DeWalt Pressure Washer
3. 9 hp Honda Generator
4. 9 hp Tecumseh Simplicity Snow Blower
5. 6.75 hp Kawasaki JD JX75 Lawn Mower
6. 5.5 hp Honda Timberwolf Log Splitter
7. 5 hp B&S Fradan Walk-behind Blower
8. 4.5 hp B&S Craftsman Pressure Washer
9. 56.5 cc Stihl BR 420 Backpack Blower
10. 51.9 cc Husqvarna 55 Chainsaw
11. 45 cc Husqvarna 345 Chainsaw
12. 45 cc Husqvarna 125E Edger
13. 41 cc Husqvarna 141 Chainsaw
14. 31.4 cc Stihl FS 110 Brush Cutter
15. 30.2 cc Stihl FS 36 Weed Trimmer
16. 27.2cc Stihl BG 85 Handheld Blower

I didn't realize I had so much power equipment until I listed them out. I've got issues and probably should seek help.

RE: What's in your shed?

I don't have a shed yet. My tiller and shredder-chipper spent the winter under tarps. My chain saw lives in the utility room. I guess I need a shed so I can start collecting Outdoor Power Equipment.


RE: What's in your shed?

I am clearing some room in my shed for a beer fridge and a couch, gonna have a TV and a little thru the wall HVAC unit in there, my little home away from home.

RE: What's in your shed?

In addition to the usual power equipment, yard and garden tools, there's a lot of sawdust from a yard sale lathe, a whole lot of spiderwebs and a chicken sitting on a clutch of eggs.
The shed is pretty much off limits 'til the chicks are ready to step forth.

RE: What's in your shed?

Snowblower (2)
Leaf vacuum/shredder/chipper
Leaf blower
Bunch of tools
Bunch of fertizer, sand, concrete
Bunny cage
Misc crap

RE: What's in your shed?

  • Posted by canguy British Columbia (My Page) on
    Wed, Apr 25, 07 at 11:03

At the moment, I have the same problem as shed. The chainsaw is in the spare bedroom. Trouble is, if I had a shed, it would soon be too small regardless of size.

RE: What's in your shed?

Kubota L2000 diesel CUT
JD F525 riding mower
MTD self propelled mower
Lawnboy self propelled mower
Husky 350 chain saw
Echo SRM 2400 SB trimmer/brush cutter/edger
Ryobi 31CC trimmer/blower
Porter Cable 5250 generator
Craftsman 3000 psi pressure washer
Honda GX-10 water pump w/1.5hp 4 stroke
MTD 12.5/38 riding mower
Yamaha G16A golf cart (and I don't golf)
Lincoln 225AC welder
Victor torch outfit
Popup camper
2 refrigerators
assorted hand and power tools
assorted gardening tools
2 uninstalled sinks
unfinished bathroom
furniture I'm storing for my wife's sister
tools I'm storing for my wife's great-uncle

RE: What's in your shed?

There is no such thing as enough shed. Or put another way "A man can't have enough shed!"

RE: What's in your shed?

To stevefromthecape - hey, a woman can't have enough shed, either! :)

In the upper shed:
2 workbenches
chain sharpener
band saw
power washer
weed eater
weed eater parts
outdoor plumbing bins
ant bait
37 cans, bottles and boxes of various 'things'
too many pots
way more nails, screws, anchors, nuts, bolts, hooks, hangers, tacks, steeples and staples than any sane person needs
a basic set of sockets and wrenches
various hand tools like hammers, screwdrivers, rasps, planes and files
outdoor paint
left-overs I KNOW I'll eventually use
one 80 gal wheeled container with soil mix
And 5 newly hatched house wrens in a nest in my mowing hat

