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This gallery forum allows users to upload images of plants that they are trying to identify so that others may be able to help them come up with a name. Make sure you read the instructions on uploading as certain restrictions apply.

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Flowering deciduous tree
Posted by pugetsoundgardener(8 Puget Sound WA) 15 minutes ago
Tree Identification PleaseUpdated 1 hour ago
Posted by mariahswind(z10 Tasmania) March 23, 2015 4 Comments
Help identifying plantUpdated 2 hours ago
Posted by massakyr - Zone 2b/3a on Sunday 6 Comments
Seed Pod ID Please - Eastern Shore of MDUpdated 3 hours ago
Posted by spgfr2000 20 hours ago 8 Comments
Parsleyesque Leaves & Small Purple/White Flowers?Updated 3 hours ago
Posted by blakrab Centex(8a) 15 hours ago 7 Comments
what kind of tiny wild purple flower is this?Updated 4 hours ago
Posted by preppystud last Wednesday 4 Comments
Narrow, Stellar Leaves & Tiny White Flowers?Updated 6 hours ago
Posted by blakrab Centex(8a) last Saturday 9 Comments
Trailing Gardenia roots-Ok or diseased?Updated 11 hours ago
Posted by elaineal(z8AL) on Sunday 2 Comments
Can someone ID this gladiolusUpdated 15 hours ago
Posted by blackwillow87(8a) on Sunday 6 Comments
Tree id
Posted by nativeplantsillinois 17 hours ago
does anyone know the name of this weed?Updated 20 hours ago
Posted by oxford69(6) last Saturday 6 Comments
What variety of lavender is this?Updated 21 hours ago
Posted by Sarah Venn Yesterday 5 Comments
ID Help Please?Updated Yesterday
Posted by kinlaw(7) Yesterday 2 Comments
plant id please!!Updated Yesterday
Posted by Sarah Venn Yesterday 2 Comments
Help with the name this south Florida plant/bush/tree!Updated Yesterday
Posted by Shelly K.(9) Yesterday 2 Comments
Help identify please!Updated Yesterday
Posted by loveydovey71321 Yesterday 1 Comment
Unknown plant!Updated Yesterday
Posted by nanivargas on Sunday 3 Comments
Trying to ID a bromeliadUpdated Yesterday
Posted by Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA last Friday 8 Comments
Help wanted !!Updated Yesterday
Posted by mohsenj on Sunday 2 Comments
Narrow Pinnate Leaves & Pink/Purple Flower?Updated Yesterday
Posted by blakrab Centex(8a) on Sunday 2 Comments
Help identify these twoUpdated on Sunday
Posted by vr46 last Saturday 5 Comments
unidentified house plant - foliageUpdated on Sunday
Posted by PeterScholten January 24, 2015 6 Comments
What is the name of this plant?Updated last Saturday
Posted by jakebb212 last Saturday 2 Comments
Plant ID neededUpdated last Saturday
Posted by heflinbaker last Friday 5 Comments
What did I plant last fall?Updated last Saturday
Posted by jankay(7b) last Saturday 3 Comments
Does anyone know what tree this is? its blooming now?Updated last Saturday
Posted by tlbean2004 last Saturday 10 Comments
what kind of white leave plant is this?Updated last Saturday
Posted by preppystud last Wednesday 3 Comments
Bitter greens in Austin, TXUpdated last Saturday
Posted by gardenmyrna last Friday 5 Comments
Fat taproot, smooth-leaf basal rosette - ID it before friend eats it!Updated last Saturday
Posted by sustainahillbilly(7b) last Friday 5 Comments
What is this magenta plant?Updated last Friday
Posted by Steve Baker last Thursday 14 Comments
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