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vigorosa rosesUpdated 29 minutes ago
Posted by Beth9116 zone 8a TX 16 hours ago 4 Comments
What's wrong with my rose bush?
Posted by alyong 1 hour ago
Is "horticultural oil" just mineral oil?Updated 1 hour ago
Posted by nonconformist_nymphette 9 hours ago 1 Comment
Pruning vigorous HTS in soCalUpdated 5 hours ago
Posted by raingreen last Friday 31 Comments
Roses that you missUpdated 6 hours ago
Posted by kingcobbtx9b 17 hours ago 7 Comments
New record!Updated 7 hours ago
Posted by seil zone 6b MI April 15, 2014 31 Comments
Awesome ClimberUpdated 8 hours ago
Posted by FriendsSJRoseGarden April 18, 2014 10 Comments
Stunted leaves on this rose, don't know whats going on.Updated 8 hours ago
Posted by campv 12 hours ago 1 Comment
When to remove winter protection so it doesn't rot, basically?Updated 10 hours ago
Posted by meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation 11 hours ago 1 Comment
Francis Meilland, suggestions on pruning and care?Updated 11 hours ago
Posted by msdorkgirl(11) on Monday 1 Comment
Please Get To The Huntington Quickly!!Updated 11 hours ago
Posted by hoovb zone 9 sunset 23 April 13, 2014 26 Comments
Roses for two spots in the PNWUpdated 12 hours ago
Posted by nonconformist_nymphette 14 hours ago 1 Comment
Simplicity-Even a bad rose sometimes can be goodUpdated 13 hours ago
Posted by Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24) April 21, 2014 5 Comments
Blue Girl - bushUpdated 13 hours ago
Posted by canadian_rose(zone 3a) August 14, 2013 30 Comments
Does Anyone Grow Rina Hugo?Updated 13 hours ago
Posted by ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9 on Sunday 9 Comments
Soaking a bareroot rose?Updated 17 hours ago
Posted by sara_ann-z6bok on Sunday 11 Comments
Strawberry HillUpdated 18 hours ago
Posted by rosecanadian on Sunday 8 Comments
Do you ever rearrange the rest of your life around roses?Updated 19 hours ago
Posted by nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska last Friday 16 Comments
Photo-Cl. ButterscotchUpdated 21 hours ago
Posted by James_Shaw_San Francisco Bay Area on Monday 6 Comments
Partial Shade MinifloraUpdated 22 hours ago
Posted by Beth9116 zone 8a TX on Sunday 5 Comments
Roses from highcountry roses - really disappointedUpdated 22 hours ago
Posted by bluehaven_gweb(8) on Monday 10 Comments
Planting Rose in Square ContainerUpdated on Monday
Posted by sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a) on Monday 5 Comments
Old Rose Seminar, May 2, 2015 San Juan Bautista, CA
Posted by jerijen(Zone 10) on Monday
Osiria rose - slow grower?Updated on Monday
Posted by HollyKline August 8, 2013 23 Comments
I just gotta have it!Updated on Monday
Posted by sara_ann-z6bok February 16, 2015 43 Comments
Black Gold Natural Organic Fertilizer?Updated on Monday
Posted by alana8asc on Sunday 8 Comments
Julia Child for Pacific Northwest gardenUpdated on Monday
Posted by Blueisland BC Pacific NW-Z8(8a) on Sunday 9 Comments
Help finding a miniature roseUpdated on Monday
Posted by Patty W. zone 5a Illinois last Wednesday 22 Comments
DA Coupon codesUpdated on Sunday
Posted by annofpa zone 6b last Friday 5 Comments
do rabbits eat rosesUpdated on Sunday
Posted by dmoore66(6 NorthWest NJ) February 13, 2015 25 Comments
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