In the lower shed:
contractor's table saw
band saw #2
scroll saw x2
drill press
combo band, disc and belt sander
grinder #2
3 work benches
complete set of hand tools (use your imagination)
arc welder
sliding compound miter saw
chop saw
tile saw
circular saw x2
jig saw x2
post hole digger x2
3 shovels
2 rakes
leave blower/mulcher
18v set
14v set
hedge trimmers (electric powered)
hedge trimmers (muscle powered)
2 ladders
wood stove
2 pump sprayers
400 board feet of salvaged pine 1x4s
210 board feet of salvaged oak 1x4s
2 tarps
heads off a 350 engine
hydraulic jack
2 house jacks
set of ramps
one old mama cat

In the lean-to:
lawn tractor
push mower
yard sweeper
yard cart
extension ladder
stove pipe
buckets & barrels
5 gas cans and a case of 2 cycle oil
2 spare tractor tires
several empty cans of Fix-a-Flat

In the very small basement room:
engine stand
21 old windows
way too many spiders for my comfort

In between all this - 98 yard of fill clay, nicely leveled and staked and being prepped for "THE" workshop.

I can never move.

RE: What's in your shed?

I have too much to list,I have a least 8 lawnboys not all running,I have a 12x24 work shop which I have never got to use,full of all kinds of mowers and edgars,trimmers chainsaws,and a two car garage which one side is full of equipment,I pick them up in garage sales,by the road,and people come by and drop some off.


RE: What's in your shed?

MM, So is a shed on your to do list? How about you Canguy? I'm pretty sure MM has room, not sure about canguy. Mine holds whatever I don't need for the current season to help keep the carport less cluttered.

Chainsaws? Too valuable to keep outside, they are in the spare room like canguy.

RE: What's in your shed?

ok here goes...lets see if the 14 year old can beat what some adults have in there shed(i own all these sweet toys...well "man toys""

1.jd 15hp lt150 38 inch cut...snowplow, weights, and chains+bagger
2.Troy Bilt 6.5 hp tecumseh pony rototiller
3. Stihl FS36 weed eater...27cc????
4. Stihl BG55 leafblower/vac+soon to be aquired gutter cleaner
5.Husqvarna 350 50cc/18 inch
6.pos Craftsman 32cc/16 inch
7.SPOS(super peice of poop)Homelite XL something that gets used about once a year
8.Craftsman 6.5 hp front propelled mulch/bag/discarge "cadillac" of a push mower
9. Troy-Bilt 4hp mulching front propelled push mower(for sale)....anyone wanna one
10. wheel barrow 1hp(one human power)
11. lawn trailer
12.enough gas to blow the shed to the n3ext 25 gallons
13.Troy bilt 1 kilowatt generator that i got for $50 bucks and just had to shoot air into the carburator to clean...i woulnt have a shed without it.
14.gas mixing oil
15.3 gallons of bogo bar oil
Loft content:
lots of fencing
extra shingles
excess sofet board
a dozen or so 2x4's
more stuff

RE: What's in your shed?

1. JD L130 to cut the grass
2. CHEAP pushmower for trim work
3. Craftsman GT strictly for ground work, does not even HAVE a deck.
4. Garden cart to pull behind either tractor
5. 15 gallon Sprayer for weed/inscet/fungus control application
6. Brinly 12" plow
7. Agrifab cultivator
8. Agrifab Disc
9. Craftsman 16" chainsaw
10. Craftsman 18" chainsaw
11. Craftsman Rear tine tiller
12. Craftsman Aircompressor, 160.00 special but does the job.
13. Kobalt air tool set (impact, chisel, ratchet, etc.)
14. multiple Air nailers
15. Snap-on Tool box full of misc hand tools including at last count 14 different hammers!
16. extra shingles for the house/workshop/pump house.
17. 30 gallons of gas
18. KeroSun kerosene heater. i hav eto move the gas outside to use this!
19. 6" bench grinder
20. Bench Vise
21. Multiple clamps
22. 9 shovels
23. 4 hoes
24. 3 rakes
25. Garden Claw for my wife
26. 2 grabbers so i don't have to get off mower to piuck up stuff and to pick plums/other fruits
27. files cabinet containing manual for ALL equiment currently owned and a few i don't have any more.
28 Troybilt 4 stroke straight shaft weed eater.
29. LOTS of extra wood just in case i need to build something.
30. Cordless tool set with saws, drill, etc.
31. 2 power sanders
32. daughter's barbie Jeep. it has it's own parking place.

as to the last one, if i am working on a tractor SHE has to grab the tools and work on the jeep. the other day she was going across the yard in it, stopped and raised the hood. next thing i knew, she was cussing and throwing a toy screw driver. i think it may be time for her to work elsewhere when Daddy's trying to fix something!

