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This gallery forum allows users to upload images of plants that they are trying to identify so that others may be able to help them come up with a name. Make sure you read the instructions on uploading as certain restrictions apply.

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Please help me identify this plant. Anyone know what it is?Updated 2 hours ago
Posted by judy masterson 10 hours ago 7 Comments
Please ID this plantUpdated 5 hours ago
Posted by elaineal(z8AL) Yesterday 3 Comments
Help identify plant in Leander, TX looks like a "zombie hand" growingUpdated 6 hours ago
Posted by carolaustin60 7 hours ago 3 Comments
Name of succulentUpdated 7 hours ago
Posted by nanzjade_z5 Yesterday 3 Comments
Rosemary exact species name please (Qatar)Updated Yesterday
Posted by maufie123 last Friday 6 Comments
Silk flower NOID #3Updated Yesterday
Posted by donrawson(Z 5) last Friday 4 Comments
Silk flower NOIDUpdated Yesterday
Posted by donrawson(Z 5) last Friday 9 Comments
Can Anyone ID this Disease on My IrisUpdated last Saturday
Posted by btalarczyk(5b-6) last Friday 3 Comments
Name of festuca pleaseUpdated last Saturday
Posted by plquality last Thursday 5 Comments
Late-blooming aster in a Colorado canyonUpdated last Saturday
Posted by Joe_Pye last Saturday 1 Comment
Name this shrub in AlabamaUpdated last Saturday
Posted by goldhillal(7b) last Tuesday 5 Comments
Need Help to ID this FlowerUpdated last Saturday
Posted by btalarczyk(5b-6) last Friday 8 Comments
pink anthuriumUpdated last Saturday
Posted by linda_leaf z10fla(10A Florida) last Saturday 1 Comment
ID this over watered plant I got today to nurse back to healthUpdated last Saturday
Posted by Kelby Miller last Friday 5 Comments
please name this plantUpdated last Saturday
Posted by Tabi77 last Saturday 1 Comment
No growth seems to look pinkishUpdated last Saturday
Posted by cadillactaste last Thursday 2 Comments
Identifying hedge plant, and why its going brown?Updated last Friday
Posted by Vivre last Tuesday 10 Comments
Silk flower NOID #4Updated last Friday
Posted by donrawson(Z 5) last Friday 2 Comments
Silk flower NOID #2Updated last Friday
Posted by donrawson(Z 5) last Friday 2 Comments
Mini "weed" growing in a pot IDUpdated last Friday
Posted by true_blue(Mtl Can Zone 4b) last Friday 4 Comments
Silver and FuzzyUpdated last Friday
Posted by sandyslopes z5 northern UT February 21, 2015 3 Comments
Help to identify this truly silver shrub pleaseUpdated last Friday
Posted by amyrodwyer last Thursday 3 Comments
Assorted Foliage Houseplant needs IDUpdated last Friday
Posted by rachelthepoet(7) last Thursday 2 Comments
Who knows what type of orchid this is?Updated last Friday
Posted by Scooby D. Labbé last Thursday 11 Comments
is this a cactus?Updated last Friday
Posted by olreader February 11, 2015 10 Comments
Plant name?Updated last Thursday
Posted by xorxe last Thursday 1 Comment
Do you know the name of this plant\flower?Updated last Thursday
Posted by jbsez February 20, 2015 5 Comments
Do tulips and spider lilies only flower every other year?Updated last Thursday
Posted by tlbean2004 February 20, 2015 5 Comments
What is this plant? ThanksUpdated last Wednesday
Posted by blue3too last Wednesday 2 Comments
Identifying PlantUpdated last Wednesday
Posted by Sari Lomax last Tuesday 4 Comments
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