Businesses Using the Forums

Advertising your business on our forums or on your member page is strictly forbidden.

This does not mean that as a business owner you cannot use the forums.

We have many members who are active participants and freely offer their expertise to others. But, they do so without advertising their services.

Advertising includes:

  • Mentioning the name of the business, providing a link or phone number and/or asking others to contact you.
  • Linking to any page on your site, including informational pages or images.
  • Linking to a site that in turn links to your business.
  • Registering for an account and using your business name as your member name.
  • Posting under a pseudonym and then linking to your business.

If you ignore these guidelines, your membership will be immediately terminated and you will no longer be able to post on our forums.

You are welcome to list your business for free in our Garden Bazaar Directory. If you wish to purchase advertising, please contact us for more information.