33-?? lots of stuff i am forgetting. there are mulitple painting supplies, drywall tools, tiling tools, etc in there that i cannot even begin to list. the 17x17 building is FULL.

RE: What's in your shed?

if i weren't married you would be the next mrs. tugs. niceeeee collection.

yetty734 i have a homelite xl it works's also almost twice your age,lol.

davidankasie when u see a budweiser on the roof ya really got worry.
ok lets see in the garage ..
1. 5 a/c units
2. compressor
3. ride on mower
4. 4-5 boxes of tiles
5. 1 unit that u fill w/ice & blows cold air
6. rolling tool box bottom 5 draw
7. rolling tool box top /bottom 8 draw
8. little mcollugh chainsaw hasn't run in years, project # ?
9. manhole aerator
10. 2 really big 80's speakers
11. roll of carpet padding hanging from truss
12. 3 2x6 16' hanging from truss
13. lawn mower
14. 2 hedge trimmers, no 3 hedge trimmers
15. tower fan
16. a few boxes of misc. junk
17. 2 file cabinets (empty)
18. 3' dorm fridge
19. 3-5 doors
20. skylight & flashing kit
21. a few bikes and scooters
22. 5 pairs of rollerblades
23. weedwacker & edger attachmant
24. 6' bakers rack full of goodies
25. brand new 4' duravent section(just in case)
26. record player,tuner,cd changer,
27. leaf blower/ mulcher elect.
28. gas backpack blower
29. surely some misc. junk i can't think of off hand

in shed
1. snow blower 1 gas 1 electric
2. asst. windows (3)
3. ladder rack
4. box of scrapes oak flooring/kindling
5. daughters barbie car
6. mother in laws oriental rug (weighs a ton)
7. 18"x6' storage box (empty)can't get to it!
8. large tub of 2x4 scrap kindling
9. pulan lawn mower (carb off for rebuild) someday
10.merrytime tiller
11.few rakes & shovels

my side of basement
1. 15 or so 1.25"x12" p/t railings
2. saws, & tools
3. old phillips radio(still works)
4. wall & base cabinets
5. 20' countertop
6. 16'x 24" of workbench
7. 10'x 30" of workbench
8. 7 navigation lights(marine)
9. 2 metal shelves/racks 4 shelves ea. w/ books & paints
10.tile saw
11.large 5 draw file cabinet 5' high
12. a few boxes here & there
13. 1000 watt grow light (guess what that was for)
14. tool boxes for plumbing, electrical, etc.

in the yard
1. "L" shaped 25'x5' & 20'x5'tarped wood storage area
2. 97 chevy van (blown motor)w/ truck mounted carpet cleaning
machine (needs a new connecting rod)keep meaning to put on
3. troybuilt horse
4. another poulan mower
5. 10'x20' car trailer
6. cousins log splitter
7. a few more bikes
8. 4' pool buried 2' in ground
9. oh another bakers rack 6'high x 6' long
10. numberous fishing bouys
11. 91 diesel jetta (runs great)just a spare

on 4- 4'x4'pallets covered w/ tarp
1. 3 150'lengths of 2" rope
2. a few ladders
3. another ride on mower(governor issues)
4. roll of 5/8 rope
and i just built my daughter an 11'x11' victorian 2 story playhouse
my wife calls me a packrat, she doesn't understand this is all good stuff.

RE: What's in your shed?

This thread about the large number of small engines that some people own has taken a strange turn when some felt compelled to divulge the large amount a junk also accumulated in their sheds.

