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The Plant Exchange provides a place where users can offer plants, cuttings and bulbs for trade and make requests for what they are seeking. Items for sale are not permitted.
Seed and plant exchanges are regulated by government laws. By participating in this forum, you agree that you will familiarize yourself with and follow all applicable local and national laws in your country. Additionally, it is Houzz’s policy that: 1) you may only use this forum for exchanges within your country, and 2) you may not charge for seed or plant exchanges, but requiring pre-paid postage is permitted.

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ISO: Chocolate Mint starter
Posted by smithylove 6 hours ago
Wanted: IrisUpdated 8 hours ago
Posted by lynnthegardener March 18, 2015 22 Comments
have: voodoo lilies (Amorphophallus and Typhonium)Updated 14 hours ago
Posted by weirdflowers(5) October 9, 2011 8 Comments
Lily bulbs to tradeUpdated Yesterday
Posted by woodthrush(z4PA) on Tuesday 8 Comments
Have: sarracenia rhizomezUpdated Yesterday
Posted by ericmd01(KY 6b) February 15, 2015 27 Comments
HAVE: Loquat, Surinam Cherry, Lily bulbsUpdated Yesterday
Posted by cyh527 September 9, 2014 4 Comments
Wanted!! Joe Pye WeedUpdated Yesterday
Posted by gagalyellow(8) March 20, 2015 7 Comments
HAVE: Canna, Dahlias, Tulips, Bird of Paradise, RanunculusUpdated Yesterday
Posted by cyh527 June 5, 2014 7 Comments
Have: grape hyacinth bulbsUpdated on Thursday
Posted by tamela_star(Zone 7) February 23, 2015 5 Comments
want alpine strawberry white or yellow seedsUpdated on Thursday
Posted by mychineseauntie11 on Thursday 2 Comments
HAVE: VooDoo Lily ~ S. Venosum CormsUpdated on Thursday
Posted by dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10) October 26, 2014 8 Comments
Have: Salvia DivinorumUpdated on Wednesday
Posted by benjoe(7) on Tuesday 1 Comment
Golden Weeping Willow
Posted by johnmcafee_99(z6 MO) on Wednesday
Wanted: Rooted fig cutting or cuttings
Posted by plantsforever(zone 6) on Wednesday
HAVE: Raspberry & Blackberry bareroot to a good homeUpdated on Wednesday
Posted by tomato345(z6 NY) November 24, 2014 22 Comments
WANTED: asteriscus sericeus - Canary Island DaisyUpdated on Tuesday
Posted by robinpla(10b) August 9, 2010 6 Comments
Have: Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes)Updated on Tuesday
Posted by loess_roots(z4 NE) March 15, 2015 5 Comments
WANTED colocasia pinapple princessUpdated on Tuesday
Posted by miketropic February 10, 2015 10 Comments
WANTED: Rudbeckia maxima, AsclepiasUpdated on Tuesday
Posted by lovesblooms(7a) February 18, 2015 10 Comments
Wanted snow drops for clematis
Posted by KarenPA_6b on Monday
Have Spring bulbs that need dividing for tradeUpdated on Monday
Posted by frankielynnsie(7B) March 15, 2015 13 Comments
WANT: Hippeastrum pardinum
Posted by papillonmina(7) on Monday
WANTED: Blueberry plants, Cuttings or OffsetsUpdated on Sunday
Posted by cactuspaul Tulsa zone7(7a) February 4, 2015 4 Comments
WANTED: Honeysuckle vinesUpdated on Sunday
Posted by frankielynnsie(7B) on Sunday 1 Comment
Have Sedum to TradeUpdated on Sunday
Posted by woodthrush(z4PA) on Sunday 1 Comment
WANTED: Rue, wild ginger (trade or postage)Updated last Saturday
Posted by david883(5/6) July 1, 2014 3 Comments
HAVE: named daylilies, peonies and irisUpdated last Saturday
Posted by LoveMyDirt900 October 3, 2014 26 Comments
have: variegated "peppermint stick" giant reed grassUpdated last Saturday
Posted by risinsun(8) February 4, 2015 9 Comments
Have Lotus Carolina Queen-Pink
Posted by frankielynnsie(7B) March 20, 2015
I'm here! Almost ready to trade....Updated March 20, 2015
Posted by queen_gardener(5 OH) March 20, 2015 1 Comment
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