Let me assure you Tucker that although you are starting a repectable and noteworthy collection of engines, it pales by comparison to many collections that I know of or have seen. Keep at it though, you seem to have potential, LOL!

RE: What's in your shed?

hey, another 14 year old hear with some truly awsome stuff

massey ferguson 2514H 14hp kohler diesel conversion 48inch deck(for grandpas yard)

mtd yardman et1238 12hp briggs no deck(used to be my racing tractor but now i use it for logging and garden care with drop spreader 1200lbs homemade wagon 6 foot sprayer

craftsman ltx1000 21hp briggs 42inch cut rear bagger spin type spreader.

1973 homelite XL1 chainsaw 20inch bar

john deere 2 row homemade garden planter

hydraulic log splitter

and lots more, i could also list the stuff in the machinery shed at the farm?? if anyone is wondering what we have down on the farm i am more willing to say what

RE: What's in your shed?

1. 2005 murray mower 13.5hp briggs and stratton
2. 2004 murray with 95 model 16hp briggs opposed twin
3. 1999 rally pushmower 3.5hp briggs
4. 2001 mtd edger 3.5hp briggs
5. 2007 ryobi cultivator 25cc?
6. 1999 weedeater featherlite 25cc
7. 1999 weedeater hedge trimmer 20cc?
8. 2005 craftsman blower 25cc?
9. 2006 troybilt pressure washer 5hp honda
10. 2006 yamaha rhino 660cc
11. 2000 honda rancher 350(329cc)

RE: What's in your shed?

  • Posted by canguy British Columbia (My Page) on
    Thu, Feb 19, 09 at 22:11

I now have a shed but it is already too small. So far I have two mowers, one is leaving shortly, a gas trimmer, three chainsaws (one runs)and various rakes, shovels and other implements of destruction. I need a second one for the garbage cans (tired of them filling with rain water after the 'coons pull the lids off), the bags of recycle, the bbq and propane bottles. Will it ever end?

RE: What's in your shed?

more crap than I need, but I see some also have that problem. here is one side

RE: What's in your shed? preciousss...

-of course!

RE: What's in your shed?

Where to start?

1997 Yardman snowblower 9 horsepower Tecumseh engine.

2008 Toro Single stage snowblower 2-cycle R-tek.

2007 Sears Craftsman Lawn Tractor 18 horse B&S engine. 6 speed manual. 42 inch deck.

Soon to be 1986 John Deere Lawn Tractor. 12.5 horsepower Kawasaki engine. Hydrostatic transmission. 38 inch deck.

1988 Lawn Boy walk behind 4.5 horse 2-cycle engine. The first personal pace model number 8480.

1996 White walk behind mower 3.75 B&S engine. 18 inch cut.

A late 1950s Jacobson walk behind. 2.5 horsepoweer 2-cycle engine. Runs like brand new.

2004 Echo GT 2000 gas trimmer.

2000 Echo gas blower.

2008 Troy Bilt walk behind edger.

2 Weed Eater electric blowers.

RE: What's in your shed?

Electric Husky 1500 psi power washer
Honda HRC 216 HRX mower
Honda HHST 31 Trimmer
RedMax Shindawa EB8001 Leaf blower
Thinking about getting a Honda HS 1132 TA snow blower ....

RE: What's in your shed?

Divided out between the quanset hut, garage, and shop (too much other junk to have all my toys in one place)and limited to power equipment:

1971 Wheelhorse LT
'97ish Murray push mower
2008 Husquavarna (sp?) walk behind mower
Stihl FS45 trimmer
Stihl MS290 chainsaw
Ryobi leaf blower
air compressor
pressure washer
Toro 824 snowblower (2000)

RE: What's in your shed?

  • Posted by jimtnc 7b Raleigh tttf (My Page) on
    Wed, Feb 25, 09 at 6:05

Dadgum tuckermaclain, looks like you're making everyone take an inventory of their sheds. It'd take me all next summer to complete that one. Check back later.

RE: What's in your shed?

Here's a video of my shed (just dreaming).

Here is a link that might be useful: Shed Video

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